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This story is a little wierd. It has to do with Vegetasei never being blown up.

Everyone is saiyans and Goten has a twin sister. Chi Chi died giving birth to

the twins. And Goku, Gohan, and Goten work at the Place while there sister

lives alone. Happy Reading

Lights, Camera, Action


"Dammit cant anybody do anything right" The King yelled. His guard looked up at him and laughed.

"Calm down Geta, take a deep breath and relax" A man with dark onyx eyes stated trying not to laugh.

"Shut up Kakarotto, its not funny, you are NOT stronger than me dammit"

"I know you were just going easy on poor helpless me" He laughed looking at the shorter more beat up man, "Lets get you to Bulma and she'll fix you up"

"I am not going to that onna I am in no need of assistance" He shouted.

"Ok we should go then you have to meet your kids and wife in half an hour for dinner, and you have to get cleaned up"

"Fine lets go Ketsu(AN: Ass in japanese)" he got up off the floor and took and started walking. He looked like a total drunk especially when he fell, "Help me up you baka"

"I told you but no dont listen, Kakarotto knows nothing" he laughed at the shorter man, "Ya know Geta sometimes you really hurt my feelings" He pretended to cry.

"Shut the fuck up" He finally gave in and started laughing.

"aww I made Veggie laugh"

"Shut up and lets go, but if you ever call me Veggie again you'll find my foot in ur face"

"Fine, Fine but lets go" they then walked out the door leaving a pile of unconsiose bodys behind them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the Market~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"LEAVE ME ALONE, HELP! HELP!" a girl yelled while her attackers advanced.

"Shut up little girl, were not going to hurt you, you cant run, you cant hide so you midaswell come with us"

"No you assholes just leave me alone" She ran for them hoping to be able to slip by them.

"Where do you think you going little mongrel" A big tall bald man laughed your gonna be my personal slave from now on, and ya know what?"

"What you ketsu" she spit in his face.

"I dont like that shirt your wearing" He said tauntingly. He tore it off to reveal more than he expecteed of a 15 year old girl. He slapped her across the face. "How does that feel whore, or do you like this better?". He dropped her to the ground and started kicking her in the abdomen.

"Fuck you" She spit out in a panting breath.

"Ok then, guess you want more" He picked her up by her long black hair, and started punching her in the face. His buddys laughed and cheered as the young girl was beaten. He dropped to one knee and looked over her as she lay bleeding onirt covered ground. He took his hand and felt her tender breast which he had beaten to a pulp. He started massaging the unconsiose form. Blood and sweat mixed together as he run his hands over her small body. He dismissed his guilty thoughts of molesting the teenage girl when he thought of his ugly whores at home. SHe was so much prettier.

He tore her bottoms half of her Gi off to reveal her whole body. THe men in the background cheered as they had done before. He stood up and took his pants off and lowered himself back down to the girl. He re-arranged her position so her could enter her easily. He started rubbing himself to get his full erection. He was a middle aged man and was having a hard time.

He finally got what he was hoping for and entered her quickly. He heard no sound from the limp body and started visoucly ramming himself into her. He could feel what felt like blood gathering up, lubrocating his throbbing member. He bucked his hips in a rhythym and was on the edge. She was so small around him and he loved it. It was his favorite part of this pastime.

He all of the sudden felt a hand grab him and throw him against the stone wall. He looked up a man his height was standing over him, glowing yellow, he looked over to his friends, they were all lifeless. He saw what looked like the ing standong there. "WAS SHE TIGHT ENOUGH FOR YOU, YOU BASTARD". The man yelled in rage, he kicked the bald man in his unprotected groin, "WAS SHE, ANSWER ME" He picked him up and threw him up against the wall.


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