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Lights, Camera, Action

"Well Kakarotto I'm waiting for an explanation" Vegeta stomped.

"I'm having family bonding time with my kids, now if you'll excuse me I will be going back to my quarters and if its ok with you I will be back tomorrow morning" He snarled.

"Fine but you better be back early tomorrow morning.."The sight of his guard walking away with his family cut him off.

"Well dad looked like he told you" Trunks laughed at his dads astonished face, "ya know dad if you really wanted I bet you could fire him, you are the king after all"

"You don't understand anything about a saiyans family do you, they're our life, you never abandon your family, I'm surprised he lasted this long without his kids" Vegeta snapped, "And I think you could use a little lesson in respect brat"

"Sorry dad" Trunks said looking at his feet, "can we go now, or is the whole planet going to hear about our argument by morning?"

"Yes we can go, and for the record it was not an argument it was me telling you what to do, now go!" Vegeta yelled. But it was too late, Trunks had already flown off.

Vegeta looked on to his kingdom, his pride and joy. The citizens had moved back into their everyday lives, ignoring him like he wasn't there.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At the castle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Goten, and Saiya tumbled through the door to their fathers quarters, Kakarotto quickly following. They walked into a pale blue room with the biggest entertainment center they had ever seen. They quickly flopped themselves onto the huge couches surrounding the T.V and turned it on to a totally blank, morbid looking T.V Screen

"Hey dad how come the T.V isn't working?" Goten asked.

"Well maybe dad hasn't paid his cable bill and they disconnected it?" Saiya suggested.

"Or dad put his fist through it and its still broken?" Goten laughed.

"Why would he put his fist through it Goten, that is the stupidest thing I've heard so far?"

"Hey its possible, he could've gotten mad or something ya never know, he is saiyan after all" Goten said defensively.

"Goten everybody knows dad doesn't get mad at trivial things like that, even I know that and how long has it been since I've seen him last" Saiya said.

"Well instead of making up stupid conclusions why don't you just ask me" Kakarotto laughed, "And before you say anything, it doesn't work unless you use the converter for the T.V and not the radio"

"You're kidding me right?" Saiya said slapping Goten in the head, "You idiot"

"Hey what did I do?" Goten said looking perplexed (AN: Perplexed is a fancy word for confused)

"Your being you Goten now shut up, I want to watch T.V for once"

"Hey you guys stop arguing, I'll have dinner here in an hour, so wake me up when it gets here, AND DON'T EAT IT ALL!!" Kakarotto yelled at them. They just looked at him and laughed.

Kakarotto just walked into his bedroom pondering what he was about to do, letting them have free reign to his house and food, he hoped he wasn't making a big mistake.

The two twins sat on the big leather couches watching T.V with their tails wagging contently for about 15 minutes until their attention span finally gave up. "Hey Goten wanna go explore the castle?"

"I don't think so Saiya, foods gonna be here anytime, and I've already seen almost all of it" Goten said lazily.

"Well I haven't, so that means you can show me around, and we can steal some food from the kitchens"

"Ok sounds good to me" Goten jumped up at the mention of food. They both got up and ran out the door. The halls were totally empty except for the lone guard at the entrance to the Throne Room.

Saiya walked about looking at the beautiful paintings done by the artists of Earth. They had done them when Vegeta-sei and Earth had signed a peace treaty. Earth was full of exceptional thinkers and artists. And with their superior knowledge and Vegeta-sei's military, they were an unstoppable force.

It was very rare for a Saiyan to be gifted with intellectual powers or an artists touch. But the rare one was brought into the castle to work for the king, no matter their rank.

There were brilliant carvings of heaven, well at least the human's description of it, and the ceilings were almost like living memories they were so well painted.

They walked around the corner of the corridor and came to a set of stairs. Saiya ran up the stairs and starting the mission impossible theme while acting like a spy. It had them all in a fit of laughter by the time they had made it up the stairs. "Come on Saiya" Goten said in between laughing fits, "the kitchen is just a little farther"

They walked a little farther in silence until Saiya finally broke the peace. "So Goten, what's it like living here, being the princes body guard and all?"

"Well its pretty neat actually, Trunks is more like a friend than an employer, and we are always having fun" Goten rambled on, "This one time we put neon colored hair dye in Vegeta's shampoo, it was so funny, he wouldn't go out into public for a week"

"Haha, I wish I could have been there, that must have been funny," Saiya laughed.

"Here we are, the royal kitchens," Goten said, as if there was drum role, "Come on let's go in"

"Cool, come on lets go in" Saiya said impatiently. Instead of waiting for a reply she walked straight in with Goten trailing like a lost puppy dog.

"Hey Antonio, pass me some grub" Goten yelled at the cook.

"Fine go sit at the table brat, its all there" Antonio said gruffly, "I was wondering when you would get here"

"So I take it you're a regular here Goten" She laughed.

"Well duh, me and Trunks come here for our mid day snack everyday round this time"

"HAHAHA, doesn't surprise me in the least" They walked past the chef and over to a large table. It was covered in mounds of foods, everything you could imagine. There was food there from about 30 different cultures and planets, along with food Siaya had never even seen before.

They sat down and started eating like a pack of ravenous wolves. Food flying from every direction except from Saiya. She was looking at her brother in awe, wondering how he became such a pig, her mother would have never allowed that to happen t her little boy.


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