Disclaimer- Stephenie Meyer owns everything (characters and books) The only thing I own is the bed I am sitting on, the computer I am typing on, the room I am sitting in, and the bag of gummy bears I am eating. There really yummy. So without further ado. Here's my FIRST FAN FIC.


"Is she up" I hear a voice that sounded like it belonged to a short fragile pixie say. "For the tenth time, no Alice she's not" I heard another voice say. Alice, I assumed was the pixie voice that spoke earlier. I then hear a very sweet motherly voice. "How old do you think she is, and where in the world was her parents"? I finally opened my eyes.

A bunch of people were looking down at me. I got really scared and started to cry. A tall blonde haired lady stood up to walk over to me and sat down. I started to sit up when she grabbed me and pulled me into her arms, but I squirmed out her embrace of me. She stood up and stomped away. Did I do something wrong? My crying started up again. A lady with long brown hair sat down next to me and started rubbing my back. I didn't mind that.

"Shh honey"she said. "Don't cry".

"My name is Esme, what's yours"?

I stopped crying and looked up to her. "Isabella, but I go by Bella".

"Well Bella how old are you sweetie".

I automatically answered. "Three" I said.

"Three years old, wow" Esme said. "And where might your parents be, hmm"?

I thought to myself for a moment. In my head I couldn't remember where mommy and daddy was, I didn't know where I was or any of these people, and I didn't understand what was going on. I was confused, upset, scared, and lost. I started crying once more.

"Aw, honey please don't cry". Esme said cradling me in her arms. "How about this", she said "how about you take a nap, and when you wake up we'll sort everything out". "Okay"? I nodded my head yes. Then another lady looked at Esme. This lady had short brown spiky hair. Her body was very petite and she looked like a little pixie like she was tinker bell's friend. She said "but Esme, where will she sleep"? Esme thought for a moment. "Hmm well why can we let her sleep in Edward's room, he is going to be gone for the day and it's not like he sleep's". They all started laughing, I didn't understand why.

The blonde lady who hugged me earlier shot up and said that she would tuck me in. I like her I just pushed her away before because I didn't feel like being hugged. She picked me up in her arm's and carried me off. The other people all shouted "goodnight Bella", "sleep tight", "happy nappie". I just waved back to them.

After a minute we entered a room. It was very big with a glass walls that looked over a very green forest. It was pretty! The lady laid me on the bed and tucked me under the covers, then sat next to me. "I'm Rosalie" she said. "Hi Rosie". She giggled a little bit "okay I guess you can call me Rosie only if I get to call you belly" then she gave me raspberry kisses on my tummy. We both laughed. Rosie gave me a kiss on my forehead night "belly" she said. Night "Rosie". She closed the door and left. I yawned and fell to sleep.


I came home from hunting and pulled into the garage. Something seemed really odd though because all the lights were off. I tried reading Alice's mind. Instead of hearing her her thought's all I heard was her telling me to stay out of her brain and come in already. I got out, locked the car, and walked in. Rosalie and Emmett were gone. I guess it was their turn to go hunting. Esme and Carlisle were at the kitchen table with Alice and Jasper. "What's going on" I asked very confused. Nothing Carlisle said nonchalantly. I shrugged my shoulders and headed up to my room.

My door was shut that was weird, and again I didn't think anything of it. I walked in my room. It was dark, but being a vampire and all I can see in the dark. I found the lamp and turned it on then walked to my closet. I found some comfortable pair of pant's and a t-shirt. I figured I'll stay up here in my room, watch a little bit of T.V and relax. I was about to sit down on the bed when I saw a small lump under the covers. I got a little freaked out. I lifted back the cover to find a little girl sleeping IN MY BED. I ran down stairs to find everyone looking at me.