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"Why in the world is there a little girl asleep in my bed". Esme stood up and walked over to me. "Now before you flip out let us explain everything to you okay". We walked back to the table and sat down. Carlisle began to tell what was going on.

"Me and Esme decided to go out for a little hunt while you were gone. We had finished feeding and wanted to go for a hike. It had been about twenty minutes into our hike when we smelled a human in the distance. Esme and I kept on going anyway. The human scent was getting really strong, and all of a sudden there was a little girl in front of our eyes. She was sitting all by herself on a rock crying. We rushed over to her. She was very confused, we tried picking any other human scent, but no one else was nearby. So we took her home".

"When we got her here she had fallen asleep. We let her sleep for a while, but than she woke up in tears. Esme calmed her down enough for the little girl to tell us her name and and age".I interrupted him. "And what exactly is her name and age", I said in a harsh tone. "Well" Carlisle went on "if you hadn't rudely cut me off you would have known by now". Now he was just being a smart ass. He continued his story. "She told us her name is Bella and that she's three. Bella started to cry again so we let her go take a nap, and because you we knew you were going to be gone all day, we figured we would let her sleep in your room". He finished his story then.

I waited a moment before I spoke. "So basically she's going to stay hear until we find he family, right" I said sarcastically. Carlisle nodded his head "yes she will be staying with us until everything is sorted out" he said calmly. Great I said "so where is she going to sleep for now". Esme then butted in. "Well Edward, your the only one in the house with the extra space in your room so why can't she sleep in there"? I was about to open my mouth to say the honest truth and tell them hell no I wasn't going to share my room with some random girl. I was going to say all that when Bella started to cry. Esme, Carlisle, and I all rushed up to her.

We ran into my room to find Bella laying in my bed crying. Esme went over to her and picked her up. She wouldn't stop crying. Why do children have to be so annoying. Carlisle took Bella from Esme to try to calm the little thing. If they try and hand me the kid I would literally vomit. I don't want anything to do with her. She wouldn't stop crying for Carlisle either. He started to walk towards me. I knew what he was going to do, he was going to hand the kid off to me. "Oh no you don't" I said "I don't want that kid". She has a name Edward. "Fine I don't want Bella". He still handed her to me.

I held her in my arms, barely. She stop crying. There I said "are you happy". Esme looked at me. "Aw she likes you". I'm going to go get her a drink Esme said. So she walked out and Carlisle followed right behind her. Great so I was stuck with the ki- I mean Bella. She looked right into my eyes and flashed me the biggest, brightest smile that I've ever seen. Bella started giggling like crazy. Great she like's me now. Esme walked back in.

"Here you go". She said and handed a water bottle filled with juice. "We didn't have any baby bottles so Carlisle and I are going to go shopping for some baby stuff like bottles, food, and some other things". "Alice and Jasper are going to go shop for clothes for her. So you will have to watch her all day". Esme looked at me waiting for my argument of disagreement with that but instead I just said fine. There was no use in me fighting over watch somebody I didn't know. "Alright then" she said "we'll be back soon. If anything comes up or you have a question just call us, alright". Yeah I said then they left.

I sat there in silence for a moment. I was trying to process everything that has happened so far. I didn't even realize that Bella was still there until she was tugging on my shirt. "T.V pees". She said in a little kid voice. I snapped out my thought's and sat her down. I walked over to the television and turned it on. I looked over at Bella. "What kind of shows do you like Bella" I asked in a flat tone. "Elmo" she said with a little laugh. Elmo I thought to myself for a moment. "Do you mean Sesame St." I asked remembering that Elmo was one of the character's on that little kid show. She smiled and laughed "yeah" she said.

I looked on the guide for it and lucky me they were have a marathon or that show. So I put it on fer her. She sprawled out on the bed to watch it. I stood there for a second before I decided to leave her in here watching her show while I went down stairs. I was almost to the door when I heard Bella tell me no. I froze in the middle of my tracks and turned around to face her. Tears were running down her cheeks. "Don't leave me" she said almost sobbing. Wow this kid has issues. I walked to the bed and took a seat behind her.

After about an hour, she started to yawn. Bella crawled to my pillow and put her head down on it. Ten minutes had passed and she was out cold. Finally she was asleep. I was about to get off the bed and leave but then Bella rolled over a cuddled right into me. A big smile went across her face. That even made me smile. I stayed with her. I think she was starting to grow on me. I sat back down and snuggled with her. I can honestly say for the first time in a long while I was a little happy.