16 years ago

Billy's Pov

"Ok breath Sarah, get ready to push." The doctor said seriously as he watched my wife. I glanced down in my lap at my son Jacob who was watching Sarah as well. Rachel, and Rebecca was standing on each side of me with worried looks.

"Is momma ok?" Rachel asked looking up at me.

"She's going to be ok, don't worry." I said patting the top of her head, but my gaze moved back to my wife.

I noticed the color draining from her face, and her frantic panting, something wasn't right.

"Ok Sarah, push." The doctor commanded, and I cringed as she screamed out in agony.

Rachel, and Rebecca quickly went behind me with whimpers. Jacob quickly hid his face in the crook of my neck as the screaming continued.

I bit my lip as I watched Sarah withering in pain, she seemed to really be struggling desperately, but as the sound of a baby cry filled the air I sighed in relief.

The doctor moved quickly, handing the baby to the ready nurse.

"You're baby girl is good and healthy, congratulations." The nurse said with a smile.

Sarah raised her head a little at that and smiled a faint smile, but I could tell something was off.

"Isabella." She gasped, then suddenly her head fell back against the pillows.

I gasped in shock, and my heart exploded in agony. No this couldn't be happening.

I watched in torture as the doctor quickly ran to her side, and began to work on Sarah franticly.

"Code blue." He yelled, and doctors, and nurses came running and all of them began talking all at once and working over my wife.

Her heart monitor went to a straight line in seconds, and no matter how many times she had gotten zapped nothing worked.

Rachel, and Rebecca was crying loudly now in fear.

I held them to me, tears sliding down my cheeks.

"No." I moaned in pain. She was my everything, how could this happen.

I was frozen in my chair, I couldn't move a muscle as the doctors moved away from her lifeless body. "I'm sorry Mr. Black, there was nothing we could do." The doctor said looking at me with a look of sorrow on his face.

I swallowed at this, feeling my insides light on fire with pain, and sadness.

She was gone.

"But the baby appears to be fine." The nurse said walking over to me, and handed me a pink blanket.

I looked down at her, and gently stroked her tiny cheek with my finger.

The baby gave out a small coo at that and I felt warmth wash through me, taking most of the pain away from inside me.

This baby now was the most important thing to me, along with my other children.

Isabella was the last word Sarah had said, this would be her name.

"Welcome to the family Isabella." I said to her.

Rachel, and Rebecca peeked around me, and looked to the baby with curiosity.

"Hi Bella." Rebecca said with a smile at the baby.

I smiled at that.

"That's a perfect nickname." I said, and looked back down to Bella.

She was looking at Jacob at the moment, and made a squeal type noise. Jacob smiled at that, and his tiny hand went out to her, and gently touched her cheek.

"She's so small." Jacob said with a small smile.

"That's right, and you have to promise me that you'll look out for her." I said seriously.

Jacob nodded.

"I will for ever and ever." He said.

It was going to be hard raising two four year old girls, a two year old boy, and now a new born.

But it would be what Sarah would want, and I was prepared to do this.

Five Years later

Jacob's Pov

"Come on dad can we just go now." I whined as I glared down at the water.

"Stop complaining." Rachel sighed rocking the boat a little as she turned around to look at me.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Come on Jacob fishing isn't so bad." Dad said glancing over at me.

I sighed, and propped my fishing pull against the boat.

"Jake." A tiny voice said, and I looked over to see Bella stumbling over to me.

I beamed as I saw her, and picked her up, and set her in my lap with a grin.

"Hey Bells." I said.

She reached up, and took a handful of my hair, and gave it a gently tug.

I pretended to look hurt by this motion, and she giggled before letting it go.

And soon she was sliding out of m lap, and walked back over to Rachel, and Rebecca.

She sat right in between them, leaning on Rachel as she watched them fish.

If only mom was here to meet Bella, she would be so proud to see how much Bella had pulled this family closer together.

But I guess things did happen for a reason, even though I had know idea why that is.

All I knew was that I would be here for Bella no matter what.

11 years later

Bella's Pov

"Come on Bella hurry up we'll be late for school." Jacob's voice sounded from down stairs.

I sighed, and got up from my bed, quickly making my way down the stairs.

I grinned as I saw his impatient look.

"Calm down I'm here." I said rolling my eyes.

"What were you doing up there, I thought you died or something?" He asked as he led his way out to his old car.

"Just thinking, something you aren't familiar with." I said with a smirk.

He threw me a sarcastic laugh at that as we slid into the car.

"Funny sis funny." He said, and stared up the car.

As we drove down the roads of LaPush I couldn't help but sigh in calmness.

"So what is it, you eager to met up with you're little girlfriend today or something?" I asked, and laughed at his embarrassed look.

He glared at me.

"Samantha isn't my girlfriend, she's just a friend." He said with an annoyed huff.

"Funny you knew who I was talking about." I said with a smug smirk.

Jacob reached over and gave me a shove.

I laughed.

Jacob then got an amused smirk of his own.

"Don't forget about you're little boyfriend Paul." He said and laughed as he watched my face warm.

"It's not like that, and you know it." I said narrowing my eyes at him with annoyance.

"Yeah, right, the bad ass tough guy, pays no attention to anyone but his friends, girls practically throwing themselves at him, but no he watches you like a hawk." Jacob said narrowing his eyes a little.

I glared at him now, my face going warmer.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I grumbled, and looked away from him in embarrassment.

Jacob chuckled, and messed my hair up a little.

"No need to pout baby sis, I was just teasing." He said, and I couldn't help but smile a little.

"Yeah, yeah I know." I said turning to him a little.

But what he said did get me thinking again.

I have always had strange feelings towards Paul, but I never realized they were love until just recently.

The way he would just watch me, then when I met his gaze how he swiftly looked away and pretended it never even happen, it drove me nuts.

As Jacob pulled into the student parking lot I sighed. Well here we go.

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