Pain of the Famous

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu Gi Oh this would be in the manga. XD


The wind blew softly, ruffling the hair of the one who stood at the edge of the city looking down upon it. The figure was feminine, smiling as her eyes seemed to glisten even without light. "Seto, the time has come for our little wager to end." she laughed as she eyed the city of Domino with it's lights shining in the night.


The crowds of fans screamed in rapid chaos as they awaited their celebrity to appear for the latest concert. Posters with a photo of a girl who appeared very youthful with long blonde hair, wearing a lolita purple dress of the latest fashion that had straps that made an x at her neck, while puffing out at the bottom, having a split in the center to reveal a white part of the dress in the center. Puffy sleeves that tightened at the upper arm and flowed out near the wrist of the sleeve. In the back stated the her name of Alana in blue with an elegant design.

"So what's this concert all about?" Joey asked as he stared at the poster. "If you ask me, the singer looks like a kid with a bad attitude."

"Joey do you live under a rock!" Tea shouted. "She's Alana, nineteen years old, and one of the greatest singers of all time! How can you not know of her?"

He scratched at his cheek in a sweet as Tea glared at him. "Well what can I say? I've been getting duel monsters training from Yugi." he laughed hesitantly. "It's not like we've had time to keep up with the latest celebrities right Yug?" he looked to his friend.

Yugi's eyes shifted as he knew he'd been placed in an awkward position again. Pushing his index fingers together in embarassment. "Actually..." he sweated. "Even with all your training, i've still managed to keep up to date." he put a hand behind his head as he nervously laughed.


Putting his hands up in defense. "Of course not! How was I supposed to know you'd be interested in the latest celebrities. Besides I don't think her music is the kind you'd enjoy." he looked a bit wary at his friend. "She sings symphonic type music, and you seem more like a rocker type to me." he muttered the last part.

"So what are you saying that i'm uncultured? Why I outta...!" he threatened playfully as he grabbed Yugi by the neck and started rubbing a fist on his head. "Take this you little runt!"

"Owwww! I"m sorry! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!" he pleaded.

Joey stopped his attack and crossed his arms. "That's better. Maybe next time you'll do better at keeping the all mighty Joey Wheeler updated."

Rubbing his head, he hissed in pain. Even if Joey didn't put much strength into his attack it still hurt.

Tea giggled for a moment, "I just can't believe Alana is giving a free concert! It's so exciting."

"Yeah and we only had to wait in line since five am." Tristan yawned, obviously tired.

"Don't be such a baby, it's just thirty more minutes til it starts." Tea replied with her hands on her hips.

"Yeah and in those thirty minutes I could be eatting. I'm starving! When do we eat?"


"Mr. Kaiba, we shall be arriving at the concert hall shortly." came a voice over the intercom of the limo.

"Fine. Let's get this over with. I want to be in and out of there in all of ten minutes."

"Yes sir Mr. Kaiba." replied the voice.

'I don't know what her little plan is, but i'll be sure to be the one to end it. After all, any plan she can come up with I can do better.' he thought with a smirk on his face. 'I'll show her how cruel and menacing fans can really be, without even laying a hand on her.' he thought. 'And if my assumptions are correct. The perfect pawn will be there waiting.'


Tristan bit into the burger like he hadn't eatten in days. Getting as much food on himself as in himself. "Tristan that's so gross!" Tea complained as she looked on with disgust.

"I told you I was hungry!" he defended. "Waiting seven hours in line with no food was killer!"

"Oh please, you weren't gonna die you big baby!" she responded.

"Hey look it's a limo!" a random bystander shouted. "Maybe it's Alana!" another added.

"Ahhh!" Tea's eyes sparkled. "I hope it's her! Maybe I can get her autograph!" she swooned.

"Hey isn't that Kaiba's limo?" Yugi asked.

"It seems so." Yami replied to Yugi.

"I didn't know he was a fan of Alana." he told his darker half.

"Neither did I. Or maybe he's a sponsor for this event?" Yami stated as he watched on. After the limo parked in front of the concert hall the door to the limo opened, revealing it was indeed kaiba. This however didn't seem to dishearten the fans in line, as they screamed enthusiastically as he got out with Mokuba. Even as he did so, servants were pulling out bags of items from the trunk of the car while he started walking along the red carpet.

"That jerk! Getting in first before us! We've been in line all day and he comes in at the last minute to get in first!" Joey shouted in anger.

'Is that?' Seto stated in his mind as he turned to face the one causing a ruckus on the side where the ropes were. 'I knew he'd be here. Now everything can go according to plan. My strategy can't fail. I'll show that little punk what it means to challenge me.' he thought as he walked over to the ropes where Yugi and the others were.

"He's coming this way!" shouted an excited girl. "Oh my gosh is my makeup okay?" asked another.

Within moments Kaiba was right in front where the group was waiting. Since they'd gotten there so early they were pretty far to the front of the line. "Yugi, I should of known you'd be here with your little friends. Though i'll admit I didn't think you liked this type of music."

"Ahh well..." he tried to think of a response, but the shouting from the people behind them who realized he was in line as well was making it difficult. "Her music is really wonderful, and you can tell she puts alot of heart into it. Her songs always seem to lighten up my days." he stated nervously. A bit embarrassed due to the fact that he was probably one of the few guys who enjoyed her music. Alana's fan base mostly consisted of women.

Seto scoffed as he smirked. "Your arrogance on the reality of Alana is pathetic. Your statement alone shows you know nothing of her background and how much of a pain she really is."

"Pain?" he questioned.

"Don't let him get to you Yugi. Kaiba's just trying to rile you up as usual." Yami stated. "You should just enjoy the things you like, and not let anyone force their opinions on you."

Yugi nodded at his darker half, but then was suddenly grabbed by Seto by his arm. "Eh?" he sweated as he was pulled across the rope line in one swoop. Nearly tripping over his own feet when he was regaining balance. This caused the crowd to scream wildly as they saw two of the most famous duelers on the red carpet for the concert. Comments of how cool it was they did normal things like regular people, or hopes that they'd get to get their autographs came bursting in a flood from the crowds chaotic screams of enthusasim. Yugi was pretty sure his friends were shouting for him. But he couldn't hear them at all.

Mean while his friends were doing their best to not get crushed by the fans who were pushing in an attempt to get a closer look at those on the red carpet. "This is insane!" Tristan shouted as he was being crushed by surrounding fans.

"That Kaiba planned this! I know it!" Joey remarked as he tried to regain freedom.

"Yugi!" Tea shouted. Hoping he'd hear her plea for help. Finally security came to calm the crowd, pushing them back to wait in line properly, though many still tried to reach over and screamed in joy. "Yugi!" Tea tried again when she saw that Yugi was being pulled by Kaiba to enter the concert hall. Leaving the rest behind with the chaotic crowd.

"He left us here!" Joey shouted in anger. "That Kaiba! He'll pay for this!"


Even as he was being dragged along by Kaiba, Yugi was feeling bad that his friends were left behind. Everything had happened so fast he didn't even have a chance to protest properly. And any protests he did manage was ignored. Even when he was pulled into a private room and practically tossed like a rag doll to the floor. Landing on his rear. "Kaiba! What are you doing?"

"Listen up Yugi, my pride is on the line here. And as much as it disgusts me I need your help to set my plan in motion in order for it to succeed."

"Plan? What plan?" he questioned.

"The plan to make Alana realize her ways will get her hurt." he smirked.

A light shined and Yugi shifted places with Yami. "I don't know what sick game your trying to pull Kaiba, but I won't have anything to do with it." he got up off the floor and was heading towards the door.

"I think you will. Because if you refuse then i'll use my connections to buy out your little home of a game shop."

"You wouldn't." Yami glared.

"Oh I would. Because in this game, it's winner take all. So either you can help me with my plan, or you can be out on the street before the concert is even over. What's it gonna be?" he threatened.

Yami's fist shook in anger, "You win this one Kaiba, but I will get you back."

"If everything goes according to plan, I can gurantee you'll come out a winner in this as well." he stated, then snapped his fingers. Almost instantly Kaiba's servants surrounded Yami each holding various items such as a hair dryer, shoes, and a dress.

Yami's eyes grew wide as he saw the items. "What do you intend to do?" he looked mortified. Looking around for a way out even as he saw Kaiba playing with a lipstick.

"Let's just say playing house isn't apart of this game." he stated before his men closed in on Yami.


Finally the fans cheered in excitement. Their long awaited celebrity Alana had appeared and waved to the crowd happily.

"She's here! She's here!" Tea shouted.

"Aww man Yugi's gonna be sorry he missed this!" Tristan stated.

"I have to admit she looks rather cute. Though she also looks rather familar." Joey put a finger to his chin. "I know! She looks kinda like Yugi after he uses the millenium puzzle!" he stated.

"Joey! She does not!" Tea glared at him.

Tristan took a look as Alana walked along the red carpet. "Now that you mention it, she does kinda look like the other Yugi. Even the whole flat chest part." he added. Tea groaned in distaste as she was now embarrassed to be with them.


Alana waved at her fans, outwardly she was the modest celebrity. Inwardly she was greedy, and scoffed at them. 'These stupid people, they wish they were me. I'll show Kaiba that everyone loves me and no one would dare to hurt me. All those made up stories about celebrities being killed by fans due to how much they loved them? Ridiculous. It was clearly because they dropped their standards.' she thought as she walked into the building. 'But i'll never drop my standards. He'll see. And when I win i'll own half of Kaiba Corp. Victory will be mine.'


Yami struggled while being held down by one of Kaiba's grunt men. Kaiba was holding on to his ankle, trying to get a measurement of his foot with a foot scale. "Will you hold still!" he shouted as he pulled off Yami's shoe.

"Not on your life!" he shouted as he tried to free his arms. Another one of Kaiba's men was trying to get the dress on over his head. They'd managed to get his shirt off with great effort. And now they had to put more to get him ready.

Kaiba finally managed to get Yami's sock off and put his foot into the measuring scale. Even with Yami trying to kick him consistently. "Finally!" he shouted with abit of frustration. "A size six womans shoe. Honestly couldn't you atleast have some dignity and be a size seven?" he shouted. Yami gave him an awkward look for that statement. "Mokuba, get me the size six shoes!" he ordered as he tried to get Yami's other shoe and sock off.

"Rodger!" Mokuba stated with glee as he held the indicated shoes to his brother. Finally their men had gotten Yami in the dress.

"This would go alot faster if you'd just cooperate." he stated as he put his hands under the dress to undo Yami's belt and pants. Once he'd done this he pulled Yami's pants down in one go and started putting on the shoes.

"WHO'D DO THIS WILLINGLY!" Yami blushed. "Ow!" he yelped a moment after Kaiba had put on the first shoe.

"Well if you'd hold still I could get the shoes on without pinching your toes!" he stated as he got the second shoe on. "There. Now all that's left is your hair and makeup."

"I'll get you for this Kaiba, even if it's the last thing I ever do. You don't know when, or how. But it's coming." he threatened with rage.

"Whatever, just shut up and pucker up." he stated as he grabbed at Yami's chin to make him face him so he could get the lipstick on. The sounds of the concerts music could be heard dully through the walls.


Alana finished her final number to her music, smiling a false smile as she exited the stage. 'Of course it ended in an amazing show. I wouldn't have it any less.' she stated in her mind as she walked along the hall to her dressing room. Opening the door she saw it was flooded with flowers and chocolates. Scoffing at the offerings of her fans. "Have the car ready. I'm going home in five minutes." she ordered the guards at her door. 'No one is worthy of even touching me.'


"That was such a great concert." Tea stated excitedly. "Too bad Yugi had to miss it."

"I wouldn't worry Tea, Kaiba probably treated him to a private box some where in the hall." Joey replied with his arms behind his head. "I bet he got to see everything up close too."

"Some how I doubt Kaiba would be so nice." Tristan stated.

"Hey rivals or not Kaiba would use Yugi for fan points." he replied in a scoff.

"That does seem like something Kaiba would do." Tristan stated.

"I'm sure your all over thinking it. Kaiba's a jerk, but even he wouldn't be that low. He'd want all the glory for himself." Tea stated.

"That's true." Joey stated as they walked past an alley way. "If anything he probably just wanted Yugi for a duel monsters game."

Shadows flashed past the opening of the alley.


Running hastily was all they could do to avoid their attackers. They had nothing to protect themself with. There wasn't even a rock to use to toss at the ones chasing them. Soon the person came to a dead end, stopping and turning with a mortified expression on their face. The light revealing it was Alana, terrified as a group of men and women came closer.

"Alana we love you!" one shouted.

"Please sing for us some more!" came another.

Alana stepped back until her back was at the wall. There was no where she could go and the crowd closed in on her. The last sound from the alley came an agonizing pained scream, even as the sky darkened into night.


It was now Monday, and everyone was at school...well..almost everyone.

"Has anyone see Yugi? I haven't seen him since that concert on Saturday." Joey asked as he sat at his desk.

"Me neither. I tried calling him, but his grandpa said he wasn't home yet on Saturday. I'm really worried." Tea added.

"Maybe he got sick and didn't come in. Let's just go to his place and see what's up." Tristan stated.

"Yeah, maybe he got some germs from that Kaiba and caught a cold." Joey teased.

"Joey!" Tea scolded.


Solomon was in front of his shop, sweeping the dirt. His expression was filled with full worry, even as the others came walking up.

"Hey gramps, is Yugi home?" Joey asked as he waved.

"Oh Joey, Tea, Tristan...No, he hasn't been home for three days. I'm really worried. I thought he was with all of you."

"That's weird." Tristan put a finger to his chin. "What could of happened?"

"It's Kaiba!" Joey shouted in anger. "I bet he's taken Yugi to force him to duel in an attempt to get his title. Don't worry gramps, we'll get to the bottom of this and call you as soon as we find something." he stated as he turned to run. Tea and Tristan following close behind.

"Even if it's late make sure to call with anything!" Solomon shouted.


Alana smiled as she sat in her limo. She was being taken to Kaiba's house to finish their challange from a few years ago. She remembered it like it was yesterday. The day they bet they'd become famous, and live to tell about it. The challenge came up when they'd seen on television that a famous person had died due to over excited fans who chased them down in a car chase, causing the car to crash, killing the celebrity. She had said it wasn't due to excited fans, but angered fans. While Seto had stated fans could do insane things. So they'd made a bet to become famous. And with that they couldn't do anything to harm one another, but instead they had to prove the other wrong. Her method was to keep her standards high. She didn't know what Seto's method would be, but she was sure she had beaten him. Finally her car stopped at the front of his house. She stepped out once the door was opened for her, and she walked up the stairs to the main door.

"So famous and such a tiny house? Honestly he should learn to get a designer." she scoffed at his home, even as she was led to his office. Once the doors opened she saw him with his back turned to her. "Seto! Darling!" she walked up to him quickly. "How lovely to see you! How's Mokuba? All well I hope?"

"Keep your false sentimentalities to yourself Alana. I'm only meeting you to end our agreement, that's all."

"But of course. As you can see, and have been through, we're both fine, so when you get down to this i've won the bet."

"I wouldn't be so eager to make such a claim. For you see i've devised the best method to show you the proof of your navitivity." He indicated for her to follow. Leading her out of his office and walking down the hall.

"Whatever you've made up it won't work Kaiba. I've been keeping track of you, and I know you've never been harmed by a single fan in your life." she replied even as they stopped in front of a door with an electronic card scanner on the side. In which Kaiba pulled out a card from his jacket and swiped it to allow them entry.

"I may have never been harmed by my fans, but I can say without a doubt if you didn't have any protection you'd be harmed almost instantly." he opened the door. She scoffed at him indifferently. "Take a look at what would befall you should you be left alone!" he pointed into the room.

Alana sucked in her breath with shock. In the room was a bed, and in the bed was a person who was wrapped in bandages on their arms from their palms to upper arms. And their legs were completely wrapped as well which could only be seen due to the person wearing shorts. From under the shirt she could see more bandages, and the person was unconcious. She saw a person who could only be deemed her twin. Her shock made her eyes tremble, but she just knew it had to be a lie. She turned to Seto in anger. "You think paying someone to lay there and pretend to be wounded is going to be be enough to trick me! How childish even for you!"

"Who said they were faking it?"


Kaiba walked to the side of the bed and sat down. "The person you see here has indeed been wounded by your fans. For the past three days, i've monitored each step, and action. And from my computers information i've gotten enough proof to show you that fans can be feared. For three days this person ran for dear life to avoid your own loyal fans. And had it not been for me keeping an eye on this person, they'd of died by now."

"You sent a person alone just for this!"

"It was your bet Alana, I was just following through with it. But I wasn't so stupid as to leave a third party member unattended. I had twenty of my best men following around. And quite a few of your fans still got through. I found this one at an old warehouse, completely exhausted, surrounded by raging fans who were ready to tear into them like they were nothing more than a meal for the wolves. Face it Alana, you've lost." he smirked. "I may have to pay for this person to get better, but i've proven my point quite perfectly. Your naive, and could never own half of Kaiba Corp!"

Alana trembled as she looked at the person in the bed. He had to be lying. Kaiba had access to vast technology. There was no doubt he'd be able to make a puppet just to win. "You had me going there Seto. Using your own technology to try to trick me."

"Trick you?" he laughed. "I did nothing of the sort. All I needed was someone who looked enough like you for this to work."

"Then...who?" she looked at the person. Who could be identical enough to her to be practically a spitting image?

"I'm sure you know him quite well considering your a fan of his." Kaiba reached over and lifted the person abit. "Allow me to introduce Yugi Mutou." he stated blunty as he pulled off the wig to reveal Yami's natural hair.

Alana collasped to her knees at the sight. " used him...for this?"

"I told you Alana, i'll do whatever it takes to protect Kaiba Corp. And to prove your stupidity."

"How...HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?" she shouted, mortified.

"It was simple, all it took was abit of convincing, and even at the expense of my own rival being hurt, i've won this challenge. You have lost." he stated as he pushed a button on the table next to the bed. "You don't have to worry, he's just sleeping from so many days of running, and his wounds aren't too serious. Even to prove a point to you, I wouldn't go around allowing others to be brutally hurt or killed." he stated as he laid Yami against the pillows. His men coming into the room. "Now get her out of my sight." he ordered them. Mokuba was coming into the room just as they were showing Alana to the door.

"Seto! I didn't think you went through with it, but you did. How could you?" he cried as he saw Yami in the bed.

"There's no need to worry Mokuba, he just got ruffed up alittle. Other than a few broken bones he'll be fine. And i'm having our top doctors ensure he gets well." he got up and tossed a blanket over Yami.

Mokuba looked at him in the bed. Yami had dark circles under his eyes, and was breathing softly as he slept. He was sleeping as if he hadn't slept for weeks. "Poor Yugi." he muttered.

"Mr. Kaiba, we have some unexpected guests at the front door. What should we do?" came a voice through Kaiba's communicator on his jacket.

"Who are they?" he asked as he pushed the KC on his coat.

"A Joey Wheeler sir, with two others."

"Keep them at the door. I'll come down myself." he stated before proceeding to walk out of the room. Mokuba following close behind. "Listen here Mokuba your not to say anything at all about Yugi being here." he ordered as he closed the door and swiped the card to lock the door. 'I'm the only one with an access pass to enter this room. It'll keep any unwanted intruders out when i'm not around.' he thought as the door beeped to indicate it was locked.

"But Seto, shouldn't we tell his friends atleast? They are probably worried."

"No Mokuba. The last thing I need is for that pathetic Wheeler, to annoy me. I'm handling the situation as it needs to be handled. And that's all that matters."


Joey growled as they were forced to wait at the front of Seto's house. Not even being allowed to come inside and pissed Joey off greatly and he was growing impatient. "Ahh! That Kaiba jerk! How long is he gonna make us stand here?"

"It's only been a few minutes dude, calm down." Tristan stated. "Besides Yugi might not even be here."

"I knew I saw a stray on my property." came Seto's voice.

"Kaiba!" Joey pointed at him in a rage. "You bastard! What have you done with Yugi?"

Seto's eyes slanted in distaste. "I haven't the faintest idea as to what your talking about, but if you don't leave i'll have you removed from my property myself."

"Don't lie Kaiba! You were the last person Yugi was with on the day of the concert, there's no way you wouldn't know where he is!" Joey added.

"Even if I did know where Yugi was I wouldn't tell you anything. I personally think as one of the best duelists in the world he could do with better friends other than stray dogs." he smirked. "Now leave my property, or i'll have you tossed out like the trash you are." he finished before stepping back into his house. The doors closing abruptly before Joey could get in another word. Walking past one of his guards while giving orders without missing a single step. "Have a private plane ready for my trip to Russia. I have business to attend to and I want to leave as soon as possible." he stopped in front of his desk and opened a drawer. Picking up something from with in and tossed it at the awaiting man.

"This is..." he started. Looking down at his hands was three passport books.

"Have verification for those three passports by the time i'm packed." he ordered as he left his office.

"But sir, one of the passports is for Mr. Mutou, are you sure he should be traveling in his condition?" he asked with worry. "Perhaps it'd be better if he stayed here where our doctors can treat him properly."

"I have no intention of going on a business trip while leaving him here. He's better off where I can watch him closely. After all you all have proven in the past that you can't be trusted with secrets such as these. So to make things easier, i'm taking the proof with me. Now go and do as I said!" he demanded. Swiping his card to Yami's room again to allow him entry. Then he pressed a button on the wall and some doctors came running into the room within moments. "Besure to have him prepared for a long trip. Pack everything that will be needed." he ordered them.


Mokuba was in his room packing to go with his brother to Russia. But he couldn't get his mind off everything that was going on. 'I know my brother is just trying to protect the company...but Yugi's friends must be so worried.' he thought as he slowly stopped packing. 'I know my brother doesn't want me to tell, but they have to know. He might not even make it.' he thought as he tossed a shirt he was about to pack and headed for the door.


Kaiba carried Yami in his arms while he headed for his private airplane. Behind him was a few people pushing his luggage and organizing it within the plane. He placed Yami on one of the airline seats that'd be reclined back for him to lay on.

"Mr. Kaiba, I beg you to reconsider. He's not well and the trip could make his condition worse." a doctor tried to reason with him.

"I'm the one giving orders here. And trust me when I say his condition will be fine. And besides, I won't take any chances that anyone will try to finish him off while i'm gone. The only one who will destroy Yugi is me."

"Master Kaiba." one of his lackeys ran up to him. "Master Mokuba is no where to be found." Seto hummed at this information. "What shall we do sir? We can't postpone the flight, if we do you'll end up being late for your meeting in Russia."

He thought for a moment on what he should do. "We'll take off now."

"But...sir..." he hesitated.

"If my brother can't be on time, then I can't wait for him. If he wants to meet up then he can take a different flight. Now take off now!" he ordered.

"Yes sir."


Mokuba had been running for hours trying to fine Joey and the others. He'd finally gone to the one place he knew they'd go to, and as he'd given them all the information on what had happend, the outcome hadn't been pretty.

"SAY WHAT?" Joey shouted in shock. "That bastard used Yugi for a scare tactic!" he fist shook.

"He's at our house right now. We have the best doctors treating him." Mokuba stated. "It'll take some time for him to heal but he should be fine. He's got four cracked ribs, and alot of cuts and bruises. But he'll definately be okay."

"That's it! We're going back to Kaibas! I'm going to give him a piece of my fist when I see him!"

Suddenly a cellphone started ringing. It was Mokuba's. "Hello?...What?" his eyes widened. "Seto's already taken off for Russia...And he took Yugi!"

"Oh no." Tea stated with worry. "Is there anyway to get them to turn the plane around?"

"I'm afraid not." Mokuba stated as he hung up his phone. "My brother has a meeting there, and it's an important one too. He'd never turn the plan around for that."

"Then we're just gonna have to go to Russia. Yugi shouldn't be traveling in his condition."

"Mokuba you can help us can't you?" Tea asked.

"Well...I know I wasn't supposed to tell you. But if taking you to get Yugi back is what I can do then i'll do it."


The flight had been long, but was nearing it's end. Seto looked out the window to see heavy snow falling outside.

"We should be landing in about ten minutes Mr. Kaiba." came a voice over the intercom.

"Good." he stated as he got up and pulled out a suitcase from the overhead compartment. Inside was some winter gear. Pulling out a heavy light blue coat that was lined with a light grey faux fur he dressed Yami in it, and placed some light blue winter boots on his feet. Then he proceeded to dress himself into a dark purple winter trenchcoat.

The plane started to descend. Landing at the airport even as the wind picked up.

Kaiba had Yami in his arms as he walked down the hall of the airlines. He'd pulled the hood on Yami's coat over his head, wrapped their necks with scarves, and put on gloves. "Welcome Mr. Kaiba. Your car is waiting for you in the front to take you to your hotel." a woman greeted him with a smile.

"Good. I expect the preparations I requested to be ready upon my arrival."

"Certainly Mr. Kaiba. We've confirmed with your hotel that your room is to be heated, and have a patient dietary meal with medicine ready in your room. We've also had an excess of spare bandages shipped to your room as you ordered."

Kaiba got into the car that was waiting for him in an indoor lot. Laying Yami's head on his lap as the door to the car was closed for him. After which the car pulled out of the lot. Yami was on his side while Kaiba put an arm on his shoulder. He was still in a deep sleep, un aware at what was going on. "Now that everything is taken care of. I'll just have to put this one to bed and go to my meeting without any interuptions." he stated to himself as he looked at his scheduler in his hand. "With any luck negotiations can be completed before the full storm hits."


It'd taken longer than anticipated, but they'd finally reached the hotel. Kaiba had Yami tucked into one of the full sized beds in the bedroom while he was dealing with business in the seating area outside of the bedroom.

"So you see Mr. Kaiba, if we were to make a partnership, our companies could gain profits exceeding that of what we make by twenty percent." the man explained. He was overweight, bald, and looked as though he was craving a meal right then and there.

"I see. Even though your information is just pure prediction. It does seem like a tempting offer, but i'll have to decline."

"But Sir...!"

"All the information you've given me is based purely on if it would succeed. There's no proof backing it up to show that it would actually make a profit. And by your charts I can indicate we'd go bankrupt within two years."

"But if you allow..."

"This meeting is finished, get out." he ordered. Leaving no room for arguement. The man sighed and picked up his belongings and left. Kaiba laughed for a moment before getting up. "A plan to create a partnership between a successful company and a failing one. Ridculous." he opened the door to the bedroom. He walked to the edge of the bed Yami was on. "Hmmm." he looked down at his rival with his arms crossed. Then pulled the blankets down to reveal Yami's bandaged body. Parts of the bandages on his arms and legs were starting to stain through with blood. And he had no doubt that his abdomin was the same. "It seems it's time to change you abit."

He started undressing Yami, cursing all the while. As small as he was, working with an unconcious person who's body was almost completely covered in bandages was a rather difficult task. Finally after fifteen minutes he'd removed all the bandages from Yami's body. His eye twitching slightly as he looked at his nude body to see all the damage upon it. It looked like he'd been hit by a truck. His body was nearly black and blue all over, some parts of him had required stitches, thus light amounts of blood was coming from them, and to top it off he had needed surgery to fix his ribs. Apart of him was a bit glad his brother wasn't there to see it. It was rather gruesome, and something a child, even if it was Mokuba, shouldn't see.

Dipping a cloth into some luke warm water he proceeded to clean Yami up as gently as he could. Even as he did so, there were audible whimpers coming from the King of Games no matter how gentle he was. A few times he thought he'd wake up. But he didn't. After he was done the bowl of water had cooled and was a light pink. Picking up a stack of papers beside the bowl he read the instructions the doctors had given him for Yami's care. And pulled out an indicated jar of medicine. It was to help prevent infection. Looking between the jar and Yami he tired to think of what was the best way to start. Then finally decided his abdomin and chest would be the best place to start. Applying the cream, Yami let out a pained moan as Seto rubbed it on his wounds. He could feel Yami's body spasm in pain even as he got him to sit up to apply the cream to his back. But once he was finished he applied new bandages and wiped the sweat off his brow. "One down. Four to go." Kaiba stated as he proceeded to work on Yami's leg.

It'd taken a while but he managed to finish in his task. Wiping his hands of the medicine on a towel he walked over to their luggage and opened a suitcase. Prior to leaving he'd had some clothes bought in Yugi's size. Pulling out a clean shirt, a pair of cotton shorts and underwear, he closed the suitcase with a kick, and proceeded to dress Yami. When this was finished he put the final item on Yami. His millenium puzzle, though he made sure it was off to the side instead of resting on his stomach. He didn't know why, but he felt as though he had to ensure Yugi was wearing it. Though cleaning Yami and changing him had taken two hours. He had to say he was proud of himself.

But now he was at his next dilema.

Now, according to the doctors instructions. Yugi would have to be fed. There were two ways to go about this. One way was through an IV, which he did not have the equipment brought due to the fact he hadn't brought any doctors with him. The other was to feed him himself. Which was the option he'd chosen. But the problem was, how was he supposed to get an unconcious person to eat?

Opening the lid on a small container of apple sauce, he dipped a spoon into it and looked at it. When he and Mokuba were young he'd feed his little brother when he was sick. Thinking on this he placed the container of apple sauce on the end table and lifted Yami abit and held the spoon to his lips. He tried tilting the spoon a little, but he got more apple sauce on the game kings chin than he did in his mouth. Growling he cleaned Yami's chin of apple sauce and laid him down while he tried to think. Crossing his arms in frustration as he sat back in his chair by the bed.

Apart of him was more than willing to just have Yugi eat when he woke up. But the doctors had stated they didn't know how long it'd be til he'd wake up, and if he didn't get proper nutrients he body would take longer to heal. Tapping his foot he thought for a moment. Then looked between the apple sauce and Yami's lips. It dawned on him that there was only one way. Picking up the container he brought it to his own lips. When he removed it more than half was gone.

Moving to sit on the bed. Kaiba picked Yami up again and lifted his chin up and opened his mouth a little. The pressed his lips to the smaller ones. Though Yami was unconcious, he twitched for a moment, and swallowed. This went on for a few more minutes, before Kaiba parted. Yami did a final swallow of the apple sauce in his mouth before his lips parted ever so slightly while Kaiba was holding him in his arms. It seemed his tactic worked. For a moment he just sat there with the game king in his arms. Looking down at him as he slept. A light blush crept on Kaibas face as he shook his head and laid him down before covering him with the thick covers. Turning away he touched his lips as he thought of what he'd done. 'His lips are exceedingly soft.' he thought. Then shook his head. 'No it wasn't a kiss. I was just feeding him, it was required.' he told himself. 'I won't be tricked into thinking I gave my first kiss to my greatest rival.' he thought as he grabbed his bathrobe from off his bed. Deciding that a cold shower was highly in order.


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