Pain of the Famous 4

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu Gi Oh this would be in the manga. XD


After their bath, Kaiba had placed Yami in his own bed since they'd made a mess on Yami's bed. Pulling him close he laughed lightly as the smaller duelist had already fallen asleep the moment he'd placed him on the bed. Their little exercise had completely exhausted him to the point where he could barely stay awake for his bath. Fresh bandages adorned his body as well as some clean clothes. Kaiba himself was wearing a clean pair of pajamas that were a light blue in color. Though what aggitated him the most was throughout it all, he still kept holding onto his puzzle. Even now Yami had yet to let it go, so it was between them like a small barrier. Pulling the covers up, Kaiba settled in to sleep. A smile on his features as he drifted off. 'Yugi, your mine completely now.' he thought.

Yami groaned as he shifted slightly. Even as his mind wandered back to Yugi's soul room, he was fast asleep. His head resting on Yugi's stomach even as he laid above the sheets. Both were sleeping peacefully, and almost as if something was with them another blanket draped over Yami's slumbering form. A shadow above them both, but fading silently. "Hmmm...Yugi..." he mumbled as he continued to sleep. "Wake up soon..." he added as he snuggled deeper against Yugi's stomach.


Everyone panted as they finally got to their destination. Moscow. "That trip...took...longer...than...expected." Tristan stated as hunched over in an attempt to catch his breath. The storm was making it highly difficult to even walk without much effort.

"Atleast we got here man." Joey stated as he breathed heavily. "Now we just have to get to the hotel. It's nearby isn't it?" he looked to Mokuba.

"Actually, it's further. The hotel my brother is staying at is closer to the airport than it is the train station." he replied sheepishly.

"How much further?" Joey looked at him waringly.

"Well with this storm it'll take us hours."

"THREE HOURS?" Joey shouted before falling back against the ground. "I need a vacation from the vacation." he whimpered. Tea just sighed in distaste.


When Yami woke up he was surprised to see a smaller suitcase at the foot of the bed. Kaiba was packing it up hastily with a change of clothes for each of them, his laptop, the medicine bag, their airline tickets, passports, dueling decks, a duel disk, and a map. The rest of their things were being carried out by some of the hotel staff, and were being placed in a crate for later shipping when the storm cleared. "What's going on Kaiba?" he raised a brow at his rival.

"We have to go." Kaiba stated just as he was closing the suitcase. Not even a moment after he was putting the winter coat on Yami along with his boots before dressing himself warmly as well. Yami did not like the tone in which he was speaking. He was rude, and rushed. In other words Kaiba was panicked. Suddenly a scarf was wrapped about his neck and some gloves that were white were tossed at him. "Put those on, right now." he demanded.

"What's going on? What's the rush?" he asked as he put the gloves on even as Kaiba closed the smaller suitcase.

"I don't have time to explain now." he stated as he pulled the hood over his coat. The moment he grasped the handle on the suitcase there was an explosion and glass came bursting into the room.

Yami didn't even have time to think as he'd been suddenly flung to the floor by the sheer force of the explosion. Coughing he pushed himself up as he tried to see past the dust. "Kaiba!" he coughed a few more times. Luckily for him he hadn't been cut by glass shards. "Where are you?" he coughed some more. He didn't know what was going on. Or why it was even happening in the first place. Suddenly he was picked up and being dragged out of the room.

"I told you I don't have time to explain now!" Kaiba restated as he picked Yami up bridal style when he realized the smaller duelist was faultering.

"Your bleeding!" his eyes grew wide when he noticed the cut on Kaiba's brow.

"Now's not the time!" he ran down the hall hastily and through an emergency exit.

Looking over Kaiba's shoulder as he wrapped his arms about his neck, his eyes grew wide with shock. There were men dressed in heavy black clothing carrying guns, and those guns were aimed at them. He only had a moment to see this as the door to the emergency exit slammed shut blocking any further view of the men. Within moments the door they'd just been near was full of bullet holes.


Everyone just collasped the minute they entered the lobby to the hotel. Panting even more heavily than they did previously at the train station. "That...was brutal..." Tristan wheezed.

"Atleast we made it to the hotel." Tea sighed. She was more than ready to just see Yugi and have a nice hot bath.

"Can I help you?" a gentleman peered over them with a raised brow. He basically looked at them with utter disgust as if they had no business being in the hotel.

"Yes. I'm here to see my brother. Seto Kaiba of the Kaiba Corporation. He should of been here for sometime." Mokuba stated hastily.

"Oh!" his demenor suddenly changed. "Mr. Kaiba. My apologies. I wasn't aware that you'd be arriving today. Yes please allow me to see what room he's in." the man bowed before walking over to the front desk and started typing on the computer. "This will only take a moment." he stated even as they walked up to the desk to wait. Suddenly a came up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. "What is it?" he asked in slight annoyance. Looking between the newly arrived guests and the man before him, he whispered in the mans ear. This caused the gentleman's eyes to go wide with shock, "OH MY!" he shouted. "Are you sure?"

"Yes sir. We've already sent security but..." he wavered as he looked down at the group.

"Do not mind them, he's Mr. Kaiba's little brother. He has every right to know what's going on."

"What? What happened to my brother?" Mokuba asked anxiously.

"Well you seems the room your brother was staying in was bombed."

"What?" Joey slammed his hands on the desk. "Who did this? Is Yugi okay?"

"No need to worry, Mr. Kaiba and his guest are perfectly fine...I think...considering they were going to check out today. Although according to security the last they saw of them was when they were running down the emergency exit."

This gave them a slight sense of relief, but not overly so. "What about Yugi? Was he okay?" Tea asked with worry.

"Mr. Kaiba's guest last I saw was relearning to walk I believe. From what I saw he was doing fairly well. But as of right now I can't say for sure. I do know that Mr. Kaiba did pack some medical supplies though." he stated nervously.

Mokuba thought for a moment. "Give a room with web communications. The best you have right now."

"Shouldn't we be going after your brother and Yugi?" Tristan asked with a raised brow.

"I know that, but we won't be able to find them in this storm. If I can get a connection to the Kaiba Corporations satellite then maybe I can get a signal from his duel disk, it seems like a long shot but it's worth a try."

"Oh I get it!" Joey smiled. "Once you have that signal we should be able to find them alot faster."

Mokuba nodded. 'Please brother, be alright.' he thought.


Kaiba held Yami tightly to himself as he walked through the snow storm with low visbility. Yami was clinging to him with his eyes shut to keep the icey wind out of his eyes. He kicked himself for not thinking far enough to bring them some goggles. Cursing Kaiba persisted through the snow that reached up to his knees. 'Those bastards think I wouldn't be prepared for such a thing? The fools! Just wait til I get back to Japan, i'll send them an attack they'll never forget!' he thought with determination. 'The only problem now is getting there without freezing to death.' he thought with distain. Finding an alley he ducked into it to take a moment to catch his breath. The walls shielded them somewhat from the storm. He turned when he felt someone touch his shoulder. Squinting his eyes in an attempt to see the figure. All he saw was someone signalling for him to follow. Weighing his options he decided it was best to follow, if only for now given his current circumstances. Following for what seemed like forever, he entered a building. Once the door closed he was able to determine he was in someones house.

"Are you nuts? It's below zero out there!" came a gruff voice from an elderly man. "Your lucky I saw you when I was getting some firewood." Kaiba just glared at the man for a moment. Saying nothing as he was being lectured about how dangerous it was to be out in a full blizzard. "Oh my! Is your companion alright?" the man stepped up to them after removing his heavy winter attire. "She looks like she's freezing. Quick, let's get her into a nice warm bed."

"He." Kaiba stated with a hiss. "My...companion is a HE." he emphasised Yami's gender.

"Oh I beg your pardon. I thought your companion was a woman considering the womans attire."

Kaiba looked down and was suddenly met a pair of angry amethyst eyes. "You put me in a womans coat..." he grumbled as he shivered.

"Don't give me that look, it was all I could find in your size."

"You put me in womens clothing." Yami repeated.

"Shut up!" Kaiba growled.

"Oh my, you two sure are arguing like an old married couple." the old man teased. "Halina! Get the spare dishes! We've got guests!" he shouted.

"How long until this storm clears?" Kaiba all but demanded to know.

"Hmmmm...I'd say for about a week or so more to go." he thought for a moment before pulling down the covers to a bed. "There ya are. You can set your friend right here until the stew is all nice and ready." he patted the bed.

"Thank you for your kindness." Yami stated politely.

A obese woman came into the room with her hands on her hips, she looked upset, "What do you mean we've got guests? Who in their right mind would be out in such a storm?" she shouted. Her husband pointed at the two in question. "Are you insane! You could of frozen to death!"

"Your husband already grilled me." Kaiba stated as he placed Yami to sit on the bed. Then he started to remove his boots.

"Oh my word!" her eyes bulged out of their sockets. "What on earth happened to the poor dear?" she shoved Kaiba out of the way as she pulled down Yami's coat to see more. "The poor thing is as bandaged up as a mummy!" she removed his coat. "And no wonder he was cold! You have the poor thing in shorts! You must be insane!" she practically started wrapping Yami in the blankets. "Don't you worry about thing dearie. Ol' Halina will take good care of you." she patted Yami on the head, before making him lay down. "Now you go and get yourself a nice little nap. I'll wake you when the foods ready."

"Thank you." Yami smiled as he snuggled deeper into the warm sheets. He had to admit the warm bed was more than welcome.

"And you!" she pointed at Kaiba. "Go and make yourself useful and set up the table!"

"Excuse me?" he looked at her like she'd gone insane.

"Your a perfectly healthy lad. Go into that cubby." she pointed to a cabinet, "And set up the table with the bowls and a plate for the bread. Supper will be ready in an hour. I also expect you to wash up. Your filthy! Go on! Get! My hubby will show you where you can clean up." she went back into the kitchen.

"Ahahahaha she's still the same fireball that I married forty years ago." he smirked as he rubbed the back of his head. "Pay her no mind. She's just doing it because she cares. Our own children moved out about ten years ago I believe. But she's still got those motherly instincts." he sheepishly smiled.

Kaiba scoffed in distaste. It was going to be a long night. That much he was sure.


He shook Yami awake when the food was ready. Yami groaned before sitting up groggily as if he were trying to comprehend what was going on. "Ehh?"

"Food." Kaiba stated as he put a bowl next to the Pharaoh in an attempt to get him to take it.

Yami blinked a few times before it dawned on him that there was even a bowl within reach in the first place. The pain killers had kicked in. So as far as he was concerned he was on cloud nine. His stomach demanded food. The rest of him demanded sleep in the nice cozy bed he was in. Laying back down he curled into a ball before dozing off again.

"Wake up!" Kaiba shook him in annoyance.

"Sleep" Yami sleepily stated. He was apparently aware enough to make a response before going completely back to sleep.

Kaiba sighed as he pressed against his temple. His logical mind stating that there might not be a later for them to eat in all reality. But at the same time the medicine did make Yugi sleepy. Something that was mostly out of his control. Giving up, he pulled the blanket to be just below Yami's chin before walking away into the next room and setting the bowl back on the table.

"Oh the poor thing must simply be exhausted." Halina stated with worry. "What were you doing out in such a storm anyway?" she gave him a look that clearly meant he was going to get scolded unless he gave a proper answer.

"I was..." Kaiba tried to think for a second. "...trying to take him to see a doctor. Our car broke down near the airport, and while I was trying to find the hosptial we got lost." he lied.

"Oh dearie me." her demenor changed. "How kind of you to try to take your friend to see a doctor in such horrid weather. But it was a rather stupid move on your part. You both could of died."

'That's an understatement.' he thought. "I was just trying to do what was best for him. I'm hoping we're near the hospital and that this storm will clear soon. As you saw he's really in need of medical attention."

"If I may, what on earth happened? How did he end up in such a state?" she asked.

"Now Halina, your getting to be rather noisy. It's their business." her husband stated.

"No, no, it's quite alright." Kaiba pretended to be friendly, though on the inside he wanted to vomit, "You see while I was working he was waiting for me at a park, and from what I was told, he got attacked by some gang. Apparently they thought he was some rich kid with nothing better to do than to sit around at the park and they were hoping to make a quick buck. Luckily I got there in time before they killed him. But since then his body's been weak, and i've been taking care of him." he pretended he was going to cry. "They nearly killed my one and only friend. All because they thought he was related to me, it's all my fault. It's the least I can do." he sniffled. Though on the inside he wondered if his little act had worked.

"Oh you wonderful, kinda lad!" she hugged him suddenly. "Please stay until the storm clears, and down worry mama Halina will help take care of the little one." her eyes seemed to sparkle.

"Oh how kind of you. Please forgive us for being such a burden." he bowed his head low. That feeling of wanting to vomit coming back ten fold. "If you please excuse me I think I shall rest with my friend for a while. We've been treading that snow for hours. I'm simply exhausted." he put on his best fake smile before saying "Good night." and turning to leave the room. One thing he wished, was that there was a door for the room. There was no sense of privacy in the home. Not that he intended to do anything specifically that particular day with a certain short duelist. But it'd of still been nice to have a door. If nothing else so he could ease up on his fake kindness act. Slipping off his shoes he joined Yami under the covers to settle in. Pulling the smaller duelist close he yawned and prepared to sleep. 'Hmmm...he's so warm...' he thought as his mind drifted off. 'Who needs a heater when one can have the King of Games warming ones bed.' he thought some more even after Yami shifted to get comfortable now that there was a new lump in the bed. Kaiba yawned once more before going to sleep himself. Hoping the storm would of cleared up by morning.


Yami shifted as he tried to turn in the bed. But he realized something was preventing this. Something that was warm and squishy. His sleep fogged mind for a moment thought it was one of Yugi's plushies that'd gotten warm during the night. But then he realized said object was too big to be a plushie. Pushing himself up, he blinked several times to try to see what it was. It was brown from what he saw. After a moment he started to poke at it. When a pale hand started swatting at him, he realized it was Kaiba.

Trying to wake up he pushed the covers away from himself because it was hot. After a few minutes, it dawned on him that he was hungry. Looking between Kaiba and the door he realized he was in a dilema. He had slept next to the wall. Kaiba was blocking his way out. The bottom of the bed was blocked by a dresser. A rather large dresser at that. Thinking for a moment he started to crawl towards the bottom of the bed. Or atleast tried to.

"Where do you think your going?" Kaiba asked as he snagged the smaller duelist by his waist.

Yami just gave Kaiba an annoyed look. "I'm hungry, I want food."

"What part of don't move around so much don't you understand?"

Yami sweated a little at that statement. It was what Kaiba had told them when they were in the storm. "I thought that was only when we were in the snow storm." he replied.

"It applies here too." Kaiba sat up and looked at his watch. He gone to sleep approximately four hours ago. "You shouldn't move so much, you might reopen your wounds and we don't have the supplies we had in the hotel."

Yami just gave him his most pitiful looking expression. "But i'm hungry." he whined.

"Tch..fine." Kaiba groaned as he got up. Hissing when his feet touched the cold floor. "Wait here. And behave." he ordered.

"Yes oh might master of the food." Yami bowed. "I am here to simply do your bidding."

"Don't be a smartass." he growled at him before leaving the room. Yami just stuck his tongue out at him when his back was turned. "I saw that!" came Kaiba's voice from the next room. Yami just clamped his lips tightly at that statement. A moment later Kaiba came in with a bowl and some bread. "Here."

He took the bowl and looked at the contents for a moment. "What is it?"

"Stew." Kaiba tried to settle into the bed again.

"Are you sure?" Yami lifted the spoon to get a better look at the contents.

"Just eat it." he rolled over.

Taking a tentative lick of the contents in the spoon, he smacked his lips a few times to test the flavor. It was rather bland. But edible. He took a bite of some bread and gagged as it was rather salty.

"What's the matter with you?" Kaiba gave him a strange look.

"It's...soo..salty." he stated in between laughs. He found it rather amusing. He was trying his best not to laugh too loudly.

"Uhhggghh.. your such a child." Kaiba stated as he rolled over again. Though he wouldn't admit it, he did find some amusement in Yami's dilema.

Dunking the bread into the soup a few times he took another bite. "Hmm." he hummed. It wasn't so bad then. If anything it probably gave the soup some flavor. He continued to eat his meal in silence. When he finished he sat the empty bowl on his lap. "That was pretty okay." he stated.

"Good now go to sleep."

"But i'm not sleepy." he stated bluntly.

'I wouldn't be either if I slept part of the day away.' Kaiba thought in his head. "Too bad."

"Hey Kaiba."

"What?" he said in annoyance.

"It didn't dawn on me til now, but I kinda gotta use the bathroom."

"...DAMN IT!" he cursed. He was not going to get sleep anytime soon.


Mokuba typed hastily on his laptop computer. He was attempting to get a signal from the Kaiba Corporations Satellite system from Kaiba's duel disk, but he wasn't having much luck. He couldn't even get a signal to the web. At the moment he was trying to see if he could get a signal. Once that was accomplished he could look for his brother and Yugi.

"Anything?" Joey asked.

"No. I'm sorry but this is going to take time." he stated as he continued to type. "I'm not good at this like my brother is."

"It's okay, just do what you can so we can find them." Tristan stated as he ate his meal.

"Hey where's Tea? I haven't seen her for a while." he stated as he stopped typing for a moment.

"She's in the bathroom taking the longest bath in history." Joey teased. "I'll be surprised if theres any hot water in the building."

"Ha, ha, Wheeler." Tea stated from behind him with her hands on her hips. She was in a bathrobe. "It was so funny I forgot to laugh."

"Thank you, I thought it was pretty amusing myself." he gloated. Atleast until she punched him in the back of his head. "OW!"

"Anyway, has you had any success Mokuba?" her demenor showed she was worried.

"Sorry Tea. No luck yet. But i'm still working on it. Hopefully i'll get a signal soon." he stated. "On the plus side this storm is only supposed to last a few more days. But I can only hope my brother and Yugi stay safe until then."

That response did not make Tea feel any better. In fact. It made her feel worse. 'Yugi.' she thought.


"Mr. Nikita, please." Halina spoke into the phones receiver. "Sir, the children you were asking about are here." she whispered. "Yes...yes of course...Sir...are you really...? Ahh...I see...i'll do my best to keep them here for the time being." she then hung up the phone.

"So you were secretly working for him after all." came Kaiba's smug remark. "It was a good thing I didn't fully trust you, or i'm sure i'd be dead."

Halina whipped around in surprise. "Ahh! were ease dropping!"

"A person doesn't have to in this house. You really should consider having doors you know." he smirked as he slammed his hand against the wall near her head. "I'm going to give you three seconds to tell me what that bastard Nikita said, otherwise, I may just lose my patience. And you don't want me to lose my patience."

Halina trembled in fear. She never knew someone so young could be so intimidating. "He...he said to keep you here...for as long as possible."

"I see." he stepped away. "Well then i'll just have to make due with that won't I?" he walked away and entered the room he and Yami were sharing. Yami was currently doing his walking exercises. Though it wasn't going well since the room was so cramped. "Get your coat on, we're leaving." he ordered as he started to put on his own coat.

"Huh? But why? Isn't there still a storm going?" he asked.

"The storm is the least of our troubles." he buttoned up his coat. "Looks like trouble is coming our way."

"Uhh..." Yami's eyes grew wide.

"I'm sure I don't have to explain to you what that means." he added as he tossed Yami's coat at him. Yami quickly put it on along with the scarf. Kaiba helped him with his boots before grabbing the suit case. "We better..." he didn't get to finish as there was a person screaming in the next room. It was Halina. "Damn! It looks like they gave her fake information to try to trick us!" he stated as he grabbed Yami. He smashed the window open with the suitcase before jumping through it.


A tall muscular man popped his knuckles as the body fell to the floor. Halina's neck had been twisted a full three hundred and sixty degrees, killing her instantly. Her husband lay in a pool of his own blood with an hachet in his back. " seems they escaped. The master won't be pleased." he muttered as he pulled out a cellphone and dialed a number. "...They are on the move." he stated into it before hanging up. Then he looked to the bodies on the floor. "What poor unfortunate souls you are. It'd of been best if you hadn't taken Mr. Kaiba into your home. Then you might of lived to see another day." he stated before stepping over Halina's corpse and tossing a lighter behind him.

Once he was outside, a large explosion erupted. The man simply walked on as if nothing was happening behind him.


Yami was shocked when the building they'd been in only moments before exploded. "HALINA!" he shouted even as he was carried.

"Forget it! She's dead now and her husband too!" Kaiba shouted as he ran as fast as he could. But then he stopped and gasped. He was surrounded.

"Well...well..well...if it isn't Mr. Kaiba." Nikita clapped as he took a few steps forward. "Ahhh, and who's this with you? Could it be the person from the hotel room? My, my I didn't expect that you'd bring them along with you. They must indeed be very special to you for you to work so hard to keep them safe."

Kaiba scoffed in distaste. He wanted to run to escape, but there wasn't an opening.

"Ahh but of course i'm not naive. I know in fact that the one in your arms is Yugi Mutou." his smile grew. "It's such an honor to be in the presence of the King of Games!" he bowed dramatically.

"How did you know? You never met back at the hotel!" Kaiba asked bluntly.

"Dear boy this is my country. I know everything that goes on here, down to even the last bit of rock. Of course it helps that your a bit..shall we say? Obessed with the boy?" he laughed lightly. "I simply must ask, how was it?"

"How was what?" Kaiba became angered.

"How was bedding your greatest rival for the first time?" his grin grew.

" bastard!" Kaiba was revolted. It disgusted him greatly that someone may of seen him in his special moment with Yugi. It was a moment he didn't want to share with anyone except Yugi. Yami on the other hand could only feel utter embarrassment. The fact that others knew what he'd done with Kaiba was no more than a harsh blow to his pride.

"In anycase, i'll have to ask that you come with me." a door opened to a vehicle that was barely visible. "Otherwise, I can't gurantee a pleasant outcome."

Kaiba shook with rage even as he glared at Nikita from where he stood.


Kaiba had been cuffed and forced to walk with guns pointed at his back. This didn't bother him however, as the thing that bothered him the most was that Nikita currently had Yugi in his arms. He wanted to strangle the man for daring to touch his Yugi.

Yami hated his situation, and wanted nothing more than to escape. But strangely he started to feel pain, and found he couldn't walk anymore. Not that he was fully walking to begin with, but now he couldn't even manage the small steps he'd been able to do previously. When he did a check of Yugi in his soul room he was shocked to find his bandages were black, and his were a darker shade of blue. Something didn't sit right with him on this occurance. Why did the pain come back as soon as he was in the presence of Nikita? How did he know about the act he'd committed with Kaiba in the hotel in a room that'd been locked? He shuddered to think that there may have been cameras where there shouldn't have been. He didn't have much time to ponder this as he was tossed into a room.

"Be a good boy until I come back." Nikita stated just before closing the door. "Now then Mr. Kaiba, let us proceed with negotiations. I'm sure you'll find our compromise to be most beneficial." he gestured down the hall.


Yami pushed himself up as he looked back at the door. His eyes were filled with worry and anger. But he didn't know what he could do to get out of his current situation. Looking about the room he saw there was only a bed in the corner. Above it was a small window with bars on it. Grasping the rail to the bed he pulled himself onto it. Panting heavily as the pain was agonizing. Laying down he hugged himself. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't think on what to do. He didn't have the strength to use the power of the Millenium Puzzle to aid in his escape. And even if he did, he couldn't walk, much less run.

He shivered. The room was rather cold due to there not being any glass on the window. "I...need some help..." he tried to keep himself warm. 'Yugi...we're in serious trouble.'


Kaiba was forced to sit in a chair across from Nikita. Nikita looked pleasantly pleased even as Kaiba looked at him with utter distaste. "Well then shall we begin?" he asked.

"Do whatever you want, your not getting my company."

"My, my aren't you the stubborn one." Nikita giggled. "No matter. As long as I hold on to the best cards you'll submit to my demands."

"You can dream on, i'd rather let my company fall to ruin than to let you have it."

"Oh? But what about Yugi Mutou?" he asked snidely.

"What?" Kaiba became shocked.

"Are you willing to allow him to suffer? It seems to me you've grown quite fond of him. Rather affectionate i'd say."

"Yugi has nothing to do with this."

"Oh but I think he does. Without Yugi Mutou your company would of collasped I think a few times. It's interesting to hear isn't it? That your using him for your own gain."

Kaiba shook in anger at Nikita's words.

"Oh? Have I hit a nerve? Face it Kaiba you need him. You need him to survive. He challenges your mind to think beyond the norm. I bet if it wasn't for him, you wouldn't of thought of inventing the duel disks. Tell me. Am I wrong?"

"Even if Yugi played a part in some of my creations, that still doesn't mean anything. Kaiba Corp was done by my own two hands! And nothing will change that!" he stated. If he could he'd of punch Nikita.

"Such passion from a lad in love. I like that. Love is what makes life worth living. But of course. So does money."

"What is it you want Nikita? I have no time for your foolish games!"

Nikita took out a cigar and lit it after cutting off the tip. "Oh but I think you do considering your now in my territory. You can't leave without my consent, and i'm sure you won't leave without your precious Yugi." he leaned back in his seat. "Of course, how long he stays well is entirely up to you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Let's just say I like to dabble in certain kinds of research. Research that requires test subjects."

"You bastard." Kaiba growled in distaste.

"I've told you Mr. Kaiba. This is a negotiation. What happens to him is entirely up to you." he smiled evilly.


Mokuba continued in his work, he did everything he could to get a signal. "I did it!" he cheered after a few more minutes. "We've got a connection with the Kaiba Corp Satellite!"

"Alright!" Joey cheered happily.

"That's great little dude. Now all we need is to find out where Kaiba and Yugi are and we can go home." Tristan added.

Mokuba nodded before he faced the screen again. Typing a few commands, he waited for the information he was looking for to come up on the screen. "This is it!" he stated happily. A red dot was blinking on the screen on a map.


Yami sat beside Yugi in his soul room. He just had to see if he could figure out what was going on. But nothing in particular came to mind. Something about it just seemed supernatural to him. "I hope I can figure this out soon Yugi. Cause otherwise I think this is going to end pretty badly for us." When he sensed someone at the door to the room he returned to taking over their body.

"Boy..." a woman came in. "It's time for your medicine." she smiled as though she were hypnotised.

That's when Yami realized, she had no will of her own. His eyes trembled as she held up a syringe and walked closer to him.


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