A Very Freaky Friday

Chapter 1: The Awakening From Hell (Damon's perspective)

Damon awoke with a splitting headache, one that could only come from drinking heavily, but really, who could blame him? He almost died a few weeks ago and shared an illicit moment with his brother's girlfriend, who also happened to be the woman he loved. Not to mention said brother was missing and off with a crazy hybrid vampire-werewolf.

Awe-some. And people wondered why he needed to get wasted. Not like he didn't have enough problems.

Problem one: He was a vampire.

Problem two: He was a vampire living in a town that was known for hating vampires.

Speaking of which, he now also had to deal with the fact that the Sheriff knew more than she should and that she nearly shot him. And the fact that Tyler Lockwood was still around. Great, more chances to get bit and nearly die.

Werewolves, Damon thought, what good are they? As Damon was pondering that thought he looked around his room, which was in fact, not his room. What the hell?

He was in a large room with posters of novelty rappers, football players, basketball players, baseball players covering the walls.

Bands he would never be into.

Something was most certainly wrong. This was not his room. Whose room was it?

His head panged. But something else was wrong, something more alarming; he didn't have the taste for blood. What the fuck?

His hands….no…these are not his hands. This is certainly not his body. This is not his life. He has to be dreaming. Yes, that's it. Soon, he will awake and this will all have been a dream. A very bad fucked-up dream as a result of getting wrecked. Only he's not waking up.

Something is very fucking wrong.

His hands don't contain the very special vampire ring, and when he goes to the mirror he is horrified by what he sees, for the reflection in the mirror is not that of Damon Salvatore, but of the resident werewolf of Mystic Falls, Tyler Lockwood.

Yes, something was very fucking wrong indeed.