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Comfy Cozy

Rose sat on the jump seat while the Doctor walked around pushing buttons and attempting to look impressive. He was wearing his glasses which were perched on the end of his nose. He liked to think those glasses made him look smarter. They did but they also made him look…Gorgeous? Beautiful? Adorable? Wonderfully geeky? What exactly was he aiming for, driving her crazy? Rose thought as she glanced over at him. It wasn't fair. People shouldn't be allowed to be so oblivious to their effects on other people.

The Doctor was not oblivious to Rose's subtle reaction to his, dare he say devilishly handsome good looks. Nope. Her temperature had raised 2 degrees and her heart rate had increased .78 beats per minute. And she had that deer in the headlights look plastered to her face which was sort of a dead giveaway. Not that he minded. It wasn't intentional but it was appreciated.

"Rose, I was thinking we could go act out more Shakespeare…we just got to the good part."

Rose snapped out of her trance.

"Huh? Oh, uh, can we read Harry Potter instead?" She was really looking forward to reading more, it was just getting good.

"Sure! And then we can-" He was blathering on and Rose wasn't really paying much attention to his speech. She was too busy paying attention to the way he was reaffixing his glasses onto his face.

"Well come on!" He said, pulling her down the hall as she followed him, giggling.

They were soon sitting on the couch and the Doctor was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Rose was listening intently as he read. Her head rested on his shoulder. She was so comfortable sitting there listening to the Doctor's voice. She found herself blinking sleep away.

"Rose? I can stop if you're tired."

Her only response was to snuggle into his side. He smiled down at her affectionately. Rose shivered. He shrugged out of his jacket and wrapped it around her. She listened to his hearts beat and sighed in contentment, snuggling into the jacket and breathing him in. They had long since abandoned all thoughts of the book and were now focused on each other.

The Doctor held Rose in a warm hug and was stroking her hair gently. She had an arm wrapped around his middle and was leaning into his side, her head lying against his chest. He realized she was asleep and leaned down to kiss her forehead gently.

"Sweet dreams, Rose." He whispered into her hair.

He realized his jacket was no longer wrapped around her but that she was currently hugging it as she snuggled expertly into his arms. He pulled a blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped it around them both. That's when he fell asleep too, Rose in his arms and his head resting on top of hers, comfy cozy with his best friend.

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