Nessie's POV

You know what is worse then being a cooped-up-half-vampire with no friends? Being a cooped-up-half-vampire who is grounded for something she hadn't done… yet.

My name is Nessie and as far as my parents are concerned I am quite the bad apple. I cannot help it if my mind runs rampant with thoughts of jogging out into the sunlight and… burying my sharp Halfling-teeth into the neck of some juicy 15 year old mortal meat. It just happens sometimes and it's not as if I'd actually do it… maybe.

I huff and flop down on my bed and glance over at myself in the mirror. My face looks gaunt again from another growth spurt and my bones are killing me. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever stop growing. I'll some day turn into a giant… maybe then I can look Jacob Black in the eyes when he talks to me. He is so tall.

I remember Jacob Black as being one of my first memories. I'm not going to play stupid pretend that I don't know what the deal is with Jacob. He's got a thing for me—not like that—not yet anyways. I'm too young for him to get all bothered by me. I roll off the bed and stand sideways and glance at myself in the mirror. I mean, look at me… Knobby knees—poking out of my torn jeans—flat crested and as far as curves do I haven't gotten any.

I have a severe crush on the boy and everyone knows it and they don't hesitate to make fun of me for it, either.

I turn my back on the mirror. I can't look at myself anymore. I wish that I was like a wolf. Grow up over night… turn into this beautiful person by day and majestic beast by night. This process of awkward growth spurts is not the most attractive way to develop.

I flop back down on the bed and look at the ceiling… Physically I guess I am maybe 13 or 14… whose counting? Sarcasm.

Back to why I am grounded… my dad was driving me home from visiting my grandpa Charlie and there were these guys on the beach… super hot guys. All I could think about was biking them… sorry if that is wrong but how am I supposed to control the thoughts that just pop into my head.

I hear a squeaking at my window and I glance up and grin when I realize that it is my so-called soul mate.

"Look what the cat dragged in," I mumble and don't move from my spot on the bed, laying on my back and staring at the ceiling.

"Your mom said you were grounded and not to see any visitors," he replied, letting himself in and sat down on the carpet with his legs crossed and looked up at me amused. "What did you do?" He loves my shenanigans.

I am about to regale him with my no so amusing story of being locked up by the chief of 'thought-police' Edward Cullen but I have a better idea.

"I killed a man," I roll over onto my stomach and watch Jacob's expression.

"Did you, now?" he said with an amused smile, "and what did he do to deserve such a quick and final sentence?"

"Why don't you come over here and I'll show you," I bite my lip and make my move to capture him with a kiss and like every time before, he quickly moves. This time his quick reflexes leave me on the floor as I fall off the bed. "Ouch!" I laugh and roll onto my back.

"Nessie this is starting to get old," he says irritated. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I'm too young—blah, blah.

"Oh come on… have a sense of humour! And stop being so prudish… you'd think you and my father would get along better—oh god, I regret that comparison," I laugh again and watch his stern expression. "Fine… why don't you just leave then."

"Finally, Nessie had a good idea," he said going to the window to climb out and I roll my eyes.

"You know… someday you're gonna want all of this," I reply, running a hand down my boney leg—yeah… that's not very sexy—"and I'm going to tell you to find a moon and go howl at it and then you'll be sorry," I raise my brow! Ha! That'll teach him.

"Oh no, I'm shaking in my boots," he says sarcasticly, leaning against the window frame… idiot doesn't wear shoes let alone boots… "Do you always do this to just irritate me or what?"

"Do what?"

"This whole coming onto me business… It's not very attractive for a girl like you," he said and I'm not sure exactly what he means by that but it hurts me for some unknown reason and I really want him gone now… a girl like what? I stand there, watching his face for a few seconds before turning around as though the opposite wall is interesting.

"Goodnight Jacob," I nod at him and watch his face through the reflection in the mirror. His eyes look a bit remorseful as though he can sense me hurt but cannot read why I am hurt. But I don't even know.

"Goodnight," he says back and leaves out the window in a flash before my first tear can falls down my cheek.

I wander my bedroom a bit before I decide to call it an early night. I swallow my pain and pull on an oversized t-shirt and glance at myself again in the mirror wondering what he meant… a girl like what? A girl my age? A girl who looks like me? …A girl who is supposed to be this divine creation between my two fucking perfect Greek-statue parents.

I wasn't feeling anything special today as it is but now I feel like nothing at all. I toss the covers back, get underneath and reach over to flick off the light. I stare at the ceiling blankly for a little bit. I should really put some glow-in-the-dark stars up there since I do so much ceiling-staring these days. I cannot get Jacob's words out of my head… he probably didn't mean anything by it and I should just go to sleep.

I close my eyes tightly and try to drift off. I am startled by a warm hand on my arm and jump a bit to see Jacob kneeling by my bedside.

"Jacob, you scared me," I whisper and frown at him.

"Shhh," he hushes me.

"What?" I whisper and watch his face intently… I am confused. He pauses before taking a breath and leans down, pressing his warm lips against my dry, unprepared lips. What the? I close me eyes and don't move, I don't even kiss him back—I am too nervous to. What is this? I feel my cheeks heat up and when he pulls away I look up at him with a timid expression.

"Why'd you do that?" I don't move, I just hold the blankets tightly under my chin.

"Because I didn't want you to take me refusal as a rejection," he replied.

"Jacob Black do you own a dictionary?" I raise my brow. He chuckles once and shakes his head at my whit.

"Go to bed," he says and this time kisses my forehead before walking back over to my window and disappears into the forest. I grin like an idiot until I fall asleep.

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