Jacob's POV

I glance over to Nessie who is sleeping soundly with her head against my shoulder. I press my lips against the top of her head and then direct my attention back to the road. I felt so much anger before I reached Alice. I felt angry that they had all given up on Nessie being alive… but afterwards I realized that so much pain was felt for all and false hope would have done no one any good. How where they to know that the false hope would have been true hope?

When we landed in Halifax I rented this car and Alice sent directions to where Bella and Edward were staying. I remember when I reached Alice and she informed me that Bella and Edward took off from the group. I think back…

"Alice?" I asked when she answered the phone nervously. She isn't used to not seeing what will happen. Nessie and I are sitting on a picnic bench in a random park near the bus station.

"Jacob," she replied. She takes a few seconds to speak up, "Leah told me you were gone. She said you were going to hurt yourself." I don't know how Leah got that idea or why she was talking to Alice of all people. I guess that Leah can read me better then I thought since that was the plan until I came across Nessie.

"I need to tell Bella something, put her on … who else is there?" I ask.

"Everyone accept for Bella and Edward," she replied, "we're all in the living room of our new house synchronizing our school schedules for this fall. Jacob, you should consider joining us. Leah told me about everything… the drinking… the smoking… you need stability."

"Whatever—where can I reach Bella? Her cell phone says it is out of service," I tap my fingers, nervously. I haven't thought of what I was going to say to Bella or Edward.

"They left to be on their own. Didn't give us a direct location because they weren't sure but they're in Nova Scotia, a small town call Bedford… What is the urgency to reach them?" Alice asks and I hear a plot noise. I imagine that she has dropped down on a couch and is swinging her legs back and forth as she does when she talks on the phone.

"They're in Nova Scotia," I say to Nessie.

"What? What are they doing there?" Nessie asks and I hear tumble as if Alice just fell off that couch that I pictured in my head.

"Is that… is that who I think it is?" Alice says, almost screaming into the phone. I pull the phone away from my ear and put it on speakerphone. Alice does the same thing because I can hear the acoustics of the room now.

"Uh… hey guys," Nessie says into the phone and I hear an outburst of cheerful people talking all over each other, we cannot make out what anyone is saying until it become quiet again.

"See… we need to find Bella and Edward," I reply.

"Head to Halifax and we'll give you directions from there—Nessie, where have you been?" Carlisle says, his voice filled with so much pain and guilt.

"I'm sorry… I couldn't remember. I still done remember how I got here," she replied and I kiss her head.

"We have to go… we'll see you soon. Meet us in Nova Scotia, alright!" I replied and we say our goodbyes and hang up.

I glance at my phone. It has been dead since arriving in Halifax.

I see the long dirt road stretch in front of us and I turn into it. I can see the large white house at the end. That's the one I guess. I see Nessie wake up and look up at me with a smile. I love it when she wakes up from sleeping. I glance ahead and see about four different cars parked in the drive. Looks like the Cullen's beat us there.

I slow the car because the road is getting bumpier but when I see Edward and Bella appear from outside the front door and I stop the car all together because they are running towards us, unable to contain themselves.

Nessie steps out of the car and runs towards them, meeting them half way in an embrace. I step out of the car and lean against the driver's side door watching as they both embrace her and take turns holding onto her and making comments about how she has grown and how beautiful she is. Nessie's eyes are filled with happy tears and if Bella and Edward could cry then I suspect their eyes would be tearing up as well.

Bella holds Nessie and talks to her. I see Edward walk towards me and I cross my arms.

"Jacob," he says.

"Edward," I reply and examine his expression. It is difficult to read and I am shocked when the stone cold vampire hugs me for a short moment.

"Thank you for bringing my girl home to us. My gratitude is yours—I owe you everything," he says.

"I want her," I reply as soon as the words come out of his mouth and I watch him twitch with a bit of hesitation and then he sighs.

"She will have to decide that but if you are asking for my blessing," he makes a face and I am enjoying this. He is completely tortured by this. Good. "I'm working on it," he said. Well that was unspectacular. I watch Edward look at me; this reading mind thing is a thorn in my side.

I look past him and see Nessie heading towards me. She steps up on her toes and kissed my lips, "lets roll," she says and gets into the car.

"Where?" I frown and get in.

"We can't stay here in the middle of the road, lets go to the house," she points and when I look back up everyone is already waiting in front of the house. All of the Cullens seem to be holding such an anxious composure to allow Edward and Bella first crack at welcoming Nessie back.

Once we pull up to the house everyone takes turns hugging and welcoming Nessie that when I finally get her back the sky is starting to dim. We all settle in and Nessie begins to explain what happened.

"So then he turns out to be a freak who wants to chain me up and kill me or god knows what… thankfully I get my memory back and kick his ass a little before calling the cops and busting him and his mother. Basically how Jacob ended up in my room was fate I suppose and now I am here," Nessie says. She is sitting next to me on a small white couch. I have my arm wrapped around her securely.

"I will forever be grateful for him saving your life but if I ever run into him in a dark ally I cannot be responsible for what happens," Edward mumbles.

"He was really quite delicious," Nessie replies and Jasper and Emmett laugh.

"You bit him?" Edward is shocked.

"He tried to cover my mouth! I had no choice… it was a life or death decision that was like chocolate cake and cold milk," Nessie grinned up at me and I smile down at her and kiss her nose. I'm not going to scold her for biting that homicidal maniac.

"Anyways…" Edward says and taps his fingers. "Lets talk about schools."

"Well, goodnight everyone," Nessie says getting up from the couch.

"Nessie," Edward says with a tone and she huffs, sitting back down. I wrap both my arms around her and kiss her cheek.

"Come on, Edward. She has been through enough of an ordeal. Does she really need to think about schools tonight?" I ask him.

"Tomorrow then?" he says and I feel Nessie lean into me with a sigh.

"Nessie, life goes on," he says and I feel angry. I don't like him replying her thoughts.

"She said she wanted a breather," Edward filled me in.

"Well I think she deserves one," Bella says after a long moment of sitting there, deep in thought. "She's been through so much, Edward… we can enroll her late if we have to but lets not force her into classes if she needs more time."

"Thanks, mom," Nessie says and gets up again and kisses everyone and gives them all hugs. "Good night," she says and I smile at her and kiss her softly before she takes off. I nod at everyone and am about to join her when I hear Edward clear his through.

"Where do you think you're going?" he says.

"To bed-."

"Not with my daughter. You two are not married and there is a perfectly good spare room right up stairs for you," he says and I feel a bit angry… seriously? This is stupid. My intent was to actually sleep not sleep 'with' Nessie. Fucking—augh. Besides, I just got her back, I am a little paranoid about not having my eye on her.

"Listen," I say giving Edward a cold glare. "Let me put this so you can understand. The last time I let you order us apart she ended up supposedly dead. I am not taking my eye off of her ever. If you don't like it then—well I really don't care," I say, "you said you owed me everything I said that I wanted her… Enough said, goodnight," I reply and watch Edward step towards me but Bella grabs his shoulder.

"Goodnight," I say again and head into Nessie's room.

I see Nessie curled up in the blankets with the lamp on. I take my shirt off, tossing it onto the floor and crawl into the center of the bed, turning off the lamp. I wrap an arm around her, kissing her cheek tender. Nessie turns into my embrace and immediately falls asleep in my arms

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