Max was still laughing as he and Dave made their way to Dave's house, the sight of red faced Kurt was still fresh in his mind.

"C'mon dude, I dying here, tell me what you said." Max begged as Dave let them in.

Dave was smiling since they had left the mall; he refused to talk about what he said to Kurt. "I already told you. It's a private conversation."

Max poked his finger into his cousin's chest angrily, "Please, you so totally owe me. If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have gotten the guy's number from Sports Authority." Dave just looked at him for a minute before Max started to jump up and down in place, tugging on Dave's sleeve. "Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!"

Dave shook his head and pulled his arm away. "Can't."

Max finally gave up, for now. "Fine, but I'll find out eventually. No one can hide secrets from me! Nothing get's past me."

Dave eyed his cousin, "Your fly is open."

"What?" Max quickly checked his fly, to see that it was fully zipped, he heard his cousin laugh. "You, sir, are a jerk." Max sneered as he stomped up the stairs.

That made Dave laugh louder, he knew Max wouldn't hold a grudge over a joke but he just felt good. It was like he finally was himself again. He couldn't remember laughing and smiling this much.

"What if I made lasagna for dinner? Would that make it better?" he shouted up the steps. He looked at the clock set on the end table in the living room. He had a few hours till his father came home from work.

He heard a loud boom from upstairs and then Max screaming. 'What the hell?' Then a second noise erupted, a heavy thud hit the floor, it sounded like someone fell. "MAX!" he ran up the steps and opened the guestroom door to find Max on the floor in a headlock and sat on by …

"Owens?" Dave asked shocked to his old buddy, Max Owens, from football camp, they had been friends since they were little kids. Owens lived out of state and usually it was Dave who made the trip to visit.

Owens still had Max in a headlock as he looked up at Dave and grinned, "

Sup man?"

Dave's grin grew wider, "What the hell are you doing here? How did you even get in?"

"Made plans with your dad weeks ago to surprise you. He left a spare key under the mat outside."

Dave eyed his cousin, who was gasping for air and was quickly turning red. "You know, this will over once you yell out 'uncle'." He advised Max who was making pitiful attempts to gain leverage.

"Never." Max sputtered out.

Dave shrugged, "So, how long can you stay?"

"Till Tuesday" Owens grinned, tightening his hold on Max. ",hopefully I can kick your ass in football this time."

"Dude, you have never been able to kick my butt in anything. I honestly have no idea what those muscles are for, except for show." Dave joked, then he realized something, "Dude, didn't you say you were supposed to be in basketball training this summer?"

Owens finally released his grip from Max and got up.

Max though seemed to be insulted as he tried to regain his breath. "You finally gave up? I was about to go ham on you son!" He staggered a bit as he got up, still red faced and slightly sweaty. "C'mon little boy. I can kick your ass! I have seen every Jean Claude Van Damme movie ever made!"

Dave pinched the bridge of his noise, sadly it wasn't the first time Max lost to Owen in a fight, It always gave him a headache. Owens on the other hand just laughed, "I miss you too, Max."

Max made a face and his voice sounded more like Harrison Ford than it did Jean Claude Van Damme, "Don't try to sweet talk me."

"Last thing I need is to take Max to the hospital, again." Dave pushed Owens out the door and closed it behind him.

Max laughed triumphantly, "That's right boy, you better be afraid." After a moment though he remembered hearing Dave say something before he got tackled by Owens. "Dave? You still making lasagna?"

He was ready to follow the two boys when he heard a loud beeping and vibrating sound, 'Looks like Max version 2.0 dropped his phone.' He picked up the other boy's phone and smiled deviously. 'Let's see if the kid sends any dirty texts to his GF.' Luckily Owen's phone wasn't locked and Max had easy access to his text messages. 'Wow, that is a lot of messages to Guillermo.' Max noticed that Guillermo had sent the text message.


'Okay…either these two have a really good bromance or Owens is dating a guy.' He thought in disbelief as he looked at the other messages sent between Owens and Guillermo.

Max was ready to bet all of his Jackass DVDs that Owens was in the closet and that Dave had no idea. 'Shit.'

Dave couldn't help but feel as he was being studied by Owens as he pulled out the ingredients for the tomatoes sauce for the lasagna.

"What?" he asked, a little too defensively. He was worried; he was finally feeling comfortable in his own skin. The last thing he needed was to be made fun of by his friend.

Owens grinned, "Didn't know you knew how to cook." His tone was light, and Dave couldn't sense any teasing so he relaxed a bit.

"Well since mom left, there hasn't been anyone to really cook. That and I can't stand frozen dinner food." He pulled out a pot from the pile of pans and trays in the cupboard, "They taste like the box that they came in."

He could tell there was something bugging Owens, the guy was too quiet and looked kind of worried.

"So, you gonna tell me why you're not at basketball training?"

Owens smirked and clasped his hands together, "Well, dad, I didn't feel like going. I wanted to visit my friend before he left me to go to whatever college that accepts his ugly mug."

"Bull." Dave chuckled, "You know I'm pretty." He noticed Owens tense up a little. "Dude, seriously, you okay?"

Owens rubbed his face tiredly; Dave finally noticed that his friend had bags underneath his blood shot eyes. He could have brushed it off, for all he knew Owens was just tired from the trip over. But something in his gut was telling him otherwise.

"It's nothing." Owens walked over to the fridge to pull out a soda to find Dave still staring at him, "What? I said it was nothing, I'm fine."

Dave wasn't buying it, he knew Owens too well. "I've known you since you were seven, I can tell when you're bs-ing. Why did you decide to make the trip up here. I'm always the one to visit you."

Owen sighed, "I decided to save you some time and money and made the trip myself. So sue me. I was trying to be a good friend. What up with the third degree?" He pushed Dave back, but Dave only grabbed the soda away and turned Owens around.

"It's more than that man, you've-"

Owens finally snapped, "What? I've been what?" he snatched his soda away from Dave. "Look, all I wanted was to hang out with you before you left for college. Just some bro time. But if you're gonna go parental on me, then I'll leave. I don't need this crap."

Dave raised his hands in the air in mock surrender. "Chill dude. I wasn't trying to be your dad! You've been uptight lately." He missed Owens' jaw tick, "You haven't been the same lately, that's all."

Owens opened the soda roughly and took a long swing of it. "I can say the same about you, loser. What's this crap about you starting the Bully Whips at your school? Thought you and I were supposed to own our school, control those freaks and geeks."

Dave tried not to grimace at those words. Instead he went back to cooking. "Yeah, but my girlfriend wanted us to protect the school, not terrorize it."

" Santana, right?"

Dave nodded, "Yep, pretty sure she tagged me in some prom pics on Facebook."

Owens smiled and took another sip of his soda, "She's super hot man, guess that's a good reason."

Dave forced himself to laugh and agree, he wondered what would happen if he told Owens that he kissed a guy, or that he flirted and was planning to call a guy for a date. 'Bad idea.'

"You say something dude?"

Dave quickly recovered, "Yeah, think it's a bad idea if I cooked chicken since there's beef in the sauce. You want steaks?"

Owens almost jumped him in excitement. "Only if we get your dad to make his special sauce! That thing is like crack!"

Upstairs they head Max yell out, "SPECIAL SAUCE!"

Suddenly an idea hit Dave. He didn't have the guts to out himself to Owens, just yet anyway, but maybe he could figure out how comfortable Owens would be with a gay guy. "Umm, by the way, I know you're not the type to disrespect Max or anything but just so you know he came out to his parents and stuff."

"He came out?" Owens looked half confused and half amused.

"He's gay." Dave stated simply, wishing he could say the same thing about himself to Owens. He looked at his friend for a reaction. "You gonna be okay with that?" suddenly Dave felt a bit over protective about Max. If Owens had a problem, he had no problem with kicking him out.

Owens took another swing of his soda. "Yeah, that's cool."

"Really? You're okay with this?" Dave asked in disbelief. Dave knew Owens was more of the stereotypical jock and bully than him; he didn't like thinking or say this, but he was sure Owens would have had a problem with Max being gay 'Maybe he's just a better man than me.'

"Yeah, I mean it's not a big deal. Lots of people are gay. What's one more? Plus it's not like Max is gonna make us stay up and watch show tunes all night." He paused, "He's not, right?"

Dave threw an oven mitt at him, "No you idiot." He felt more relaxed and more confident; maybe he could tell Owens after all.

"So you nail that Santana chick yet?"

Or maybe not.

After dinner all four guys were laying around in the living room, stuffed and tired.

"Dude…I'm so full." Owens groaned. "Jesus Karofsky, where you trying to kill us?"

"No one told you to eat thirds." he looked at his cousin who was sprawled on the ground like a dead man. "And no one told you to eat fifths." On the couch next to him he could hear his dad laugh.

"Next time Davey, cook three times the suggested serving instruction." His dad advised smirking at his nephew and Owens. "I'm going to assume that no one wants dessert?"

He heard Dave groan. "That would be no." He looked at Owens, who was laying against the couch near Dave, "How about you Max?" The young boy let out puff of air and shook his head.

"And Max? Should I even ask you?" He knew his nephew had a huge appetite. He was even more sure that if he went to the guestroom he was bound to find empty potato chips bags and candy wrappers.

Max let out a burp and patted his stomach, "Give me five minutes."

Dave rolled his eyes; he should haven't expected any less from his cousin. "Just be sure you don't finish off the whole bin of ice cream." He got up to use the rest room upstairs

"Will not be making any sort of promises." Max yelled after him.

Before he got to the bathroom he heard a phone ring in Max's room. He knew it wasn't his cousin's phone; 'Owens must have left it here or something' He let the call go to voicemail, but then heard it beep again. Dave opened the text, not really expecting much, maybe a message from Owens parents.


Dave could feel the blood going straight to his head, 'Who the hell is Guillermo?' He was so confused and shocked that he never heard Owens walking towards him.

"Hey dude, Max wants to know if you guys have any jimmies or…" Owens' voice sputtered and died when he saw Dave with his cell phone.

Dave held the phone in his hand, the message from Guillermo still displayed on screen. "SHIT! Who the hell told you can read my text messages?" Owens snatched his phone from Dave angrily.

"Dude, why didn't you tell me?" Dave knew he was being a hypocrite, but he was still confused. All throughout dinner he had to listen to Owens talking about his dates with Jenny, Robin, and a few other girls.

Owens quickly closed the bedroom door, "Will you shut the hell up?"

"Why couldn't you just tell me that you are g-"

Owens grabbed him by the neck of his shirt, "Don't you even fucking go there, Karofsky." Dave pushed the younger boy away, but Owens shoved him back.

"Dude, what the hell did you think I would have done if you told me?" Dave asked wearily, he thought that Owens and he were close enough to be brothers. Granted, he had his own secret…'Okay, I'm being a freaking hypocrite.'

"Don't give me that crap Karofsky. You don't think I see that shit you and the rest of the jocks from McKinley write about that Kurt kid on your Facebook page?" He saw Dave freeze and look away from him. "You don't think your dad told my dad about what happened between the two of you? Dude, you were beating up the guy for being gay."

"You thought I would beat you up?"

Owens shrugged, throwing his hands in the air before dropping them to his sides. "I don't know, maybe. I thought if I told you you would never want to see me again."

Dave could have sworn he heard Owens's voice crack. "Dude, I wouldn't do that to you."

"Why? Why not me? What's the difference between Kurt and me? Or Max?" Owens was beginning to unravel, "What's the damn difference? Why do I have to be so freaking afraid of losing everyone if I become myself?" he shouted at Dave.

Dave tried to hug him but Owens shoved him again, this time into the wall, "Get the hell away from me." He shouted again, "The only reason why you're not freaking kicking my ass for being a queer is because I'm your friend and the only reason why you stopped kicking Kurt's ass is because your girlfriend is friends with Kurt.

Dave winced at the words, he was starting to see himself in Owen, "You don't know what hell you're talking about." He said roughly as he pushed Owens back, causing the boy to trip backwards.

Owens tackled him to the floor, both boys wrestled in order to gain the upper hand over the other. In between their fighting Owen growled out "You hate my guts as much as you hate his."

"DAMNIT MAX, THAT'S NOT FUCKING TRUE!" Dave was finally able to pin Owens down. "You're a freaking idiot. You know that? I don't hate you for being gay; I hate you because you're total d-bag."

He was waiting for a comeback, but it never came. "Max?" He noticed the Owen's dark brown eyes were starting to get misty. He sighed and got up, pulling Owens up with him. "It's gonna be fine, dude."

Owens laughed, but it sounded so forced and bitter that it made Dave cringe."Whatever, look who's telling me it's going to be okay. You're on the football team, hockey team, you freaking made the honor roll, and you were voted prom king. Plus you have a smoking hot girlfriend who puts out."

Dave looked eyed him, "How the hell did-?"

"Facebook." Owens stated simply.

'Damn you Zuckerberg!' Dave was starting to really hate the damn website. "My life isn't as picture perfect as it sounds, dude."

Owens rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Yeah, I'm sure you have a lot of problems, like what type of coffee you should order before you get to school."

"More like if I should tell my dad and my friends that I'm gay." Dave blurted out; he was becoming really sick of Owens's woe-is-me bit. Plus, it felt good getting that of his chest again, he could feel himself becoming more confident the more times he said it. He noticed Owens's slack jawed expression, "I'm gay." Dave repeated again, smiling for his friend's benefit.

Owens was clearly speechless; he was mute as he slowly sat down on the edge of bed. "Really?"


"Who knows?"

"Santana does, she's my beard." He didn't want to explain Santana being gay as well nor the whole blackmailing thing. "Kurt and his boyfriend know too. So does Max. But that's all, just those four."

He could see the disappointed look on Owens' face; the guy was probably hoping Dave had told his father.

Suddenly the door opened and Paul walked in, looking a bit worried. "You guys have been up here for a while." He saw the expression on both boys. "You boys okay?"

Clearly Paul hadn't heard their conversation; Dave relaxed a bit and offered his father an easy smile. "We're okay, just catching up."

Paul nodded, "Okay, if you guys want dessert you better hurry up. Max already finished the bucket of ice-cream. I think he's about to polish off the cookies next." He shook his head at his nephew's antics, "I seriously hope the guy that ends up with Max can cook." He left the two boys alone again, but left the door open.

Owens and Dave looked at each other, a silent agreement between the two of them forming. "You want to go running tomorrow?" Dave asked.

"Yeah." Owens answered steadily getting up from the bed and following Dave down to the kitchen.

At five in the morning Dave woke up to someone flicking his foot. "Rr-what?" He opened his eyes to find Owens at the bottom of his bed. "Shit."

Owen was already dressed in gym shorts, a "GO PIRATES" t-shit, and sneakers. He stood over Dave and flicked his head this time. "I'll wait downstairs."

Ten minutes later Dave was already out the door, running alongside with Owens. "So we ever gonna talk about this?" Owens asked, after Paul had left them they went back to the family room and played videogames with Max till one in the morning."Do you want to talk about this?"

Dave breathed out, "Yeah, just don't know when or where to start."

Owens nodded in agreement, "I do. How long have you known that you were gay?"

Dave surprised himself when he answered "I think I always knew that I was gay, I just didn't want to admit it." Owens didn't say anything back, so he continued. "It was always there bugging me in the back of my head. And I hated it. I know that's why I bullied Kurt so much, he was happy and just okay with it." He gulped; he still wasn't over what he did to Kurt. Especially since he left him in the middle of the dance floor at prom. "He was just so damn happy with being gay; I wanted to make him as miserable as I felt." He shook his head and focused on running again, "It was dumb and stupid."

"No it's not. I treatedGuillermo like crap…actually I treated a lot of kids at school like crap. But Guillermo was the first to stand up to me. Sort of."

"Sort of?"

Owens felt his face starting to burn red as he recalled the memory, "He was my tutor for chemistry. I thought I could boss him around and get him to do my homework. First thing he said to me was 'if you're too much afraid of me then you should go'."

Dave nodded; he knew where Guillermo would get that idea. He was deathly afraid of Kurt, still was. "What did you do?"

"We started yelling-well whispering yelling, we were at library. He told me I would always be a dumb stuck-up jock who would end up fat and ugly with only my glory days to keep me company. I don't know why or what the hell I was thinking, but I just kissed him."

Dave tried not to laugh at the eerily similarities between their 'I kissed a guy' stories. "He freaked out?"

"Actually I did."

Dave chuckled, "You did?"

Owens rolled his eyes, "Dude I already knew I was gay, I've known since I was twelve, but I always had a girlfriend, I'm always the cool jock. To kiss a guy, like that and actually like it, it scared me shitless."
Dave laughed again, "How romantic."
Owens punched him hard in the arm as they continued to run. "Gotta hand it to Guillermo though, he calmed me down. We started to talk about it, me being gay and stuff."


"And we've been together for a year and half now." Owens declared smiling. Dave felt the pain in his heart, he was happy that Owens got the happy ending with the guy that he liked. He wondered after his kiss with Kurt, could it have gone any different so that in the end they would have ended up together.

'I didn't have the gut to make it happen.' Dave thought bitterly to himself. Owens slapped Dave's chest, snapping him out of his thoughts. "You okay, dude?"

"Not really."

"You wanna get some breakfast? Isn't that diner not far from here?" Owens knew something was up. He knew when Dave was mad or depressed; the guy had a habit of wearing his heart on his sleeve.

"Closed down, I know where we could go though."

Thirty minutes later the two were sitting at Lima Bean, both boys were enjoying their small breakfast while Dave told his story. Luckily for him the café was empty and the three employees were talking amongst themselves.

After Dave told him everything Owens had a better understanding of why they were at Lima Bean. "Should have known this wasn't your hangout out. There's no greasy bacon, the tables are clean, and you only drink black coffee."

Dave was finally able to laugh, he had been down throughout telling his story. He drank some of his coffee, "He loves coming here, I thought maybe if I came here and started to like it we could have a something to talk about." Owen looked at him as if he were an idiot, "Yeah, I know; dumb idea. I was desperate."

"Kind of sucks that you had to hear his boyfriend telling him he loves him here though. So why come back?"

Dave thought about it for a second. He knew Blaine loved Kurt, he just wasn't sure Kurt loved Blaine. Scratch that, after the little chat he had with Kurt at the mall-he was sure Kurt didn't love Blaine like that.

"Hopeful, I guess."

Owens rested his arms on the table. "I love him; I want to say it out loud. I want to be him publically. I just can't though."

"He must really love you if he is willing to do that."

Owen shrugged and rubbed his arm awkwardly, "Sometimes I think he deserves better, he needs a boyfriend who will hold his hand and kiss him in public, go to the movies with him and everything. Not some shit head who's so deep in the closet that he's in freaking Narnia."

Dave spat out his coffee, causing Owens to laugh. "Oh God, when did we become so screwed up?" he laughed, wiping down his shirt and the table

Owens took a giant bite out his doughnut, "Two gay jocks in Narnia. You can't write this shit."

"That sounds like the worse internet parody ever!" Soon enough the two were laughing hysterically, both finally feeling comfortable around each other. Dave stood up and started to pick up his trash, "C'mon, let's get out of here." They both threw their trash away and started to head out to walk back home when Dave let out a frustrated groan.

"What?" Owen asked worriedly, Dave look horrified-his sight locked onto two boys getting out of nice black SUV. He recognized the taller boy, Kurt Hummel, he had seen a few pictures of the kid on Facebook. He started to chuckle as he finally realized something while looking at Kurt. "Holy Crap!"

Dave gutted him hard with his elbow,"Don't say he looks like Pinocchio or Clinton Kelly!" he growled.

Owens face blanched, he wasn't thinking that. "Dude, he sort of looks like Guillermo!" Owen laughed as Dave looked at him weirdly.

"I'll show you a picture him after this."

"After what? Wait-What are you doing?" Dave asked anxiously as Owens grabbed his hand and stood closer to him. "Max?"

Dave cursed God's sense of humor as Kurt and Blaine finally noticed him and walked towards them. They also noticed Owens and Dave holding hands, and Owens looking affectionately at Dave.

Dave could see the hidden joy and relief in Blaine's face, Kurt's though was unreadable. "Kurtofsky, funny seeing you here." Blaine greeted him friendly, he smiled at Owens. "There something you want to tell us?"

Dave could feel his heart try to break through his rib cage; he saw something flicker through Kurt's face. What it was-he wasn't so sure. 'After what I said to him yesterday, he's probably still pissed.'

"This is Max Owens, my boyfriend." Owens moved his hand away and wrapped his arm around Dave's shoulder. "Max, this is Kurt and Blaine."

"Nice to meet you two." Owens nodded.

"Same here." Blaine said smiling, "Well Kurtofsky, you're full of surprises. Though I must say, you two do make a cute couple."

"How did you get a boyfriend so fast?" Kurt all of sudden asked curtly.

"Max and I have been talking about it for a while; we just decided to go for it. We've haven't been dating for too long, we're just taking it slowly."

Kurt wasn't buying it and Dave knew it. He hated to admit, but he and Kurt were now able to read each other like an open book since the day at Figgen's office.

"Another Max? That's too cute." Blaine laughed, "You better be careful about sending any mushy or dirty text messages." The three boys laughed, Kurt just offered a weak smile.

"Actually Max's boyfriend is named Dave too. Small world." Dave added. He looked to see Owens giving him the "bedroom eyes"-if it wasn't for the situation Dave would have laughed.

"Even more reasons to be careful when it comes to sending me dirty text and pic messages." Owen teased, giving Dave a kiss on the mouth. "You should see some of the things this guy can come up with to get me hot and bothered." He gave Dave another kiss. It took all of Dave's will power to not laugh, but he hoped his trying to contain his laughter approach could pass for happy/having fun.

Kurt crossed his arm and stood on his toes-something Kurt did, Dave noticed, whenever he would get anxious or nervous-, "So Max, why haven't we seen or heard about you before?"

Dave could tell Owens noticed Kurt's annoyance with them. "Actually I live out of state."

"Hmm, how convenient." Said Kurt at the same time Blaine said "How sad."

Blaine noticed the sour tone coming from his boyfriend. Wasn't Kurt the romantic one of the two?

"We've known each for years though, we met at football camp." Owens offered, "Dave and I just came out to each other a month or so ago and we decided to try the whole dating thing." He went back to holding Dave's hand and gently squeezed it, "Even though the whole distance thing does suck, so far so good."

"You two are really adorable. Maybe we could double date before you have to leave?" Blaine asked, completely missing the complete look of horror on Kurt's face.

Dave bit his lip as he looked at Kurt, "Yeah, why not. Kurt has my number."

Blaine was oblivious to Kurt's demeanor. "Terrific, well we should get going. Kurt's treating me to breakfast before I have to start my new job. Don't want to be late." He stuck out his hand for Owens to shake, "it was great meeting you."

"Same here, dude."

As soon as the couple was in the cafe and Dave and Owen were a good distance away from the café the two boys broke out laughing.
"Jesus Christ, I thought Kurt was seriously going to wet his pants. He looked so freaking pissed!" Owens laughed hanging onto Dave for support. "At least we gave Blaine a reason not to feel threaten anymore."

"You think? I thought he was going to hug me for giving up on Kurt and dating another guy." Dave shook his head; he could feel the pain from the laughter hitting his stomach. "Thanks for taking one for the team, dude."

"No problem dude, you and me are bros for life." He fist bumped Dave.

"I feel kind bad for Guillermo though." Dave said solemnly after awhile.


"Cause he has to kiss those chapped lips of yours." Dave quipped, earning himself a hard punch in the gut.

"You suck!" Owens snorted, although he knew Dave was joking he couldn't help but touch his lips.

Dave laughed as his breathing came back to him, "Seriously dude, I think you cut my lip during that second kiss!"

There were like this throughout the whole walk home.

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