A/N: First off, we hope that you are as excited as we are to see us finally do something with this pairing. We love Riku and Sora and this is our first real fic with them. With this pairing, Reyaa was Sora and Alice was Riku. We hope you enjoy this and there will be 8 chapters in total. 7 of the story, and an epilogue. Let us know if you like it:D

Oh, and the challenge we gave ourselves in this one, was starting when they first meet. In other words, they are kids at the beginning and then there will be a lot of time jumps:D

Sora - Ten years old

I'd figured it out after an entire day of thinking about it. Life was confusing. This morning my eldest sister Rinoa hadn't let me stay at home pretending to be sick and forced me to go to school anyway. I'd been really excited about the new neighbors moving in. I hoped there was a boy. A real boy. Not a girl that pretended to be a boy... I already had my second eldest sister, Tifa, for that.

Yuffie and Selphie always walked with me to school. Yuffie said they better have a girl because she was the middle child in our family and apparently being the middle one sucked. I'm not sure I agreed because I was the youngest and the only boy and well... It wasn't easy. Selphie... I liked her. She at least agreed that being ten was very hard. Of course Rinoa then reminded me that Selphie only agreed with me to bribe me for candy later on.

They were okay, my sisters... I think. If I said any different then Rinoa would give me the evil eye and Tifa would whack me over the head and Yuffie would tickle attack me and Selphie wouldn't share the candy she'd bribed out of my hands in the first place. But even if they were okay, I still wanted a boy to move in next door. At school I didn't have any friends because all the boys in my class were also in school with Selphie and you couldn't be friends with Selphie's little brother because otherwise you didn't have the possibility of dating her. Or something... I had four sisters. I was surrounded by girls every single day and minute and hour and month and second and years! I would wait till I was at least thirty! At least thirty before thinking about girls. Definitely. Not before that.

Selphie was staying at her friend's place, Namine, tonight. And when Rinoa had plopped my dinner in front of my nose? I knew why... Green beans. I hate green beans. Food should not be green. One day, I'd become president and then make food that is green illegal. Yuffie was cool though, I liked Yuffie. She'd eaten at least half of my beans while Rinoa wasn't looking and then Tifa had warmed them up again even though Rinoa said she was going to make me eat them cold at breakfast if I didn't eat them tonight.

So I guess Tifa wasn't so bad either. Rinoa thought she was our mother, it was annoying because she wasn't and shouldn't pretend she was. I'm only ten though, so of course my opinion doesn't matter. And I'd told her that very angrily. Rinoa didn't like it when I shouted at her so she'd sent me to my room to calm down. Knowing that I'd better listen to her when the vein on her forehead popped, I'd stomped off to my room and slammed the door, falling face first into my bed so I could pout into my pillow.

Barely able to breathe any longer, I gasped and then sat up in my bed, looking around my boring room. Well, not that boring. I guess Rinoa wasn't all that bad either since she had gotten me a Toy Story bedspread last week. For no reason at all... Just because she had wanted to get it for me. So I liked that.

Getting up, I walked over to the chest beneath my window that contained a ton of barbies Tifa and Rinoa had given to me since they didn't use them anymore. I would have preferred cars, but they hadn't played with cars so I had to make do with barbies. I'd been a bit upset at first, but then Tifa had made it okay by cutting all their hair short and using sandpaper to remove their breasts. Yuffie had then sewn them boy clothes and Rinoa had created a manly range rover out of a carton. It was awesome.

Selphie had the other half of the barbies that had once belonged to Yuffie. They still had their breasts and skirts. When Selphie and I decided not to bicker she played with me and that was fun as well because I got to play 'knight in shining armor' with my girl-to-guy transformed barbies. They saved Selphie's girly barbies.

Yuffie said I was going to be a very chivalrous guy in the future. She based this off the fact that I was one of those very few who didn't chase girls down the school courtyard, pulling their pig tails and lifting their skirts. I didn't exactly see the point in it to begin with and well... Rinoa would wring my neck if she found out I'd looked at a girl's panties. Tifa had very long hair... Hair was sacred. You do not pull on girl hair. I'd learned my lesson.

Opening my chest, I pursed my lips and tried to decide whether I was going to play with ken-not-barbie-number-one or ken-not-barbie-number-two.

I was going to try and find ken-not-barbie-number-three but something caught my eye through the window. Leaning onto the ledge, I squinted and then tilted my head curiously as I saw a kid in the room across from my own. Oh! The new neighbors! Smiling excitedly, I pushed my window open with some difficulty but I managed. Luckily his window was open because otherwise ken-not-barbie-number-something would have gone on their first flying lesson.

"Hello!" I shouted happily, waving at the person. It was a boy! "You're a boy!"

"Of course I'm a boy!" Came the shouted reply, and the boy came to the window and leaned out of it. "Who are you?"

"I'm Sora, your neighbor!" I waved again, smiling happily still because he is a boy! "What's your name?"

"I'm Riku!" He grinned and waved back, looking just as excited as I was.

Climbing up onto the chest, I propped my elbows onto the ledge, leaning my chin into my hands, "You have funny hair. Is it silver or blue? I can't tell. Although, if it's silver? That would be fancier. Hey! Do you want to be my friend?"

He reached up to pat his hair down. "It's silver. How do you get yours to be spiky like that?" The boy, Riku, was pointing at his hair, and touching it, maybe trying to get it as spiky as mine. "Wanna come over? We can be friends if you come over and play!"

"My sister, Tifa, says my hair is a disaster. It's spiky like this..." What word had she used? "Naturally." I got out with some difficulty, nearly tripping over my tongue, "I have to ask my other sister, Rinoa, if it's okay for me to come over first. Is that okay?" I hoped he wouldn't mind waiting for a little bit.

"Okay! Is your mom not home? Cause I have to ask my mom too." Came the reply.

I frowned, "My mom is dead, so is my dad." I told him, "I don't remember them much, I was only two when they died. Selphie was three and Yuffie was seven and Tifa was sixteen and Rinoa was twenty."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I'll tell my mom that you are coming over. I hope your big sister says yes!" Riku waved and disappeared from the window. Giggling because I was excited, I ran out of my room and down the stairs.

"Sora! No running in the stairs!" I didn't listen to Tifa and raced to the kitchen where Rinoa would probably be doing the dishes.

"Rinoa! Rinoa!" I shouted, gasping as I needed to catch my breath.

"Here," She said, placing a towel in my hands, "You can help me since you are still shouting and if my memory isn't damaged, I'm pretty sure I sent you to your room to calm down. Have you calmed down? No-" I knew what she was going to say. No you haven't calmed down because Sora, you never listen... blah blah blah.

"Rinoa!" I cut in, "A boy moved in next door and I asked him if he would be my friend and he said that he would if I would come over and play, and I really, really want to!" She turned around, eying me with that stern look of hers. "Please... Pretty, pretty please! I'll do my homework without difficulty for a week!" I promised.

She raised an eyebrow, "Promise? You won't break your pencil and slam your books?"

"Promise!" She was making this decision so slowly...

"Alright. I'll come with you because I need to see these people first."

"Alright! Fine! Whatever! Hurry!" I bounced on spot, groaning in annoyance as she did that game she played, doing everything in slow motion just to irritate me.

"Rinoa!" I pressed. She laughed, ruffling my hair as she finally snapped out of the game and walked with me to the front door. This was going to be awesome! I would have a friend right next door and I would be able to play with him whenever I wanted and I would be able to spend time with an actual boy! We reached the front door and Rinoa smiled down at me as she knocked on their door.

"Remember to behave, okay?" She said softly. And because she had let me come out of my room even if I'd been punished and was allowing me to go play with the new next door neighbor...

"Yes." I told her without being difficult, "I'll be good." The front door finally opened and a tall lady with long brown hair stood there and smiled at us. I could see Riku standing behind her a little and he waved at me.

"Hello. You must be Sora and, Rinoa, I think?" She offered my sister her hand to shake.

"Yes, Rinoa Maguire," My sister said, shaking Riku's mom's hand, "Welcome to the neighborhood! I was going to wait a day or two for you all to settle in before introducing myself, but I guess Sora couldn't wait that long." Rinoa grinned down at me before looking back up at Riku's mom, "Is it okay for Sora to go play with Riku for a little bit, Mrs?" I pulled my eyes off Rinoa, smiling at Riku and waving back at him.

"Mrs. Moore. But you may call me Lucrecia. And yes, Sora is welcome to come and play with Riku. I will be in the kitchen unpacking. You boys behave." She sounded nice and she smiled at me before letting go of Rinoa's hand and waving me inside. I bounced into the house, giggling as I waved at Riku again. Rinoa rattled off a few of he main rules... Don't break anything, be polite, no shouting, no running in the stairs, lift the toilet seat... etc etc. After telling her I'd do all those things, she gave Mrs. Moore one last smile before returning to our house. Riku's mom told us to go upstairs, repeating that she'd be in the kitchen. Once the grown ups were gone, I stuck my hand out at Riku.

"We're friends now, right?" I asked excitedly.

"Yeah! Come on, I got G.I Joe's for my birthday last week!" He shook my hand and then pulled me up the stairs to his room. "We can do battle against each other in my room!"

"G.I Joe's?" I shouted in amazement. "Woah! That's so cool!" He kicked the door to his room open, walking inside and plopping down on the floor so he could present me his toys. Stepping in hesitantly, I stared with open eyes around his room... "You have the best room ever!" I shouted, spinning around so I could take in everything he had. Not only did he have G.I Joe's, but he also had his own Playstation and television and he had hundreds of board games and a train on tracks and! "WOW! That must be millions of race cars!"

"It's because when my dad goes on a trip, he brings me back one every time. He's gone a lot." Riku said and started dividing his toys into two piles. "You can have the tank cause mom says that the guest should always have first choice. And you're my best friend and that means you can play with whatever you want."

Taking the tank, I plopped down on the floor beside him, making tank noises as I rolled it across the floor, "Then when you come over to my place one day, I'll share my candy with you because you're my best friend too." Crashing the tank into his car, I made a noise of explosion, falling down on my belly, "Oh no! Mayday, mayday! Houston we've got a problem!" Sitting up, I gave him a serious look, "If you have sticks, I can spell out S.O.S with them and then you can use the helicopter and fly over it and see the cry for help and then save the day."

"We can use the Lincoln Logs! And then we can build the hospital that you get better in!" Bouncing up, he went to his closet and found a box, then dumped it in the middle of the floor. "Here you can do the S.O.S. part and I'll get ready to rescue you! Hurry, before the general comes and arrests you!"

Uh oh... "If you're my best friend then you won't make fun of me if I tell you that I don't know how to spell really, very fast at lighting speed." Taking the Lincoln Logs out of the box, I settled onto my stomach and frowned in deep concentration as I started putting the letters together.

"No! I wouldn't laugh at you! That wouldn't be polite at all. Here, I'll help you." Riku laid down next to me and handed me a new log after I placed each one in the right spot.

Riku - Ten years old

"Hello, my name is Riku Moore. It's nice to meet you all." I spoke clear and precise, just like my mom told me to do. If I was polite I would make lots of friends at my new school. It was okay though, because I already had a best friend. And I got to sit next to him in my class too! I didn't miss my old school at all. No, I had to wear a uniform at that school and the teachers were all very mean no matter how polite I was.

Sometimes, being polite like my mom told me to, was stupid. It didn't even work on those stupid teachers. But here, I liked my teacher already because she let me pick my playground buddy and I got to pick Sora. His hair was spiky again today, and it looked really cool. My mom wouldn't let me try out his spiky hair because she said mine was 'regal', which meant it looked like a king. She'd made me look up regal in the dictionary that she'd gotten me for Christmas. I liked playing with Sora because he didn't care if I didn't say please every time or thank you.

The class all said hello back to me, and then I got to go sit back down next to Sora. He giggled and bounced his leg against his desk making his pencil roll down it and onto the floor. I didn't laugh, but I smiled and bent down to get it for him. "Here." I whispered, not wanting the teacher to yell at us for talking in class.

He was about to say something, but a piece of paper was thrown against his head. Frowning, he bent down to pick it off the floor and smooth it out over his desk. He wrinkled his nose and then pushed the paper over to my desk. Looking down, I saw my name written underneath the name 'Kairi' and lots of hearts were drawn around it. Peeking at Sora, I saw him point over his shoulder, not looking very happy as he showed me which girl was Kairi.

Another piece of paper was thrown at Sora's head and this time it was a boy named Tidus that asked me if I wanted to play soccer with all the others boys during our lunch break. The third piece of paper was a boy named Wakka asking me if I wanted to play basketball. Everyone asked for me specifically, but never invited Sora.

I didn't like that at all. It wasn't very polite to throw things at Sora's head and then not invite him. Plus, I wanted to play with Sora some more anyways. He made the best battle and car noises. I'd wanted him to have a sleepover at my house, but we couldn't because of school. But I'd asked him to have a sleepover on Friday this week and Rinoa had said he could.

We were going to set up my tent and be stranded on a desert island. When Sora gave me the notes to answer them, I just shook my head and handed them back. Writing out my request on my notebook paper, I crinkled it up and instead of throwing it at Sora's head, I put it on the edge of his desk. It said, 'Do you want to play plane pilots at recess?" I hoped he would say yes.

"For me?" He asked in a whisper, surprised. I nodded and he smiled happily, smoothing the paper out so he could read it. When he was done, he nudged his shoulder into mine so he could nod his head vividly in agreement before pushing the piece of paper over to my desk. I smiled as a crooked 'YES!' was spelled out across the entire paper.

Riku - Twelve years old (about two years later)

I looked up from my Gameboy as Sora climbed through my window. Our tree was finally big enough to use as a secret ladder from his room to mine, and we'd tested it out last month to see if our parents had noticed. They didn't and so it was lots of fun to sneak out sometimes without them knowing. I'd tried to convince my mom to let me cut my hair like Sora's again this year, but she wouldn't let me, again.

My dad said I could, but mom said it wasn't polite to go behind her back and ask my dad when she'd already said no. There were still lots of rules to being polite. But I was getting better. Better than Sora, but I liked that he didn't make me have to be polite around him. "Hey Sora. Want to play my new Mario game?" He didn't have a Gameboy, but I didn't mind him playing mine. He was really good and could sometimes do the levels that I couldn't.

He shook his head, looking very serious which was unusual because Sora was always smiling and laughing and joking around. I mean, he could look serious from time to time of course, but it wasn't something he liked to do often. Sitting next to me on my bed, he sighed heavily.

"You know how I always complain that my sisters are annoying and make it their hobby to make my life a living hell?" I nodded, shutting off the Gameboy so I could give him my attention. He sighed again, "Well. Rinoa always says that boys need to be nice to girls and Tifa always says that boys have it so much easier than girls. Yuffie says women have to suffer for men and Selphie is slowly beginning to repeat what Tifa and Yuffie say."

He pursed his lips, sitting up so he could cross his legs, "I always thought they were exaggerating and just saying things because they like to poke me. But..." He wrinkled his nose. "You got sex ed today too, right?" I nodded again. It had been a bit uncomfortable... "Yeah," Sora said, "That lady who taught us about all that? She talked about periods and pregnancy a bit too and..." He pouted, "Now I'm obliged to feel bad for my sisters because, man, that stuff is tough. Which is unfair!"

We fell silent for a moment, remembering the torture that was Sex Ed. Sora cut in though, giggling. "When I rolled the condom down the banana? I had it almost all the way down and then it snapped and it shot up and..." He laughed, "Well, it was funny to see it bounce up and land in Kairi's hair."

I laughed too, and wished that we still had all our classes together. Middle school was hard and sometimes I didn't have a class with Sora. We had lunch together, so I was happy about that. "At least you got to use it on a banana. They ran out after lunch so I didn't get to try it." I grumbled a little annoyed that Sora got to try using a condom before me. "So, what did Kairi do to you when it got into her hair?"

He raised an eyebrow, "It was Kairi. She shrieked. Of course. She gave me that evil eye that she does." He giggled some more, clearly very happy with his stunt. "Oh!" He said, digging through his pocket, "They gave each one of us a condom at the end of class. You can borrow it and try it on a banana now if you want!"

"Okay! Thanks!" I jumped up and we went downstairs to see if my mom had bought any bananas this week. She wasn't here because she was at her book club. I'm not sure what they did at a book club, but it sounded boring to me. I was glad that Sora was going to let me try his condom out. "Oh good, my mom actually bought some this week. Are you sure you don't want to save this for when you get a girlfriend, Sora?" It was fun to tease him about having a girlfriend because he always seemed to know everything about girls. Probably because he had four sisters. I sure wish I had a sister or a brother. But my mom said I was enough for her and my dad.

"It's fine. Yuffie says girls only date guys that are two years older than them. We're twelve. I'm not going to have sex with a ten year old..." He grimaced and so did I, both shaking it off as we pushed that topic away and concentrated on the condom and the banana instead.

"Okay. I just unwrap it and then it is supposed to unroll over it?" I blushed a little as I fumbled the slippery condom from the package. "Is it supposed to be slippery like this?"

He blushed too then, "Ehm. Yeah... Apparently it helps with the, err..." He cleared his throat, shuffling his feet, "penetration..." he whispered at the table.

"I remember that part. Because that's how a girl can get pregnant." I blushed, but was proud that I remembered all the important parts. "You have an erection and then your semen makes her pregnant." The words were hard to remember, but my mom said that repeating stuff helps you remember it better. "I'm not really sure what semen is. Do you?"

Sora pressed his lips tightly together, blushing more furiously, "I suddenly feel very embarrassed about having listened so well during that class." It's not that Sora was a bad student, not at all... But he had these daydreaming moments that occurred quite often. He usually remembered only the outline to a class. Not definitions. "Well..." He looked at me, clearing his throat. "You know how when you go into the shower and you're alone and then you have those tingly feelings and then you have that erection thing you talked about earlier?" Oh dear... "And then you-" He cleared his throat again, "Use your hand to make the erection go away? And then..." He was so incredibly red right now. "That white stuff comes out? That's semen..."

I didn't say anything, I just nodded. I could feel my face getting red as he said it. "Okay, the condom is on the banana now. Is that the right way they did it in class?"

Sora tilted his head, pursing his lips at the now protected banana, "Yes, that looks about right."

"Do you do that thing in the shower a lot? I don't think I've ever done it." Did that mean that Sora was more grown up than me? We were the same height and the same age. But was he growing faster than me?

"I would say no..." He mumbled, wrinkling his nose at me as the blush returned to his cheeks, "But it's really, really, really awesome. And as your best friend, it is my duty to tell you that you are missing out. Don't forget to lock the door and that pressure feeling at the end is a good thing." His eyes were huge as he told me this, "It's not scary, you have to let it happen and then everything will be awesome." He gulped and then added, "Really, really, really awesome."

"Are you sure, Sora? If I have to lock the door, does that mean it's okay to do?" I didn't want my mom to yell at me for locking the bathroom door.

He nodded, "I promise. You know how when your dad brings back a new game? And then we play it over and over again because it's so awesome and we never tire of it? Well, it'll be kinda like that." Then he wrinkled his nose, "And you have to lock your door because... Well, you don't want your mom to walk in on you while you play with your..." Looking down, he pointed between my legs, "thing."

I nodded, finally understanding what he was saying. "Okay. I believe you, Sora. Thanks for letting me try out your condom. You wanna spend the night and we can play the new games my dad brought home? He said he's taking my mom out to dinner so we can make s'mores in the microwave while they're gone." Picking up the banana, I tossed it into the trash then covered it with some paper towels. I don't think my mom would like me wasting food like that, but I didn't want to eat it now.

Sora - Fourteen years old (about two years later)

Before Riku, I'd never been invited to a birthday party before. I actually hadn't done a lot of things before Riku came around. First G.I. Joe's then Mario, next was soccer and following was tree climbing. He'd also shown me camping in the backyard and although it felt like going against my nature, he was right when he said things became less complicated when I said please and thank you to my sisters.

He also let me ride a bike that wasn't pink and he always, always listened when I was talking, which my sisters didn't because they were always too busy talking themselves. Riku also showed everyone at our school that I wasn't some weird guy and although we weren't popular or anything like Tidus and Wakka were, we weren't at the bottom of the pyramid either. Not that I cared much about the school pyramid system, but it was definitely nice to not be seen as the annoying kid or the weird one or Selphie's little brother.

I hadn't been actually invited to this birthday party, but Riku said he wouldn't come to it if I wasn't allowed to come. Kairi was okay, she could be pretty nice but she liked to push my buttons. Riku said she did that because she had a secret crush on me. I didn't believe any of that. Kairi was popular. If she was going to have a crush on anyone? It would be Tidus. Not me.

Or maybe she had a crush on Riku since she ended up letting me come to her party because otherwise Riku wouldn't be there. Anyways... Rinoa had bought me a present for her. It was a pink hairband with a yellow star in the middle. Kairi liked to wear hairbands, I knew this so I'd told Rinoa to get Kairi that. Riku had gotten her a bracelet.

Presents properly wrapped with bows in hand, we stood in front of Kairi's house, waving at Tifa who'd dropped us off on her way to her own party. Her party was definitely nothing like the one we were going too. Rinoa didn't allow Tifa to give us the details, said we'd find out for ourselves one day.

Riku knocked on the door and I smiled at him a bit nervously. "What happens at birthday parties anyway?" I asked. He'd gotten a lot taller over the last year, his hair was growing out as well. He hated it, wanted to cut it shorter like mine but his mom wouldn't let him. I secretly liked that he wasn't allowed to cut it because I really sorta liked how it looked now. It was still that unusual color of silver and blue, which really made his eyes pop. Riku had nice eyes.

"You eat birthday cake and play games. Kairi will probably wanna play those girly couple games. Like spin the bottle. I heard that she wanted to play that game from Namine." He sounded a little bored about those kinds of games. The door opened, revealing Kairi who was dressed in a very pretty dress, her hair done up in a fancy way as she smiled at us.

"Hey guys! Glad you could come," Gesturing for us to come in, she pointed at the present, "Are these for me?" She exclaimed.

I frowned at her, "No. We bought empty boxes, wrapped them up and then thought it would be a fun idea to tease you with them." Kairi blinked, giving Riku a worried frown.

"He's kidding, Kairi. Here. Happy Birthday." He seemed eager to hand over the presents. She gave me an amused shake of the head, holding the presents against her chest.

"I don't understand your sense of humor, Sora." She confided before turning and making her way to the end of the hallway where music could be heard. Because she was right there, and I couldn't let that slide, I opened my mouth to tell her that of course she couldn't understand because she was lacking in that thing we called intelligence, but Riku placed his hand over my mouth, giving me a stern shake of the head.

Pulling away, I pouted, "Yes, okay. I'll behave."

"Good. This is Kairi's day, and we have to be polite." That was Riku. Always being polite. I liked it most of the time, but it was sure hard to tease people sometimes. He smiled when he was sure that I'd act good. Kicking off our shoes, we then walked through the hallway, following in Kairi's footsteps to enter a living room. The latest hits were playing and I could see Olette and Namine dancing in middle of the room that had been cleared from furniture. Tidus was fiddling with the stereo while Wakka was eating some snacks from the small table covered in bowls of chips and candy and sodas. Paine and Kairi were standing over at another table that contained all the presents, talking about something I couldn't hear because the music was too loud.

"Now what?" I shouted at Riku over the music.

"I don't know. The last party I was at had a freaking Disney princess cake. Just, don't leave me okay?" He looked worriedly around and pulled me over to the food. That seemed safe.

"Alright." I grumbled, "But only because they have-" Oh my god! "Chocolate covered nuts? Those are way expensive and so good..." I moaned, grabbing a handful of them.

"Alright! Listen up guests!" Kairi said, turning the volume of the music down. "It is time for me to reveal the theme of my party!" She announced, squealing excitedly. Namine and Olette seemed just as hyped up, Paine a bit less, but she was smiling... Which was rare. So girls were aware of the theme before the boys were? That seemed unfair. Then again, living with four sisters? Women always got their way.

Kairi started seating us all in a circle on the carpet in the middle of the floor and then had me frowning in confusion as she placed a magazine in the center, a bottle lying down on top of it.

"Riku? I feel the need to be worried? Is my gut right?" I whispered, thankfully having been able to sit down next to him.

"It's spin the bottle. I'm not sure if she thought of anything else, but I don't think you need to be worried. You get to kiss someone." Riku whispered back sounding unsure, but eager to see what was going to happen. Kissing? Okay, I guess that was alright. Kairi got our attention by clapping her hands together, laughing in a giddy manner.

"Spin the bottle!" She exclaimed, giving the girls behind her a sly look, "But not the regular kind. No. This spin the bottle will determine who's to be your boyfriend or girlfriend for the next three months! We girls couldn't decide over you boys, so we thought this would be the best way to decide who gets to be with who." Although very logical, what about our consent? I gave Riku a narrowed look, not too happy with this outcome. A girlfriend? Really? I didn't want to play nice with one for the next three months, it sounded like such a hassle.

He gave me a helpless look, guessing what I was thinking. "Come on, Sora. It won't be so bad, okay? Just try it." He whispered as Kairi was waiting for us all to quiet down again. Grumbling, I nodded since I promised him I would stick by his side throughout this entire party. He was my best friend and a promise was not something you broke when it concerned your best friend. Sighing, I looked at the four girls present, kinda hoping I would end up with Olette because she was the least annoying out of them all.

"Okay so, I'm going to spin the bottle now," Kairi said, placing her hand on the thing, "Whoever it points at, gets to start the game." She explained, making clear that her spinning it now would not determine who her boyfriend would become. Which turned out to be a good thing, because the stupid bottle pointed at me.

Riku grinned and nudged me. "Go for it, Sora." Although annoyed at first, I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit giddy as everyone started to cheer me on. Laughing, I reached for the bottle, and then spun it quickly, sitting back on my spot to watch it turn and turn and turn and... When it stopped, I blinked, snapping my head to the left so I could stare at Riku. Well that was... unexpected.

His eyes were wide and he just looked at me with a shocked look on his face. "Ummm, Kairi?" He asked, tearing his eyes away from mine finally. "Do I kiss Sora?"

I frowned as Tidus laughed loudly, calling us gay. That was rude... Kairi laughed, shaking her head, "No! No, no. I guess we didn't think it through. Okay, so, here's how we'll fix it. The boys stay in a circle and then the girls will step out, standing only in the circle to spin the bottle." She said happily, giggling at me and Riku, "No boy kissing. Anyway, so when a girl has found her boyfriend we kiss and then the boy steps out of the circle as well."

For some reason all of that had felt really awkward... The moment passed quickly though as the girls stepped out of the circle and started the new rules. Kairi went first, who landed on Tidus, Namine got to kiss Wakka and then Paine was the next one to spin the bottle. I wasn't sitting right next to Riku anymore, he was sitting opposite of me, meaning that if the bottle landed on the right side of the room? Her boyfriend would be me and if it landed on the left? It would be Riku. She looked nervous, glancing at Riku but not at me and that told me who she'd really like the bottle to fall on. I'd be upset, but I kind of didn't want to be her boyfriend either.

The bottle was spun and I watched it spin around and around, my breath was held and as it slowly spun past me and landed looking straight at Riku. He glanced up and me, then looked at Paine as she nervously stood in front of him waiting for him to stand and give her a kiss. My eyes were watching him carefully, seeing how he did it, because as of now, I was paired with Olette by default.

Riku was a few inches taller than Paine, and he didn't waste any time in grabbing her hand and leaning down to press his lips against hers. It happened so fast, I blinked and it was over. She grabbed his hand and pulled us away from the nonexistent circles to go and stand by the other couples.

Olette was standing beside the couples, staring at me expectantly and now it felt like this huge burning spotlight was placed right on me because I actually had to stand up, walk across the room and deliberately stand in front of her. I did it, because those were the rules and I'd told Riku I'd play the game, so... Olette was as tall as I was and she had a pretty smile.

She also looked really nervous and I realized that she may feel that spotlight a bit as well, so taking us both out of our misery, I quickly leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on her lips, registering that she was wearing lip gloss that tasted like strawberries in that split second before pulling back and letting her grip my hand. Kairi turned up the volume of the music again and Tidus seemed to be pretty pleased he'd gotten Kairi, moving her to the middle of the room to dance a slow dance with her. Shit... I couldn't do that.

"Riku." I squeaked, standing beside him again all the while holding Olette's hand because apparently she was my girlfriend now.

"Just copy me, okay? You'll be fine. You could always kiss her again or get her some punch." Riku whispered as Paine was looking at him expectantly and he pulled her out to the middle of the room near Kairi and Tidus. Not looking at Paine, Riku put both of her arms up to rest on his shoulders and he moved his hands down to grip her hips. Then they just turned in a circle, and Riku raised his eyebrows at me, asking me silently if I understood.

Okay, okay. I could do that. Pursing my lips, I looked at Olette, "Wanna do what they're doing?" She nodded her head, blushing a bit as she tugged me over to stand close to the other dancing couples. And like Riku had told me to do, I copied him, peeking out of the corner of my eye to make sure I was doing it right. Placing Olette's hands on my shoulders, I circled her waist.

She smiled brightly and then did something Paine hadn't done which confused me because now I didn't know what to do. She stepped close, her body lightly touching mine. Eyes wide, I wrinkled my nose, sending Riku a warning look over Olette's shoulder since the silly girl couldn't see anyway. Seeing my confusion and clearly worried about it, he pulled Paine closer mimicking Olette's distance from me. His arms then went a little further around her waist and rested there, Riku sent me a slightly alarmed look at this point.

I nodded subtly at him and then figured this was probably like a hug. A hug where you moved around in a circle and lasted longer than a couple of seconds. Giving Riku a reassuring smile, I lightly placed my chin on Olette's shoulder, wrapping my arms around the small of her back. As I would have expected in a hug, Olette's arms tightened a bit around my neck and stayed like that while I continued to step us into a small circle to the rhythm of the music.

Riku copied my pose and he sent me a grateful smile, clearly having reached his limits with the whole girlfriend knowledge thing. I sighed, giving him another smile because we'd totally pulled that off without anyone realizing. Man, the next three months were going to be tricky...

Riku - Fourteen years old (A month later)

"Sora! You there?" I was leaning out my window trying to see if Sora was on his bed laying down. He really needed to angle like I'd angled mine so we could see each other easier. I'd moved my room around so that he could easily see my desk with my computer on it, and then my bed against the back wall. Our tree was growing more this year and the leaves were also making it hard to see into my best friends room. I frowned as he didn't appear and figured he wasn't in his room. When I was about to turn away, Selphie appeared.

"Hey! I'll go get him for ya!" She announced, rushing off to go find my best friend. If it had been Yuffie? Maybe... Tifa and Rinoa? Definitely not. Selphie didn't care though, she climbed down her own window all the time. I knew because Sora and I had seen her do it plenty of times. It wasn't long until Sora appeared, apparently having just gotten out of the shower as his hair was wet and he was busy pulling a shirt over his head before grinning at me and starting to make his way across the tree carefully so he could climb into my room.

"Hey!" He said, "I'm so glad you're here! Ever since we got our girlfriends a month ago it feels like we got like... less time to hang out with each other."

"I know! Ugh, this is such a pain." I fell back dramatically on my bed, my hands covering my face. Paine was nice enough, but she was so needy all the time. She wanted me to walk her to every class, hold hands all the time and then she always wanted to kiss me. "Sora, do you like Olette?" Maybe if he didn't like her, we could switch or something. Olette seemed less pushy.

He flopped down beside me, shrugging, "She's nice, but... It's like she's made out of glue. She never, ever lets me go. Not even in class! She holds my hand in class, Riku. That was a real issue in history because I have the left desk and she got the right one and so she was holding onto my right hand and guess what?" He groaned, "I'm right handed!" I laughed a little and nudged him with my shoulder, missing my best friend still, even though he was right here. Olette was becoming annoying to me to because she wouldn't let Sora go. Paine wasn't as bad, but she was still demanding.

"Sora, why do we have girlfriends? Paine is normally nice, but she's kinda pushy when we aren't around anybody else. She says I have to walk to her to class and hold her hand the whole time."

He shrugged, "I guess it's just part of school or something. We have to have girlfriends because... it's normal?" He looked confused, "I don't know. But we agreed to that spin the bottle game and you know... Two more months and then we won't have to do all this anymore." He said, trying to be reassuring.

I gulped and felt my life begin to fade away. Two more months with Paine? "She keeps wanting to kiss me Sora. And I've kissed her like everyday or something." Okay, maybe not that much, but I didn't want Sora to think that I wasn't kissing my girlfriend. We were supposed to kiss them, weren't we? I rolled over and leaned up on my elbow looking at him. "How many times have you kissed Olette?"

"A hundred times. At least." He said firmly, nodding his head first before shaking it, "Okay, so that was a lie. Three times, including the kiss at the party. She wants me to kiss her, but she doesn't kiss me, so she expects me to do all the work. And when I don't kiss her because I don't feel like it? She gets upset and then... Well, it's annoying when girls are upset."

"And they seem to be upset all the time! Paine gets mad if I don't get her lunch for her. But how am I supposed to carry it? I already have my tray. And if I tell her that, she gets mad and then makes Kairi send me notes telling me to apologize." I buried my head in my pillow before pulling back and hitting Sora with it. "I'm going to blame you for this." Grinning, I hit him again.

He scoffed, "How is it my fault!" Then he laughed, pulling the pillow out of my hands so he could hit me back with it, "It's actually your fault because you said we had to participate in that stupid game!" Tackling him and grabbing my extra pillow, I got him once in the face before he threw me back on the bed. He was always faster than I was. Sora was my best friend still, even though we had annoying girlfriends for the next two months. Maybe we could ditch them this weekend and go camping in my backyard again?

"It was the polite thing to do! You know my mom would yell at us if we weren't nice to Kairi."

I ripped the pillow out of his hands and pushed him off the bed and onto my floor. Standing up, I put my hands up. "I win! I am king of the mountain! You are now my slave for the rest of the afternoon!" Pointing at the panting Sora, I sent him a demanding look. "I want a soda, Sora slave."

Grinning, he kicked his leg off the ground and then landed it against the side of my legs, effectively making me buckle over and fall down to the ground. Or like, on top of him.

He chuckled, trying to catch his breath, "You're heavy! Riku!"

His eyes were only a few inches away from mine, and I noticed how much nicer they were to look at than Paine's almost black ones. "Sora, you knocked me off the bed. And I still win."

The amusement faded a bit as he stared up at me with big, wide eyes. "Okay." He agreed. "You still win." I always won it seemed like. Except when they made us play spin the bottle last month and get girlfriends. I'd lost my best friend for almost a month and we'd only gotten to hang out for a couple of hours a week instead of everyday. Too bad they hadn't let us keep going when the game first started. Cause then Sora could be my girlfriend for three months and we'd get to spend all our time together just like best friends should.

"How come they didn't let us kiss when we played spin the bottle?" Really. Was it bad? Because Sora was my best friend forever and I didn't think it would be so bad to be stuck to him for three months.

He smiled nervously, trying to shrug but couldn't really as my being on top of him blocked him from doing that. "I don't know." He whispered, "But it would have made things a lot easier if it had been possible because then we'd be spending these three months together instead of with Paine and Olette."

Leaning up on my elbows, I made sure I wasn't crushing him. "I know. I don't want to spend three months with them. Maybe we should try kissing each other and see if it's better than kissing them? Let's pretend that they let us do it there instead of making us kiss them."

"Okay." He said softly, smiling. Propping up onto his elbows, there was practically no distance left between us and there was a little moment of hesitation that was filled with sound of our breathing only. I saw Sora close his eyes, his lips pushing outwards. Doing the same as him, we both closed the distance between us, our lips touching each others very lightly.

I noticed right away that he didn't taste like the stupid fruity chapstick that Paine liked to use. He was warm and I leaned down a little more, pressing against him harder, not afraid of hurting him or him hurting me. It was Sora, my best friend. My stomach felt different when I kissed him, not nervous or upset like when I kissed her. I pulled back and opened my eyes.

"How was that?" Did he like it as much as I did?

He blinked his eyes open, looking surprised, "Huh? Done? Oh. Okay." He licked his lips, smiling shyly, "That was... Different. In a good way."

"Oh. Did you want to do it longer? Because I can. I just did it fast to see if you liked it." I was just trying to be polite for Sora. Because I didn't want him to not like it. "But we can sit up so I'm not squishing you. And we can do it again. Please?" Not wanting him to think I was bad at it, I jumped up, and pulled him to his feet.

"I liked it." He quickly agreed, "Should I put my hands somewhere?" He asked uncertainly, standing close to me and looking down at his hands as he didn't seem to know where to put them.

"You can put them on my waist if you want. I was going to put mine around your shoulders. If that's okay?" Eager to try this again, I grabbed his hands and placed them there myself. Lifting both arms, I stared into his so blue eyes and licked my lips. It was okay to kiss Sora, he wasn't a girl so Paine wouldn't care.

He stepped closer, wrapping his arms around me properly so they weren't just resting there lightly. I saw him swallow nervously, smiling still as he quickly placed a peck on my lips, pulling back as he blushed and then tried again, closing his eyes this time before putting his mouth against mine and not moving away now.

Kissing Sora was still better than kissing Paine. It was better the second time because he pressed back against me, and his arms were holding me tight, just like mine were holding him. I moved my mouth a little and tilted my head to the side so I could breathe through my nose, making sure my lips didn't stop touching his. It was easier this way to make the kiss last longer. I heard him take a breath through his nose too, and when he exhaled it fluttered across my cheek. He pulled away after a couple of minutes, smiling up at me shyly. His arms were still wrapped around me and he wasn't moving away.

"Want to go get a soda and then try again?" He asked, sounding hopeful.

I didn't move my hands right away either. "Okay, but I'm still the king. So, you have to get me a soda, my Sora slave."

He gasped in mock shock, laughing as he darted out of my arms, grabbing the pillow so he could smack me with it. "If you want another kiss, then you better come down with me to get that soda."

"Fine! Race you!" I dodged under the pillow and ran for the door.

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