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Hayner- 2 Years Later

Grinning up at my boyfriend, enjoying how much time he always managed to devote to just pleasuring me, I bit back a moan only to have him suck harder on my length, informing me that after two years of my noises, he wasn't even a little tired of hearing them. Running my fingers through his soft blonde hair, I encouraged the bobbing of his head, grateful that the semester was finally over so we could just sit back and enjoy the summer and all the free time we would have together.

He had one more year of school now, while I had two. Amazingly, I'd passed all my classes even with him and his sexual appetite. Seriously, where did the guy get the fucking stamina? Living with him that first summer, I rarely saw the light of day. Not that I really minded and I moaned as his fingers started teasing my entrance. I was still pretty loose from last night, so he went straight in with two fingers, earning him a slight hiss of pain from me, which quickly turned into a moan as he stroked my prostate, knowing exactly where it was.

"Seifer...oh god..." Not bothering to hold back the volume now as he scissored his fingers at the same time he was sucking me.

Releasing me with a pop, he grinned that devil grin of his, "That's right hot stuff, say my name." Squeezing the head with his free hand, he didn't wait long to return his mouth on me, sucking hard while pressing against my prostate with three fingers now, over and over. His hand wrapped around my head earlier now sliding down to play with my balls.

Growling now as I could feel myself getting closer, I tugged on his hair. "Seifer, if you don't get to it, I'm gonna hold back completely." I'd had to do it before, and while it made sex extremely unappealing, it was always a good threat to use on him.

Moving up and away, his mouth gone and fingers slipping out of me, he propped his hands onto his hips, raising an eyebrow down at me. "Impatient much? My skills are to be savored..." Arrogant prick. Arms coming around my waist, he pulled me against him in a sitting position, smiling softly at me now, placing a kiss on my nose and cheek before pressing his lips to my mouth. "Hmmm... how I love you." He murmured, squeezing my butt with one hand while guiding the tip of his cock to my entrance without he other. "Work me, baby, you know I love it." He requested through a low moan as his head slipped inside of me.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I did as he asked, smiling against his mouth as I kissed him and complied gladly. Our sex was often like this, a play between fighting and loving. Not like Riku and Sora's...theirs was just a fucking sickeningly sweet thing one sees on the movies. Or at least what we heard of it. The one rule of the house when someone was doing it. If you can't handle the noise? Leave. And we'd opted not to leave a few times...yeah, it was full of I love you's and ugh...not thinking about it now.

Moving my lips to Seifer's neck, I sucked and bit as he growled out, loving that I could finally mark him again since school was out. Moving up and down on him, I gasped as he hit my prostate again, calling out his name as my orgasm was ripped out of me, feeling all kinds of satisfied.

"Hell, Hayner! Warn me when you're going for fast and furiou-" His arms tightened around me, his hips jerking up two more times before he let his head fall back, his face written with pure bliss as he came inside of me with a loudly exclaimed 'Fuuuuuuck'.

Chuckling breathlessly, I relaxed on him, not even caring that I'd come faster than I'd intended. He'd obviously had longer plans, but he started it. He knew a blowjob always made me more sensitive. "Your fault, old man. Fuck that felt good." Laying my head onto his sweaty shoulder, I closed my eyes and-

"My eyes are covered!" Sora's voice announced as he walked into our room, eyes indeed covered. "Ouch!" Was the next exclamation as he crashed into the closet beside the door.

Grabbing the blanket, I tried to cover us anyways and decided that the best move would be for me to at least stay on top of Seifer and hold him down so he wouldn't kill Sora. "Sora! What the FUCK! Get out! Did you not hear the moaning?" Throwing a pillow at his head, I growled at him.

He uncovered his eyes, glaring at us now, clearly not all that phased by seeing us all kinds of naked, sweaty and coming down from our orgasm high. "Did you not hear our order?" He reminded. "In five minutes we are loading the boxes into the truck. Five minutes, you horny fucking rabbits." Crossing his arms, he raised an eyebrow and starting tapping his foot impatiently. "Come on, get moving, we need your manly muscles."

I rolled my eyes. "God, Sora. Come on. You two were going at it all week, taunting us because your exams were earlier." Flipping him off over Seifer's shoulder, I moaned a little as Seifer was still inside me. "Get the fuck out, and we'll be down to help you move out in a minute."

"Now, you horny-" Seifer grabbed my hips, keeping us still but bouncing us up on the mattress nonetheless, pretty much giving Sora the illusion he'd started fucking me again. Which effectively cut Sora off. "Fine! I'm going!" Sora said, rushing out of the room and slamming the door shut behind him.

Chuckling, Seifer laid back on the mattress, grinning up at me as he propped his head onto his arms. "He's so easy." I nodded. In the two years of having Riku and Sora living with us, we'd sort of fallen into easy camaraderie with all four of us. It was sort of weird, as I hadn't had a lot of friends in high school, only hanging out with Seifer and his gang after school.

"I'm going to miss them." I mumbled out as I grabbed the wipes so we could clean ourselves up.

Seifer shrugged, taking the wipe I offered, "Apparently where they're headed, it's sunny. We can go crash the occasional weekend or break at their place." He mumbled out gruffly. That was Seifer saying, 'I'll miss them too'. "We better hurry, or else Riku will show up next, and it's not as fun with him as it is with Sora." He rolled his eyes. "'It's not the polite thing to do, Seifer'. That dude is so funky." Seifer took great pleasure in pushing Riku's buttons, see how far he could go before Riku's eye would either twitch, or he'd toss the 'not the polite thing to do' line out there. "At least he has decent taste in TV shows though. Your's and Sora's just blows."

Punching his shoulder, not lightly, I groaned and got out of bed searching for my pants. "Bite me." Grabbing them out from behind my dresser, I still don't understand how Seifer gets them back there, I quickly dressed and figured I'd shower after the move.

Destiny Islands. Those fuckers. Apparently Riku had been offered a really good job already from a branch of his dad's consulting business and they'd pay for the rest of his schooling as he finished up. Sora, spunky spitfire Sora, was going into social services. Helping foster children and all that. I'd seen how passionate he got about things...poor Riku was a perfect example. "Come on, old man!" I shouted, seeing Seifer just lounging back on the bed. Throwing his pants, conveniently laying on the end of the bed, into his face, I tapped my foot waiting.

Sighing heavily, he slowly got up, starting to put on his pants at a leisurely pace. "I have no idea why I haven't beaten the crap out of you yet for making that nickname stick." He mumbled curiously.

I snorted, feeling safe to open the door now. "Cause then who would you fuck? Hurry up!" Slamming it behind me, knowing that I was gonna get it when he caught up with me, I quickly ran down the stairs. "Sora! Riku! I'm here, let's get this the fuck over with!"

They both looked up, previously chatting about something, each holding on to their own box. Sora gave me a satisfied nod at my presence, while Riku just raised an eyebrow in my direction, very nearly scolding me for having sex at an inappropriate time. Before either could speak, Seifer marched into the room with an overwhelming presence as I could feel the massive glare he was sending at the back of my head.

"You!" A pause. "Argh, whatever, I can't even come up with a good come back." Seifer said in his laziest tone of voice available, pinching my ass as he passed by me to pick up one of the boxes.

"That Reyaa person who RP's me wants me to say something now that'll close off the story nicely, but she's drawing up a blank." Sora muttered.

"It's because the Alice person who RP's me told HER to do it because she totally fails at the end line. Now just ignore them as they are both just grasping for straws with this little stunt." Riku bit out, heading outside throwing a, "That's the end folks," over his shoulder.

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