The scene is Melinda sitting on the couch talking to Jim on the phone splits to Jim at the hospital on a pay phone

Melinda smiles at the phone "Have a good night tonight"

Jim looks around the hospital as he continues as he leans against the wall and closes his eyes "I really just want to come home and go to sleep these double shifts are killing me"

Melinda smiles into the phone "Maybe you can lay down for a little while"

Jim continues to lean against the wall as he rubs his eye "I dought it I don't think they've ever heard of sleep around here well I've got to go duty calls"

Melinda starts to say something when Aiden runs in "Mama there's a boy in my room"

Melinda looks at him "its ok baby wants to say goodnight to daddy"

Aiden looks at her "Yea" Melinda hands him the phone "Goodnight Daddy I love you"

Jim smiles into the phone "love you too buddy nite nite"

Aiden then hands the phone back to Melinda as he runs out of the room Melinda puts the receiver back up to her ear "Do we have the best kid or what?"

Jim smiles into the receiver "We do well I have to go talk to you later it's going to be a long night"

Melinda smiles "Hang in there I'll see you tomorrow"

Jim looks around "I love you"

Melinda smiles "I love you too" she then hangs up the phone and looks at Aiden who has come back to the doorway "He's back"

Aiden looks at her "Yea"

Melinda looks at him "Daddy's got to work night shift again tonight why don't you sleep in our bed and maybe we can talk this little boy into going into the light"

Aiden looks at her "Ok mom"

The scene changes to later that night Melinda is asleep Aiden is laying across her stomach all of a sudden a boy comes to the edge of the bed "Aiden"

Aiden wakes up and looks at him "Sam you're back"

The little boy looks at him "Yea can you help me"

Aiden looks at him "Sam my mom wants to help you too"

The little boy looks at him "She can see me"

Aiden looks at him "She can see spirit's too"

The little boy looks at him "Well ok"

Aiden sits up and looks at Melinda "Mommy, Mom"

Melinda rolls over and looks at him "What's wrong Baby you ok?"

Aiden looks at her "he's back he's beside the bed"

Melinda rolls over and sees the little boy "Hey there"

The little boy looks at her "You have to help me I have to find my mom" he then disappears without another word

Melinda looks at Aiden and then back at the spot where the boy was

The scene changes to the next morning Melinda carry's Aiden through the doors of Rockland Medical Center

Melinda puts Aiden down and looks at him "Hey listen baby I have to go meet Aunt Delia and Ned is busy with school work and Uncle Eli has classes all morning so you're going to hang around here until Daddy gets off his shift and then he's going to take you home"

Aiden looks at her "ok"

As they walk over to the nurses' station on the floor Jim works on an older black lady comes out from behind the nurses' desk and walks over bends down and gives Aiden a hug "Hey little angle"

Aiden looks at her "Hey "

Melinda smiles at the women as she stands back up "Hey Margret"

Margret looks at her and then gives her a hug "Hey Melinda"

Melinda looks at her "I've heard you've had some pretty big news lately"

Margret walks behind the desk and grabs a picture and brings it over to Melinda and hands it to her "My third grandbaby"

Melinda looks at it and holds it down for Aiden to see "he is so cute" she looks at Aiden "I remember when you where that small" she kisses Aiden on the head she then looks back at Margret "Have you seen Jim?"

Margret smiles at her "Not since an hour ago he tried to sneak a nap under the nurses' desk"

Melinda looks at her "he has been working so hard lately"

Just then another doctor older then Jim comes down the hallway and over to where Margret, Melinda and Aiden "Hey Mrs. Melinda"

Melinda smiles at him "Hey Dr. Canning"

He bends down to Aiden "I think I might have something for you champ" he reach's behind his ear and pulls out a sucker and hands it to Aiden

Aiden looks at him "Cool thanks"

Melinda looks at him "Do you know where Jim is?"

Dr. Canning looks at her "Making his rounds I can take Aiden if you need to go though"

Melinda looks at him as he bends down to Aiden "Let's go find your dad" Aiden jumps on his back as they take off down the hallway Jim comes out of a room and comes up the opposite side of the hall and pulls Aiden into his arms "give me my kid"

Dr. Canning looks at him "ah come on your no fun"

Aiden looks up at Jim "Hey Dad"

Jim looks at him "Hey Buddy"

He walks up to Melinda and gives her a kiss "hey sweetheart"

Melinda hugs him being careful of Aiden then pulls back "I have to go there's food in the fridge you need to feed him lunch and make sure he takes a nap"

Jim kisses her on the cheek "got it have fun"

Melinda smiles at him "Thanks" she bends down and kisses Aiden "bye baby" she then stands back up and walks out

The scene changes to the kitchen at the house Jim walks over to where Aiden is finishing eating "Your lunch good"

Aiden looks at him "Yea Dad"

Jim looks at him "How about we take that nap your mom was talking about?"

Aiden looks at him "But I'm not tired"

Jim looks at him "Well Daddy's been working all night daddy is very tired how about we try come on" Aiden jumps down of the bar stole "We'll go in the living room and turn on some cartoons" Jim turns on the TV as he lays down on the couch "Daddy will even lay down with you for a minute" he pulls Aiden up on the couch with him Jim slowly closes his eyes Aiden looks up at him and then slips quietly of the couch

The changes to later Melinda and Delia are walking down the street all of a sudden Melinda sees a women pop up "Help me I have to find my son" Melinda keeps looking in the direction

Delia looks at her "Ghost"

Melinda looks at her "Yea Ghost"