The scene changes to later that night Eli is on the couch asleep he hears something in the kitchen he sits up some and notices Aiden is not in the living room he gets up and walks into the kitchen "Aiden is that you?" he walks into the kitchen and sees Aiden standing in the kitchen talking but no one's there Eli walks up behind him "Buddy who you talking too?"

Aiden looks up at him "I'm talking to Sam"

The scene changes to Melinda and Eli in the kitchen it's still dark outside they are looking at the computer screen Eli drinks some coffee as he leans over "did you find anything?"

Melinda looks at him "I've looked through all the little boys that have previously died and none of their names are Sam"

Eli looks at her "Didn't you say a woman had been haunting you"

Melinda looks at him "Yea she keeps saying I have to help her son"

Eli looks at her "Wait did Aiden say what Sam wants?"

Melinda looks at him "I remember now Sam said I have to find his mom"

Eli looks at her as he grabs the computer "hold on a minute" he types something into the search bar and then clicks enter "maybe we should have been looking for mother and son instead of them separate"

Melinda looks at him "But how do we know they're both dead"

Eli looks at her "We don't but look here" he turns the computer towards Melinda

Melinda looks at an obituary a women is holding a little boy in her arms "last night a mother and child where killed when a car hit them in a head on crash the boy was killed instantly and the mother was transported to Rockland Memorial where she later died that's the woman that has been appearing to me this was about a month ago"

Eli looks at her "But it doesn't list a son's name how do we know it's Sam"

Melinda looks at him "It said Rockland Memorial right"

Eli looks at her "Yea why?"

Melinda looks at him "Hold on I have an idea"

She runs upstairs and into their bedroom where Jim is asleep she walks over and rubs his hair and bends over "Jim honey" she continues to rub his hair

Jim responds with his eyes still closed "Huh"

Melinda rubs his hair again "I'm sorry to wake you up during your first real night sleep but Eli and I need you for something"

Jim sits up on the side of the bed and pulls on a shirt as he gets up "its ok I'm used to not sleeping at night"

The scene changes to Jim looking at the computer "Yea the boy was killed at the exact moment and the mother died from sever spinal and head injuries at the hospital she died about an hour after she arrived at the hospital"

Eli looks at him "Do you remember the names?"

Jim looks at him "Well I don't exactly remember the mothers name but she kept calling out for Sam I assumed it was her boy and she didn't know he was dead"

Melinda and Eli looked at each other the Melinda looks at Jim "You can back to sleep now if you want"

Jim looks at them as he gets up "Thank you goodnight" he walks back up the stairs

Eli looks at Melinda "I think we've found our ghost"