Yeah, I know; I seem to come up with new plans on each update. But..I really just couldn't help myself with this. I just had to make a Sweeney Todd fanfiction! I'll continue with "Said and Done" though right up next, I promise. I already have the first and second chapters for this typed up, so if people like this story, I'll post the next two. A thing or two you need to know about this though:

Apart from the prologue here, this story takes place after Sweeney kills Mrs. Lovett. So, she's not alive in this story (doesn't mean I can't still make her appear..). So, don't not read because of that. I wouldn't fully leave her out anyway! She does take a part in the story, as I'm currently planning it, anyway...

Also, yes, it takes place after the movie (you probably already knew that), except Toby doesn't kill Sweeney. Like, he is just as mad, except his good and innocent personality still stayed pretty in-tact. So...*breathes*'s the prologue. I talk too much.


Night sent darker-than-usual shadows into the pie shop, it being empty of activity and closed for the day. Within the parlor, the cannibalistic baker known to many as Mrs. Lovett had passed out on a recliner next to the fireplace after an exhausting day, an opened book resting on her lap. She had sent Toby to bed only a little while ago without a worry, and Mr. Todd retreated back into his shop after a brief and snappy argument about the boy. It was a rather brutal disagreement, and Mrs. Lovett hadn't expected to get to sleep after what happened; Toby had almost discovered the secret, the secret that, if found out about, would send both the barber and the baker into execution without a second thought. Though she knew Toby wouldn't run straight to the law, Nellie still didn't want the boy to know of anything about the terrible things that she somehow felt she was forced to do. His view on her would change forever...

Nonetheless, the day had passed and not a soul was informed of this. That was enough for the least for now.

She had fallen asleep peacefully.

Little did she know that Toby hadn't stayed in bed, and that her two favorite boys were upstairs, wide awake, and at it yet again...

"This is the last straw, boy."

Sweeney had Toby pinned against the wall of his tonsorial parlor, using only one hand to hold him down by the chest while using the other to press one of his precious razors to the boy's throat.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry, sir, it-it w-won'-"

"Enough of your stuttering," Sweeney growled rather irritably, already cutting him off and pressing the blade closer. "Why'd you come here? It's not like you visit every day unless you have to."

Toby tried his best to blink the fear out of his eyes, not to mention developing tears. "Well...well..M-Mum always says to face our fears if they're eatin' us alive." He shyly glanced down as far as he could before the barber's hand abrubtly stopped his head from moving down any further. He no longer wanted to stare into the demon's gaze. It was simply too frightening.

Sweeney narrowed his cold, dark eyes at the feel of the boy's rapid heartbeat under his hand. He let out a contemptuous grunt before moving away, pulling the razor with him. Toby glanced back up in surprise. Maybe if the barber knew how much he was frightening the young boy, he'd stop being...well, of course, that'd stop him from being himself. Toby seriously doubted it though, and he watched fearfully as Sweeney turned his back on him and walked back over to the window, razor still in hand. Toby was too afraid to move, not entirely sure whether or not this was his que to leave. The barber did perfer to be alone at the best of times, after all...

But Sweeney didn't mutter the usual 'get out', the command that would normally rise in tone if the reciever of the message didn't do as he said. He merely gazed out the window with an unreadable expression on his face.

Toby tilted his head in confusion; 'E just pressed a razor to my neck, and now 'e's just gonna ignore me an' pretend like nothin' 'appened?

"You fear me." Sweeney said suddenly, catching Toby off-guard. He didn't word it exactly like a question. It was more like a statement. But Toby could picture the faint question-mark at the end, only slightly. The barber obviously didn't want to give away the fact that he was asking out of curiosity, and for no reason that would really effectively benefit him.

Toby shrugged awkwardly, finding it difficult to find the right words. "I..I'd be lying if I said you didn't, sir." He glanced up uneasily, adding out of haste, "I think you might scare Mum a bit too, sometimes."

Sweeney remained silent, almost acting as though Toby hadn't spoken. He murmured quietly after a while, "Don' waste your petty fears and worries on me." without even turning around.

"W-what?" Toby blinked, not believing his ears for a moment.

"You heard me." Sweeney growled, turning back around finally to continue onward with a icy glare. Toby took another fearful step back. How could he worry about being murdered by anyone else but Sweeney Todd? Did the barber honestly stop to take a look at himself every now and then?

What could'ave possibly driven 'im to this?

Toby had wondered this from the very moment Sweeney seemed suspicious..and rather deadly. It was going to take courage to word this question aloud. Though it was something the boy was planning on doing tonight, he couldn't find himself doing it now.

Not now.

Especially not when Sweeney advanced on him again. Toby let out a high-pitched squeak of fear and quickly bolted for the door, but the demon barber stopped him in his tracks by grabbing him by the back of the collar on his shirt without much of an effort at all. Before Toby could scream, Sweeney shoved him against the wall again, hissing the words, "Shut up." through gritted teeth.

"P-please, sir, jus'-jus' let me go...I-I p-promise I won' tell Mum you-"

"What would Mrs. Lovett do to me?" Sweeney sneered.

As scared as Toby was, he was surprised to find that Mr. Todd wasn't holding the razor up this time. It was down at his side. Though he was still only using one hand to keep Toby in place.

"W-why..why do you..." Toby tried hard to get the words out, but it was far too difficult.

"What?" Came the harsh reply.

"...why do you...act like you want to...kill...?" It felt weird coming off his tongue.

Sweeney straightened a bit at this question, eyeing the young boy in confusion. He was at loss for words for a moment; how in the world did he answer that? This boy had no business asking such a personal question. But then again...Toby wouldn't know it was a personal question. He wasn't at much of an age to act that considerate yet anyway.

I don't need him to be considerate. Sweeney reminded himself bitterly. What do I care?

"All you need to know is one really deserves to live in the end anyway." He muttered, pushing away from the wall without much thought of Toby anymore. The boy let out another small whimper of pain as Sweeney made his way across the room to stand at the window once more with his hands behind his back.

Was that...sadness in his voice?

"Get out."

Toby was expecting that command, and he certainly didn't need to be told twice. Fleetingly, he raced for the door and quickly vanished into the dark night to run down the stairs in a frantic manner.

"All you need to know is one really deserves to live in the end anyway."

Mr. Todd's voice rung in Toby's head for the rest of that night. What did the barber mean by that? Did he actually kill people to prove that point? Toby certainly hoped not. He and Mrs. Lovett would be in big trouble if that were true.

For some reason, however, Toby didn't want to share this with his adoptive mother. He was afraid it might scare her, as much as it did him.

So, this was a night Eleanor Lovett never heard of.

Tell me what you think! Though this gives nothing away from the actual plot, this is sort of Toby and Sweeney learning something off each other. Showing that they'd be capable of a somewhat calm conversation without the suspicious/contemptuous glares.

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