A Sookie/Eric/Godric fic.


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I don't know how many chapters this will be ... most likely 5 or under, but I won't rule out a longer fic. We'll see how it goes. I rarely plan out my stories, I just let them flow.

Also, for the purposes of this story, silver would likely have been as fatal as Eric made it seem ... I can't really believe that it would just push itself out, when a thin little silver chain could cause a vampire's skin to burn and melt away. As much as I love how devious and sneaky Eric was being, I could see those pieces of silver - especially with where they'd been placed - posing an issue for Eric's healing abilities.

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For what felt like an eternity, I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move, I couldn't scream or cry or moan or huff ... nothing. I hoped I wasn't dead. There was a persistent ringing in my ears, and my entire body was numb with either shock, or pain ... I couldn't honestly tell which. Just as I was beginning to wonder if I were trapped in some sort of limbo, a weight above me shifted, and my lungs greedily sucked in air of their own accord.

It was chaos ... pure and utter chaos.

A Fellowship of the Sun lackey had detonated a silver-encased bomb inside Godric's nest, killing an unidentifiable number of souls; human and vampire.

My mind raced, trying desperately to figure out how in the name of holy hell I had survived. A voice above me answered my unspoken question. "Are you alright, my child?" It was Godric ... no one else could speak so clearly and evenly in such a tense and frightening situation. I wasn't his child, that was for sure, so he could only have been talking to one person.


"Silver ... hit ..."

Those were the only words I could make out from the gigantic Viking on top of me.

"I attempted to cover you, my child, but I was further away than you needed," Godric told Eric.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe, and I tried to wiggle my way out from underneath the dog-pile I'd wound up under.

"I believe our combined weight is doing damage to the human," Godric observed from above me.

Not even a second later, I felt both of their weight lifted off of me. I coughed at the crushing feeling in my chest, and then inhaled as much oxygen as I could. Several times. My body throbbed, my head was hurt and spinning, and there was blood on me. I didn't think any of it was mine, but I honestly didn't know. "What happened?" I asked when I finally found my voice, pulling myself up into a sitting position.

There was blood everywhere. Pieces of exploded vampire bits were sliding off the once spectacular walls, vampires and humans alike were screaming and limping through the smokey area, and other bodies weren't moving at all. Those were the human ones.

I heard my name being called, and suddenly Bill was there.

"Sookie!" he cried out, worry filling his eyes.

"She is unharmed," Godric explained in an ever-calm voice. "Eric covered her. I attempted to cover him. She is disoriented, but uninjured."

Bill looked to me for confirmation, and I could only nod.

A silent part of me wondered why Eric hadn't bragged about shielding me from the explosion, and I searched the ground for wherever Godric had moved him.

Eric was sprawled on the ground beside his maker, looking at a spot over Bill's shoulder. "Get the humans," he managed to choke out.

I was confused briefly, until I followed his gaze. The humans ... the rest of the "soldiers" who'd attacked the nest. They were getting away.

Bill ran off immediately, his bloodlust fueling his need for vengeance.

Though Godric warned me to stay still, I pushed my weak body off of the floor, looking all around me. "Jason!" I shouted out, worry and fear for my brother's well-being evident in my shaky voice. "Jason!"

A blond head popped up behind a hole in one wall, and then the sometimes-bane-of-my-existence lumbered his way out, sticking up two blood-covered thumbs to let me know he was okay.

I sighed in relief. Thank goodness! With my brother's fate confirmed, I turned my head back to the two vampires who had undoubtedly saved my life. Godric, first, in the basement of the church ... now Eric, in Godric's home.

Eric, who was still lying unfavorably still; Eric, who was still bleeding.

"What's wrong?" I asked, my eyes flickering Eric and Godric.

"Silver in the wounds," Godric explained.

"Well, why doesn't he heal already?" I huffed with impatience, and just a light trace of worry. The guy had saved my life, after all. I could be a little compassionate.

"The silver is preventing him from recovering from the wounds," Godric explained. "If it remains in his system, the silver will work its way into his major organs, and he will bleed out and die."

I almost hated how relaxed and even he sounded about the whole thing, until I looked into his eyes. They were filled with fire and anger.

"Suck it ... out," Eric moaned in a weak whisper.

I looked expectantly at Godric, waiting for him to respond to his "child's" request.

Godric simply shook his head. "I cannot. The silver affects me as well." His eyes fell onto me. "He needs you."

I winced. "Isn't there ... really?"

"You have proven yourself brave and courageous in the face of terrible dangers," Godric reminded me. "Surely this task is not unreasonable?"

I thought about refusing, but I knew that I couldn't just sit there and let Eric bleed out in front of me. Even if his maker weren't laying on an incredibly thick guilt trip, I wasn't sadistic. With a sigh, and what I hoped was a look of grim determination, I moved my aching body closer to Eric's. I set my eyes on the first wound - his neck. A piece of silver shrapnel - a silver bullet, no doubt - had imbedded itself in the artery there. I wasted no further time stalling and feeling squeamish. Every second counted. It was a miracle he had survived at all, if the goop-coated walls were anything to go by.

Just get it over with!

The moment my lips settled over the wound, I felt a change in Eric. His body tensed, and while at first it seemed as a response to pain, the rumble that shook through his chest swiftly assured me otherwise. I was, after all, sucking on the neck of the obscenely gorgeous vampire who wanted nothing more than to bed me - repeatedly. He may be near-death, but he was still enjoying this.

Forcing the thought out of my mind, I focused on drawing the blood into my mouth, hoping with every swallow that the next one would have the piece of silver in it.

A moment passed, and then I finally felt it released from his neck, and slide into my waiting mouth. I sat up immediately, spitting out the silver, and the remaining blood in my mouth. "There!" I announced triumphantly. "I got it!"

"The ... other one," Eric mumbled, and I almost sagged in defeat.

"You gotta be kidding me!"

He wasn't.

I took a quick glance over his body for the second wound, and I easily spotted the one he meant. In his chest, high on his right - my left - pectoral muscle, was a small hole that was still leaking blood. From the looks of it, this one would be much deeper. I pushed aside what little inner conflict remained, leaning over his sturdy - beyond sturdy - body, and latching my lips around the small, but effective wound.

The tremor that ran through Eric's body this time was unmistakable. He was definitely enjoying this. Masochistic little ... what, does he get off on pain? I decided to test my theory. My right hand was holding onto the uninjured side of his chest to hold me up, and with my nails, I dug into him a little.

Eric moaned beneath me, and I swear, if I could see his face, there would be a wicked grin plastered all over it.

"You play dirty," he commented, even as the blood continued to pour into my mouth.

I was so consumed with my task, and the fact that he was literally putty in my hands, that I didn't mind the comment one bit. It was nice to be the one on top - metaphorically and literally - for once. Just as I felt the silver debris in his chest begin to give way, I heard a voice behind me.

"What are you doing?"

It was Bill.

I sucked the silver into my mouth, unwittingly swallowing a little more of Eric's ancient blood. As I turned to Bill, I spat the silver bit out of my mouth. "I sucked silver out of Eric's chest, and saved his life," I explained, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Glancing back at Eric, I saw that he had one hand tucked under his head - an almost relaxed gesture - and a cocky grin on his face. "She was superb."


Bill was not happy. Oh, he was not happy at all. He couldn't deny what Godric had stated - Eric would have died if someone hadn't sucked the silver out for him. That fact, however, didn't stop him from being angry that I was the one who'd done it for him. He managed to reign in his anger while we were in mixed company, but as soon as we returned to the hotel, and were safe in the confines of our room, he let it all out.

"You don't know what this means, Sookie," Bill told me. "What drinking his blood will mean for you."

I rolled my eyes with a sigh. I'd hoped to get a little rest before listening to him rant about Eric. I was feeling a little buzzed from drinking his blood, and wanted to lie down for a bit. "I haven't forgotten; heightened senses, healing, increased libido ... nothing new."

Bill looked down at the floor. "That's not all ... with Eric's blood coursing through your veins, having tasted him ... he'll be able to sense you now. Where you are, your emotions. And there will be attraction, as well ... he's forced you to feel a sexual attraction for him!" Bill spat the words with spite and vengeance.

I was about to assure him that it didn't matter, that I wasn't going to jump in the sack with another man just 'cause I'd drank some of his blood, but then I stopped. I thought. I remembered. "Why didn't you tell me that your blood would do that to me?" The question was asked silently, as though I were afraid of the answer. Maybe I was.

Bill stared at me, and for half a second, he looked akin to a lonely deer trapped in the headlight's evil glare. The look quickly vanished from his face, and was replaced with what I used to think was a passive, reassuring gaze.

"With us, the attraction was already there," he began. "My blood didn't change - "

"Don't you lie to me, Bill Compton!" I cut him off.

"Sookie, wait, I -"

I shook my head. I couldn't believe this ... it was too much. "The Rattrays ... that night. You were late to meet me outside the bar. Not by much, but you were late. Why were you late, Bill?" I suddenly felt sick. Violated. I didn't want to believe it, but suddenly all these little things were clicking into place.

The clench in his jaw did nothing to reassure me of his motives.

"Why were you late, Bill?" I demanded to know, spite trickling its way into my voice.

"Sookie, you don't really think -"

I stepped towards him in our hotel room, challenging his gaze. "What am I supposed to think? I have never met a vampire who was late for anything, but the second night I see you, you just so happen to be running behind when I'm being beaten to within an inch of my life, thereby needing your blood to save me?" I couldn't believe I'd never put that together before. Unbelievable. I was so naive ... so stupid.

"Sookie, please," Bill tried, taking a step towards me and reaching his hands out.

"No." I shook my head, stepping away. "No, don't you touch me. I can't even look at you right now." I needed air, I needed to think. "I'll spend the night with Jason." I turned to leave the room, hearing his feet shuffle against the carpeted floor. "If you know what is good for you, you will not even attempt to follow me!" With that, I stalked madly out of the room, my mind reeling and my blood boiling.


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