Of My Own Free Will

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Copyright: I don't own squat. The characters all belong to Dreamworks.

Pairing: Sinbad and Proteus

Rating: PG but it may evolve into PG 13, we'll see...

Background: sequel to the movie, immediately after the canonical ending, told entirely from Proteus' perspective

Chapter 1 The Familiar Place

After a busy afternoon of convening with the Privy Council and Father regarding Corinth's request for military aid, I had planned to visit the navy general regarding our defense in the 3 northern states. As I walked down the marble aisle past the grand palace balcony to the main chamber, I couldn't help but notice a familiar sight - the city gilt with a golden hue by the setting sun over the horizon - where the ocean met the sky. General Sophocleus won't be here for a short while, I thought, as I walked out onto the balcony and looked out to the ocean.

"With the return of the Book of Peace, Syracuse and the Twelve Cities once again enjoy divine protection and prosperity. And Father's lifelong dream is at long last realized."

Ever since Marina's departure from Syracuse, I find myself musing over my own future more than that of Syracuse...

"All my life, as the Prince and Heir Apparent, I have fulfilled my duty to my homeland and Father, of course. My path was set from the very beginning - one day I shall be King and protector of my people and this beautiful land.

"What of Marina? She is the love of my... no, was the love of my life. She yearns for the high seas more than anything else. More than what I can ever offer her. Or perhaps, was it Sinbad or the sea that she truly desired? Or perhaps both?"

"Heh," I chuckled lightly at the thought of Sinbad - my best friend who ran away with the former love of my life. "I suppose it's better that she runs away with my Sinbad than someone else... hah, 'my Sinbad', huh?" The ten long days I spent in jail in substitution of Sinbad gave me a new habit - ruminating and often finding surprises in my deepest thoughts. "I suppose there was a time when he was mine-"

"Your Highness, the general is ready at the main chamber, awaiting for your presence." As I brought myself back to reality, the shadows of the night had cast over the residential district in the distance. I turned around and walked into the main chamber.

Little did I know what I was about to hear from general Sophocleus was completely beyond the control of the Book of Peace and about to throw me into a new chapter of my life.