Andre's Girl

Chapter 1: The First Meeting

A/N: Okay so my best friend Dreama wrote me a Victorious fic because I was sick, and I loved it to pieces, and It made me want to write my own. Dreama and I own ourselves, and we both own Gina. This contains femmeslash, though it isn't explicit or anything.

Summary: Andre begins dating a new student at Hollywood Arts, but when the gang discovers her dark secret, they struggle to keep it from him. Andre/OC, Beck/Dreama, Jade/Nikki, Cat/Robbie


It was springtime in Hollywood, California, a comfortable 79 degrees, and the students of Hollywood Arts were buzzing around the Asphalt Cafe excitedly. Some students were singing, some were practicing their instruments, some were memorizing lines.

One table seemed content to just eat and socialize. Andre Harris sighed as he sat down at the table with his friends. Dreama was leaning against Beck's shoulder as he showed her a game he had downloaded to his phone, while Cat and Robbie scolded Rex for his continuous rude remarks toward Robbie, and Nikki had agreed to be Jade's test subject for a container of fake blood she'd purchased from a shady new store that had opened up on Hollywood Boulevard.

Andre slanted an eyebrow at them.

"Nikki, you look gross," He commented, cringing as fake blood dripped down her cheeks from her eyes, and onto the table into her sandwich.

"I think she looks adorable," Jade said distractedly, as she continued to apply the syrupy substance to her girlfriend's face.

"But you would," Dreama said with a giggle.

"I haven't seen Tori today, where is she?" Andre asked of the group, as he opened his small bag of Cheetos.

"No one cares," Nikki and Jade said in unison.

"She's out sick," Cat spoke up, biting into a carrot stick.

"Oh great, the only other single person isn't here today," Andre sighed.

"Are we bothering you?" Dreama asked, trying not to cuddle with Beck, though finding it difficult.

"You'd think your ketchup would be enough. You can't have it all Andre," Jade muttered, still preoccupied.

"Ha ha. Just you guys are all happy and lovey-dovey all the time," he replied.

"So, you don't want us to be happy?" Robbie asked, his arm linked with Cat's.

"No it's not that, I just—" Andre tried to correct himself.

"Don't sweat it, Andre. You and me are in the same boat. Looking for love in this crazy jungle we call the world," Robbie's puppet, Rex spoke up and said, extending his wooden hand to slap Andre's. Andre just rolled his eyes and ignored him.

He tried to ignore everyone at the table, focusing on one in the distance, at which a girl sat by her lonesome. Andre couldn't remember seeing the girl before today, because he knew he'd have remember a face like hers.

Heart-shaped and adorned with piercing green eyes and framed by the most beautiful light brown hair he had ever seen. Her glossy pink lips were parted as she nibbled on a cherry, before looking fearfully around at the students around her.

Andre's mouth was opened in awe of how pretty the girl was, as everyone at the table stared at him like he was insane.

"I know that look," Dreama said with a sly smile. Andre was too far away to hear her. She waved a hand in front of his face until he finally snapped out of it.

"Huh?" He mumbled, looking from Dreama to this mystery girl several times, until he realized he had been suspiciously staring at her.

"She's pretty. I've never seen her before," Cat stated, as everyone followed her gaze.

"She just started today," Beck informed them, and after a questioning look from Dreama, he elaborated.

"She's in my Set Design class. Her name's Gina," he quickly explained, before he got in trouble, before going on eating his apple. Dreama wiped a bit off of his lip and the two shared a secretive smile.

"So, is she single?" Nikki inquired, and just like Beck had done, Jade gave her a look.

"I'm asking because Andre seems interested in her. You should ask her out," she continued.

"I don't know. I mean a girl like that is bound to be with somebody already," Andre admitted sadly.

"Oh come on, Andre. Go for it. Otherwise you'll be stuck at home with your jug of ketchup," Jade nagged him.

"I do NOT have a jug of ketchup. I have a normal-sized bottle just like everyone else," Andre responded defensively.

"Seriously if you don't go over there and ask her out right now, I'm going to make out with Jade," Nikki said bluntly.

"That sounds hot," Andre stated, his eyes widening in excitement.

"And I'm going to make out with Beck," Dreama joined in, as Cat nodded in agreement while inching closer to Robbie.

"All right, all right, I'll go talk to her," Andre said getting up quickly.

He moved slowly toward Gina's table, looking back at his friends helplessly. Their expressions read encouragement, except for Jade who looked threatening. Dreama pointed toward Gina and mouthed the word 'go'.

Andre gulped and took a few breaths before finally approaching the table. The girl looked up at him expectantly, but when he didn't say anything, her face fell.

"S-so, uh my friend told me you just started at Hollywood Arts today," he finally said, his words laced with awkwardness.

"Oh, uh yeah! My parents and I just moved here from Georgia," she answered him, in a soft, sweet voice. She had a charming Southern accent that made Andre's mouth go dry with nerves. She was even more perfect than he had expected.

"That's cool. I'm Andre," he stammered, extending his hand to shake her own.

"Gina, it's nice to meet you. So what kind of performing are you most into?" She asked, popping another cherry into her mouth.

"Music. I sing and play a few instruments. What about you?" He asked, finally gaining the nerve to sit down across from her.

"Oh me? I love dancing. All kinds, but mostly hip hop. There's something about hearing a song and just feeling the beat inside of you, almost like it was born there," she explained, mesmerized by the subject matter. Meanwhile, Andre was busy mesmerized by her.

"I know exactly what you mean. Music is something that has always been apart of me," Andre agreed, folding his hands on the table, feeling a lot more comfortable now that he knew they had this in common.

""Me too! It's so great to meet someone I can relate to so soon," she said with a smile.

"Yeah, you seem really cool. Hey uh, my friends and I are going to this awesome revamped drive-in movie theater tonight. Did you maybe wanna come along as...ya date?" Andre asked, losing a bit of his nerve when he got down to asking her out.

But her warm smile made him feel a lot more confident.

"That sounds so fun! I'd love to come with you guys," she replied, enthusiastically.

"Cool, cool. Uh, you can text me your address later, and I'll pick you up at 6, that sound good?" Andre suggested as fireworks went off in his head in excitement.

"Yeah, that's fine," Gina answered.

"All right, I'll write my number down for you if you want," Andre proposed, and Gina leafed through her backpack to find her notebook to give him.

After he had written it and got up from the table, he winked at her.

"I'll be seeing you," he told her, and she replied with a sweet smile.

Andre resisted the urge to break into flips and cartwheels on his way back to the others.