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I hope she'll enjoy my gift thought a certain student body president.

A tall bluenette's heart was singing out as she was making her way to her girlfriend's room. Sadly, the younger had no roommate, but the elder girl was also happy about since it meant she could come and go as she pleased without having a second pair of eyes on her. Also the fact she didn't have to share her girlfriend with anyone else, well…almost anyone else. There was just one other person she had to truly share her love with, but that person, although real, would never have the opportunity to truly interact with her girlfriend.

Still smiling she knocked on the door to her girlfriend's room. After a moment the door opened to reveal a small bluenette with longer hair which was tied up. Both girls were wearing their St. Miator school uniforms, black and lacy. From the side of the taller girl everything seemed normal, but the moment she walked into the dorm, it was a real shocker.

The taller one looked around with a smile, "I see the place still looks the same."

The younger nodded, "But I like it."

"You know you'll have to take it down in two weeks."

Horror struck the other hard, "How can you say that Miyuki? I bet my new roommate would just this band."

The other girl looked down with a questioning eyebrow, "She might, but you may want to make sure. You do not want to scare the girl. Right, Tamao?"

The said merely nodded almost looking dejected.

In the room and upon almost every inch of the room were posters of the other person the tall one had to accept into her love's life. The poster showed the pictures of a robin blue haired girl with red eyes. Either she was alone, or she had the pictures of her band members, a tall raven haired bassist in pig tails and a brownish haired drummer, whose eyes spoke mischievously. The name of the band was called blue waters and the members were the same age as the young girl. The robin haired vixen was the keyboardist/guitarist/ singer of the band thus making her the one who everyone saw and enjoyed. The band name was Blue Waters and the lead singer was called Azure. The other members were named Aqua (the bassist) and Sky (the drummer). For the past for years they have made quite a name for themselves, but just recently they decided to call a break for other pursuits. What these other pursuits were no one knew, but there were lots of rumors.

On White Day in a week in a half, they were going to give their last concert for a while this meant getting tickets were almost impossible. The president's girlfriend had tried, but failed in getting at less one nosebleed seat. Tamao walked to her bed and collapsed down.

"Why so sad?" asked Miyuki, who joined her.

"It's sad, Azure will no longer be singing. I love her voice and her music. Did you know it's thanks to her that I started loving poetry and became a poet?"

The other nodded, "About more times than I can count, but I'm glad she did inspire you."

"Why's that?"

Taking her girlfriend's smaller hand in her own, she said, "It was hearing your poetry during at last year's opening ceremony which made take notice of you. I've loved you ever since."

Tamao blushed at the memory. She was asked to give a special poetry presentation for that ceremony. The poem was one she had won an award for the previous year. The head nun like it so well she asked the student body president at the time to have it read. At that ceremony she was nervous, but her eyes settled on her long time crush and she felt calm to read it.

Suddenly the poet asked, "How come you're here?"

"What? Can't I come see you without some ulterior motive?"

"You could, but I know you well enough to know you have something up your sleeve."

Relenting, Miyuki bowed her head, "All right, I came by to give you your White Day gift early." She plunged into a pocket of her uniform for a small box."

"Why the rush?"

"Because I can't wait for you to see it, here." She handed the box over to Tameo, who took it. Casually the president laid on the bed waiting for…"

"Oh my…" squeeled Tamao was she pulled out two fifth row tickets from the box for last concert by Blue Waters.

Sitting up, Miyuki held Tamao, "Will you go with me?"

"Of course," with that Tamao flung her arms around her girlfriend's neck and kissed her.


"Hey, I have to go," came the voice of a certain red head, who was talking on a cell phone. "I know I miss you too, but I have to do this… oh you know why…It's because I need a break…no not from guys…I know I love you too. I call you later. Bye." She hung up the phone and made her way into the school gates of Astraea hill.

Today would be her first time going to 'normal' school since she was eight and she was excited that she would be able to make 'normal' friends. The red head could have gone to school with her other two friends, but she decided to come to this school instead for two reasons. One her grandmother went here and second it promised to be a quiet experience for her.

She knew very little about Astraea hill except it consisted of three separate schools sharing the same space. There was Spica in white uniform, Lillium in reds and yellows in plaid and so on, and Miator in black with white lace. The school she was attending was Miator. Before coming to school Nagisa went on the internet to look at the layout of the Hill and found it completely confusing. It took her a while to sort it all out or at least the part where she could go to Miator's school building. From there she figured that she could always ask someone from the school for help. So easily she found her way.

The door of the school just barely shut behind her as found herself being tackled to the ground from a force from her rear, not to mention a heavy weight pressing down on her. As she groaned in pain, the heaviness left her, "I am sorry. Are you well?" asked a heavenly voice.

Doing a sort of a push up, Nagisa righted herself up, but then found a hand by her shoulder helping her up. "I'm fine, so don't worry about…" her voice caught her as she turned to see the most beautiful girl in the world. Her silver hair was super long and her eyes sparkled with intensity.

The silver head stared at the red head and almost caught her breath. What a cute girl? As cute as a cherry that I just want to pluck and eat. Surprised by her thoughts, she shook her head to dismiss them. She didn't want to have those thoughts or at least not again, not after her… "Who are asked the tall one?"

It took a moment for Nagisa to register what was happening, but when she did, she curtsied to the other girl, "Aoi Nagisa, I'm the new transfer student."

"Ah, I heard we were getting one," said silver head. "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Hanazono Shizuma."

At the name Nagisa's ears perked up, "'Hanazono' as in Hanazono records?"

Shizuma gave a quick nod, "Of course, but that's only one of my father's companies." Talking about her wealth was not one of her favorite past times. It always brought unwanted attention from those who wanted to take advantage of her. "It's nice meeting you, Aoi-san."

"Call me Nagisa and yes it was fun, but can I ask you for a favor?"

The other girl's eyes narrowed, "What is it?"

"Um, I'm not sure where I'm going, do you think you could take me to the office so I can find out where I go."

This request sounded reasonable to her. "Follow me."

With that Nagisa beamed, "I'll follow you with pleasure."

At this Shizuma's cheek blushed, but fought it from getting to her head.

A short time later, the red head had found herself standing in front of her new class. After being introduced, she was asked to take seat by a bluenette in the back of the room. As soon as she sat down, the bluenette looked at her with wide eyes and an out stretched hand. "Hi, I'm Suzumi Tamao. I'm going to be your new roommate." Previously, the bluenette was told of her new roommate's name.

Nagis grinned at the girl and shook her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Once classes were over, Tamao led Nagisa to the Strawberry dorms, where the new girl was going to stay until she graduated. The first stop was their dorm room. Once inside, the red head's eyes grew large at the sight of countless posters of Blue Water. "So, I see you like this band," she commented going over to her bed, where her bags were. Before she came, she had someone bring over her things for her.

Tamao fell on the bed, "I don't like them. I love them. I'm the president of their fan club here at school."

Nagisa laughed, "I can tell. So, did you get a chance to go to one of their concerts?"

"Yes, my girlfriend took me to their last performance. They were amazing. I almost died of excitement. It almost worried my girlfriend."

The red head studied her new friend for a moment, "When you say girlfriend, do you mean a friend that is a girl?"

Shaking her blue head, she replied, "No, we're actually romantically involved with each other. Does it gross you out."

Nagisa laughed at this, "No way, two of my best girl friends are dating each other, so I'm okay with it. I just wanted to make sure."

"Ooo, are you dating anyone?"

"Nope, I'm single."

The other gasped, "I don't believe it, you're too cute to be single."

That got cherry to laugh again, "Thanks, but I've haven't had the opportunity to find someone yet."

"Oh," said blueberry. She looked at her clock on her desk and noticed the time. "Oh, I have to go now. I have a club meeting, but I'll be back soon and then we can go to dinner together."

"That's find," agreed the red head, "I'll be here when you get back."

Once her roommate left, Nagisa walked over to one of the posters and stared at it for a while, then shook her head with a sigh. I'll have to be careful, she thought.

At dinner time both girls sat down at the table. Both were talking up a storm, well mostly Tamao, who was talking non-stop about Blue Water and how sad she was that they decided to go on break at the height of their singing career. Nagisa just nodded and won't really look at Tamao when she spoke. During Tamao's chatter, a hush fell in the dining hall as heads turn towards the hall's doors.

At this Nagisa joined in and looked to see what was up. When her eyes beheld the silver beauty again her breath was caught not seeing the others following her. She tapped Tamao on the shoulder and asked pointing beauty, "Can you tell me anything about her?"

Tamao looked to where her new friend was pointing and a not so surprise look came to her face. There have been many people who have looked upon Shizuma and loved her. She found it frustrating that her new friend was one of them. "You mean Shizuma?"

The other nodded.

The poet shook her head and place a comforting hand on Nagisa's shoulder, "I wouldn't go there if I were you."

"What do you mean? She's not your girlfriend is she?"

"Ha, no way, the tall one behind her with the short blue hair is my girlfriend."

"Oh, she is pretty and so perfect for you, but why can't I go for Shizuma? She doesn't have girlfriend or a boyfriend does she?"

"Ha ha, no, she's a lady killer all right, but she is known for beginning an Ice Queen."

"She doesn't believe in long term relationships. After getting her way with a girl, she'll leave them."

"Hm, she either suffering from a bad heart-break or she using her diva/ojou-sama position in life to get what she wants."

"Why do you think that?"

"Ah, um, I'm just guessing, but I could be very wrong."

Up until this point they were talking in whispers to each other, but someone to their side had hushed them for the blessing on the food. It was later when Nagisa found out the silver haired fox was in her sixth and final year at school, while Nagisa was only in her fourth year.


For the moment they had met, the red head and the silver fox had had a few run ins, but nothing dramatic. However, every second that she could, Nagisa would eye the beautiful woman thinking about how she wanted to get to know her.

As for Tamao, she had invited Nagisa to join her club, but the girl refused. It wasn't the fact she didn't want to join a club, she just didn't want to be bothered by it all and just study or explore the campus. Often times she just went to the Library to hang around Chiyo, a library club member in her first year. Chiyo also attended Miator and was proud to have Nagisa there with her. The little girl was a single child, who had always had the wish to have an older sister and when she had met Nagisa, who saved her from falling off a ladder, she deemed the girl her big sister.

About three weeks after they met, they were walking around the campus together, since Chiyo had no club duties to perform. As they walked, they came across the church. Stopping, Nagisa looked towards the holy building and smiled at the sounds of heavenly music. Being curious, she bade the little black haired girl to enter. Once in, Nagisa and Chiyo stood at the back listening to Spica's all girl choir. While listening, the red head looked at all the pretty faces until she saw a blond hair girl she knew. A small smile spread on the girl's face.

Both Miator girl and stayed until practice was over. Once it ended, the red head ran towards the choir and tackled the blond to the ground. Above them an angry voice could be heard, "Hey, get your hands off of her."

The red head looked up to see a very angry looking raven haired girl, "I'm sorry, but who are you?"

"My name is Nanto Yaya and you're hurting my friend."

Nagisa looked down to see the face of the blond, who looked up at her with searching eyes until she realized who was on top of her, "Aoi Nagisa?"

"Konohana Hikari!"

Both girls got to their feet for a proper embrace.

"Wait! You two know each other?" asked both Yaya and Shiyo at the same time.

Both girls looked over at others with a smile on their faces nodding away like bobble headed dolls. Hikari approached her friend and point to the red head, "We went to the same school at one point. She was my sempai."

"Is that true, onee-sama?" asked the little girl.

"It's true Chiyo-chan." Smiling the red head turned her attention to the blond, "I see you're still singing."

The blond nodded, "I can't give it up."

"Have you gotten over your stage fright?"

"No, but I find being in a choir helps. I don't receive full attention to myself."

"That's good at least you're doing something that you love."

"I know, but what are you doing here."

"Isn't it obvious," asked the older girl as she twirled, "I came to follow in my grandmother's footsteps. What are you doing here?"

Hikari blushed, "I heard about how great Spica's choir was and I wanted to be a part of it f I could, but I was too afraid at first to do anything, until Yaya here helped me."

Nagisa faced Yaya and bowed, "Thank-you for helping my kouhai. I am indebted to you."

Yaya was flabbergasted to say the least. She was rude to her friend's former sempai, who turns out to be a very caring and forgiving creature. Stunned to silence, she merely nodded her head.

Smiling still, Nagisa looked again at Hikari and hugged her, "Hey, how's your piano playing friend."

"Oh, she's good. Right now she's in some light music club at a more public school than here. How are you two friends?"

"Excellent. Both of them are also in a light music club."

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were all in the same club?"

The red head smile, "It would, but I don't want to find out right now."

"Why is that?"

"Well, I don't talk to them much, due to certain reasons. I'm sure you understand."

Hikari gave a firm nod.

During this whole interlude, both Chiyo and Yaya felt like they were shut out from this conversation as they had no idea what the others were talking about. After looking at each other for understand they both shrugged giving everything up as some sort of inside joke they wouldn't get.

"It's so good to see you," said Nagisa.

The blond agreed, "We should talk some more."

"Okay, how about over tea."

There was a loud squeal, "Yes, tea. How about we do a midnight tea party once a week?"

"I like it. Do you want to come too, Chiyo?" asked the red head, who finally acknowledged the little girl, who nodded a reply.

Hikari turned to her friend as well. Finally understanding something, Yaya swung an arm around the blond's shoulder, "Count me in."

Thus the midnight tea party was born, a secret club.


Time was slipping by and the red head was having the time of her life, enjoying her new friends and loving her classes. Unfortunately she was having severe trouble with her French. It wasn't the pronunciation that she had troubles with since she was pretty familiar with Latin, the language French was based off of. In her school prior to Miator, she had to sing songs in Latin, but she never understood what they meant. What threw her off of understanding French were the parts and vocab. Unknown too many other people, she was quite fluent in English, so it was hard to keep her mind of one language she knew so well to focus on other. Things just became confused.

As she was sitting in her room with Tamao, the red head gave a shout and pushed her books away, "I can't take this."

Her friend turned to her, "Having troubles with homework?"

"It's French. It's just a stupid language, which I'll probably never need to use."

"What if you have to go to France?"

"I'll have to get a translator," said the girl making Tamao laugh.

"You can't hire someone as a translator, if you do how can you possibly trust the person to give you an accurate translation? You know things almost always go missing in translation."

"All right, I get I'll try again. Do you think you could tutor me?"

"I could, but I have very little time for myself and I'm helping Chiyo since you're not very good."

"Augh, do you know anyone who could help me."

"Ah, there's always her," said Tamao as Nagisa waited in anticipation.

The next day during breakfast, Nagisa swallowed hard as she walked over to the table where Shizuma sat with her tray of food. "Excuse me," she announced herself to the table. Everyone there shot her a glance as if waiting for what she would say, "I was wondering if this seat was free."

Most of the table mumbled she could sit there. After sitting down, someone asked, "What brings you here Aoi-san?"

Looking up, the red head saw that it was Miyuki who had addressed her. The president was of course sitting on Shizuma's right, "I came here to ask for a request."

"What request is that?" asked the older girl.

Clearing her voice the red head went on, "Shizuma-sama, um I mean Etoile-sama." All eyes were on her incluinding the girl in question. The silver fox looked at Nagisa, studying her. She had often noticed how the younger girl would often look at her. The silver girl still thought Nagisa was cute and would like to study her from afar. There was something the way the young girl smiled and enjoyed herself, which fascinated the Etoile. She had admitted to herself that she was deeply attracted to the girl, but was too afraid to do anything about it.

"Yes," prompted the older girl wanting to know why the red head was addressing her.

"I have heard many great things about you including your perfection of the French language, although I have never heard you utter a single word. Somehow, I don't believe it's true."

This angered the older girl some, "It so happens that I get excellent scores."

"That's only your word. For all I know you could be telling lies and having others spreading rumors about your perfect French."

Those at the table were suffering from mixed emotions. Some were appalled by the accusations. Others were amazed someone could talk to Shizuma, the Etoile, like that. Some, who knew Shizuma well, were fighting back giggles as they saw Shizuma getting redder with anger. Mix within those giggle girls was Miyuki. Miyuki at first meeting the red head didn't like her at all, but this was mostly due to the fact the girl would be rooming with her girlfriend. After a while she grew to tolerate the girl as she seemed to not be interested in Tamao at all, but rather Shizuma. Oh yes, the president had on occasion had seen the many glances that younger girl made towards her friend. It made her happy where the young girl was looking, but somewhat sad too. However, she liked seeing the girl scolding Shizuma. It kind of reminded the president of herself. It was at that point, Miyuki knew that she had to get Nagisa and Shizuma together.

In the mean while, the silver fox, eyes sparkled in fury, "They are not lies, I do have a talent in speaking and understanding French. Maybe I should get my graded work to show you."

The younger girl shrugged, "Why bother, you probably cheated."

At this Shizuma stood up and glared intensely at the girl, "I have you know Hanazono Shizuma is not a cheat!" Her outburst caused everyone in dining hall to look at her.

Still calm, Nagisa remained sitting talking a bite of her breakfast. It was a chocolate muffin, something sweet for her strong sweet tooth. "Etoile-sama if you want to prove me wrong, why don't you tutor me."

At this challenged, Shizuma slammed her fist on the table, "Fine, I will, meet me later on this evening." After this declaration Shizuma stalked off.

As soon as she left Miyuki turned her attention on to the red head, who was happily eating her muffin, "Have you thought about becoming the next Study Body President?"

Nagisa looked up at her still smiling, "I like having fun. Politics get in the way. Why do you ask?"

"The way you handle Shizuma-sama was magnificent. Why didn't you just come out and ask her to tutor you?"

"I would like to be her friend, but I don't want people or her to think I was just using her because of who she is and what she can do for me. I thought a challenge would be a good thing as it would look like as if I did not want to be her friend, plus I think she might have said no since she is Etoile-sama and probably has no time for me."

Nagisa's words put a smile on Miyuki's face. "Aoi-san, you have earned my respect."


It was about five when the red head met up with the silver fox in the study room. Earlier, Shizuma had sent a note to Nagisa explaining where and what time they'll meet for meet for a study session. Surprisingly the ever late Shizuma had turned up early. She had a mission and she was about a certain person wrong. Normally she would care less of what people thought of her. She was rather lazy when it came to her Etoile's responsibilities and her romantic relations with others were just to fill a void every time she felt lonely or painful memories would resurface. For the most part the girls she had a fling with thought it a privilege to spend time with the honorable Shizuma, Etoile or not. However, when it came to her school work, she was a top student and she did it without cheating, but with good old fashion studying.

Nagisa came on time and with her books and began to study with tall maiden. Once Nagisa sat down at the table that Shizuma sat in, the older girl asked, "So, how do you say 'hello?'" The girl thought it would be best to start from the beginning with the first small phrases that everyone learns right off like: "Hello." "How are you?" "I'm fine." "What's your name?" and so on.

After about a half hour of this, Shizuma reviewed the French alphabet or the way they pronounced it. She later went on to numbers. The time slipped by and dinner time came. They would have kept studying, but the silver fox had to give a prayer on the food. After dinner they began again. This time they went over the six-pack of pronouns in the normative case and some regular verb conjugation. These things were really confusing to Nagisa because she never thought of English in those terms. Nor does it follow the rules of the French language. With Shizuma there, she helped to explain things to the red head, so she could easily understand. It also helped that Nagisa found herself mesmerized by the way Shizuma moved her lips and the sound of her voice which was soft, gentle, and alluring. Well, the red head grades do improve after weeks of tutoring.

One night about three weeks later, Nagisa smiled at Shizume as she presented her with a recently graded test with an 89 score on it. At the show of the score, Shizuma also smiled, "Good work."

"Thanks," came the red head, "Um, I guess you do know your stuff."

Shizuma smiled a victory smile, "And you doubted me. Since I prove my point I guess I don't have to tutor you anymore." At this Shizuma was trying to find a way out, but at the same time she still held breath. She had looked spending time with the girl. It just felt right.

Looking dejected Nagisa said weakly, "I guess you're right, but my grades may suffer again."

"Why's that?" asked Shizuma concerned.

"Because I'll be down from my Shizuma high," stated Nagisa.

Whoa thought the silver fox. I better watch myself with her. She is gorgeous. And oh, how she called me 'my Shizuma.' Perhaps I'm already hers. Wait! I can't go there, I don't want to get hurt again. I don't think I'll be able stay away from her either. I just have to keep my guard up. "Fine, we'll continue."

Feeling happy, Nagisa wrapped her arms around Shizuma and embraced her tightly, "Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you."


One night before going off to bed, Miyuki was in Shizuma's room to ask of her for an invitation, "Shizuma would you care to come along with me to go do Karaoke this weekend."

Shizuma, who was brushing out her long hair, turned towards her childhood friend, "Will it be only us or is there anyone else coming along?"

That Shizuma for you, she doesn't miss a beat. "Actually yes," replied the bluenette. "I also bringing along Tamao." Just saying her name brought a smile to the girl's face. The reason they were doing karaoke was the fact that Tamao was going nuts and needed a Blue Water fix. The plan was to sing only songs from the band, but she didn't tell Shizuma this.

"Who else is coming?" the silver fox said.

"Tamao is inviting her roommate as well."

"You're saying Nagisa-chan is going to be there?"

Fighting a half smile at her friend's sudden intense interest, Miyuki nodded, "Of course, unless you have something against the girl."

"I don't have anything against her."

"Good then you'll go?"

"I don't think so."

"Why not?" asked Miyuki being aware her friend is being stubborn and uneasy. It was a good sign in Miyuki's book that her friend was acting this way. It shows the silver fox has feelings for the red head. Something the tall bluenette has been taking notice of. She knew Nagisa was ready for more all that needs to happen now for the walls of Shizuma's to be taken down completely, thus the setting up of a somewhat blind date.

"I feel like being lazy that day."

"Would you go if Aoi-san wasn't there?"

Silence until Shizuma spoke up, "This has nothing to do with her."

"You're wrong Shizuma, it does. I see the way you look at her, you like her."

"I don't…"

"Stop, just admit to yourself you like her, besides you have nothing to lose."

At this Shizuma stood up, "Of course I have something to lose. If I allow myself to feel something for her then…"

"You might end up a broken heart," finished Miyuki. "So what, I see the way she looks at you I know she loves you. Just give her chance, remember she's a different girl, she's not Kaori."

"Don't bring up that girls name, it still pains to know she played with my emotions and left me. If she knew her life choice then she should have at least told me so at the beginning."

"Shizuma, that was one bad mistake, think about it do you really what to remain alone all of your life?"


"The only way you can get over Kaori is to find someone else who can make you happy and learn to trust again. As for Nagisa, she is the most honest person I know. I know she can make you happy again, I've seen it with my eyes when I occasionally see study together."

More Silence.

"Okay, just come do karaoke, it's more fun with more people."

"Fine, I'll go, but don't except me to get close to her."

Shrugging, the childhood friend said, "What works for you."

Gaining a smile Shizuma asked to twist the conversation some, "So, what is the theme of Karaoke this time?"

"Blue Waters."

"Let me guess, it's your girlfriend's choice?"

"Yes, but I don't mind, they have quite a few good songs and the lead singer has a great voice."

"True, but she has the most beautiful red eyes I have ever seen."

"Does that include Aoi-san?"

At this Shizuma blushed, "Her eyes are pretty as well. Have you noticed that she hardly wears any make-up?"

"Ah, so she's a natural cutie."

"Oh shut up."

What started out as a party of four, turned into a party of seven. In the party was Tamao and her girlfriend Miyuki, Shizuma and her crush Nagisa, and Yaya with her friend Hikari along with the blond's new found love Aname. During their midnight tea parties, Hikari had told about how she meet Aname (see Anime episode 4? Nothing really changed there). Nagisa, who was thrilled for her little kouhai, asked Hikari, whien she found out about a Karaoke night had invited Hikari along so she could have her first date with Aname. As for Yaya, she had invited her along so she wouldn't be left out. When Tamao asked her to come along, she had no idea that Shizuma would also becoming. Now she felt trapped as if she did something wrong. Well, she did ask Tamao if she could invite a few people and her blue headed friend said it was okay. Now, she was trapped and she cursed herself for being too nice. Just like the good girl she was, she had to suck it up herself.

She wasn't the only one feeling intense emotions, Shizuma had glanced over to Nagisa, who was talking up a storm with the three Spica students, while they we were waiting for one of Miyuki's drivers to pull up. There was still time and she felt the need to run away, but Miyuki held her there.

Pretty soon the car arrived and everyone entered in. Once on the road, Shizuma asked, "So, how come the Prince of Spica is here?"

The shy prince coughed and looked at the Etoile, "I'm um I'm on a date."

At this Shizuma's eyes brighten, "So, it's true. The prince has found herself a princess."

Amane blushed, "Um, I wouldn't say that she's a princess. I think of her as more like angel."

This statement allotted a deeper blush from Amane and also one from Hikari. Changing the subject somewhat, Shizuma asked, "So, I know this is a date for you two, but how come you're with us?"

At this a timid Hikari spoke up, "Nagisa-senpai asked us to come."

The way the blond addressed the red head had perked up the ears of the older two Miator students and the prince. It was Miyuki who spoke first, "What do you mean by Nagisa-sempai?"

Hikari blushed, "She and I went to school together before coming to Astraea Hill. We had a common class together."

"Where did you go to school before?" asked Amane.

"It was a special school for gifted students, but we don't like to talk about it much," said the blond.

Worried for her angel, the older Spica girl asked, "Was it an unpleasant experience?"

This time it was the red head who spoke up, "It wasn't, it's just unlike most of the students at the school we went to, we were put under much more pressure and we could have gone on, but we decided to have something normal in our lives. Hikari had left before me, because she developed a bad case of stage fright. As for me, I wanted some peace without all the drama and I also wanted to fulfill my grandmother's last wish, which was for me to attend Miator and also to give her regards to Sister Mizue Hamasaka."

This caught everyone's attention as the sister was Strawberry dorm strict house mother. Intrigued, Shizuma asked the question on everyone else's mind, "What did you grandmother wanted to let Sister Hamasaka know?"

Nagisa pierced her lips together before speaking, "You know Sister Hamasaka had attended Miator when she was younger?"The other passengers nodded in anticipation. "Well, my grandmother went to school around the same time. It so happens that my grandmother was a year older than Sister Hamasaka. Together, they had entered the yearly Etoile competition together and they won."

"Wait, strict Sister Hamasaka was Etoile?" questioned a very excited Yaya. "That's hard to believe."

"My grandmother gave me pictures to prove it. Going forward in the story, my grandmother and she were lovers."

"Small world," came Shizuma. "Go on."

"They had wanted to stay together even after graduating and had promised to do so, but that promise was never kept. My grandmother had an arranged marriage that had to be kept and it left Sister Hamasaka devastated. After my grandmother had married, our house mother vowed to never love another person and so she became a nun. My grandmother wanted to apologize for breaking her heart, and these were my grandmother's last wishes."

"No wonder she's so witchy about things," exclaimed Yaya, "it's nice to know."

It wasn't long after the startling revelations that they party of seven had came to the karaoke place. They had gotten a fairly nice sized room to accompany everyone. Once inside they had ordered some food and drink to last for the next two hours. A few minutes later the Blue Waters singing marathon began. Tamao was an all right singer and Miyuki was totally toned deaf. Shizuma had a very pretty and pleasing voice, while Yaya and Hikari had no trouble in seeing the music choices. Aname mostly mumble due to her being too shy to actually sing, so no one really knew what her singing was like. Nagisa kept passing up every opportunity to see which made Tamao up set.

"Nagisa-chan, you must sing at least one song before we have to leave."

Frowning, Nagisa agreed and had Tamao chose the song, holding the mic and waiting on Tamao the red head announced, "I'm sorry for everyone here, I just wanted to give you the heads up that I'm a very bad singer."

Hikari laughed at that statement knowing better. Before anyone could question her action, she said, "I'm not making fun of her, I just think it's cute how nervous she is being."

Accpeting it, everyone turned to Nagisa, who just found out which song she was singing. During the song she sounded more pig hit by a motorcycle. Before it got too far into the song, the party kindly asked for her to stop singing. All the while Hikari just laughed.

A/N: I'm still going to work on Tortured, but I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to input my ideas and what direction I want to take. As for this story, Blue Waters is kind of named after Nagisa since Aoi means blue in Japanese. I can't remember what else I want to say about the piece for now. But that it's easy to think that Nagisa has some mysterious past and that this Nagisa is slightly different due to the fact she had matured faster than in the Anime. I think that's it.