A/N: Here's the end of the fic. I might come back to it, but if I do it would be done in short side stories or something. Either way enjoy. Oh, I do want to point out one thing, when I think of Shizuma and Nagisa, I think of Shizuma of being the girl of the relationship, since she wears sweater with her summer uniform and wear more girlie shoes. Nagisa is more of the tomboy of the relationship. Her boots she wears are not very feminine and her movements are not very feminine. However, she still like feminine things. I'm only saying these things due to something later in the chapter.


Shizuma sat in Miyuki's red four-door Porsche sulking away her frustration on how her best friend had managed to get her to come to this dang concert that she had no wish to come to. It was a comfort to know that she didn't have to worry about seeing Nagisa so much. For the past week she had tried her best in forgetting about the red head, but she couldn't. With her break up with Kaori, it took about a month for her to have to courage to fool around with anyone else.

Before she dated Kaori, she would look at the girls at school like looking at a menu to decide which one looked good enough to eat. However, all she ever managed to do is some heavy make out session. She had felt herself still too young to go all the way; also she had imagined that she would one day find the right someone to be her first time with. When she started dating Kaori, she believed she found the right one. Unlike all the other girls, Kaori stood out to her more. There was something so angelic about the girl which drew Shizuma to her. She couldn't figure it out, but she knew it was something.

However, when the silver fox tried to get with the girl, the girl turned her down and dumped her. She felt her first real heartbreak. About a month afterwards, Shizuma was furious as she felt as if she were burnt with the world. Without any real calculations on whom her victim was going to be, Shizuma took some girl, who to this day she still doesn't remember and gave her first time so readily. Afterwards the regrets came and she vowed never to do it again until she was certain the right girl came along, until then she went back to her heavy make out sessions to ease her urges. She had very strong ones, but those kind of died off when the red head came.

It wasn't like she didn't want to make out anymore; she did, but only to her. When she first realized that her urges eased off, she couldn't figure out why, until she started tutoring the red head. Sitting in close proximally to each other, Shizuma started having those urges again. It rather shocked her to know that she had wanted to do the younger girl, but at the same time she didn't want to because she felt like she would scare the girl off. At that time the light bulb turned on and she understood she had a huge crush on the girl. Afterwards, she came to the conclusion her urges were like a disease and Nagisa was like the cure. Or better yet, her urges was like smoking a cigarette and Nagisa was like nicorette gum.

To her, being with Nagisa was different than from being with Kaori. Kaori was easy going and always showed her emotions. Although Nagisa was filled with life, she seemed heavily guarded at the same time. Someone could get near her, but not too near. It was the latter which drew Shizuma to the younger girl. It was like a great connection.

Both girls were pretty different, this Shizuma knew. Nagisa was a carefree girl, but when occasion arose, she became wise beyond her years. Although she was flirtatious, she didn't suffer from strong urges like the silver fox. The red head was more of a romantic and wanted things done properly. On the other hand, the silver fox was a play girl to the core. She believed romance was a rare thing that happens when someone finds the right girl, until then, enjoy what can be enjoyed. To most, she would appear as an adult, but when it came to shirking her responsibilies, she became more like a kid. (A/N: This is not too far off from the Anime).

Despite their differences, they did hold a connection, something which links them. Shizuma didn't allow for people to get to near her because she liked being an independent woman. It was like before she met Kaori and it remained so after, only this time she didn't want to experience the pain of heart break again. Nagisa on the other hand seemed to not really seek independence, but more like she trying to hide or run away from something. Even though both reasons for them guarding themselves were different, they were also the same in that heartbreak was the big problem. Unfortunately, it was not truly known between the two.

She glanced out the window as the scenery went passing by. Her mind went to her heartbreak. It was crazy to her to know her love for the red head wouldn't be returned. In all her days, she had never met someone who could drive her to do crazy things. While she was mourning in her room, she couldn't help but think that she should just give up and get with the next girl, but that thought was pushed aside as it not feeling right anymore. The only one she wanted was Nagisa.

Unconsciously, she touched her lips as she remembered the kiss she shared with the girl she loved. Out of all the girls she had kissed, even the girl she had sex with, no, not just her, but the girl she once loved, Kaori, she had never had a kiss like that. Her body felt such heat and her heart pounded like nothing else, but most importantly, she felt so alive and excited. Even though she had proclaimed to have Nagisa as her future wife, the thought didn't seem all that concrete, like it was just a dream; however, with that kiss, she felt as if she could see herself being with the red head for the rest of her days.

After grieving for a few days, she still couldn't stop thinking about her pop idol. Her mind would always return to that hateful time, reliving it over and over. What hurt the most and what she concentrated the most on was when Nagisa said, "I hate you" and "I don't want to see you again." Of course after much thought, she went beyond those words to others the red head had said like how the girl accused the silver fox of ruining everything, and how she wanted to only be friends with her. This caused the Etoile to move from being saddened to being confused. She was trying to figure out what the girl had meant by it all. It was obvious to her that the pop idol's friendship with her was important.

So, she wants to be by my side, but the kiss threw it off. The only way a kiss could throw everything off is if Nagisa had feelings for me that she didn't want to have or express. But why would she, unless she's hiding some secret from me. Oh Scotts, if she turns out to be like Kaori… I think I'm going to turn atheist. If she were she would only have to tell me like Kaori, unless she's sparing my feelings some. On the other hand, if she's not like Kaori, there must be something big she's keeping me from me.

It was close to the end of these thoughts Shizuma felt some anger towards the red head for keeping things secret from her. The anger came because she felt like the pop idol could have told her about anything and she would not judge. When they were in tutoring sessions, they did more than French homework, they would also talk about things on their minds like how's school going and their views on life, but they never really bore their souls to one another. There was just that one time in the piano room when the silver fox talked about Kaori, but that was it. It wasn't like they didn't want to, but they were just afraid of getting hurt. One can usually bear their soul to a friend, but when it came to parents and a romantic interest, it was hard. The fear of hurting the other or scaring the other away was present. With this in mind, Shizuma wondered if she and her love were truly friends to begin with, and their relationship had always boarded on wanting to get close to the other person, to date her and to make her hers.

This revelation came before Miyuki showed up to ask her to come to the concert with her. Now she was feeling angry with herself and with Nagisa. She still loved the girl with all of her might, but she wanted Nagisa to trust her and share with her things. I guess, when she gets back I'll stay away from her for a while and then apologize for my behavior. If she is willing to except me back again I'll be more open with her in all things. I know it will hurt later, but I want her to feel like she can talk to me. I want her to know that I will listen to her.

It was perhaps these plans that caused Shizuma to be pulled along with friend. Even though she didn't want to seeher love at the moment, a part of her still wished to catch a glimpse of the girl. It was another strong factor to get her to go. Apart from her love life, there was also a chance to see Azure in concert. Even though she knew her family's recording company had contracted her and her band, she hadn't been to one concert. It was a part of her plan in rebelling against her father. She loved the man, but he put too much pressure on her. She couldn't stand it and rebelled in the best way she could without causing too much commotion. However, she really enjoyed the music and seeing Blue Water would be a way for her to clear her mind from things.

What she didn't want to see was Hikari singing because she felt a little jealous of the girl for the blonde knew a side of her love that she didn't. She hadn't told Miyuki her suspicions about the girl being Angelina figuring it wasn't her place to tell. If there was one thing she hated it was gossip. After spending years of people gossiping about her inside the school and out, she grew to dislike it, ignored it and vowed never to do it herself.

Shizuma looked over at her driver, Miyuki, who showed a smile on her face like she had a secret. She's probably smug about getting me to go and thinking about the hot night she'll be having with Tamao-chan. She's a lucky girl. If only I were so lucky.

The drive was silent or at least for on Shizuma's part. Otherwise the car was filled with joyous mirth of the occupants of the back seat. "Miyuki, I understand why I'm here, but what are they doing here?" It had been a question on her mind from the start of the drive, but she finally had come around to ask.

"Yaya-chan is here to see Angelina sing."

The silver fox smiled. Of course she would. It's even further proof that Angelina is Hikari-chan. "How did she manage to get tickets? According to father, the tickets sold out as soon as they were made available."

"You've talked with your father?" asked her driver intrigued.

"Yes, he called me the day of the first concert to get me to change my mind in going, but I haven't heard from him since."

"Ah, well, Yaya-chan didn't get any tickets; she has back stage passes instead."

The silver fox was going to ask how the girl managed back stage passes, but she stopped herself knowing the answer. Her thoughts were in the right direction, but her guess at who gave the passes were wrong.

Since the Etoile didn't make any comments, Miyuki went on, "Chiyo-chan is tagging along with Yaya-chan as her guest."

"Are they dating?"

Her friend laughed, "No, they're just friends."

"Okay that explains them, but I still don't know why she's here?"

The other girl Shizuma was referring to was one Chikaru. Yesterday at the lunch/dinner meeting, the impromptu planning session unfolded. Surprisingly, Nagisa took control of things as she gave people assignments. For both Blue Water and Angelina, there wasn't much they could do until the next day where they had time to go over the songs Nagisa wrote. Tamao wasn't really given any job except moral support and keeping Shizuma busy before the start of the concert. Miyuki's job was to go back to Astraea Hill and retrieve Shizuma, Yaya and Chiyo. Chikaru was an added bonus, when the red head remembered she owed Chikaru for lending her a guitar, but there was one request she had to ask the girl to lessen some stress from Sawa-chan.

After the meeting, Miyuki went straight to the hotel's fax machine and phone. She called up the dorm head to ask for permission to speak to three students. As it was, Yaya found out about Hikari's secret once the blonde was asked to do the concert, so Miyuki didn't have to come up with any back story as to why she was going to the concert.

Chiyo knew nothing about who her onee-sama was, but she was a member of Astraea Hill's Blue Water fan club, Tamao being president. She was told Tamao had done this contest by lots for an exciting Blue Water experience. She didn't really have a part in the whole plan; it's just Nagisa who just wanted to be nice to the young girl, since she did have to clean her and Tamao's room due to some dorm rule thing about upper and underclassmen.

As for Chikaru, when she was asked for her guitar she didn't think about it much. However, she once ran into Nagisa while she was practicing somewhere at Lilum for hiding and figured it out. Realizing she had a great secret, she decided to keep it to herself until an opportunity arose to where she could use it. Her talk with Miyuki was such an opportunity. She just found everything to her cup of tea and agreed to silence. When it came to the trip, it was she who provided the most of the conversation, mostly with Yaya.

Once the president talked with said students, who agreed to the plan, she had shipped over the information that each person needed. She also had to find a way for the girls to leave the school for the night. In the end, she ended up saying how this would be for a great service opportunity to the proper school administration members. The fact is the president wasn't lying about it being a good service opportunity because it would be helping two of her favorite people come together in love.

"Ah, she's here because there's someone I want to introduce her to." Actually, it wasn't someone Miyuki wanted her to meet; it was rather Nagisa who had the desire.

"Oh, are you planning on setting her up with someone?" asked amused Shizuma.

"No, the woman is already taken."

Silence grew between them, until Shizuma asked, "That settles why they're here, but may I ask how come we're arriving to the concert two hours early?"

"Both Angelina and Blue Water are doing a meet and greet for people who have back stage passes." A moment of silence past between them, Miyuki decided to change the subject to one which needed to be addressed. "Speaking of them, have you heard the latest about the lead singer of Blue Water?"

"You mean Azure?"


"No, what is the latest?"

Miyuki was about to speak, when she was rudely interrupted by a lazy, but mischievous voice, "Are you talking about how Azure is an orphan?"

The president would have turned around and slapped Chikaru for interrupting her, but she was driving and couldn't do it. Her response to the Lilum Student Body President's comment was different from the reaction of the other three passengers. It was Yaya who spoke first, "No way, I can't believe it." The girl knew about Hikari, but she didn't know about Nagisa, not completely anyways.

"I feel sorry for her," said a sweet and innocent Chiyo. "I don't know what it would feel like to lose my kaa-san and otoo-san."

Shizuma sat quiet for a moment to think, she didn't know much about the girl except she had a really good singing voice. It was clear as a crisp wind and it could be either sweet and cute or extremely powerful. She also knew what the girl looked like. Other than seeing what fashions the girl wore, she didn't read any gossip on her. She knew if she did, her opinion of her music might change, and she didn't want it to. Her philosophy is that a celebrity's life should remain in silence. She knew this from experience because of who her father was. Of course she knew she acted all superior, but it wasn't because of money, it was due to her upbringing some, but mostly because she had lots of confidence in her beauty.

Against her beliefs, she thought on Azure and her family situation. It did pain her to know that the girl had no family; she herself only had a father so she could somehow relate. The more she thought of Azure, the more she remembered her red eyes leading her to think about her red head and how little she knew about the girl's family situation. Since the younger girl didn't talk about her family much, Shizuma had previously decided the girl was hiding something. When thinking about this topic she concluded: Nagisa was not embarrassed of her family because that's not who the girl was; she could have been abused by them, but somehow it didn't seem right because the girl was more sad than afraid; or she was homesick for them and she didn't want to think about them. With the mention of Azure being an orphan, it brought something new to the equation.

If my Nagisa was an orphan I would gladly take her into my family as my wife. Ah, but even if she does return my feeling,s our relationship might not even last until she is old enough to marry.

Lost in her thinking again, she tuned out the other four people, who were happily discussing Azure and how mysterious she was since there wasn't a bio written about her. Among the girls, there was only one who knew the whole truth, one who knew the secret, one who was suspicious and two who remained in the dark.


It was the last day of the concert and both Blue Water and Angelina were at the staging grounds surrounded by the orphans from the orphanage. The age group ranged from just a baby to almost legal age. Unlike the other busy days, today was different because the pop stars were paying attention to the peers they were helping. Nagisa knew a good number of them, but some were also new faces. Sadly, she couldn't approach any of them to reminisce about her time there. However, she could approach them as Azure and give anyone who wanted one a hug.

Meeting with the orphans had been planned from the start and saved until the last full day. The pop stars would sit on the edge of the stage and answer any question the orphans had for them. After the Q and A, the orphans were lined up in a line if they wanted an autograph from the musicians. The line was quite long. It was during this time, Nagisa was able to embrace her parentless comrades.

For owning a company of music stores, it would seem strange for her to go into an orphanage, but since her grandmother was sick at the time, she had nowhere else to go. Her father's vice president might have taken her in since she own the company, but he wasn't an honest man and greed was his game. His plan was for the young boss of his company to disappear. He never informed her on anything he did in the company whether legal or illegal. Unfortunately, he had control of the money until the red head became of age. He had worried over that detail for quite some time, but he knew of two things which could get him what he wanted, one was murder and one was buying the company from her with her own money. Both seemed rather impossible to accomplish, since murder would lead him to jail and he knew the girl would want to keep the business in the family.

During his painful rule as temporary president of the company, some employees were not thrilled with his actions. They knew their true boss and accepted her, but they were left out of the loop on how the girl could trust the fake president. They had no idea what was going on. Their chatters somehow bled to visiting employees of Mr. Hanazono. Once word reached his ear about his friends, the despicable man, and his almost lost goddaughter, he took it upon himself to fix things.

He came to the orphanage to visit with Nagisa under a different name. When asked for his connection to her, he said that he was her godfather. Not many people knew about her having one or who he actually was including Nagisa (she knew she had one, but not who he was), but upon hearing this she believed him. Besides he seemed like a trust worthy individual. He told her all about what had happened within her father's company and being the fiery red head she was anger filled her. Between her godfather and her, they sent the vice president on his way to jail penniless for fraud, embezzlement, and some of the illegal actions he took including not telling Nagisa about anything about the operation of her company. The same part was part of the will her father left behind.

With a great deal of help from her godfather, who was now her legal guardian, she managed to right the wrongs in her company. At the same time, the company also grew. Since her birth, a good sum of money automatically went to her growing trust found. Before going to jail, the ex-vice president had tried to get into that money and stop the flow, but he couldn't because the money was well protected. When she became Azure, she began making more money and had another growing trust fund. About fifty percent of her pop idol money went into the trust, a portion went into taxes and about thirty percent went into helping her company to grow and the rest was for her own use, mainly buying the things she needed and putting some towards the orphanage she stayed at anonymously.

The time she had been spending with her orphan comrades, brought back so many different memories causing her to really take a good look at her life and see from where she came from to where she is now. Although she had experienced tragedy and sorrow, she had also experienced joy and gladness, but the thing she learned the most was how to enjoy her time because of how short it is and that's why she thrived every day to find some joy. It was a lesson she had to keep on learning, but it began to stick with her more often. Seeing her old comrades, it brought reality back to her to know that there are people who are in far worse shape than she.

The last of the orphans walked away leaving the musicians behind. Mostly everyone stretched out their tiredness in one form or the other. Hikari pulled out her phone to text Amane as she walked off the stage. Mugi had gone off to find Sawa-chan, who was making some last minute preparations for the red head plans. Mio and Yui had snuck off for some needed alone time because of being stressed out from the day. From the moment they had awoken, they were busy practicing the songs Nagisa had written to perfection. It was after that it was the orphan's meet and greet. Somewhere in there they did find time to eat.

So once everyone left, it was just Nagisa and Ritsu left. The drummer, after standing up to stretch out her arms, sat down next to her friend. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm doing well."

"Sad, I was hoping you were nervous."

Nagisa smiled slightly angrily at her friend, "Hey, I was trying not to think about it."

"Tell me, why are you nervous again?"

"It's because I'm afraid that if I put myself out there for her she'll reject me."

"If she loves you like you say she does, then she won't reject you."

"Yes, but she might because I was so awful to her. I'm afraid she won't forgive me."

The drummer scratched the back of her head, "If she loves you she'll forgive you. Trust me on this one."

"Why should I?"

"The other girl laughed, "You did not seriously ask me that did you? Nagi, have you forgotten about me and Mio."

The red head eyes sparkled as dawning set in, but she shook her head anyways to agitate her friend.

"Oh come on, you know how I mess up all the time in any circumstances. With Mio, she would get pretty irritated with me and on several occasions hit me to vent her feelings out… Did you know that before Mio and I dated she had thought my antics were cute at times and she only hit me at those times because she was suffering from conflicting emotions? It's true, but now she just finds my antics annoying. In any case, because I'm such a screw up and stuff, Mio has every right to stop being my friend, but she sticks with me because she loves me. It may not be as a girlfriend anymore, but she still does as a friend or a sister. I'm pretty sure this girl of yours will forgive you."

"Oh, I hope so." Silence grew as Nagisa looked at the direction her other band mate went to, "Ritsu?"


"Does it bother you when you see Mio and Yui together?"

There was a moment of silence to let Ritsu think, "I get jealous seeing them together, but not because of her being in love with someone else. It's more because Yui is spending so much time with Mio. For years I've been by her side and it's weird that she'll no longer be. I've thought about her dating people and it hurt. When we started dating, it was wonderful because I knew she'll continue to be by my side. Even though we were happy together, we both felt as if something was missing."

"What was it?"

"The best word I could come up with is romance, but it was more than that. In any case, I'm also happy because I'm in love with someone who is sweet and caring. All she needs to do now is get over her sister complex and things will be fine."

The red head was going to continue on, but was stopped when she noticed a small group of people from the corner of her eye. She turned her head fully to see Yaya, Chiyo, Chikaru, and Miyuki walking her way. The urge to jump off the stage and rush towards her friends was strong, but she had to force it back because of being Azure at the moment. In the end she ended up waiting for the small group to approach her before she slid off the stage to the ground with Ritsu following her actions.

"Hello Rojuko-sama," bowed Nagisa to her new boss.

"Hello Azure," said Miyuki.

"What brings you here?" asked the red head playing her part.

"I'm here with three people who are fortunate enough to have back stage passes to tonight's concert."

"Ah good," she turned her attention to the other girls, "And what are the names of these lovely young ladies."

Miyuki pointed towards Yaya, "This is Yaya-chan."

Smiling as seductively as possible unleashing the full power of Azure's flirting, Nagisa held out her hand towards Yaya as if offering to dance with her. The raven haired beauty's cheeks redden a little as she took the proffered hand. "It's a pleasure to meet such alluring girl." More redness entered Yaya's cheeks as the pop idol brushed her lips against the Spica girl's hand.

"Th…th…thank-you," stammered the other girl as she slid her hand away.

All the while Miyuki rolled her eyes at what the girl was doing, I wonder how Shizuma would feel if Nagisa flirted up with her now. I mean I knew she flirted around a bit at school, but I've never seen this before. If the girl acted this way towards Shizuma, my friend might either flirt to the challenge or melt. She found herself smiling at the thought.

Clearing her voice, Miyuki called forth the pop idol's attention, "This little one is Chiyo."

Nagisa's eyes diverted from Yaya's to the shy little first year, "What a cute name for such a cute girl."

The librarian assistant reddened like a ripe tomato at the compliment and more as she received a kiss on her cheek. Yep, this girl is good, thought the Student Body President of Miator.

"And lastly, this is Chikaru."

The fake blue head turn her attention to the Student Body President of Lilum and smiled her award winning smile, "It's charming to meet you, fair princess. I hope your pumpkin has brought you safely here."

Unlike the other two who didn't say anything, Chikaru spoke, "Milady, my ride was quite cozy, but thank-you for worrying about me."

"No, thank-you for gracing me with your beauty and sweet smile," replied the pop idol as she made the same gesture as she did with Yaya. "I hope you would find tonight's concert to your liking."

"I'm sure we will, kind lady."

Sensing a need to break things up, Ritsu stepped in, "Excuse my friend here, once she's on the roll she just can't stop. Hey, in case you didn't know who I am, my name is Sky."

The group waved to her as she waved before them.

Taking charge of things, Miyuki spoke, "Blue Water, these ladies are not just here with their back stage passes, but also because of the special musical numbers you will be performing tonight."

"Is that so?" questioned the fake blunette, "Well, I'm glad you could make it. I know we don't have enough time to do a really good rehearse job, but I know we can pull it off. Thank-you again for your willingness in participating in tonight's concert, until you have to perform just relax and have fun. Sky, would you be so kind as to escort these fine ladies to our practice area behind the stage while I'll talk with Rojuko-san."

"Gladly," the drummer agreed. With her in the lead, the other's followed after leaving the other girls to talk.

"Miyuki, did she…?"

"Don't worry, Nagisa, she came."

A smile spread on the younger girl's smile. "Thank-you," she whispered.


"I can't believe Miyuki and the others didn't come back to the hotel," Shizuma said as she was looking at the items up for the silent auction. "And that we were picked up by the odd four-eyed woman."

"Ah, Sawa-chan isn't all that odd," said Tamao as she looked at the belt of the bassist.

"That's another thing, how come you knew her?"

"We had lunch yesterday with her and her girlfriend."

Shizuma's hand touched the guitar of Azure while looking at the long list of bids. So far the object received the most bids. The guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul with a bluish hue. "Where did you meet her?"

"In one of my family restaurants," answered Tamao as she decidedly wrote down an amount for the belt. She bid higher than the last bidder, but not by much. "While Miyuki and I was eating, I recognized Sawa-chan's girlfriend from her performance the night before."

"Performance? Was she with Blue Water or Angelina?"

"Angelina," said Tamao now looking at a leather jacket. "Her name was Mugi-chan, but she is better known as M. She's very pretty, but she has the biggest eyebrows I have ever seen."

For a second there, Shizuma felt a little beside herself with worry, but pushed it aside as soon as her friend's girlfriend described the pianist. After looking at the guitar, Shizuma's eyes glanced at the pair of skinny jeans. She looked up to the security personnel for approval to pick them up. The personnel official nodded, but kept a close watch as Shizuma unfolded them. "The girl must have nice long legs. Hm, I wonder… She brought the fabric to her nose and took a sniff. One of the redeeming value to the pants was the fact they were still dirty from when the girl last worn them thus making them even higher in price. It's disgusting really, but hey it leads to a more indirect way of touching the famous idol.

This smells heavenly. Her scent is so sweet like honey suckles, cloves, and chocolate. She brought the fabric away from her nose for a second, but brought it back again as some unsettling feeling came upon her. Strange, these pants almost smell like Nagisa. Not completely knowing what it meant, she folded the pants again and placed them down. Before she knew what she was doing, she wrote down a huge amount down for both the guitar and the pants. Feeling accomplished, the silver fox left the auction tables towards the concessions to grab a bottle of flavored water with Tamao on her heels.

Once they both had drinks in their hands, they walked towards the staging area trying to get as close as possible. "Tamao-chan, I still can't believe Miyuki would pull you out of school for this, but at the same time I'm not surprised."

"Ah, well, she wanted to have me to herself, but she's not the only reason I'm here."


"I'm also here on behalf of my family."

"How come?"

"When I asked my father for permission to come so he could make arrangements with the school, he asked what the big deal was. I told him. He agreed. Afterwards he arranged with your father's record company to cater food for Blue Water and Angelina for a day as well as setting up a concession booth. As soon as he made the deal, he asked me to be the official representative to these events. Normally I would have been horrified by my father's actions but this time."

"Why is that?"

"I would be helping out with the orphanage and my favorite band."

They traveled into the crowd as best as they could before they couldn't go on any longer. They were about fifty feet away from the stage. Tamao became frantic as she knew that they had to get much closer to the stage. As she was about to despair, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around and saw her girlfriend, who smiled at her.

"Thank goodness I found you," said Miyuki as she pulled Tamao into a hug. "Come, Chikaru is saving seats for us right near the stage."

With no more words said, Tamao followed the president who held her hand with Shizuma right behind. It no time they made it and waited until the concert to blare into life.


Hikari was standing beside Mugi looking nervous. For the last two performances, Nagisa would have been by her side and watched her from the sidelines. The blonde had felt comfort in knowing that Nagisa was there, but right now she was on end due to the absence of the red head who was busy with other things.

Mugi looked over at Hikari and saw how nervous she was. In the past she had noticed the same sort of look in the opera singer's eyes. It was a look which appeared when her stage fright was kicking in, "Are you okay?"

"I'll be okay."

"Are you sure? We could always cancel…"

The blonde shook her head, "No, I need to do this."

Hit with inspiration, Mugi moved her head around to look for a certain red head, "Kari-chan, do you want me to find Nagisa?"

"She's too busy and we don't have enough time."

"Yes, but you can't perform in this state."

"She'll be fine," said a deep voice from behind.

Both performers turned around to see a tall, handsome prince.

"Amane-sempai," escaped a small whisper of a voice from Hikari.

The prince of Spica smiled as she held her arms out stretched for the one she loved. "Come here."

Being overcome by the presence of her love, Hikari froze some before she rushed towards the out stretched arms. "Amane-sempai."


The blonde relished being in the arms of her love for a moment before she pulled away to stare up inti the girl's crimson eyes, "What are you doing here? I thought you still had a tournament."

"I had the last one this morning. I won of course, but as soon as I finished I came here. You're okay with me here aren't you?"

"Yes, yes," she replied.

With a smile, Amane kissed Hikari's forehead, "Good, because I intend on listening to you. Do your best."

"I will. I'll do it for you."

The prince shook her head, "No, don't do it for me but for yourself."


Just as they leaned in for a kiss, they were interrupted by the other blonde, who coughed, "I really and truly hate to interrupt you two because I'm really loving this, but we need to go on."

Blushing and remembering there was someone else there, Hikari pulled almost out of Amane's arms. "Mugi-sempai, um, this is Amane-sempai, my girlfriend. Amane-sempai this is Mugi-sempai, my pianist."

Amane put forth hand towards Mugi who took it in her, "It's an honor."

"Likewise," said the flustered pianist, "I can see why my little Kari likes you so much. It's like a fairy tale, the prince and the princess."

It really did look like that as Hikari was wearing a white lace gown and Amane was still wearing her equestrian clothes. Even though she's a rather shy girl when it came to public display of emotions, Amane couldn't help but shine with pride over Mugi's comment. "I am very fortunate to be blessed by this angel." She then drew her girl in her arms for a deep kiss. "Good luck, my love."

The girl smiled and gave one last hug as prepared herself to walk on the stage.


The crowds like always stood in quiet awe as the small opera singer sang in her angelic voice. That night she truly earned her name. Tamao, who had seen the performance for the last two days couldn't help but notice how beautiful her friend sung at the moment. It was so much different from what she had heard before. There were times where she gasped at the amount of emotions the girl was putting into her music.

"Tamao?" whispered Miyuki into her girlfriend's ear.


"What do you think is the difference tonight?"

Their quiet whispers were over heard by one Chikaru, who at times seems to know more than what she should. "Maybe something good happened to her," she joined in.

"Perhaps," said Miyuki still trying to figure it out. "Maybe it's tonight's song choices." Both Angelina and Blue Water had to come up with different set lists for each night for verity, in case there were people who stayed for the full three days. Angelina had sung twelve different songs in three days, where Blue Water could have done it, but they didn't because they played their three biggest hits every night alongside their other ones. "Maybe she really likes these songs."

"It could be," said Tamao, "But I think it's something different."

As they discussed the change in Hikari's singing, Shizuma stood by in quiet awe of the young girl. Wow, Hikari is really putting on quite a show. She's usually quiet and shy, but wow, she's really giving it her all. She looked around the stage and caught a glimpse of a familiar shadowy figure standing at the side of the back stage. A smile formed on her face as she understood. In a whisper she said, "It must be love." Her fellow companions turned towards her in questioning about how she could know such a thing. She shrugged her shoulders and said it was just a hunch.

As soon as Angelina walked off the stage, the stage crew rearranged the stage, but a little differently. Instead of the drums being dead center, it was position on the right side of the stage (that is if someone stood on the stage facing the audience right). Two sets of mikes were placed on the left side as one mike went to the center and another next to the drums. To those who attended all three night, their voices spread in whispers throughout the grounds as they were curious as to what this all meant.

But the whispers quieted down as the stage crew left and the lights on the stage went black. The same announcer voice went over head as he announced Blue Water. A hush crawled on everyone as the strumming of a bass guitar reached their ears. As they studied the darkened stage, an aqua colored light beam shown on the stage as it highlighted a raven haired girl walking across the stage towards her mike. The moment she stopped at her mike, the beating of the drums joined in with the bass, followed by a stream of sky blue light setting on the drums revealing a girl with bangs in her eyes.

Their harmonious music played for some time as the audience waited in anticipation for the last member to show up, but it took too much time making those in attendance worry that Azure wasn't coming, then suddenly at one time the lights and music went dead making the stage look black once more. A moment of complete silence was roughed on everyone leaving them in unbelief. Just when it seems like all hope was gone; the stage was completely colored in intense azure blue. The sounds of drums were once again heard as motion from the left side of the drew everyone's attention as someone somersaulted her way towards the center of the stage doing the most magnificent aerials that would make a gymnast jealous. As she landed in the center, the bass picked up again as the new arrival swung her guitar from around her back and strummed her first notes. In a rush, she trampled to the mike and sang.

From the moment she flipped on stage, the crowds grew into an up roar, but even more so as she sang her heart out. Since finding out everything about her roommate, Tamao was once again in the swing of being a head banging fan alongside her girlfriend. Chikaru joined in with the most of them as she sang and grooved. As for the silver fox, she looked on Azure as she saw how the girl sang while she danced with her guitar. Instead of being in her sailor uniform, the girl sported a pair of blue yoga pants with knee high leather blue boots. To cover herself above the waist, she wore a white tank top cut short to show about three inches of her stomach.

Shizuma was so close to the stage that she saw Azure really working up a sweat. Which was a good thing since the outside temperature was rather cold. Luckily for Shizuma and her comrades, they wore jeans with good warm shoes. They all had on different jackets according to their tastes as well as whatever else they were wearing underneath. With Shizuma, she wore a skin-tight, red, button-down, silk shirt covered by a black cardigan. Despite being protected by the cold, she felt shivers run down her spine as she continued to listen to the music. Such energetic sounds moved the silver fox to eventually joining in with the rest of them. Her reluctance in doing so was because going to these sorts of concerts was not her thing. Operas and orchestras she could deal with, but rock concerts were something totally different. It was all the noise and lack of elegance. (A/N: Heck, it could be true; I mean she watched fireworks from afar).

The band had played three songs back to back without a break. As soon as the third song ended the band members allowed themselves to get a drink of water. After a few swallows, Azure took up the mike again, but this time just to talk, "Good evening and welcome to our last concert for this fundraiser. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here, and we thoroughly enjoyed entertaining you with our music. But you are here for more than just our music; you're here for the orphans. Thank-you for your support, we have raised enough money for the rebuilding the orphanage. I would continue to talk, but I'm afraid hearing me talk is not what you came here to hear, so on with the show."

While the pop idol spoke, Shizuma paid attention to her voice. It sounded as if the girl had a silence accent sounding almost like Shizuru from Mai Hime. There was a theory for her madness in listening to the way the girl spoke, but it fell through causing the silver fox to be disappointed. The disappointment left her as the music picked up once more letting her to not feel anything else.

Soon Blue Water had completed their set list. Azure then took up the mike again, "As most of you know or as most of you don't know, I'll be allowing for my mike to be taken by a girl named Berry, as in blueberry. But before I bring her out, I have an announcement to make, well two actually. My first is to say that I, Azure, am in love for the first time."

The crowds went wild at the news. Shizuma found it somewhat intriguing. Somewhat means she hesitant to want to learn anything about the girl with her it-about-the-music-and-not-the-artist beliefs. At the same time, she had a small feeling like she really wanted to know.

"My second has nothing to do with me being in love. I just want to tell people how after tonight I'll be going back to the exciting world of normalcy. I know it might seem like lots of fun being a pop star, but it's a lot of work. Not to mention that by the end of the day I have music running through my brains to when I fall asleep, I dream of g cliffs and black and white keys. It's just not fun, but still I like it. I find the best remedy is to think of something to occupy my mind and that's why school is so important. I like it because I get to learn new and sometimes helpful things. For instance, I now know a little French."

Somehow this perked up Shizuma's ears. Oh how I miss tutoring Nagisa in French. The silver fox watched as a smile formed on the pop idol's face as a blush crept on to her cheeks.

"Let's just say, voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir, voulez vous couchez avec moi." (Translation: Would you sleep with me tonight, would you sleep with me).

Not knowing why she was, the silver fox found herself blushing at to what the pop idol had said. The sounds of laughter reached Shizuma. She looked over at her companions who were making the joyous mirth. What's their problem?

"To those who don't know French, what I just said is something I want to do with the one I love. Because I am so happy to be in love, I have arranged for a special tribute to my love in the form of two new songs. Tonight following Berry we'll be performing them. With this let me introduce you to Berry."


Azure had stepped away from the mike as another girl walked on the stage. She wore what looked like a maid costume, but the skirt didn't puff out, it just hung tightly to the girl's legs, but not too tight to where she couldn't walk. For the next ten minutes, the brunette took over the show, while Azure left the stage towards the backstage for a quick change of out fits and to check on her helpers.

Her new outfit was a short red leather shorts with a long button down robin blue shirt only held close by three buttons at the bust line. Once changed, she approached her friends to tell them to get ready. As she stood backstage by Chiyo's side, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head and smiled up at her manager, an assistant no longer. "You're doing great tonight," the taller woman said.


"I just want to wish you luck."

"Thanks again, I'll need it."

The taller woman looked down at the girl towards the red head's left and smiled. The girl wore a magical girl outfit from one of the fashions in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. (A/N: You choose). That girl did a great job. Hours before the concert, Chikaru and Sawa-chan had met. Both females had an enjoyment for cosplay and making clothes. Chikaru was asked to make an outfit for Chiyo while Sawa-chan had made an outfit for Yaya. Sawa-chan, who usually made the costumes, felt a little angry at not doing all the costumes this time and felt as if she couldn't trust this work to anyone else, but she as soon as she saw the craftsmanship in the Chiyo's clothes, she knew she felt a kindred spirit. It was almost like Nagisa finding a kindred spirit in Yui as far as sweets go.


"That girl has a lot of energy," exclaimed Chikaru as soon as Yui had finished singing her two songs. The same two songs she had sung for each concert.

"She sure does," said Tamao knowingly.

Shizuma found the girl's singing voice a little cute, but not as cute as her love's, that was when the red head talked. During the whole event, the silver fox couldn't help but feel something was up, but she didn't know if it was because of the electrical current she felt throughout her whole body from the moment she sniffed those pants. The smell was strongly familiar to her, but she didn't understand how the scent ended up on those pants. After much ponderings, she concluded that her mind was playing tricks on, since she missed her little cherry so much.

The Etoile watched the stage. Berry had stayed on the stage and walked over to where the drummer and bass player stood. As she walked over, a stage crew member had brought out a keyboard to set up in the middle of the stage. He walked off after he completed his task only to be replaced by M by the instrument. As she settled in place, two other girls made their way on stage by the two mikes that had be set up from the start on the left hand side. The one girl everyone knew as Angelina, but the other girl no one knew, aside from those who went to Astraea Hill with her. The girl wore a long black evening gown to contrast with Angelina's earlier outfit that she still wore.

A third girl walked on the stage carrying a tambourine. The youngest girl had stopped when she reached the drum set. Finally the stage was set with it's many players. The only piece missing was Azure, who walked on shortly after the magical girl. She walked towards the mike and began to talk.

"As you can see, both Blue Water and Angelina had decided to combine our efforts for the final numbers of this event. We also asked a few lucky fans to join us. In any case, someone once asked me how I came up with the songs for Blue Water. I told them, that I wasn't the song writer. The true writer is our lovely bassist Aqua. I bring this up only to let you know that the two songs we are performing now are written by me, both music and lyrics. Up until I had fallen in love, I had no true inspiration to encourage me to write songs. So, these two pieces will be dedicated the one I love. The first song is called 'Love Poison.' You might find it a little depressing, but I was in a depress mood when I wrote it."

The soft sounds of the piano began the piece. It was slowly joined by the tinkling sounds of the ride cymbals. The blended voices of the backup singers joined in with oo's and ah's. The deep sound of the bass went off as the backup singers changed their oo's and ah's to a chant of "Trapped, trapped, trapped." The both guitars joined in as Nagisa's voice was quiet as she sing the chorus. The song's tone swiftly changed more virgorously as soon as the first verse came into play.

Shizuma was only casually listening, taking in the words to understand them. One of her hobbies when it came to music was that she liked to analyze the text. This hobby was due to her fondness for poetry. The first line of the second verse sent Shizuma into a tailspin. As the verse progressed, the silver fox became alarmed. Oh my…it can't be. Nagisa…! Her heart started pounding into her chest. Her eyes stayed focused on the fake blunette who sung out her deep depression because she couldn't be with the one she loved. Her heart went out to the girl who seemed so heartbroken. I may not entirely understand, but I realize her heart must have been really breaking.

Small pieces were slowly falling into place as the silver fox continued to listen. One small piece she put together was that Nagisa had kept hidden her secret of being Azure. It wouldn't have been a problem, but the red head worked for the record company Shizuma's father own (she doesn't know about the contract being bought off at this point). No wonder she stayed away from me.

The song ended and received a thunderous amount of noise. Shizuma all the while didn't move or say anything; she just kept her eyes on the lead singer for all she was worth.

Nagisa waited a moment before she spoke again, "I take it you like the song. I'm glad. For the last song of the evening, I'm going to need a volunteer. Since I can't be with the one I love, I just need someone to take her place."

Screaming girls around the stage jumped up and down while they waved their hands in hopes Azure would pick one of them. The fake blunette looked around, while Shizuma was still in wonderland lost in her shock. Miyuki looked over at her friend and grabbed her hand. The silver fox jumped back into reality as she looked from the stage to her friend in confusion. Even though she watched the whole thing, she hadn't paid attention at all to what was going on. She pulled her hand away from Miyuki's only to find a note in her palm.

Curiously she looked down and read what was written, "If you understand what is going on, then you should know, I got you a little souvenir. I'm own Blue Water."

Shizuma looked up from her note in shock only to be more shocked as she received the evil eye from those around her. "What's going on?" she asked her companions.

They all pointed to the stage where, the pop idol was pointing at her with a smile on her face, "Hey there space queen, I'm glad you're back to earth."

In her confusion, the silver fox had found herself on the stage from people rushing her up there, shortly after being spoken to. She was now standing next to Azure feeling an un-Shizuma like nervousness.

"I'm sorry to put you on the spot like this," said the pop idol, "But I just love catching people off guard. There's some fun in it I just love. Now then…" the girl turned around and gave a come-hither finger towards the magical girl. The small girl walked over to her, "Thank-you for your magical performance, you were fantastic. Now there are two more things you must do for me."

The small girl nodded her head.

"Would be so kind in giving this lovely woman your tambourine? I promise you'll get it back at the end of the performance with my autograph."

Chiyo smiled brightly at this and gladly handed the rhythm instrument over to Shizuma, who took it into her hands not knowing what to do with it.

Still smiling, the pop idol said, "Good girl, now there's just one last thing." She took the guitar from off of her back and handed it to the magical girl. "Please take this to the back stage for me."

Again the young girl was eager to do as the pop idol requested, but before she left, the fake blunette placed a kiss on the girl's cheek.

"Thanks again, my little one."

A little clumsy at being filled with so much happiness, Chiyo left the stage.

The pop idol then turned her attention to her "volunteer." "As for you sweetheart, may I have your name."

"It's Shizuma," declared the older girl getting back some of her gusto. It had begun when she saw the pop idol giving a kiss to the young girl. It didn't sit well with her. Those kisses belong to me alone.

"Ah, what a fair name for such a fair beauty," Nagisa held out a hand towards her. Cautiously the Etoile placed her hand in the fake blunette's hand. Her heart pounded in her chest like crazy as she felt lips grazed the top of her hand. "Tonight for five minutes, you shall be my queen in placement for the one I love. As for your part, I want you to hit the tambourine every time you hear either 'you,' 'your,' 'kiss,' or 'sugar rush.' Understand?"

"Clearly," stated the Etoile with a smile on her face.


Azure took her mike back over to the stand to wait for the music to begin. One by one the voices of the instruments joined forces in a very upbeat song. The last instrumental voice to join the chorus was Nagisa as she sang:

"Never been in love before,

But you've left me wanting more.

Not having you is my demise.

Your golden eyes have me mesmerized."

She took the mike out of the base and walked over towards Shizuma singing directly to her.

"Your lips are sweeter than honey,

And stirs in me something funny.


"Kiss me once, kiss me twice.

You're sweeter than sugar and spice.

Oh honey, I find you very nice.

Your kisses give me such sugar rush

And fills my body with such a blush.

Oh your sweet nectar turns me mush."

The performer grabbed the silver fox's hand and kissed it one more time. She lead Shizuma more center/front of the stage and placed her hands on the taller woman's waist from behind as the pop idol peeked out from behind from one side to another to look up into the woman's eyes. All the while she sang:

"Walking by you leave me your scent.

Tempting me to go where you went.

If love pheromones had a name,

Your fair smell is love's aim.

When you smile, my heart's a flame,

Our love's confection is the same."

The fake blunette pulled away from the taller girl as she took the girl's hand again and kissed it.


Due being a pop idol and needing to be physically fit, Azure/Nagisa had great physical strength. She pull the silver fox towards her and in a graceful swing of sorts she dipped the older girl, holding her in just one arm as she held the mike to keep singing. Shizuma kept playing the tambourine as much as possible as she either bashed it on her thigh or with her hand if it was free. All the while her heart was pounding in her chest. Never in all her life had she felt so alive, so excited. In a way, she was suffering from a sugar high.

The crowds were going nuts. Miyuki was astounded. Tamao was blushing furiously. Chikaru had mischief in her eyes, but not the bad kind. Those on stage besides, Shizuma and Nagisa, were trying like hell to keep from messing up the song. It wasn't because they didn't know it; well, it was more due to shock at the antics of Azure. They knew the girl was going to do stuff, but they had no idea what it would be. They were also shock to see the love of their friend's life. Her beauty was astounding to them.

"Your presence is boldly strong,

Makes me feel like I belong.

We live as one as two

I hunger without you

Oh how I miss my sugar high,

You sweetness lets my heart fly."

Nagisa swung the taller girl back to her feet as she started on the chorus again, jumping up and down in place while she still hung on the girls hand. After a once through of the chorus, she sung it again but let go of the other girl's hand. There was a brief moment where she stopped singing just to do a flip in the air twice letting the backup take over for a moment. After her flips the girl came back to Shizuma to sing her final line: "Oh your sweet nectar turns me mush."

The music smoothly shifted to a slow song. Nagisa offered her hand to Shizuma, who took it in her for the umpteenth time within those few minutes. Their dance was something out of a middle ages since they were only connected by a pair of hand. They couldn't dance as well when Shizuma held the tambourine along her side and Nagisa still held her mike, but only behind her back in a princely manner. The fake blunette twirled the taller girl into her once then twice and dipping her once more. Within this dip, the pop idol connected her lips with those of the older girl in her arms. For a moment, both girls' heart sped up and they began to feel hot. Backing away slightly, Azure placed her lips next to the silver fox's ear and whispered, "I'm sorry; I love you too." (Luckily the mike was nowhere near as she whispered this).

They both stood up. The silver fox looked so dazed, but at the same time her eyes were shiny. A single stream of tears escaped one of her eyes to express how much joy she was feeling. The urge to grabbed Nagisa and run off the stage with her over powered her, but she fought it off as best as she could. Little did she know, her love was feeling the same thing.

They both smiled at each other. The pop idol place the mike to her mouth and bow to the silver fox, "Thank-you, my beautiful queen, you have my gratitude for volunteering. I wish you a good night. May you sleep well and have pleasant dreams." For one last time Nagisa kissed the other girl's hand.

"It was my pleasure," said Shizuma, before taking her hand away and walking off the stage.

Things went crazy once Shizuma left the stage. Just remember how it was like when a very exciting basketball game was over the crowds were like going wild when their favorite team won the game just barely as the buzzer went off. Something like that happened, but in a more of a hurricane fashion. Nagisa had once again thanked everyone as Shizuma and the others left before the crowds could pounce on them for information. The pop idol had bought them sometime to get away. However, as soon as she wished the crowds a good night, the crowds went wild, but in a good way. They weren't like throwing rocks or trying to war it out with each other; they just tossed light sticks in the air as well as glitter. Aside from this, there was a mad shuffle to get away from the stage to waiting cars or buses with heated chatter about the events from the night.

As it was there were reporters about, they went in search of both Shizuma and Nagisa to get the inside scoop. Miyuki was prepared for something like, so she had her car ready for a quick exit. A few of the stage crew were also there to lend a hand to them by putting obstacles in the way of the reporters and some crazed fans, who were upset that their precious Azure had kissed some unknown woman multiple times. As it was stated earlier, Nagisa and her band mates were used to this sort of thing. They along with Yaya, Chiyo, Amane and Angelina jumped into a limo as fast as possible. They drove on for a while to switch vehicles, from the limo to Sawa-chan's blue van. It was a rather tight fit to say the least, but they made it safely to the hotel after driving around for the next hour or so.

They had stopped to get ice cream and discussed rooming arrangements since there were more people in the equation. Mio and Yui stayed together. Hikari and Amane ended together to no one's surprise. Yaya had wanted to stay with her friend, but ended up with Chiyo since it was much safer than if the young girl would room with Chikaru. There is reason to believe that the Student Body President of Lilum might be a lolicon since she spends so much time with first and second years, a strange action since she was a fifth year. Ritsu and Mugi joined forces. Mugi would have gone with Sawa-chan, but it would be too big of a temptation. They still had to wait until the blonde was graduated before doing anything. Above all means Chikaru ended up with Sawa-chan giving that Nagisa would be with Shizuma.


Shizuma and her party of four, herself included, arrived at the hotel about a half hour after she left the concert. Her mind was wheeling with thoughts and images on the ride over, but they were also working on a plan. She had consulted Miyuki as soon as they entered the hotel. The president merely smiled because half of what the Etoile had proposed, she and Nagisa had already figured might happen. So Nagisa had given Miyuki her hotel key in advance.

Once having the key, she went to the pop idol's room. To her surprise her luggage was already there waiting for her. She had no idea when her love would show up, but she decided that she had time enough to take a shower. She dug in her luggage for some clean underwear. The only ones she had cared ever to own were always lacy and either white, red or black. To her luck, tonight she had a pair of red. She would have had black, but her mind was thinking about the one she loved causing her to decide against it. She also brought along a cream color silk bathrobe.

Her shower wasn't all that long yet just long enough for her to ease her nerves. From her shower, she went on to take a hair drier from her suitcase. Normally for the silver fox, drying her hair would take about a good half hour with the drier since she had so much hair. She could have let it air dry, but decided against it. She had wanted to look stunning for when the red head came back. She glanced at the clock, the time keeper told her that twenty-five minutes had passed since she took the shower. It had seemed strange to her that the red head wasn't back yet. I wonder what's taking her so long.

Trying to calm down her worries, she went to dry her hair. As soon as she finished, she felt more worried that her love hadn't shown up. Oh what if… oh please don't let anything bad happen to her.

To ease her mind, she spent the next few moments gather her dirty clothes and putting them in a bag for such things. She also put her hair drier away. Once she finished these small tasks, she plopped herself down on one of the beds to wait for her love. She turned on the TV for some background noise, but soon her eyes grew tired from such an emotionally long day.

Sometime later, she was awoken by the sounds of a door opening. She sat up from her spot on the bed trying to regain her senses. Glancing at the figure, who was shutting the door behind it, her eyes cleared away the drowsy haze from them. "Good evening," she managed to say.

The figure spun around to reveal one pop idol, who seemed to have jumped due to the unexpected welcome. Regaining composure, she smiled at the woman on the bed, "Hello." She stood there for a moment, not knowing how to proceed. She had explained her feelings and now the ball was in the silver fox's hands. "Sorry to disturb you."

"I would have been disappointed if you didn't," said Shizuma as she patted the bed beside her.

A little hesitantly, the red head walked over to the bed and sat down, "Listen, I'm so sorry, if I could take it back I would. I didn't mean to hurt you. It just…"

Shizuma placed a finger to the other girl's mouth, "I could never be mad at you. Upset would be more like it. I won't deny that you hurt me, but I also hurt you. My stubbornness blinded me in not stopping my pursuits and forcing my feelings on you, I'm sorry." The silver fox touched the red head's head and pulled the blue wig off followed by the nylon head thing. "Okay, that's better."

Nagisa smiled, "So what do you think about me little secret?"

"It's a shocker. I've never been in love with an idol before." She threw the wig to the side and placed a hand lovingly against the red head's face, "Of course I've ever been this in love before."

Nagisa had placed a hand on top of Shizuma's and kissed her palm, "Could you live with me being who I am?"

"I could live it, but only if you do one little thing."

"What's that?"

Shizuma's eyes bore into Nagisa's, "I would like you to stop your flirting. Seeing you kiss Chiyo-san was a little unsettling."

"Were you jealous?"

The older woman blushed, "I wouldn't say…"

"It's okay, I don't mind if you were. Besides, you should know, she's not my type."

"Oh, and who is your type?"

The red head smiled, "You are in every way."

If her heart would have pounded any harder, it would have jumped out of the silver fox's chest. "What about your flirting habit?"

"Ah, it's a habit right. I'm sure you can understand how difficult it would be to break it after all you flirt a lot yourself. Somehow, I can't ask you to give it up. It's a part of you, making it one more part that I love about you."

The normally cool and collected Etoile was blushing like mad. She needed to change the subject, "What took you so long to get back?"

"Safety precautions," the younger girl stated laying her back on the bed with her arms behind her head. "We had to throw off the reporters and crazed fans. We also went out for ice cream. I'm sorry if I had worried you."

Shizuma lay next to Nagisa and placed a hand on the girl's three buttons, "I was a little worried."

The younger girl smiled, "Just a little worry?"

"Maybe a little lonely," admitted the older girl.

Nagisa turned her head towards Shizuma's, who was looking down at her. She placed a gentle hand to her love's face, "Shizuma-sama, you have no idea how lonely I've been since before I meant you." Tears were starting to fall from the girl's face, "I've been so alone, but loving you and being near you, I never felt so at home. I'm never alone when I'm with you."

The silver fox wiped away her love's tears and leaned down to kiss her. The kiss was amazing; it was filled with the surmounted love and desire for the other. They felt completed, but more importantly, they felt such great happiness.

While they kissed Shizuma managed to unbutton those three buttons she had been playing with. She pushed the shirt aside only to find a braless Nagisa. She gasped as she looked at the girl's bare chest. Her heart tightened at the sight, filling her with much desire. She placed a hand on the exposed flesh and placed her lips once more on Nagisa's lips.

The red head's right hand went for edge of Shizuma's robe. Knowing she had plenty of time and didn't want to rush things, she gently slid the robe off the older girl's shoulder. Her movement sent a chain reaction in the silver fox as she frozen in place for a moment. Worried, the red head pull enough away to look at her love's face; only to be surprise to see tears running down her cheeks.

"What's wrong?"

Shizuma sat up and looked away from Nagisa before she found her voice again, "You know this is not my first time?"

A small giggle escaped the other girl's mouth, "I figured as much since you are who you are."

The silver fox shook her head, "It's not that. Nagisa, do you think I'm easy?"

"I never thought about it much, but I've never view you like that."

This relieved some of the Etoile's stress, "I'm sure most people at school would view me as easy, but I'm not. I only ever slept with one person and that was a mistake."

The news shook the red head up a little. The thought about someone sleeping with her girlfriend before her was disturbing, but at the same time she had accepted it since there was nothing she could do about it. At the moment, she had no idea where to go with this or what to say to her love. Instead she just waited for her to continue.

The silver fox looked at Nagisa in the silence they had created, "Are you not going to say anything?"

"I won't pressure you into telling me anything, but I am curious as to why you're making this into a big deal."

Shizuma lay back down next to Nagisa and cuddled up beside her, "I had made a promise to only give myself to the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I know it's old fashion coming from me, but it's true."

"Are you feeling guilty that you can't give me your first time?"

There was a nod of the head.

"I don't care," declared the red head. "If it makes you feel any better, you can have my first time. I might be a famous singer and flirt a lot, but I've never gotten this close to anyone before. You're my first love, and I hope my only love. No one makes me feel the way you do."

Their lips meant again. This kiss was filled with such unbridle passion. As they lost themselves in it they manage to remove their clothes and have their bodies intertwined. As their love climax they were lost into their own world. A world filled only with them loving each other.

It was pretty late in the morning when they woke up. Nagisa felt someone's arm around her bare waist. Smiling, she intertwined her fingers with the girl's. She brought the hand up her face and kissed it multiple of times. Her wet lips finally sent a message to the girl behind her. Goosebumps popped up on her skin as she felt as pair of lips nibble at her ear for a moment both words seeped out those same lips.

"Good morning, my little cherry."

Twisting around in her love's arms, Nagisa faced Shizuma with a bright smile, "Good morning."

Their lips meant again.

"Mmm, I could wake up to this every morning," said Shizuma seductively. "Too bad you share a room with Tamao-chan."

"Yeah too bad," said Nagisa thinking about how things were going to be different from now on. She truly never felt happier, but at the same time a little sad just thinking that she couldn't be with her lover at school much due to the older girl's responsibilities. The thought of them not sharing the same room brought gloom to the girl.

The older looked at Nagisa for a moment while gliding her fingers through the girl's red locks. "Nagisa, can I tell you something?"

There was a nod of the head.

"I'm scared."

"Of what?"

"I'm scared of what the future would hold. I can't imagine my life without you. I want to be with you forever. Being with you has changed me for the better because there is nowhere else I rather be than with you. We have about six months before I graduate after that I'll go on to study at a university."

"I know, I'll be in Miator still."

"I know, but what if you find someone new in the next two years."

"I can say the same thing about you."

"I can't move on to anyone else. You have my heart."

"Then what do you have in mind?"

Shizuma scrambled out of bed to reveal her perfectly curved body and porcelain skin. Nagisa enjoyed the view as the girl before her went to her suitcase and pulled something out. She came around and kneeled down by the bed facing the red head, "I didn't have time to do much since everything happened, but from the moment I realized how you felt, I knew I couldn't let this opportunity slip by. I need you with me always." She brought her hand in the air and let an object fall from a gold chain.

The red head studied the object for a moment, "A key?"

"I would say it's a key to my heart, but it's not fake key. The key actually belongs to a house my father bought me."

"Your father bought you a house?"

"Yes. After the whole Kaori incident, my father thought he could cheer me up by giving me a house. It's more of a summer home. I've been there once. It's really close to the school."

"Okay, but what does this…?"

"I know we can't get married yet, but I did promise to make you my wife. I don't have a ring to give you at the moment only this key. It would be a key to our future together and a promise to remain faithful to each other. I know we have two and half more years before we could fly to Europe and to get married, but will you consider this as an engagement. I mean, will you marry me?"

A bright smile formed on the red head's face. "I will." Nagisa lifted her head up some to allow for Shizuma to put the key around her neck. As soon as the key kissed the young girl's body, Shizuma kissed the red head's lips.


High in an office suite sat a silver haired man, who had just read two letters, one from his goddaughter and one from his daughter, both having been sent to him from different means. Both contained the same message about how they found each other. Of course in his daughter's letter, she declared that she was proudly taken and is currently engaged. This in itself shocked the man, since he found it too early. He placed both letters down and stood up from his seat.

He walked over to the window and enjoyed the view. After a while he pulled out his wallet to search through his pictures until he found what he was looking for. It was a picture of a short red headed teen standing next to a tall younger version of himself. He smiled at the picture, "It's done, my friend. I suspect that in three years or more, they'll be married. I'm sorry I didn't get to your daughter sooner."

His mind traveled to when he and his friend were younger. They loved each other, but only as brothers. The fact is they were both straighter than straight. The thought of them even hugging or kissing another guy grossed them out. They were fine if other guys liked it, but it wasn't for them. In any case, they had often thought about how wonderful it would be if they were family. They had vowed that their first born children would marry. As it was, both of their first born ended up being girls. It was a bit of a disappointment to the both of them. Although it could have been solved by their wives having other children, but due to complications it never happened. Hanazono's wife died when they were ready to have another child and then there were the deaths of the Aois. There were a few other complications, but these were the major ones.

With the birth of Nagisa, they had thought it would be impossible for a marriage to happen between their families. That was before Shizuma had seen the red head first time. Over time they had forgotten they had because most childhood memories fade away as they become adults, the only thing that really stuck with Shizuma was the fact the girl had red eyes. However, this is not entirely the importance of her meeting Nagisa.

Hanazono had been present at the time. He remembered going to a Mahou Phonograph Plus to visit his friend. At the time, Naigsa was there humming to some music as she wore a pair of huge earphones. He pointed the girl out to one bored looking Shizuma (at seven) who didn't want to be there. She also would have cared less than getting to know some girl, but she walked over to the girl and was shocked when she saw such a cutie. Strangely enough, she liked the look of the girl so much she had kissed her on the forehead. Hanazono mussed over this and grabbed his friend to show him how their daughters were interacting. At first Aoi was against it, but his heart softened when he saw his little girl kiss the slightly older one on the cheek. Both men had agreed to an arrange marriage, but they had agreed not see each other or let their daughters meet anymore afterwards until a certain time years from then. They didn't want to push the girls together; they just wanted them to fall in love naturally.

Hanazono smiled to himself, "There are just some things that are better left unsaid." He knew he could never tell his daughter or his future daughter-in-law the truth of all things.