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Ten years had passed and now those beautiful redheaded little girls have turned into teenagers. Their past had been a rough one as they dealt with their PTSD, but now their life had some semblance of normalcy. They rarely had flashbacks and nightmares were at a minimum as they had grown.

The resilient side of them had shown more from Nikki, but Rachel was healing. Nikki now rarely remembers that horrible day, but she will always carry the memory of how close her family got after it. Rachel remembered everything about it, but never really thought on it. She knew that it couldn't stop her from going on with her life and she wouldn't let it.

Gibbs and Jenny had both retired the day the girls turned ten. They both figured it was time to move on. Leon Vance succeeded Jenny and Tony became the leader of the MCRT. Tim was his senior field agent and Ziva had gotten the title of agent. They trained new probie Grace Harding by teaching her all they had learned and were still learning from Gibbs.

Abby was still the forensic specialist though after some haggling she took on an assistant by the name of Mark Hayes. She worked well with him especially after everyone on the team had had a discussion with him as to what would happen to him if he ever tried to hurt their favorite scientist and little sister.

Ducky retired and often enjoyed going golfing and having the twins accompany him to the opera. Jimmy was made the Medical Examiner and utilized everything that his predecessor taught him.

Today, the twins had the day off and the entire family had decided to go on an outing together. They packed up their cars and headed to the beach.

Rachel and Nikki sat in the back and hummed along to the iPods that Abby had given them. Jenny looked back at them every few minutes and then to her husband. She couldn't believe that her life had changed so much after she had almost lost everything. She was a mother to not only two beautiful twin girls, but a surrogate mother to four other wonderful people. The family was definitely and odd one, but she loved them anyway.

Gibbs looked over to his wife as he saw her smiling. She caught his gaze and lifted a curious brow. She grinned, looked at the girls, and at the car in front of them before sighing contentedly. He caught on then. He knew she still couldn't believe all of this had happened and to be honest, neither could he, but it had and he was grateful that the shootout that had happened so long ago in that abandoned diner had not torn that away from him. The kidnapping of his two girls had not broken them, but made their bond stronger. They were happy with the lives they had.

They got to the beach and everyone carried supplies onto it. Gibbs and Tony set up the umbrellas as Jenny, Ziva, and Abby prepared the picnic they had brought with them. They all ate and enjoyed the conversations around them before they headed into the water.

Nikki and Ziva had a splash fight with Abby and Rachel and then Tony came up behind Ziva and threw her under the water as Tim did the same to Abby. Ziva growled at Tony as she breached the surface and lunged at him. He chuckled and then took off. Abby came above the surface and gave Tim one of the most evil glares that could almost rival Gibbs'. Tim took off with Abby right on his heels. Nikki and Rachel stood by as they giggled at what was taking place before them. They were too entranced by the action in front of them that they didn't hear their parents sneak up behind them. Jenny took Rachel and Gibbs took Nikki. The girls screamed at first and as soon as they realized who got them they squealed. They played in the water a little longer before Jenny announced that it was time to go. Groaning, they packed up the cars and said their goodbyes before heading home.

The ride was a long one and so Rachel and Nikki had fallen asleep. Jenny looked back at them and smiled at the beautiful girls. She smiled and looked to her husband and leaned over to kiss him. Their fingers laced together and all was content in their world. Their life was complete and it was wonderful.

The End

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