Bella Swan

Growing up I had always felt as if I didn't belong, my parents Charlie and Renee Swan were you average american couple. My father had curly brown hair and dark brown eyes while my mom had straight red hair with bright blue eyes. So here I was looking in the mirror I had a russet skin color and long black hair that went down to my waist and dark brown almost black eyes, oh yeah I look so much like them. I have lived in Forks,Washington ever since the day I was born, it is considered the rainest place in the continetal U.S.

My mom always told me that I was special and it wasn't until the following week did I find out how special I truly was.


"Bella sweetie you better hurry or you'll be late for school!" My mom yelled from down stairs .

"Coming!"I yelled back applying one more coat of mascara.

"Isabella Marie Swan what in God's name are you wearing you'll freeze to death!" she said eyeing my shorts and blouse.

"Mom you know this cold weather doesn't effect me so please ?" I said giving her my signature puppy dog pout.

"Ohh fine but wear a light jacket for your fathers sake , and remember I love you my special girl."
" you too!" I said running out towards my rusty Volswagen Rabbit.

Pulling into the already crowded parking lot when I spotted my friends Angela ,Ben Bree and Riley. As I got out of my car I smelt an sickly sweet smell that made the hair on my arms stand up, and in the very far edge of the parking lot was a silver Volvo S60 and next to it were five people who looked like they had just been dug out of the grave they were so pale!:0 Shaking my head trying to clear the voice in my head telling me to run but I ignored it and made my way over to my friends.

"Oh my gosh have you see the new kids they are so gorgeous!" exclaimed Bree
"Eww Bree I thought that you had better taste than that they look like the walking dead." I said disgust prominate in my voice

"Well not all of us can have the natural permatan skin all year round so to me the three boys are ...woof." she barked making me laugh like crazy and making the zombie new kids and half of the entire parking lot to stare at me . I stared back and pretty soon alot of the people who knew me began to laugh along with me even though they didn't even know what the joke was.

As the bell rang signaling us to go to our home rooms, after racing to my first period Statistics class my head drifted off into the lala land that was my brain. When I had finally drifted out of my lala land did I realize I was already in third period.

"Yes!" I yelled out loud and quickly covering my mouth realizing I had said it out loud.

"Yes Miss Swan is there anything you would like to share with the class or is your stupidity taking over your brain again?" said eyeing me with utter disgust. Ha I thought your just jealous your sick pervert of a husband likes eyeing me when you two eat at the diner every night.

"Well yes actually I would like to ask you if you could thank your husband for the very nice tip last night ."I said smiling while grabbing my things then head toward my ususal seat in the principle's office.

"Out ."she fummed her eyes bulging out of their sockets and holding out my usual pink slip.

As I walked down the hall I saw the two blondies from the living dead group and the look on their faces was one of utter disgust ha I could say the same thing at least I dont smell like a whore house.

Opening the office doors I saw sitting at her desk already holding out my usual apple juice.

"Thanks is Tim ready to see me yet?"

"Yes Bella go right on in."