~Jeannie's POV~

And then the whole thing changed. The feelings changed. The kiss changed. There was still love, a lot of it coming through, but now it wasn't a tender kiss anymore. Now, it was all passion. It had more passion than anything I had ever felt with him before…I liked it.

My hands were running through his hair and his were feeling any patch of bare skin he could find. His touch felt hot against my skin, and I couldn't get enough of it. His lips left mine and began placing a trail of hot kisses all around my neck.

"Oh Anthony…" I could not help but quietly moan as his mouth worked the magic only he could conjure up against my skin. I began unbuttoning his uniform and then his shirt, but I got frustrated and blinked it away. I ran my hands along his bare chest and back. He had perfectly toned muscles. He then removed the top of my outfit and put his lips to work again. This time I moaned a little louder. His lips covered mine.

He led me back to the couch, carefully so that he wouldn't break the kiss, and laid me down and began kissing my neck again and back to my lips. I was beginning to unbutton his pants when the doorbell rang. He jumped off me and went to find his shirt while I quickly disappeared. Right at that moment, Roger walked in.

"Hey Tony, the door was open so I let myself in…" he said as he looked at a shirtless Tony, with pink, swollen lips. He looked at the floor and found my top. "I, uh, did I interrupt something?"

I popped back in wearing a different outfit. "Oh, hello Captain Healey, how pleasant of you to stop by." I said, but he gave me a strange look. Not only did I have matching red lips, but my neck and as far as my blouse would show, was pink. Something clicked in his head.

"I just remembered an appointment I have to go to …so I'll stop by some other time," he smirked and said to Tony, "don't have too much fun while I'm gone." And with that, he bolted out the door.

I had noticed that my master hadn't said one word this whole time. I walked over to where he was standing and stood in front of him, worried. "Master, what is the matter? Did I disappoint you?"

"Dissa- Jeannie! How could you think such a thing!" he took hold of my hands. "I could never be disappointed in you, I love you too much." He said it! He had said that he loved me and by the looks of his beautiful blue eyes, he meant it. "Now, I'm going to go lay down for a bit and how about we go to see a movie later?"

"Oh master! I would love that!" he smiled broadly.

"Okay." He said and walked into his room and shut the door. I waited a little and then I smoked and went under his door to follow him in. This time, he let me stay.