rhythm of the heart


can he hear you heart?
beating to the rhythm of his

can he hear your heartbeat?
missing a beat as he moves closer

you see, you're a dreamer
mind full of dreams and beauty
and you're alwaysalways believed in l o v e

but he's filled with reason
and by his reasoning, love doesn't exist

can he hear your heart break?
under stresspainlonging

so sure, in your dreams he might be yours
but everywhere else he's no one's
[single and happy, baby]

he's your bestbest friend
the reason to your imagination
he keeps you grounded
but you don't know how to let him f l y

he's monetary [of or relating to money]
because he comes with a price
{unrequited l o v e, oh the pain}

even during the summer
as the summer breeze ruffles the trees
he's bent over a textbook still
["You're such a Ravenclaw, Lorcan!"
"I just want to succeed in life, Luce."]

and you're not going to live forever
as he puts it, you don't have any a m b r o s i a
so you might as well live life while you still have it

wrap an arm around him
put your head on his shoulder
watch as he shuffles away
whisper into the impending silence
"I love you, Lorcan."

maybe {once-upon-a-time} you would've worked
maybe {once-upon-a-time} you could've had a chance
but now you've been s*p*l*i*t
into little p i e c e s

because hey, see that boy?
he doesn't understand the workings of love, little dreamer
and maybe you don't either

lorcan, do you believe in love?
lucy, do you believe in fairytales?

maybe you should give up d r e a m i n g
because it ends in a beautiful disaster
every single time

{and he's always going to be your d o w n f a l l}

["Molly, do you believe in fairytales?"
"Yes, Lucy, I do. And you're living one right now."
"What do you mean? I'm not!"
"Lorcan is your prince. You just have to tell
him that."]

and it might just be too late
maybe he'll have found love with another girl
but you creep over to the boys' dorms
in the m i d d l e of the night

and you tell him that you love him
and you tell him that you know he doesn't love you
and you c r e e p away
[you're Lucy and you don't get in trouble]

but for whatever reason
he s t o p s you

running away, are you, Lucy?
there's a reason why you aren't a Gryffindor

but he stares at you, curiously
before he leans in and presses his lips to yours

[he tastes like sunshine and sweet berries
but you won't tell him that]

and he tells you that he just might be wrong
only maybe he's not because
he won't find love with anyone {but you}

maybe life's just a fairytale
but you've got your prince and your happy ending
so you're set to the end

[and you've taught him to f l y]

can he hear your heart?
beating just for him

can he hear your heartbeat?
pounding to his rhythm

can he hear your heart mend?
mended by the only person who ever could
hear the rhythm of your heart
and love you for it

A/N: Pairing request by Tenzy and Zhie, and prompts given by them too. Thanks, guys, I love you!

And that's for you, then. ;)