Kurt paced outside Sam's dressing room where the couple had gone to talk. He couldn't hear any actual words, or sentences, just yelling. Eventually he sat down on the floor. He'd been out there for at least twenty minutes when Quinn walked over and slumped down next to him, "What did I miss?"

Kurt looked at her as though she was crazy. He really wanted to know what he missed, coz when he added up everything that happened, none of this made any sense. Not to mention that Santana had left with Quinn to talk to Puck, and yet Quinn was here with no Santana. Shrugging he decided to ask her later, "They went in there to talk to privately. Not long after there was some yelling, and I could have sworn I heard glass break. I also think Rachel cried, but I'm not sure. I've sorta just been waiting for you to tell me what happened with you, Santana and Puck. Speaking of Santana, where is she?"

Quinn hardly paid attention to the questions he was asking her, trying really hard to catch a couple of the words being exchanged in the dressing room. She glanced at Kurt, "Oh, Santana stayed behind to talk to Puck a little longer, since they've been close friends since high school. Did you say broken glass?"

Kurt sighed. No one ever listened to him. He nodded, "I think so. I'm not sure what's going on. I figure we'll give them about half an hour, and then we'll go in there. Hows Puck handling it?" He frowned. Everyone saw the way Puck looked at Rachel. Everyone. They'd gone out once, for like a week when they first met, but that was like forever ago. Eight years to be precise. Since then, they'd been strictly friends. Of course, Rachel was the only one stupid enough not to realize Puck was eye fucking her every time they filmed, or went out to dinner. Sam pretended he never saw it, but they all knew he saw it. Rachel knew she had feelings for him, but there was only one person she'd ever told about that, and Eliza wasn't any where near, yet.

Quinn nodded slowly, hardly listening, lost in thought just as much as Kurt. She looked up and smiled sadly at him, "Puck's really beat up. He fucking loves her. Like, head over heels. He barely even feels bad he hurt Sam, his friend. He just doesn't know how to deal with his feelings towards her."

They sat in silence for five more minutes before Sam stormed out, knocking over some things on set as he left. Quinn stood up quietly and walked over to Rachel, who was sitting on the couch. There was in fact broken glass. Quinn hugged Rachel tight, and Rachel buried her face in Quinn's shoulder, crying her eyes out. Quinn looked around, "What happened Rachy?"

Rachel sniffled and took a few deep breathes, looking around as she tried to remember what happened. It was all a blur. Sighing, she turned to her two very concerned friends, "It's kind of a long story, wanna stick around in here while I tell it, or can we go somewhere else?"

Kurt wrapped his arm around Rachel's shoulder and walked with her to his dressing room, "What happened baby girl?"

Rachel held back tears, "At first he was calm. Then he started asking things like 'Am I not good enough for you?' and 'Do I not satisfy you?' and 'Why Puck?' and I kept trying to explain, but it kept not turning out right. He started throwing his wine glasses at the wall, and knocking stuff over. There was more yelling and then he said, 'Dammit Rachel, I can't sit around waiting for you to make up your fucking mind.' He grabbed his leather jacket and keys and right before he opened the door he told me not to come back to his place again."

Quinn stroked her hair, whispering comforting things as Rachel broke into tears again. Santana suddenly ran in, "I heard Sam left. What happened?" Quinn shook her head and made a motion for Kurt to go outside and explain.

Rachel stopped crying for a moment, "Quinn, can I tell you something?"

Quinn nodded, "You can tell me anything."

"Back when Noah and I dated, we had decided we weren't right for each other, but we made terrific friends. For the first year, I felt the same way I felt we made that decision. Then, as I dated guys who hurt me, and my brother died, and Noah was always there for me, to give me a hug, or wipe my tears, or make me laugh, I fell in love with him, and realized, not only did I love him, but I always had. But things got in my way. And then, I thought that I might risk losing him, my best friend. I sucked it up. I didn't let him know, so we could be friends."

Quinn laughed, a genuine laugh.

Rachel looked at her hurt, "What the hell Quinn?"

Quinn sighed, catching her breathe from laughing, "Puck's liked you since the day you met. He's been eye fucking you for eight years. I can't believe you could have been together all this time and you were both being idiots."

Rachel's mouth gaped, "He, he did?" Quinn nodded. Rachel wiped her eyes and ran out of the room. She went to her dressing room and got her cell phone. She dialed her sisters number. After an hour of talking on the phone, there was a quiet knock on her door. "Come in."

Puck walked in, his hands in his pockets, head dropped low, "Rachel," the second his voice hit her ears she dropped her phone and stood to look at him, "I- I wanted to apologize. I never meant to hurt you, or tear you and Sam apart. I didn't even mean to sleep with you. It was a mistake, and I shouldn't have said anything."

Rachel looked at him longingly. She walked over to him slowly, "Noah, it hurts. Sam left, I think. And you know what? The one person who can make me feel better, my best friend in fact, is the one person I can't hug and cry into."

Puck hugged her, "Sure you can. We're forgetting that night ever happened, remember?"

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