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Thor's Day

by Mamoru's Playmate

Chapter Two

It had been the second time both Thor and Jane had climaxed. As Jane panted from the excitement they heard loud knocking sounds coming from the door. They and begun to get louder and louder until Jane answered.

"One moment," called Jane. "Shit, some came into the lab," said Jane as she hurried to find clothes.

She slid on her pants and accidentally grabbed Thor's shirt before she tried to exit the room but noticed Mjolnir blocking the door. Thor noticed Jane's dilemma at the door and hold out his hand and Mjolnir flew to his hand. Jane exited the room and was greeted by all sorts of questions as she moved to sit at a desk.

"Are you okay, Jane," asked Darcy.

"Yes I'm fine. Just a little tired that's all." Jane was still breathing hard.

"Somebody is here. You're hair looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket. And your breathing is harder then normal," Miss Foster.

"I'm fine I just haven't slept much. I've been working around the clock trying to find the star system Asgard is located in with no luck. And without their star signature I can't pull up their galaxy. So when I've finally had a few minutes of sleep and then a bad nightmare you tell me wouldn't you be breathing hard, Agent Coulson?"

"Well, Miss Foster, it sounded like somebody was having sexual relations. Plus, the shirt you're wearing is very masculine."

That's when Jane realized she grabbed more then the wrong shirt. She also had forgotten her bra and panties as well.

"Listen, Agent Coulson, what I do and who I do it with is none of S.H.E.I.L.D.'s concern. Maybe I needed to release some pent up tension so I found just some random guy to help me out with my problem."

"Like you would be with any random guy. You've been moody for the last six months the exact time that your friend 'Donald' has been gone. So, I believe that story is a line of crap, Miss Foster. And don't think for a moment that we S.H.E.I.L.D. agents believe that your super hero boyfriend's name really is 'Donald'. S.H.E.I.L.D. always has their way of finding out what we need to know. I'll be back in the morning, Miss Foster. Have a nice a time with 'Donald'. And yes we know when he comes and goes that's how we know he's here."

And with that Agent Coulson left Jane's lab. Erik and Darcy looked at Jane.

"Way to go, Jane! So, how is he? Did you remember to 'play safe'," asked Darcy.

"Darcy, shut up! Plus, I don't kiss and tell!"

"Jane, think of what you're getting yourself into here. I know right now he's the only thing on your mind, but I wouldn't jump into anything too fast."

"Listen guys I know you're trying to help but I'm a grown woman. I'll see both of you in the morning. I just want some time to myself right now. Me and Thor have six months to catch up on."

Erik and Darcy both had the 'oh god' look on their faces. They knew that they wouldn't be able to reason with their friend right now. All Jane could think about was spending some much needed quality time with Thor.





When Jane re-entered the small make shift bedroom Thor was laying in the bed with the sheets covering the lower half of his torso.

"I see you made off with my shirt no wonder why I couldn't find it," joked Thor.

"Sorry, I grabbed at the clothes and threw what ever on. I even forgot a few things as well."

"It doesn't look like you did."

"You can't see what I forgot until I do this," Jane lifted up her shirt for Thor to see what she meant.

"Oh, I get it. Why don't you take everything off but my shirt and come join me here in this nice cozy bed."

Jane thought about his suggestion for a minute and decided it sounded very fun. So, Jane decided to have a little fun with Thor. She turned on the radio and one of Jane's favorite songs from high school echoed through the speakers.

Love is like a bomb

Baby, c'mon get it on

Livin' like a lover

With a radar phone

Lookin' like a tramp

Like a video vamp

Thor had no clue what Jane was doing or why she was wiggling around the room while she was attempting to take off her clothes.

Razzle 'n' dazzle 'n'

A flash a little light

Television lover

Baby, go all night

Sometime, anytime

Sugar me sweet

Little miss ah

Innocent sugar me, yeah

Jane began to slide her pants down after undoing them. Thor was starting to see that the Midgardians had strange rituals when it came to undressing. And the weird music they listened to.


Take a bottle

Shake it up

Break the bubble

Break it up

With that Jane pushed back the sheets and slid into the bed next to Thor. Then she stood up on her knees as she pulled off the shirt and swung her hair before she leaned down and kissed him. Oh, yeah what ever Jane was doing it was really turning Thor on even more then he was before.

I'm hot, sticky sweet from

My head to my feet yeah …





Jane and Thor woke up early the next morning in a pile of tangled limbs. She rolled over and looked at the time. The digital numbers on the clock claimed it was six-thirty am.

"Shit. It's morning already."

"What's wrong with it being morning, Jane?"

"Agent Coulson is coming back this morning. Guess we should get ready for his arrival."

And Jane was the first to get out of the bed. She went to the bathroom door and pulled out satin robe and wrapped it around her body. Then she walked out into the kitchen part of the lab and looked for food to make for breakfast. Not really in the mood for food any ways she walked back to the small room and headed for the shower in the bathroom.

Thor having a small problem when he woke up followed Jane into the bathroom. Then he got the shower with her. Jane turned around and didn't expect Thor to get in the shower with her. He had that look of need in his eyes, something that food alone couldn't take care of.





Darcy had gotten to the lab before Erik. She also brought with her four containers of food and four coffees to go along with breakfast. Hearing muffled sounds of ecstasy coming from the small room Darcy knew Jane and Thor were awake.

"Damn, they could give it a break," snarled Erik as he came in.

"Well, at least she's happy unlike how she was with Donald. The guy had his nice days and at other times I couldn't believe she was with that asshole."

"How many times in a day do they have to have sex. She's acting like there a mated pair of rabbits or something."

"She hasn't seen him in six months. If I had what she has with Thor with one of the guys at school I would want to spend all my time with him too especially if the guy was away for a long time."

Ten minutes later Jane and Thor emerged from the small room full clothed and with wet hair.

"Darcy, Erik, you guys are here early," commented Jane.

"No, you're just up earlier then normal. I also brought food and coffee with me for everyone."

"Thank you, Darcy."

Right as everyone got done eating Agent Coulson walked into Jane's lab.

"Good morning, Miss Foster."

At the sound of Agent Coulson voice is when Jane started feeling depressed again.

"Good morning, Agent Coulson," said Jane sounding defeated.

Thor didn't like seeing Jane unhappy and knew this man was the cause of Jane's sudden unhappiness.

"I brought Mr. Stark along with me so he could see your lab. And possibly make the necessary upgrades so we can see what's on the other side of that Einstein-Rosen bridge you found."

"I told you I don't know what made that bridge or how to re-create it. Besides you don't need anyone to make you away to get to where you want to go when the person your looking for is here."

Just from the way Agent Coulson keep on Jane about building him a Midgard version of the Bifrost Thor knew something wasn't right.

"Not just anybody can visit the Nine Realms, Agent Coulson," said Thor.

"Well, Donald, what makes you think that's where I want to go? Being able to travel anywhere in the world with a machine capable of teleportation is the way of the future."

Tony Stark walked into Jane's late as usual and upon seeing Jane he couldn't help himself he had to grab her ass. That's when Thor called for his mighty hammer Mjolnir and started a fight with Tony Stark.

"You will pay for dishonoring Jane Foster."

Then Tony Stark opened up his brief and pulled out his portable Iron Man suit and put it on.

"It's on blondie."

Thor and Iron Man crashed through the glass window of the lab and outside where they could beat each other stupid. A female in business suit came running behind and into Jane's lab.

"Sorry for the lateness, Agent Coulson, Tony had me pick up a few last minute things that he didn't tell me about until the last minute. And what's going on with Tony?"

"You're friend Tony Stark pissed of my boyfriend so their doing the manly thing and fighting it out."

"Jane, Thor has that asshole pinned to the ground and he's about to smash that big light in the middle of his chest," cheered Darcy.

"Oh, no! I know Tony can be an ass but I have to stop that guy," said the woman as she after the guys with Jane following behind. "STOP DON'T SMASH THE LIGHT IN HIS CHEST!"

"I don't understand."

"That light is what keeps the man inside alive."


To Be Continued …