Hello Everyone! ChessShipper-OldRivalShipper here! I decided to upload one of my old fanfics, I hope you all enjoy it!
It mostly revolves around Soul Eater and Digimon Frontier. (those two were my faves when I wrote this.)
But some other anime characters are joining in on the fun too!
So I hope you all enjoy this!

Oh yeah, my OC Sayuri is in this fic too.
But she's quite different from the Sayuri you guys know now, you'll see once you read it.
And here's a few more info on her from her characteristics:

Sayuri was actually going to be the star of my old fic: "A Prehistoric Mishap"
Which is actually a Dinosaur King/Digimon/Naruto X-over, but I discontinued it.
If you guys wanna know more about it, then don't be scared to ask!

Well enjoy this tale of craziness and love! XD


~ChessShipper-OldRivalShipper (Once known as ShadowLily-LoneWolf)