Me: Hey people! missed me?

Soul: no.

Maka: no way!

Kid: hell no!

Tsubaki: well...

Liz: no way...

Patty: you were gone? I didn't notice XD

Black*Star: I, the great Black*Star, thought you had died!

Koji: We were better off when you were gone.

Koichi: um...

Midori: ... glad you're back, I guess...

Sayuri: I missed you Hostess-chan! *smiles*

Audience: we missed you too! *claps*

Sonic Hey! I missed you too!

Amy: *death glares at Sonic and Hostess-chan*

Sonic: gulp...

Shadow: ... Why am I here again?

Knuckles: um...

Tails: Welcome back Hostess-chan!

Cream: Yeah, welcome back!

Blaze: ...

Me: what's wrong Blaze? 'Cat got your tongue'? LOL

Blaze: *glares at Hostess-chan*

Me: *shivers* forget I ever said anything...

Silver: *smiles* Welcome back!

Me: awww! my loyal fans and friends! now before we begin, the declaimer!

Declaimer: I do NOT own anything that isn't mine.

Audience: Awww!

SE crew: thank Shinigami!

Me: meanies! now, to start off the show: a set of dares from:


hmm...first i would like a volunteer to kick Black*star off Elfel tower.
second Kid has to dye his three white stripes black.
third stein has to errr... take of his screw and place it with a dynamite.
fourth soul has to light the dynamite.
fifth maka has to fight with shinigami-san by using maka-chop
sixth shinigami-san fight back with shinigami-chop.
well...thats all

oh and if Black*star jump off Elfel tower he has to do a triple flip before he hits the ground in 3 seconds

Awesome! Now, let's begin!

Shadow: can I be the one who pushes him off the tower?

Black*Star: alright strange talking creature! I, who is greater than God, must of course give the fans what they want. It's only fair!

Shadow: Oh I'm gonna enjoy this. *uses Chaos control to transport himself and Black*Star to the top of the Eiffel tower*

Me: wait! we don't have a camera crew in Paris! Darn it. *sigh* Silver? you mind?

Silver: can Blaze come with me?

Blaze: *blushes* oh Silver...

Me: aww! Silver that is just so sweet!

Silver: huh? what? I just wanted her to come with me so I don't get lost!

Blaze: -_-" oh Silver...

Me: just how naive are you? ugh, never mind. Just hurry up before Shadow pushes him off! *hands Silver a video camera and a Chaos Emerald*

Silver: Chaos control! *he and Blaze are now in Paris, and made it just in time*

Me: next up is Kid!

Kid: No! I will not do it-

Me: but it will make you more symmetrical!

Kid: are you sure?

Me: think about it! I mean they make you look asymmetrical now, imagine if you painted them black! You'll finally be symmetrical!

Kid: I'll do it! *paints his stripes black* now let's see.. *looks in the mirror* I'm...finally...SYMMETRICAL!

Liz: whoa...

Patty: is that Kid-kun? he's not asymmetrical anymore! he he he he he he he he he!

Soul: he actually looks better.

Maka: yeah...

Chrona: K-Kid-kun...?

Kid: yes Chrona?

Chrona: y-y-you l-look r-really h-handsome...*blushes*

Kid: thank you... *blushes*

Me: awwww! Kiddo X Chrona 4ever!

Kid and Chrona: *blushes*

Me: finally! another "Stick it to Stein" suggestion! mine doing the honor Sayuri?

Sayuri: but isn't this dangerous?

Me: so? just do it.

Sayuri: o-okay...

Koji: you can't tell her what to do!

Me: uh yes I can! she's my OC, I own her buddy!

Koji: no you don't!

Me: I do too, unless you did something to her...*stares suspiciously at Koji*

Koji: I did nothing of the sort! you dirty minded little girl!

Me: I don't know what's going on in that perverted little mind of yours, but I sure didn't think the same thing you did.

Koji: *blushes*

Sayuri: *takes out "Stein's" screw and replaces it with dynamite* there. I'm finish.

Me: good girl! now for your reward! *pushes her and Koji into a small closet, then locks it* Enjoy!

Koji: I'm gonna get you for this!

Sayuri:'re too close...

Me: hehehehehehe... well Soul, light up the dynamite!

Soul: you want me to blow up my teacher's head?

Me: pretty much...

Soul: eh, can't argue with reason! *lights up dynamite*

*The whole studio blows up, luckily Shadow and Silver were able to 'Chaos Control' everyone back to safety, all except "Stein"*

Me: okay, before we go to Silver's video, the last two dares! Maka! Shinigami-sama! if you please!

Maka: sorry about this Sir... Maka-CHOP! *Maka-chops Shinigami-sama*

Shinigami-sama: Gomen, Gomen, Maka-chan... SHINIGAMI-CHOP! *Shinigami-chops Maka*

*Note: they did it at the EXACT same time, so they are now both unconscious.*

Me: now lastly, the video!

*Sonic places the tape in DVD player*

(In Paris, on top of the Eiffel Tower:)

Silver: okay, wait till' I say go, okay? 1...2...3-

Black*Star: I, the great Black*Star, will not take orders from a walking talking plant! Yahoo! *standing ever so proudly and stupidly on the edge of the tower*

Shadow: neither will I.. *simply kicks Black*Star off the tower*

Blaze: *sweat-drops* eh...

Black*Star: *falling* YAHOO! *falls face first towards the ground*

Silver: is he dead?

Black*Star: *shows thumbs up* I, the great Black*Star- *a piano lands on him*

Silver: Shadow! that wasn't part of the dare!

Shadow: so?

Blaze: Idiot...

(End of video)

Me: *sweat-drops* well that was a waste of time...oh well, that's it for today people! thanks so much to Dark14knight for her dares! see you all next time!