Summary: The aftermath of the now infamous Hemo tweet. Heya

A/N: This is a really short start to this fic, which won't be long itself, mostly it's procrastination from essay writing. I will hopefully have more up by Monday if all goes as planned. Hope you all like the start and please do let me know what you think, and if I should continue. Oh and the title comes from the Tyler Hilton, Bethany Joy Lenz, Tim McGraw, and everyone else who has covered this song.

When The Stars Go Blue

She knew it shouldn't matter, it was only twitter. At the end of the day it was only a show on television, it wasn't real life. But as she sat on her couch reading all the relevant tweets that was the only one to seemingly break her heart into a million little pieces. In all honesty it wasn't like she didn't already know what her best friends thoughts were on the subject. Something about her making them public domain seemed to make the truth sink in.

It was then that she decided she needed the alone time. Her twitter was blowing up with angry tweets from irate fans. Her phone was blowing up with texts from fellow cast members and close friends. Who knew a tweet, that she was sure her best friend thought was harmless, could start such a revolt. It was all too much for her to take right now, she'd have to deal with everyone else in the morning, after she dealt with herself tonight.

Standing up from the couch she set her phone on the coffee table without bothering to see who the many texts all came from. Taking a deep breath she walked towards her front door, grabbing her keys on the way out. Where she was going she didn't need anything more than that.

She took another deep breath as she started her car. All she wanted was to put space between her and her best friend. That's when she saw it, sitting on the passenger seat like it belong there. Stopping at the red light she picked up the grey Glee hoodie and tossed it onto the backseat where she could no longer see it.

'Out of sight, out of mind'. She laughed as the thought crossed her mind. Maybe out of sight but her best friend was never out of mind. The only thing she was grateful for on this particular night was that she had watched the finale alone, out of sight was better than nothing. If the other girl had been there, there was no telling what would have happened.

Normally if she left her bouse without her phone she would have felt naked. Not tonight. No, tonight she felt like leaving her phone beind was like leaving he weight of the world behind. Especially the part in her world that made her feel stupid for putting so much emotion in a character and that characters relationship.

As she parked her car, a half hour after starting it, a single tear fell onto her cheek. The most stupid thought of them all crossing her mind. The thought that her best friend loved her the way Santana loved Brittany, the way she was so hopelessly in love with Heather. Casting the thought away she got out of her car and started walking down the path to the one place she hoped to get some peace of mind and clarity, at least the night.