Chapter 6

She walks quietly up the stairs unsure of what she's going to say, unsure if words can fix this. Words aren't exactly her strong suit and so the less she actually has to speak the better but she knows she has to. She has to be honest about how she feels, about why she was so worried when she couldn't find Naya, and why staying out with her all night was the only place she wanted to be. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm her nerves before taking the step forward to turn into her best friends room.

The small bedside lamp was on, it wasn't bright but it was bright enough for Heather to spot Naya standing by her window. She wants to speak, she wants to say something, she wants to tell her best friend how she feels and why but the words don't come out, it's like they're stuck. Instead she moves towards the brunette and wraps her arms around the girls waist and rests her head on her shoulder. She inhales the same scent that was on the coat she had in the backseat of her care, the same one that calmed her nerves, the same one that she loved more than any other.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked softly not wanting to scare the girl in her arms.

"The sun is up and it's a new day but the hurt is still there, I didn't think it would be."

This time she didn't question the girls answer, she already knew why. "I love you." It came out so softly she wasn't sure that she had even said it aloud but when she felt the girl turning in her arms she knew she had. "I love you Naya and I know I hurt you tonight but I didn't want to believe it because if I did then that meant there was hope, hope that you'd feel the same way. Hope that you feel the same way about me that Santana does about Brittany. Then when I couldn't get a hold of you I knew something was wrong and I knew that I had to find you."

They stood staring at each other for a few moments before Heather spoke again. "When I saw you sitting on the beach all I could think about was that you're my world. All I needed was sitting right there in front of me. Then you told me you felt stupid for feeling that way but its not you that should feel stupid Nay, it's me. I'm the one that sent the tweet and its me that hurt all our fans, not you. You, like them have a right to be upset regardless of if I think its right or not. I just need you to know that in reality I think we belong together, we're a two shot, you're my best friend, and I love you, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone else. I even quoted your favourite song for you, that must get me some brownie points." She was hoping to get a smile out the girl but her face remained the same, and Heather understood that she'd caused a lot of pain that may not be fixable in one night. "I'll understand if you want me to head home tonight, Lea is probably up by now so I can call her to bring my car over if you'd rather be alone."

Heather didn't want to leave, she didn't want to spend another second thinking that Naya was alone but she knew her best friend. She knew the girl sometimes preferred to be alone when she was in a bad mood, especially because that mood was because of her and she didn't want to make it worse. She watched silently as Naya nodded, and it took her another moment before she let go of the girls waist. She swallowed the lump in her throat, kissed the girls forward and moved backwards towards the door, having trouble taking her eyes off Naya. It was then that she realised what the girl was wearing, simple navy blue sweat pants and a grey t-shirt. "You look beautiful Nay." With that she headed downstairs, pulling out her phone to call Lea.

Still standing in front of her window Naya finally snapped out of the daze she was in. Heather had said she loved her, she told her that she thought they belonged together and then Naya had accidentally agreed to her leaving. She ran down the stairs to find Heather standing by the door, cell phone held to her ear.

Letting instinct take over she sprinted down the stairs and grabbed the girls phone out of her hand before ending the call. "Don't go." Was all she whispered before wrapping her arms around the taller girls neck and kissing her softly. She felt strong arms wrap around her waist. "I love you."

The blonde smiled. "I love you."

"So you said." Naya grinned before kissing the girl again. "You sang my favourite song to me."

Heather nodded. "I know, its your fault, you got it stuck in my head."

Ten minutes later they were cuddled in Naya's bed almost the same way they had been on the beach. Naya laying on her back, Heather laying on her side, arm wrapped around the brunettes waist. "Really Hemo, you captivate me?"

The blonde smiled at the look on Naya's face. "Hey, it sounded good, I could totally be a poet."

"Let's leave that to me shall we?" Heather nodded before leaning over and placing a soft kiss on the corner of the Latina's lips.

"You make me so nervous, that's why I kept fumbling over my words tonight, to see you like that and know that it was because of me, I just couldn't get the right words out, the words I wanted to come out." She drew small patterns over the girls hip where her hand rested.

"It doesn't matter, we fixed it. Who knew a tweet could bring two people together." Naya smiled and softly rubbed the dancers back.

They laid like that for awhile longer, sun light beaming in through the curtains, illuminating the room as they smiled at each other. "Do you remember what I said when you told me about the beach that day?"

She watched as the brunette wracked her brain trying to come up with the answer. "You said wherever I was."

"It wasn't a line Nay, I meant it. That's why I had to find you tonight, I was feeling alone and I needed you. Knowing you were upset was only half the reason, the other half was entirely selfish."

Naya turned in her arms. "I'm here now, and after tonight I think the beach is our spot not just mine."


The brunette nodded. "Absolutely. Besides who else would dance with me where the stars go blue?"

There it was that cheesy grin and laugh that she'd been waiting to hear all night. "No one, because that's my job since I'm the one you make listen to that song over and over again."

"It's a good song."

Heather smiled. "It's our song." She felt Naya's nose brush softly against her own and her smile only grew. "You're sleepy aren't you?" The Latina nodded and cuddled into Heather. "Get some sleep before you start mumbling jibberish." The girl in her arms made a soft noise but didn't say anything. "I'll always follow you Nay, always."

Later that day the brunette woke up to an empty bed. Sighing she looked around the room, nothing was out of the ordinary. "Are you kidding me, I was dreaming?" She asked out loud to no one but herself. Stretching out her muscles, letting out a yawn. Reaching over she went to grab her phone off the table but it wasn't there. "Downstairs." She mumbled to herself before getting up and heading downstairs to the living room where she had left her phone.

Picking it up she saw the text messages. She had to deal with them sometime so she opened the first one, from Dianna. "That was so sweet, Lea and I can't wait to find out all the details."

"What the hell are they talking about." Shaking her head she continued to read thru the messages as she went into the kitchen.

The next was from her younger sister. "Yay for Nay, glad you aren't emo because of Hemo anymore." She shook her head, the girl had a thing for rhyming.

Still unsure of what everyone was talking about Naya texted the one person she knew would respond immediately. Telly. What the hell are you all on about?

Sure enough a few seconds later her phone beeped in her hand. "Aww, you haven't seen your twitter yet, hurry and go look!" Not sure what he was talking about she opened the twitter app on her phone and waited for it to load. There it was, the reason for all the texts.

Just an FYI Nayarivera and I belong together, don't get it twisted. I love you Naya!

Finally she looked up and noticed the note on the pot of ready made coffee.

Sorry for leaving, I really wanted to stay but I had a class and I couldn't get out of it. I didn't want to wake you though so I hope the pot of coffee makes up for it and I will see you as soon. Dinner at my place, be there. I love you.

- Heather.

"I wasn't dreaming." The smile on her face couldn't have gotten any bigger as she read the tweet over and over again. Without meaning to she started doing her little Naya dance around her kitchen before the sound of laughter brought her out of her gaze.

Turning around she found the reason for her smile. "I thought you had a class."

The blonde shrugged. "Got out early." That was all it took before Naya wrapped her arms around Heathers neck as the taller girl picked her up.

"I love you too Hemo and not just when the stars go blue."

The End

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