Ok, So obviously there isn't a lot of characterization to go for Dog. He had no lines in the movie and didn't really do much of anything…so I had to fill in the blanks for myself. I hope you like the interpretation, it's a little different than any of the other men. Used a few of my OC's. Hope you enjoy =)

Billy could count the number of words he'd heard out of Dog's mouth on one hand. His most recent recruit had earned his stripes by being the silent, obedient dog that he was. And that was all Billy cared about. As they sat around the booth at the Four Roses, Billy eyed his mute companion and turned to one of the girls he'd brought for his gang. Tonight was about keeping his men happy. If the men were happy, the crew was solid, invincible. He picked one of the taller girls; she was stronger looking, sturdy. Billy didn't want to send a twig back with Dog, only to end up cleaning up a body. He eyed the guy again and wondered what kind of man he was behind closed doors.

Dog had cut up one of Helen's girls before; but when Billy had found him, the man had taken the punishment without a word, offering no excuses for his behavior. Baggy had told Billy later that he'd been high, riding a nasty trip of LSD. It still stumped Billy why Dog hadn't mentioned it himself. Then again, Billy didn't understand a lot about Dog. The guy barely seemed interested in the women that threw themselves at the gang. He'd let them rub, tease, and purr all they liked, but he never responded. It was as if he was made of stone, unable to speak, feel, or move.

The tall hooker approached as Billy wagged a finger at her and she leaned down, grinning devilishly in his face. He was tempted to keep her for himself, but Billy knew better than to use one of Helen's girls. He'd never hear the end of her teasing; Billy Darley paying for sex. So he purred hushed directions into her ear, motioning subtly towards Dog down the booth. The gang was rowdy enough that the man didn't notice. The whore nodded and walked to the back of the bar and Billy sat forward over the table.

Heco was busy with Hailee in his lap, both of them giggling as they rode the end of their after afternoon fix. She was stroking his face, kissing his lips, and poking his stud with a finger. To Heco's right sat Jaime. He already had a girl in his lap, pressing her boobs into his face with ridiculous laughs. Next to them sat Baggy, but he wasn't visible. A blonde was straddling his lap, arms wrapped around his head as he caressed her hips, rumbling deep whispered into her ears. Then Dog was on the end, a brunette sitting beside him, running her fingers over his chest to no avail. He took another swig of his beer and just let her be. Billy had seen him take girls into the back, but he rarely showed them any attention otherwise.

"Dog." Billy barked. The man looked in his direction, at full alert. Billy stood from the booth and walked to the back, motioning for him to follow and striding down the hall. Billy waited for Dog to go into the lone room before he entered behind him. Dog eyed the black-haired beauty on the table and looked at Billy.

"Enjoy her." Billy said with a smirk, ordering, not offering. Then with a slam of the door, he was gone.

He was tall, dark, and, in a way, handsome. But she still felt herself tense at the sight of him. She'd seen the cuts on Kati's body after he'd hacked her up. Helen had made damn sure all the girls saw. Taking high customers was bad for business and Kati had learned the hard way. But as Whitney looked Dog in the eye, she knew he was stone sober. He was stone everything, unresponsive to her long, spread legs and tight halter.

"How do you want this babe?" She purred. In her head she was rolling her eyes, preparing herself for another quick and painful tumble with a Darley member. Last time she'd had Baggy, and he knew what he wanted and how he wanted it: rough. This guy would be no different. But when he didn't answer, she decided a little motivation was in order.

Whitney stood off the table and slipped her skirt to the floor with her thong. Shaking her head, she let her shoulder length black hair dangle to her collarbones and she sat back down, crossing her legs coyly.

"Come on, honey. I don't bite, unless you want me to." He watched her with dark eyes, then moved forward, slower than she'd expected. When he stopped, he was within arm's reach but he didn't touch her. His eyes only traveled down to her throat and back up. Whitney felt uneasy, but she didn't let it show. The Darley gang all had violent reputations and this one was no different; she'd seen his handy work up close. She reached out and stroked her fingertips lightly over his chest. "Come 'ere, baby." In reply, he lifted a hand to her face, touching her chin and stroking her bottom lip with his thumb. Whitney grinned and tried to suck on the finger, but he pulled away.

"No." He said. A shiver ran down her spine. His voice was deep and smooth with a twist of growl. While he'd sounded dangerous, his tone told her not to be afraid. She lost the stupid smile on her face as he stepped closer. His hand returned, but this time she watched his eyes as he touched her mouth, delicately tracing the contours of her lips. Her heart beat faster at the intimate nature of his attention. This was far from what she expected; this wasn't something she expected from anyone.

His eyes were brown, deep, dark, and somehow bewitching. She wouldn't have picked him out of a crowd, but his eyes drew her in and kept her, hypnotizing her with their lush hue. Her pulse rose to her throat when he took another step, standing up against the edge of the table off to the side of her legs. Her naked legs. Whitney swallowed. She'd almost forgotten her lack of underwear; he'd momentarily taken her mind away from sex in the strangest way. His tracing thumb stopped and his hand drifted down her jaw, subtly reeling her head upward to his face. She glanced at his mouth and trembled with anticipation; then with a silent dip of his head, Dog opened his lips and pressed them to hers.

It was the best kiss she'd had in years. Men often invaded her mouth like they penetrated her body, with no regard for her whatsoever. Dog was different. He moved slowly against her lips, concentrating his kisses on one lip at a time, switching from top to bottom while she delighted in his delicious inspection, placing her hands on his face to cup his jaw on either side. Her touch made him stop and she swallowed, drinking him in. He tasted like beer and…cinnamon, the strangest combination yet tantalizing in its spicy zest. Without a word, Whitney carefully removed his baseball cap, placing it on the table beside her. His hair was longer than she'd imagined and she smiled, running her fingers through the surprisingly soft, straight locks. He let her massage his mane for a moment then he leaned down to kiss her again. She sighed, closing her eyes to enjoy the pleasant feel of his lips.

Dog's fingers on her knees startled her, pulling Whitney from the dream-like state she'd drifted into. She felt a small wave of disappointment, remembering what she'd been paid to do, what he expected from her. But he didn't force her legs apart, he merely smoothed his palms over her knees, looking into her eyes with a bold directness. This man perplexed Whitney and yet she trusted him illogically. Uncrossing her legs, she opened for him, breathing harder as the cool air hit her arousal.

He didn't look away immediately, but eventually his eyes wandered down her body to her flushed folds. She knew it was a turn on for some men, seeing the effect their touch had on the female body. But his face didn't register triumph; in fact, his eyes only wandered back up to mouth. He kissed her again, taking more than before. Whitney was excited by the heavier breaths hissing from his nose; he was hard to read but his body was showing that he wanted her.

"Here." She whispered, pulling back from him for a moment to lift her top over her head. Dog just watched, his chest rising and falling from his heated inhales. His eyes wandered over her breasts and down her abdomen, but his expression stayed blank. Feeling bold, Whitney reached for the hem of his black t-shirt, tugging it slowly up his stomach while she examined his reaction. He didn't resist so she removed the garment entirely, touching his chest after she'd discarded it. The muscles were toned yet modest, fitting his frame naturally. A trail of dark hair started in the middle of his stomach, just below his ribs, and ran down under the waist of his jeans, disappearing from sight. Her hands went to his fly and Dog surprised her by capturing her mouth in another deep kiss. She wanted to hug him, her mind swimming at the unshakable emotion in each of his touches. There was something more to him, a story that hadn't been told.

His cock was rock hard in his jeans and she was startled when she found it. He'd barely made a sound during their intimate exchange, but his manhood was fully erect, pressing hard into the denim inseam. Whitney withdrew him and pumped gently, scooting her bottom to the edge of the table. Dog's jaw clenched as she repeated the firm stroke and he took hold of her hips and angled towards her slit, lining them up. She watched his face as she guided into her slick opening and he groaned, making a sound for her the first time that night.

With a quick buck of his hips, he thrust inside until their pelvises met. Whitney placed her hands on his thick shoulders and leant her head against his temple as he picked a pace. He pulled out slowly and returned with equal delay, the friction between their sexes bringing them to pants. She hugged his neck, abandoning all professional etiquette as he built her up to a fantastic high, his cock hitting all the right places with agonizing stimulation.

"More." She whispered, hitching her knees up onto his hips and wrapping her calves around his back. Dog grabbed her bottom and hoisted her from the table, taking her weight onto his waist and spinning around, pressing her back against the nearest wall. Without missing a beat, he thrust into her again, building up more magnificent pressure in her hips. Whitney tingled from head to toe, looking down into his face as he penetrated her against the wall. She took his face in both hands and crushed her lips to his, suddenly feeling as needy as the men who dominated her on a daily basis. Dog submitted to her probing tongue and opened his mouth, meeting the warm muscle with caresses of his own.

After what seemed like an eternity of heavenly thrusts, Whitney started to shake. Her thighs quivered as the sex brought her to the teetering edge. She moaned and ripped her mouth away, panting into his shoulder.

"I'm so close." She whispered, clutching him as the feeling tightened her walls around his moving cock. Her mind was clouding as her body thrashed. He sped up to meet the growing demand and she sighed with his rhythm. "I'm gonna cum." She whispered, holding onto his head for dear life.

"Good." His voice sent her over the edge, shattering her mind and body with an incredible shudder. Her limbs spasmed uncontrollably and she let out a series of whines, clutching her eyes shut. He pumped through the contractions and quickly met his own climax, groaning with a thundering chest as he shot inside of her. Whitney couldn't breathe. They both gasped for air against the wall and Dog pulled his head away, looking into her eyes as he rested within her.

When the back door opened again, Billy half expected the whore to be limping. Dog had taken his time with her and, hopefully, had ridden her raw. What Billy saw instead was a smiling woman, gazing stupidly at the gang member as he crossed the room and returned to his seat. Billy waved a hand at him, drawing his attention.

"So?" Dog just shrugged and gave a small smirk, leaning back in his chair and lifting a new beer to his lips. Billy grinned and shook his head. He'd never understand the bastard, but he liked him all the same.

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