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She would have let him have anything in the world. His lips were so gentle and tender, Whitney melted into his arms like butter, utterly conflicted. Moments ago, she'd been furious at him, feeling used and discarded. But being kissed this way was the opposite of used. Dog moved his lips against hers like she was made of china and would shatter if not treated with delicate care. And it made her weak, limp and completely his. No man had ever touched her this way.

His smooth palms moved to the back of her head and she felt his fingers weave in her hair. The sensation on her scalp sent shivers down her back. So much so that she fisted his t-shirt and pulled him flush against her body as she shook. This man; he'd found intimacy in a woman who'd long abandoned the notion. Whitney wanted to sob at the renewed electricity in her skin. She was alive and surging beneath the surface. Every touch awoke more.

"Dog!" A fist pounded on the door and Whitney let out a small whine. Dog lifted his head and she nuzzled into his neck, wishing she could live there, in that moment, forever.

"What?" He barked back. The voice on the other side of the door deepened, growling through the thin wood.

"Hurry up." Billy Darley. She recognized him this time. Instantly, Whitney shot away out of impulse. His hands smoothed over her arm and reeled her back, calming the fear as quickly as it had arrived.

"Yeah." He responded. Wrapping an arm around her hips, Dog led her from the room and opened the door. Outside, standing against the far wall, was Billy Darley, smoking with a smirk. A couple of brunettes giggled under each of his arms and Whitney didn't recognize either of them. The rumors were true, he didn't need whores to get laid.

"Since when you hog the back?" Billy said with a grin, pushing one girl into the empty room. Dog merely shrugged and gripped Whitney tighter, heading back to his seat. The gang leader let out a low chuckle and nipped at the second girl's ear, disappearing into the room and slamming the door behind him. Walking back into the bar, her mind snapped to the present, remembering the situation. She was working. And Dog was a customer. A customer she'd just left the backroom with.

Tugging on his shirt, she pulled a little from his jeans in the back and messed her hair. Without glancing at her, he squeezed on her hip and the two strode into the main area of the bar, b-lining for a corner seat. To her surprise, no one seemed to notice them. Everyone else was preoccupied, ignoring the couple as they retreated into the darker corner of the room. Dog sat in a chair and gently pulled her across his legs. Unlike Bodie, he put one large palm over both her knees, keeping them together on top of his right thigh. The gesture was more arousing than the alternative and Whitney felt her heart speed in her chest.

"Want a drink?" He purred in her ear. So close, his mouth was drifting over her cheek, the warm air from his words sending shockwaves over her body. She was a virgin with this man, trembling at his very breath. Blushing, she nodded and leaned her head into his chest. Just being near him made her feel secure and almost shielded from the room around her. Dog was hers for the moment and she was taking all she could. With a flick of a finger, he motioned a barmaid for two beers and settled his arm around her back, holding her against his body. Unable to resist him, Whitney tilted her head and softly kissed the skin between his jaw and his ear. His neck made her hungry, starving in fact.

"Whitney." Lightning. She looked up and he immediately stole her mouth away. A moan escaped her lips and she raggedly inhaled. Then the clunk of their beers broke them apart. The barmaid sashayed away and Dog took a long drink, prompting a moment of thought.

"Why'd you stop me from working?" It was a bold thing to say, but the words had heaved from her gut like vomit. Whitney couldn't bear being rejected by this man again. Not when he had this power over her. Dog swallowed his mouthful of beer slowly then set the bottle down. In his eyes, there was a rigid look. She didn't back down, watching his face for an answer. "Or are you paying for me?" The added thought was a test, a toe in the water. She wasn't ready to put words in his mouth. He needed to say them. After a long exhale, he finally met her eyes.

"I will never pay for you." To a working girl, that could be an insult. But to Whitney, it was everything else. She smiled and touched his mustache with a soft finger.

"Why'd you stop me?" He wasn't getting out of the first question. She needed to the answer before she allowed herself to hope. To wish. His eyes were still solid, unyielding, for a moment. He stared like he was looking for the answer in her, reaching for the correct response. Then the chocolate irises warmed, softening his gaze.

"You told me to." Whitney wrinkled her nose and grinned, unsure of what he meant. With a finger, he pointed to her eyes, the second time that night, and suddenly his strange reply made sense. She'd been wishing for him to whisk her away, stealing glances at him from across the room, and he'd seen her. Read her. Dog had been listening. Now all she wanted was him, as much as she could get. Looking at this lips with a smile, she told him just that.

"Can we go?" She whispered. Running his hands down her shins, Dog made a sound in his throat. Whitney almost dropped her jaw in shock. It was the most aroused noise she'd ever heard from the man. The last time he'd ever made a sound like that, he'd been inside of her. And now, it was quiet and subtle, but it was there. And she would have never expected it.

"Not tonight." His gaze rested on her tiny shorts and he patted them. Whitney connected the dots. She was working and he wasn't taking her home while Billy was paying. Gently taking his hand, she raised it to her face, kissing his knuckles lightly. His eyes sparkled and she wished he'd make the sound again, but he remained silent, watching.

"Then this morning." She whispered it, knowing it sounded desperate. But she was. If it took begging, she didn't care. Dog made her feel alive and she couldn't leave the bar without him.

They waited until it was nearly three in the morning. Most of the gang had visited the backroom at one time or another. Billy ducked out around two and in quick succession the men started to disappear with Helen's girls. Dog waited until they were the last ones. Sammy locked the door behind them as they left, Whitney carrying her heels in one hand, out to their cars. Dog followed her quietly, scanning her from head to toe. He'd wanted to touch every inch of her skin since they'd kissed in the backroom. It was tempting, taking what he wanted, but he wanted Whitney. While she was working, she wasn't Whitney. In his lap, she was raw, real. And it had nearly driven him mad, fighting the urge to take her home hours ago and have her until the sun came up. But it needed to be Whitney. One hundred percent Whitney. Jeans, tank and flip flops Whitney. Long neck beer and flushed cheeks Whitney. Whining and gasping Whitney.

He followed her small Civic all the way to her apartment. It was off his turf, and he realized that felt better. Helen ruled this side of town, so he wasn't in charge here. On this block, he was a nobody. Sure, he had a reputation all over the city, but the Hall wouldn't treat him any differently than Joe Schmoe. Stepping from his car, Dog was just another guy, going home for the night. Whitney crossed the lot and opened a door to a middle apartment on the first level. Standing in the doorway, she watched him follow and bit a lip. He hummed to himself and swallowed a moan. Wanting this for hours hadn't helped his self-restraint. When he reached the front door, she tilted her head to look up at him. She was only slightly shorter than he and the position put her lips at a delicious distance. Too close to be resisted any longer.

Dog caught her mouth in a swift duck of his head, pressing a palm into her back to draw her close. Then, while she grabbed onto his neck, he swung them, closing the door in a sharp shove. His excitement was pushing him towards rough. Not with Whitney. He couldn't be rough with her. So he slowed his kisses, taking his time as he parted her lips with his tongue. She tasted fantastic and he shuddered, indulging for a moment with a long plunge into her mouth. Her reaction was a light moan, her fingers grasping at his shoulders. It was a long while before he could think again, losing himself in her sweet, warm kisses. This was definitely not just about sex. Not for him. Whitney made him burn, inside and out. And he hadn't felt that way since…

Suddenly he pulled away, terrified of the implications. The startled look on Whitney's face made him flinch again. What was wrong with him?

"Dog?" Another flinch. He backed away and her face progressed to worry. His hesitation only grew. Anita. How could you do that to Anita? "What's wrong?" Whitney was reaching out to him, gently tugging on his hand. How?

"I—" He couldn't find the words. Not that it was a new problem. But now it was a major problem. Turning he found himself charging, not walking, to her front door. Running. The memories were scaring him away. Alone. He'd always be alone.

"Wait, please." Her voice was cracked and his throat hurt at the sound. Just like in the backroom, he'd wounded her. Whitney. His hand had engulfed the doorknob, but it wasn't turned. Still locked, still closed. Last chance. Glancing over his shoulder, he didn't see the jeans shorts, tube top, or ridiculous mascara. He saw Whitney. This is Whitney. He told himself. Whitney not Anita. The woman staring at him gave a quick inhale and he flew back to her before she could let out a single cry. His hands cupped her face and he showered her cheeks and lips with kisses.

"Whitney." He purred. This is Whitney. "Whitney." When he'd worked her mouth to a swollen red, he pulled away and rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip. "David." He whispered. Her eyes lit up and she smiled.

"David." His body broke out in goosebumps. He hadn't heard his own name in years. Not from anyone. David had been forgotten, left behind with his past. Another round of heated kisses made his head swim. David was live tonight, for the first time in a long time. Dog was gone for now.

She loved his name. David. It was simple yet strong, exactly like the man. And his reaction to her voice, speaking the word, had made her soar. He'd needed that from her, and he was…happy? Whitney listened to the breaths hissing from his nose as he made love to her mouth. Yes, happy. With a small tug on his shirt, Whitney led him back into her apartment. It was a small, one bedroom. And she could barely afford it. The living room and kitchen were separated by a thin countertop and the only bathroom was off of the single bedroom. Her bedroom wasn't much to brag about either. It barely allowed for the queen bed inside. But that didn't matter. She didn't spend much time in her room recreationally. This place was private. And this was the first time a man had been in it.

So when David shut the door behind them, her pulse accelerated. A boundary was being crossed for her. It made her nervous. But, like always, his actions surprised her. Instead of moving towards the bed, David turned her and engulfed her in a hug from behind. His lips tickled over her neck and she opened her mouth to let out a breathy gasp. Then he started to guide them forward towards the bathroom. Whitney didn't realize their destination until he'd flicked on the light, blinding her in the bright, white room. His embrace suddenly disappeared and she watched him turn on the shower, the muscles in his back stretching as he reached into the tiny cubed off area. Raising an eyebrow, she let him be, listening to the sound of the water beating down on the tile. When he turned around again, his arms went up and he stripped his shirt in a quick motion, tossing it lightly onto the floor.

"Come 'ere." He purred. It was magical when he beckoned her forward. His chest was flexing with each inhale and steam had started to rise from the warming shower. Stepping forward, she obeyed and circled his waist with her arms. As she looked up into his face, David brushed hair from her forehead, cupped her jaw and ghosted kisses across her cheek and down to her lips. She couldn't get enough of him. When she opened her eyes from their last kiss, she brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt, bringing it over her head to discard it with his. By then, the steam had clouded the room and each inhale was thick from the heat. It made the lust tangible in the room, hanging in the air with the dewy fog. David unzipped his jeans as he kicked off his boots and pulled off his socks. Whitney fought the urge to undress him faster and instead removed her shorts, leaving her in nothing but a small, black thong. By the way his chest heaved, she knew his arousal matched her own, yet he made no sound as his pants hit the floor. But she did. His erection was full and ready, standing firm between his powerful thighs. Against her will, she found herself letting out a moan. Just the sight wet the spot between her legs. She could feel her body anticipating him, wanting him. Slipping her thong to the floor, she stepped out of the underwear and pushed open the shower. Walking backward, she gasped at the scalding water and David followed in seconds, closing them inside the small space. There was barely room for one, normally, so in the confined area, she couldn't help but touch him. And it was electric. Instantly, she wanted to run her hands over every inch of him, caress, lick and nibble the muscle on his stomach, chest and shoulders. Then his shaft touched her tummy and David let out a small groan. It brought her back to earth and she realized how painfully hard he was. She wrapped a hand around his base and he bellowed deeply, the sound echoing on the bathroom walls.

"Wait." He panted. With gentle hands, he turned her and reached out for the soap that rested in the dish. She watched him lather his hands in it before setting it back down and encircling her from behind. Rubbing his palms over her stomach, David started to wash her, using the silky suds to slide over the skin. Whitney moaned and leaned back into his chest, letting him explore every inch. His erect cock settled in her lower back and she moved against it slowly, gently. As he evoked moans with his hands, she made him groan with her hips. Slippery fingers caressed her inner thighs, hips, belly, then breasts, teasing her nipples and making her whine. David kissed her neck as he went, adding small sporadic bucks of his hips. When she thought she was going to explode, he released and turned her around. Without a word, she took the soap and mimicked his attention, tracing the curves of his chest and stomach to the arch of his hips and muscles of his thighs. She avoided his throbbing erection, remembering his words. This was about something other than pleasure. Soap lathered all over his body, David just ran his hands through her hair, brushing the fluid onyx behind her ears. Then, as the suds ran down his torso, he took her mouth in his, surging his tongue through her lips as the water flowed over their faces. His erection met her stomach again and he let out a groan.

She couldn't stand it.

"David." She whimpered his name. His extreme arousal was external, but it didn't mean hers wasn't just as agonizing. If the screaming spot between her legs wasn't touched soon, she would be reduced to wordless pleads. Sensing this, David turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Then, in a quick flex of his arms, he hoisted her from the wet floor and settled her on his waist. The hard cock against her hip made her whine and latch onto his lips with need. Tongues battling, they skipped towels altogether and went straight for the bed.

He wanted to take her against the shower wall, the bathroom floor, the door, but he didn't let himself. The massive erection the shrieked at him from his hips begged for it, but he ignored his own body for her. The flushed cheeks and whines. Whitney. That's what this was about. He was going to make love for the first time in years and he was going to do it right. So, when they tumbled onto her bed, David lowered his kisses. Enveloping a nipple with his lips, he devoted himself to the beautiful body beneath him. Whitney arched into his mouth and let out a perfect whine. Light and breathy. He drifted lower and touched his tongue to her left hip bones, sucking and kissing the thin skin there. It only made her writhe and shift, guiding him where she wanted him, needed him. Taking a thigh in each of his hands, David opened her legs and stared at the glistening, flushed entrance between them. She was in ruins as he trailed his mouth down her thighs, whimpering with a clenched jaw. Then he gently lifted her legs over his shoulders and softly kissed the wet flesh. Instantly she reacted, crying quietly as he took her clit into his mouth. His hands rubbed over the tops of her legs, massaging the smooth, damp skin. Whitney fought to hold still on the bed, grasping the sheets in her fingers and pressing her heels into his back. Giving into both his wants and her needs, David slid his tongue into the waiting slit.

"David!" His name filled the room repeatedly as he devoured her. He took his time drinking her in with slow licks before he returned to the swollen nub. Tracing it with his tongue, he then took it in his mouth and Whitney cried helplessly above him. A big palm caressed her left breast and she covered it with a hand, biting a lip as he brought her to the edge. As she rocked slightly into his mouth, David felt her tense.

"Whitney." He purred the name and it vibrated his lips, sending her into a fit that rocked her entire body. She thrashed and bucked, whining blissfully with each contraction of her orgasm.

She swore she saw stars. The dark ceiling had white speckles on it as she came and they twinkled at her as the high faded. But an ache still remained. As David's face appeared above hers, she was already buzzing for him again.

"Kiss me." She whispered, reaching up to stroke his stubbly cheeks. He lowered his face to hers and obeyed, filling her mouth with the tongue that, seconds earlier, had blasted her into heavenly oblivion. As they kissed, his hands wandered down her abdomen, riling her nerves as they went. No matter how much he pleased her, she was aflame as his slightest touch. Then a stiffness pressed against her leg and suddenly she was engulfed in fire. Shifting her hips, she spread her legs and searched for the hard cock she craved. She remembered how he'd felt on the table at the Four Roses. Against the wall. As she pressed on his hips, asking silently, she knew what was in store. And she had to have it.

"Slow." He whispered, panting the word against her temple. She swallowed thickly before nodding and suddenly he was there. Hard like iron but soft like silk, plunging into her slick walls. They both moaned, bodies intertwined on the soaked bed sheets. Holding himself up with his arms, David pulled slowly from her body and returned in the same manner, curling his spine as he thrust. Whitney couldn't breathe. He was magnificent, a precise fit, and he was already building a scalding sensation in her hips. With small whines, she kneaded his back, gasping as he filled her each time. The muscles around his shaft tightened and grasped as she neared climax and Dog lifted one hand to her face. Without a word, he held her cheek in one hand, stroking it with a thumb as he labored with slow thrusts. Then, as she came, he kissed her open lips, groaning at the clamping heat around his cock.

"More." The word tumbled from her mouth after she'd calmed a second time. There was no end to the pleasure between them, and more was all she wanted. Much more. So David moved more urgently, smoothly arching his back. Whitney rose to meet him and suddenly he flipped them, landing her square on top of his hips. She didn't miss a beat, quickly picking up the pace while she massaged his chest with her fingers. Leaning down, she kept her mouth to his, rocking her hips to ride him at a tight angle. It wasn't long before he was clutching her thighs, grunting with every stroke of her body. Their voices were in sync, both lost in the swelling ecstasy provided by the other.

Then David sat up, grabbing Whitney around the waist as he thrust with her and shaking the bed as he neared the finish. Flicking her tongue against his, she moaned when he slammed into her and came, growling with pleasure into her mouth. The sound of his thundering voice sent her into a third orgasm, and she rode the waves with his small remaining thrusts, sighing contently. Never in her life had she cum three times with one man. Never had she felt so treasured. Whitney had never made love; David had shown her how.

Dog didn't sleep at first. Even though her deep exhales made his eyes heavy, he didn't fall asleep. He was too…awake. Someone had gotten through to him. A woman. Parts of him that had long been dead were stirring inside of him; all because of a hooker.

No. He couldn't call her that.

Whitney. With him, she was Whitney.

And he was David.