It was a mistake, he told himself. A stupid, idiotic, hopeful, wistful, drunken mistake. He didn't mean it, and neither did he. It hadn't meant anything. Obiviously, if it had, he would still be here.

Xigbar shoved his face into the pillow, groaning miserably, as he tried to hold back the tears.

Luxord, his one, true friend, besides Demyx, was gone. Disappeared. Out of sight. And to never come back. Xigbar wasn't sure how he felt about it, but wait, he did know.

Hurt, anger, betrayed...

All these things plus more made Xigbar's head turn, and he wasn't up with throwing his stomach out just yet, as he remember what exactly had caused his friend to just up and leave.

Last night, he thought, he, along with Luxord, Demyx, Zexion, Axel, Roxas, Riku, Sora, Kairi, Namine, Cloud, and Leon had all went out to celebrate Xigbar's eighteenth birthday. It was all fine and dandy til Axel snuck drinks inside the house. After that, everything sky rocketed. Demyx and Zexion had been making out on the couch, Axel and Roxas was nowhere to be seen, Riku was trying to make a pass at Sora, and Kairi and Namine was sublty flirting with each other. Cloud and Leon was the most sober of all of them, but Cloud had decided to join in the fun and molest his boyfriend in front of them. That left only Luxord and Xigbar, who'd been chuckling away at some pathetic joke Xigbar had told.

At some point, their conversation became serious.

"Lux, you know you're my best friend, right?" Asked a drunken Xigbar, who was trying to be sober as possible for his speech. A part of his brain told him not to do it, but do what exactly? He was only trying tell his best friend how he feel. Luxord chuckled.

"Of course, Xiggy. You're always hanging by my shoulder. Like a lost puppy or something." The british said, chuckling, hiccuping a little. Xigbar smiled.

"Well," He started, a smile as big as it can be. "I love you!"


Luxord blinked a couple of times before looking at his younger partner.


"Of course, Lux. I'm, like, totally, superally, duper in love with you." The voice in the back of his mind was screaming at him for some reason. Luxord shifted uncomfortably.



"Don't you...Don't you love me, Lux?" Xigbar asked, eyes panic and slightly watery. Luxord hestitated before shaking his head.

"It's not's...I have to leave..."

"W-where ya goin', Lux? I'mma your best friend! You can't leave!" Xigbar whined, looking at the blond with pathetic dog like eyes. Luxord felt his facade crumble.

"Collage, Xig. I have to leave for collage." He lied, and Xigbar could tell.

"LIAR! Tell me where ya REALLY goin'."



"Xig...I...can't stay here. I feel like I'm being hold down here. I can't." Xigbar whimpered a little before scooting closer to Luxord until he reaches his legs and sat in his lap. Luxord eyes went wide and met Xigbar's narrowed ones.

"You can't leave me without a kiss." He said. Luxord glared.

"And if I refuse?" He asked. Xigbar glared harder before smashing his lips against Luxord's. Luxord scrambled to get away, but Xigbar just held tighter. Eventually, Luxord realize he was not letting go, and eventually, sunk into the kiss.

Soon, though, it all came crashing down.

A pounding at the door made Xigbar moaned even more as he shoved his face deeper into the pilow.

"Xiggy! Get up! Raise and shine!" A voice, undoubtfully Demyx, shouted and Xigbar threw a death glare at the door.

"Leave me alone. I'm not feeling well."

"Too much to drink, huh?" Axel.

"Fuck you, Red. It's your fault."

"Axel, Demyx, leave him alone. He's obiviously in a bad mood, lets try not to bother him." Leon. Or was it Roxas? Xigbar didn't really care, he's just grateful that someone in this house has some common sense.

"Well, whenever you're ready, Xig, breakfast is on the table." Now THAT'S Leon. Xigbar moaned a pitful 'Thank You' before trying to catch some shut eye.

He really didn't want to sleep, for the fear of seeing a certain blond british boy may haunt him and their activities during the night, but for right now, Xigbar didn't care much that the boy of his dreams, literally, figuretively, and ironically, was haunting him, he need sleep to get pass this hangover.

And fuck, honestly...

He didn't want to deal with reality.

A/n: So, I was reading a bit of LuxXig stories, when I looked at the pages. Imagine my surprise and shock when my favorite couple, besides Zemyx, AkuRoku, and RiSor, didn't have much as much stories as the other. So, I'm deciding to help out my all time favorite, whack out pairing by making a story of them! :D They deserve it.

BTW, Xiggy's a little younger then Luxord in this story. That's mainly because I like Seme!Lux better then Seme!Xig. Just like how I like Seme!Zex then I do Uke!Zex. R&R plz :D