Luxord sighed.

He really didn't know what to do with Xigbar. He wanted him, sure, why not, but the situation was more serious than that. He didn't know what to do with Larxene, as she had lost interest in him, and moved on. Luxord was not a fool, as many times he's been called that. He knew Larxene was cheating on him, but reguardless, she was still his wife. There was a reason he'd married her.

Again, Luxord sighed.

He just didn't know. He needed help, but from who? More importantly, are they going to help him? Knowing Roxas and the others, the likely outcome of any of them helping is slim to none. He sighed.

Maybe, if he was just man enough to ask, but the events afterwords was still in question. That's when his cell phone started to buzz.

Meet me at the coffee shop?


Luxord blinked. A part of him wanted to answer yes, to see him again, but another part said no, and that it was better for him to deal with Larxene. Screw it, I'm going. He thought, replying to the message fast before grapping his coat and leaving the house. Soon, he'd made it to the coffee shop and saw Xigbar already there, drinking, well, what ever it may be, knowing Xigbar didn't like coffee.

"You wanted to see me?" Luxord asked. Xigbar blushed slightly.

"Yeah..." He said as Luxord sat down, raising an eyebrow.


"One chance." Luxord blinked.

"Excuse me?" Xigbar glared.

"You got one chance to make it up to me. I'm not asking for much, but I want us to be friends." He said. Luxord just looked at him, puzzled.

"I thought we were already friends."

"I was still debating, but I know I couldn't avoid you forever. So, why not? Start over?" Xigbar asked, looking at him. Luxord smiled slightly, dispite his gut clenched together.

"Start over." He said and with that, the two converse about the things in their life, what has changed, and what hasn't. Meanwhile, Luxord was plotting up a plan to make Xigbar his.

"Xaldin was so upset with me because of that! I thought it would take years for him to forgive me." He said with a smile on his face. Luxord inwardly scoffed. Xaldin. The guy leaves a bad taste in Luxord's mouth.

"Uh-huh, listen, Xig, I was just thinking of a place that you always wanted to go, you know? China, was it? I was planning to go there for a week with Larxene, but she's obivious quite upset with me. Do you want to come instead?" Xigbar blinked, his eye wide. China was a place he always wanted to go, ever since Sora told him about his trip to it.

"Wouldn't your wife be upset?" He asked, though he pointedly didn't care. Luxord shrugged.

"She might be, but this wasn't the worse offense we've done to each other." The blond said, and Xigbar couldn't help but laugh.

"Dude, why did you marry her if your marriage isn't even a marriage?" He asked, both out of curiousity and jealously. Maybe a bit of anger too, but there wasn't a hint of it. Luxord shrugged. I wanted you out of my mind, so I thought settling with girl will help me. But she is nothing compared to you, Xigbar.

"Thought it was love. Was we going too fast?" He asked and Xigbar just smiled.

"Hmm, maybe." He said sipping his tea. Inwardly, Xigbar was jealous of Larxene. Anyone with eyes could see she was bitch, but somehow, manage to capture Luxord's attention.

"So, when are we going?"

"This Saturday. It was a surprise for Larxene, but..." He wavered his hand. "You deserve it more, for old times sake." Xigbar grinned, liking the idea.

"Cool, I'll be ready for your call." He said and as the day went on, Luxord and Xigbar had gain their frienship back. When it was time to leave, Xigbar strangle felt disappointed to see Luxord leaving. "To his no good, skank of a wife." He snorted to himself, glaring at nothing.

No, Luxord wasn't his. He was never his. Xigbar needed to accept this for what it was, and move on.

Unforunately, moving on was never easy; espiecally when your heart still wants that person who is you friend that you wishes to be something more.