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Chapter 1

Lambo put his hand in his pocket, then raised his head, looking out the window of the office and up to the clear blue sky. Right now, the sakura trees were probably in full bloom in Japan. A wave of jealously passed over him as he thought about the list of delicious Japanese foods that he will be missing out.

Ah, I really want to eat sakura-mochi, his mouth watered at the thought.

A voice to the left interrupted his thoughts.

"Lambo, do I have to sign this one too?"

Lambo glanced at his boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi, the Tenth Generation Head of the Vongola Family.

"Ah, yes, that one too, Vongola Tenth," replied Lambo.

Lambo felt sorry for him. There was still a mountain of documents that needed to be signed today. He was still luckier than his boss after all. Tsuna had little time to rest, let alone time to take in leisure activities.

Lambo had taken on a part-time secretary job at the Vongola Headquarters in Italy instead of what was supposed to be his real job; a Hitman. He might be the youngest in the family but that didn't mean he was weak. He just had different priorities. But when he absolutely had to do something important for his family, he could be a man. It was just that Tsuna could be a bit overprotective sometimes. He knew that Tsuna still thought of him as a child like from so many years ago.

Though, for someone who was afraid that Lambo would do dangerous things, Tsuna, himself, had a habit of placing himself in dangerous situation; or more rightly, in a bad man's arms.

Rokudo Mukuro, his boss's lover, wasn't exactly the poster image for Mr. Nice Guy.

Yare, yare, he's more like a dangerous mad man, Lambo shivered and shook his head as if the mere thought could summon said Mist Guardian.

But it was obvious that Tsuna loved Mukuro, and everyone could see that Mukuro really loved Tsuna. They only had to see how the pineapple haired man acted around the Vongola Tenth.

Love is such a strange thing. To be able to change a psycho into a lover, Lambo mused.

Lambo liked many people as well, especially his Vongola Family and he would do anything for them. But love? He didn't understand it one bit. What was love anyway? The more he thought about it, the more confused he became.

"Eh? Love?" said Tsuna, who was confused by the completely out of the blue question.

Lambo scratched his cheek lightly, Did I just say the last part out loud?

"Ah—you don't have to answer it, Vongola Tenth," said Lambo a bit embarrassed. "It isn't important."

Tsuna put down his pen and said in a teasing tone, "What is this? Little Lambo finally has someone that he loves?"

"Eh? I don't…" That man's face suddenly flashed through his mind, making him feel unsettled.

Lambo waved his hand frantically and said firmly, "No, definitely not!"

Tsuna raised one eyebrow, clearly interested. But before his boss could probe more, the doors were suddenly thrown open, startling both of them. A man with long blue hair gracefully strode inside the office.

"Oya, oya, aren't you going to welcome me, Tsunayoshi-kun?" said the man, smiling playfully.

Tsuna's eyes instantly lit up with undisguised joy. "Mukuro!"

"Kufufu… I'm home, Cielo Mio," said Mukuro, leaning down to kiss the Tenth Vongola.

Lambo stood frozen, staring wide eyed at the kissing couple. Unsure of whether or not he should fake a cough to split them before it got too embarrassing to witness.

"Dame-Tsuna, you still got work to do!" said the man with a fedora hat reprovingly from the door.

Lambo blanched at the sight of the adult version of Reborn. He didn't notice that the Arcobaleno was standing outside of the door. Time to make an escape!

"I'll be back later then, Vongola Tenth," said Lambo, moving stealthily to the door.

Lambo kept his eyes low when he passed the Arcobaleno, then quickly fled without waiting for an answer from the Vongola Tenth.


As Lambo turned a corner, he became aware of the approaching footsteps behind him. He groaned inwardly and was silently wishing that it was Rokudo Mukuro. He never thought that it would come a day that the Mist Guardian was the lesser devil. Or be the better option.

His breath quickened as he increased his speed and almost broke into a run. He yelped when a hand suddenly grabbed his black suit from behind, forcing him to come to a stop.

"You stupid cow, you dare to run away?" said the Arcobaleno menacingly.

"R-Reborn," he choked out, trying to back away.

Reborn yanked him closer and planted a rough kiss on his lips that stole his breath away. His body was responding to it against his better judgment. Lambo struggled and tried to push him off before he broke his resolve but Reborn was holding him too tightly.

"Tonight," said Reborn as the Arcobaleno released him.


"Gotta.. stay… calm…," Lambo muttered to himself, half listening to the fading footsteps.

Lambo sniffed, his eyes tearing up. He still remembered the day everything went wrong. It was one day after Tsuna's birthday. It was supposed to be Gokudera Hayato's job as the Vongola Tenth's Right-Hand Man to be a representative and go to the oversee alliance with the Gambino Family. But Gokudera and the rest of the Guardians suffered a severe mental trauma which was caused by their own Mist Guardian.

However, Lambo recovered faster than the others, so Tsuna sent him as a representative since he was the only Guardian aside from Gokudera that knew inside information about the alliance agreement. But he didn't go alone since Tsuna also sent Reborn; this time as Lambo's bodyguard.

At the time, the Arcobaleno had already regained his real form thanks to Verde's latest drug. However, the drug hadn't been perfected yet. One batch of drugs would only last two weeks and could only be taken once a month, otherwise it could become poisonous to the user. It was a pure coincidence that Reborn took that drug the day the Arcobaleno was assigned to go with him.

The job itself was easy. It went so well, that the overjoyed Gambino Family's Boss threw an early celebration for the Alliance's success. It was a small scale party in the bar that was owned by the Gambino Family. He was supposed to drink only juice since he was underage. 'Supposed' was the key word.

Lambo prided himself in never refusing the ladies requests, so each time they proposed a toast in honor of Vongola-Gambino's Alliance, he went along with them. Because he had never drank alcohol before, he didn't realize that he had probably started consuming it since his third glass.

The memory about it was quite blurry. He remembered a bit about dancing with some older women but aside from that he couldn't remember anything. All that he remembered clearly was the way that he was being hoisted on to Reborn's shoulder.

"Don't you dare to puke on me, you stupid cow!"

Yes, Reborn had definitely said that. His green eyes were clouded as he recalled the incident.



((This scene is removed because it contains 18+ scene, if you aren't underage and want to read it, feel free to go to my profile to get the link to it ^_^ ))

End of Flashback


The next morning, Lambo was overcome by an overwhelming sense of panic. He had had his first sex experience with a man that he thought as a rival and have always sought to defeat. After he brooded over it for a while, he realized that he didn't really mind if their relationship evolved. He liked Reborn to some degree and though there had been pain, it had also felt good. Call it vanity, but he felt a twinge of satisfaction that Reborn wanted him as a lover.

After that, it wasn't strange that Reborn would go to his place whenever the Arcobaleno got back into his adult form. The number of times that they have had sex couldn't be counted by fingers anymore. He didn't think more into it since it was normal for a couple to have sex.

That was what he thought until a month ago when he had afternoon break with the Vongola Family's members. He was the only Guardian who often spent a break with them. Gokudera was usually too busy to have a break. While Ryohei and Yamamoto weren't active mafia member since they were professional boxer and baseball player, accordingly. Chrome was too shy and usually spent her time with her Mukuro-sama. And Hibari was definitely out of the question.

Lambo didn't mind having to spend time with them, because sometimes the talk was rather interesting and if there was some rumor spreading, he would be able to report it back to the Vongola Tenth.

That day, one of the men complained that his girlfriend was cold to him and that lately they only met to have sex. The others proposed the notion that she was using him for casual sex. That his love was only one-sided and she only considered him as fuck buddies.

As the conversation went on, he felt an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, a mixture of dismay, shame, and confusion, that his relationship with Reborn might be the same. Neither of them had spoken about love. No dating either and he realized that he didn't know anything about Reborn. Not Reborn's past nor what the older man was thinking. Just because Bianchi had finally moved on and Reborn was single didn't mean he was automatically Reborn's lover.

Many feelings raged inside of him but mostly; disappointment. It became even greater when he confirmed it directly to Reborn and the Arcobaleno answered along the line of, "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". But even then, he still couldn't resist Reborn's touch and ended up sleeping with the Arcobaleno again.

Lambo hated himself for not having a strong will. Therefore, he began to evade Reborn each time they met.

That had made Reborn pissed, from gauging the Arcobaleno's reaction today. But he wasn't going to stop, even though he knew that it would make Reborn angrier. He wasn't an adult who could have sex without feeling. Even if, he didn't know what love was.

End of Chapter 1


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Author Notes

Cielo Mio means My Sky, but this endearment is intended as "You're my heaven".