Lambo's POV

Lambo opened his wardrobe and pulled out his usual clothes putting them on in a hurry. He was running late today. If only he had remembered to set his alarm before going to sleep. He felt an urge to cry. Not good, definitely not good. He would make Reborn angry again.

Lambo grabbed his horns and the Ten Year Bazooka from the table, running out of the apartment, smacking right into the passing delivery man. He fell on his bottom while both his horns and the Ten Year Bazooka went flying.

"UWAH!" shouted Lambo with a loud cry as he was hit by the Ten Year Bazooka.


Reborn's POV

Reborn was standing with his back to the black Maserati, adjusting his hat impatiently.

Tsk, that stupid cow! He seethed, his lips thinned in displeasure. How dare he make me wait?

He and the stupid cow were supposed to go on a mission together today. Dame-Tsuna had lifted the ban and paired them together as a team after the stupid cow came back from Japan. His student's sudden change of heart made him suspicious that someone had guessed right about his reason of going to Japan, and therefore deliberately disobeying Vongola's orders not to meet Lambo, but it was fine as long as no one asked him directly.

And speaking about the stupid cow... His vein throbbed in annoyance. It was a lie if he said he didn't want an answer to his confession. But he also didn't want to be the one who brought it up. Any decent human would have replied by now but since it was the stupid cow, he might have all together forgot about it.

Reborn lifted his head when he heard footsteps getting closer.

Without looking, he snapped, "You're late, stupid cow!"

"Reborn?" said the other, surprised.

Reborn stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the low, almost husky voice. He looked at the man who was his lover but at the same time wasn't.

"Hmm… I thought you were coming back next week," said the Ten Years Later Lambo, looking confused.

Reborn didn't utter a single word. It seemed that The Ten Years Later Lambo still didn't realize that he was in the past. The Lightning Guardian smiled at him and walked closer.

"Welcome back," said the Ten Years Later Lambo in a deep, soft voice as he gave him a light kiss on the lips. "I miss you, Amore Mio."

At that second, the effect of the Ten Years Bazooka wore off with a loud poof. Now his stupid cow stood dazedly in the midst of the smoke.

"R-reborn…?" said the stupid cow, looking fearfully at his smirk.

"Get in the car, stupid cow," said Reborn, his smirk grew wider. "Don't worry, you'll get your punishment later."

Then the black car drove off leaving a cloud of dust in its wake with one passenger fearing for his life and the other looking smug.

End of Epilogue

Much love and thanks to my Beta, yohaly. You always did a perfect job! I couldn't have done it without you. *hugs* XD

I apologize that the epilogue is super short. I couldn't resist to put Twenty Years Later!Lambo in the story X3 He is rather charming man (or more likely drop dead sexy XDDD ). To all readers, Tthank so much for following this story to the end. I hope you all like it~ ^_^

Amore mio means my beloved