There's No Night Like Friday Night

The bartender knew trouble when he saw it, and the young woman in front of him had trouble written all over her. She had long pink hair and the coldest green eyes he'd ever seen. She had a regal look about her too despite the jeans and the leather jacket. It was the way she held herself. Most girls with a face and figure like her liked to show off, but not her. She'd spent the whole night at the bar, calm and quiet, nursing a glass of cola.

He'd seen her type a few times before. She was the kind of lady – and something about her screamed lady, never mind how young she was – that all the boys and girls liked to chase but none of them ever caught. Quite a few had tried already, but he hadn't seen even a glimmer of interest in those steely eyes.

This one was trouble, all right, trouble with a capital 'T'.


Averia took another sip of her cola then sighed. She'd have to order another one soon. Stupid Claire. Now that they were finally old enough to get into a club legally, her cousin had decreed that every Friday night would be Clubbing Night.

But how on earth had Claire gotten all of their parents to agree? Averia could understand her Aunt Serah and Uncle Snow agreeing. She could even understand her mom agreeing. But getting her mother – Lightning Yun-Farron – to agree? That had to be some sort of miracle because there was no one, not even the Maker, who could make Lightning Yun-Farron do something she didn't want to.

Besides, what was all the fuss about? Averia couldn't see what was so great about paying money for the privilege of being crammed into a dark, sweaty nightclub with a bunch of strangers, most of whom were loud drunks. At least the cola wasn't that expensive.

But the crowd itself wasn't the worst part. No, the worst part was all the people who thought she wanted company. She didn't mind the polite ones too much. It took a lot of courage to approach someone, and she respected that. It was actually a little flattering. But the rowdy ones, the ones who eyed her up like a piece of meat on display, they made her want to get violent. And she could be very, very violent.

She was about to order another glass of cola when a slim, young woman dropped onto the stool beside her.

"Has anyone ever told you that you look even better from the front than the back?"

The pick up line was so absurdly idiotic that for a moment, all Averia could do was stare, her cola forgotten. The other woman – more of a girly, really – had long, jet-black hair and bright green eyes. There was something familiar about her voice, but Averia couldn't quite figure out what.

"Are you just really quiet, or did I take your breath away?" The girl smirked, and there was something familiar about the expression too.

Rather than reply, Averia took a closer look. The girl was a few inches shorter than her, and she wore a pair of short shorts and a shirt that both hinted at and displayed her still developing figure to perfection.

"Aren't you a little young to be in a place like this?"

The girl's smirk widened. "Maybe, but what are you going to do? Call the Guardian Corps?"

Averia shuddered. The further her mother stayed away from this place, the better. If her mother didn't fly into an overprotective fury, she would probably end up arresting everyone for public indecency. Although, all things considered, that might actually be a good thing, considering how some of the people here were dancing.


"Good." The girl was still smirking as she leaned in. "Because there are a few things I'd like to do to you that might get me arrested."

Averia's lips curled in amusement. She'd never met someone so young who was so forward, and there was something to be said about that kind of bravery – even if it wasn't anywhere close to working. But this close, she could actually smell the girl's shampoo, and it happened to be a smell she knew very well. Her eyes narrowed. Of course, that voice, that smirk, oh, she knew exactly whom she was dealing with now.

Clever girl, but two could play at this game, and she hated to lose, especially to this girl.

"Really?" Averia smiled – the smile she knew made people look twice and blush. "What were you thinking?"

The girl gave a startled squeak as Averia wrapped one arm around her and squeezed her thigh just below where her shorts ended. "Uh… um…"

"You're cute, you know that?" Averia tugged the girl up to her feet. "How about we go somewhere more… private?"

The girl waved her arms about in a desperate bid to escape as Averia half-carried and half-dragged her toward the women's bathroom. Out of the corner of one eye, Averia spotted two familiar faces, Rikku and Yuffie, watching the whole thing unfold with wide eyes Heh. They should have known better than to mess with her, and now she had absolutely no doubt at all about the identity of the girl in her arms.

There were half a dozen women chatting in the bathroom.

"Get out. Now." Averia glared and pointed at the door.

"Who do you think –"

"I said, get out." Averia cut the woman off mid-sentence and let the full force of her glare settle on her. Not surprisingly, she decided to stop talking. "Now."

The women practically ran out of the bathroom, all but tripping over their own feet in their haste to get away from the pink haired psychopath who had commandeered the bathroom for what looked to be a quick tryst with the cute, young thing in her arms. The cute, young thing did her best to get away, but Averia wasn't having any of that.

With a quick shift of her weight, Averia had the girl pressed up against the wall. Putting on her best pair of 'bedroom eyes' Averia moved in for the kill, lips drifting toward the girl's ear.

"Wait!" The girl flailed. "Aren't you moving a bit too fast? Uh… um… wait!" The girl screeched and then went stiff as a board as Averia reached up to cup her cheek tenderly with one hand.

"Why wait?" Averia closed the gap to the girl's ear. "So… do our parents know you're out clubbing, Diana?"


Diana shoved her sister back and swung one fist straight for Averia's jaw. The older girl leaned out of the way and smirked.

"Don't do that!" Diana dragged in a deep, deep breath, her face the colour of a tomato. "For a second there I thought you were… were…"

"That I was going to what? Have sex with you in a nightclub bathroom." Averia scowled. "If I was going to have sex with someone, it would definitely not be in a nightclub bathroom, and it definitely wouldn't be with you." Her lips twitched. "Despite what our Aunt Serah and Aunt Vanille sometimes say, I do not take after mother. That is, I don't have an inappropriately deep fixation on my sister."

"But you dragged me in here and –"

"Please, as if I wouldn't know it was you." Averia grinned. It was nice to get one up on her mischievous younger sister for a change. The other girl was far too good with pranks.

"But how did you know it was me?" Diana folded her arms over her chest. Now that she wasn't worried about being molested by her older sister, her natural curiosity had begun to take over. "And why did you even let me go so far with it?"

"To teach you a lesson." Averia gave her sister an affectionate whack over the back of the head. "Besides, you were the one who decided to sit next to me and flirt." She poked Diana on the nose. "And please tell me those weren't your best pick up lines."

Diana shook one fist at her sister. "If you must know, it was Yuffie and Rikku's idea. They thought it would be funny." She looked away. "And sorry if I'm not exactly smooth yet."

"Diana…" Averia sighed. "It's not about being smooth. Just be yourself and you'll be fine."

"I guess." Diana's eyes narrowed. "So how did you know it was me?"

"Well, I used my big sister powers."

"Those don't exist."

"I remember when you were younger and you used to believe they did." Averia chuckled and grabbed Diana's hands before the younger girl could throw another punch. "You still smile the same, and I could smell your shampoo."

"Damn it. I have to remember that next time." Diana reached up for her hair. "I even got a wig for tonight." Beneath the wig was her usual, still slightly spiky, dark hair. "And some coloured contacts for my eyes too."

"How did you change your voice?" Averia asked. Diana still said her words the same way, but the pitch was different.

"Oh that?" Diana pulled off the strange looking necklace she wore, and her voice was back to normal. "It's something Aunt Vanille came up with to help the Guardian Corps with their undercover work. She hasn't got all the kinks worked out yet, so I asked her if I could take it for a test drive."

"You little idiot." Averia's voice was filled with affection. "I need to keep a closer eye on you. Can I assume that you used a fake ID to get in since you're still only fifteen?"

"Yep. Rikku's gotten pretty good at stuff like that." Diana grinned and pretended to cover her chest with her arms. "So, can we go back outside now, or are you still planning to do something horribly inappropriate to me?"

Averia leaned in, grinning as Diana's face turned red again. "Why, would you like me to?" She pulled away and scowled as she took another look at Diana's shirt and shorts. "You are not going out dressed like that." She pulled off her jacket. "Put this on."

"But –"

"I am not going to have a bunch of drunk perverts ogling my sister." Averia frowned. "And in case you haven't noticed, they are ogling you. You aren't as flat as a board anymore."

Diana puffed out her chest and grinned. "Yep, I'm finally starting to take after mom."

One of the veins in Averia's temple twitched. Diana had spent most of her puberty so far bemoaning her lack of height and figure. However, over the past year and half, she'd shot up like a beanstalk. She'd also started to develop a chest that would, in time, rival their mom's. The attention all of those changes brought – not to mention Diana's warm, friendly nature – meant considerable trouble of the romantic kind.

To put it simply, Averia hadn't met a single person good enough to go out with her sister. In this, at least, her mother agreed. So she'd done what any good sister would have and done her level best to scare off every lackadaisical, hormone-crazed suitor, male or female. It had worked, for the most part, but sooner or later, she'd run into one of those idiots that she couldn't scare off.

Hopefully that idiot would be good for her sister, much like her mom was good for her mother and her Uncle Snow was good for her Aunt Serah. If they weren't, then she would simply have to get rid of them. Her mother could even help her hide the body since being a general of the Guardian Corps came with more than a few privileges.

"I'm not a kid anymore." Diana pouted quite childishly. "Stop babying me."

Averia didn't bother to reply. Instead, she crammed Diana into the jacket. She wasn't too happy about it - that was her favourite jacket – but she was not about to let her little sister parade around in those clothes a moment longer. Hell, the ends of the jacket went further down than Diana's shorts.

"Don't be dumb. You're my little sister. It's my job to baby you."

"Meanie." Diana smiled and hugged Averia. "But I love you anyway even if you are an overprotective psycho with an inappropriate fixation on your little sister." She grinned and danced out of reach before Averia could strangle her. "Now, come on, let's get back out there! I bet I can drink more vodka than you!"

"What?" Averia screeched. "You've been drinking vodka?"


Diana did not, in fact, get to have any vodka whatsoever. Averia made sure of it. Instead, the younger girl was restricted to water and soda. But that didn't mean there wasn't trouble. On the contrary, they were sitting at the bar discussing all the latest gossip – well, Diana was discussing it while Averia pretended to listen – when one of the young men in the crowd behind them decided that he liked the shape of Diana's posterior.

So he decided to grab it.

To her credit, Diana didn't panic. Instead, she simply turned and beckoned the young man over. Then she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and yanked him into a head butt that broke his nose. It was so smoothly done that Averia couldn't help but be pleased. Her little sister could look after herself.

It could have ended there. It didn't.

"You bitch!" The young man had friends and whether it was the alcohol they'd drunk or their wounded pride, they were spoiling for a fight.

One of them stepped forward and grabbed for Diana's arm. Averia did the first thing that came to mind. She decked him. The left hook caught him square on the point of his chin, and he went down like a puppet with its strings cut.

"You even think of touching my sister, and I'll put you in a box." Averia growled. "Understand?"

Clearly, they didn't. "You can't just hit a guy."

"And you can't just grab my sister's backside, but you did, and so here we are." Averia glanced at the unconscious man on the ground and the snivelling wreck nearby clutching at his broken nose. "Now, you can back off, or I can keep hitting you until you do."

Beside her, Diana scowled. "I'll be hitting you as well, just so you know."

Averia sighed and turned. "Walk away."

They should have, they really should have, and she would have let them too. But they didn't. She saw a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye and that, combined with Diana's cry, was enough warning. She leaned to one side to let the wild punch pass over her shoulder before she caught the man's arms and heaved him up onto the bar. He landed with a crash, sending alcohol and broken glass everywhere.

"Get her!"

The others rushed at her, and Averia allowed herself a savage smile, one she knew was mirrored on her sister's face. Maybe, just maybe, she might have some fun tonight. She ducked and twisted around the punches and kicks thrown in her direction. These people weren't only slow. They were damn sloppy. A kick to the head dropped one of them, a right cross to the jaw floored another, and she knocked down a third with an elbow to the temple. Beside her, Diana kneed one man in the groin then threw him head first into the bar before an uppercut drove another back to collapse over a nearby table.

"Well," Diana said. "That solves that." A bottle flew at her head, but Averia caught it out of the air before it could do any harm. "Or not."

They might have dealt with one group, but their little fight was not so little anymore. Instead, it had begun to spread beyond the bar until the whole club was one mass of yelling, angry, fighting bodies.

"What did you do?"

Averia fought the urge to cover her ears as Yuna waved one hand in her direction while huddling between Tidus and Claire. The young man levelled one drunk with a textbook punch to the jaw while Claire silenced a screaming banshee of a woman with a punch to the gut. Another woman, dressed in a skirt that was so short it couldn't possible have been legal, took the opportunity to jump onto Claire's back. Instead of panicking, Claire simply reached up, grabbed the woman's arm, and threw her at the closest wall.

"We were supposed to be having a fun night out and now there's a fight and –" Yuna ducked a wild swing from a young man and swiped a bottle from a nearby table to break over his head. "See? Even I'm hitting people now!"

Averia pointed in the vague direction of the first person Diana had hit. "What was I supposed to do, Yuna? He grabbed my sister."

A drunk woman wielding what looked to be a lighting fixture lunged, and Averia splintered the fixture with one kick before another sent the woman flying backward. In front of her, someone tried to bite Diana and ended up eating boot for their trouble.

"Tell me, Yuna, what was I supposed to do?"

"Not start a huge fight!" Yuna grabbed a tray and hit two people over the head with it in quick succession. Next to her, Tidus flashed them all a big thumbs up.

"Just relax." Claire grinned at Yuna and Tidus. "Think of this as a bonding experience. There's nothing quite like a friendship forged in adversity." She struck her most heroic pose. "Now stay close and make sure to hit anybody who looks at you funny."

Somehow, in the moments that followed, Averia ended up back-to-back with Claire in the middle of the melee, punching and kicking anyone who took a swing at them. They were going to get into so much trouble for this, but at least she'd managed to get Diana safely behind the bar and –

"Eat chair, jerk!"

Averia looked back and nearly tripped over. Diana was on top of the bar wielding a chair like a club as she laid into a veritable horde of angry drunks. On either side of her were Yuffie and Rikku. The former was hurling bottles and coasters like shuriken while the latter was using two broken chair legs like daggers.

"I told you to stay behind the bar!"

Diana tossed the chair at someone trying to sneak up on Averia and then flung herself into the melee beside her sister and cousin. Her first attack, a picture perfect jump kick, caught one of their opponents right in the middle of the back.

"Take this: Super Flying Kicking In The Backing Technique… Version Two!" Diana landed and whipped around into another kick. "Like I'm going to hide behind the bar while you two fight."

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Averia couldn't help but grin. It was the three of them again, just like it always was, Averia, Diana and Claire.

"Besides, Averia, someone needs to watch your back."

"Stop talking and punch someone." Claire's uppercut lifted one man clear off his feet. "I can't believe I wore a skirt today."

"That isn't a skirt." Averia scowled. "It's more of a belt. You're practically flashing people whenever you kick."

"Why do you think I'm punching everyone?" Claire elbowed a crazed young woman in the head then grabbed a chair to throw at the legs of an oncoming drunk. "Besides, I think it looks cute."

"Does your dad know you're wearing it?"

Claire flushed. "Well, no. And you're not telling him."

"Do you do this every week?" Diana giggled. "Because if you do, no wonder people like clubbing so much." She smirked. "But there's still a lot of them left. How about we use… Army of Three."

"What do you mean use Army of Three? That's not even a move. You made that up when we were kids." Averia threw someone over her shoulder and then ducked beneath a haymaker to drive her elbow into the gut of the person behind her. "Besides, it's Army of One, and mother still hasn't taught you how to do that."

"She said she'd do that soon." Diana launched herself into the air, kicking two people in the head. Averia caught her before she could fall, and Diana laughed as her sister swung her around like a weapon, her feet catching another half a dozen people in the head and chest. "And Army of Three isn't anything like Army of One. It's just us beating the crap out of everyone else."

"Is that so?" Claire brought her hands together, punching her palm with her fist. "I suppose we can do that."

And so their Army of Three cut a merry swathe through the crazed revellers, right up until they heard sirens. The Guardian Corps had finally come.

"Crap!" Diana looked about frantically. "We need to get out of here."

And they did. As the crowd scattered for the all the exits, Averia caught a glimpse of the responding officer in charge. Colonel Hope Estheim had decided to take over the evening's patrols, and his keen, blue eyes were already scanning the crowd. If they got caught, she wasn't worried about the Guardian Corps, but their mother would kill them – or make them wish they were dead.

"This way." Diana grabbed Averia's arm. "There's a fire escape out the back that we can use." She waved at Claire, Tidus, Yuna, Rikku and Yuffie. "Come on, guys!"

They shoved their way through the crowd and sprinted through the dark, twisted hallways at the back of the club. The fire escape was right in front of them now, and they broke the door open. An alarm sounded, but there was no time to worry about that. They practically flew down the stairs into the alley below. Now, if they could just get onto the street they'd be fine. Downtown New Bodhum had a bustling nightlife, so it wouldn't be too hard to blend in.

"Almost there." Claire giggled. "Not a bad way to end the week, don't you think?"

Averia bit back a smile. The club hadn't been very fun, but the brawl was another story. "Yeah, it was –"


A very, very familiar gun blade thudded into the ground in front of them. Then an even more familiar figure vaulted off the roof to pull it out of the concrete.

"Imagine my surprise when a report came in about trouble at a club downtown." Lightning Yun-Farron stalked forward, menace present in every single step. The group of young people backed away until they were pressed flat against the alley wall. "I do miss being out on regular patrol, so I thought I'd go with Hope to check things out. So… do you have anything to say for yourselves?"

Yuffie waved cheerfully. "Uh, hi, Mrs Yun-Farron. We –"

"I wasn't talking to you." Lightning's sunny smile was a million times scarier to her daughters and niece than the glare they'd expected. "I was talking to them."

Averia looked at Claire, and then both of them looked at Diana. The younger girl had always been the best at talking her way out of trouble. Maybe, just maybe, she could talk them out of it again.

"Well, it's like this." Diana winced as Lightning tapped one boot on the ground. "There was… uh… and then…" She shrugged and looked at Averia and Claire. "Sorry, guys, I've got nothing."

"I thought so." Lightning scowled. "The rest of you go home and tell your parents what happened. If I even think you haven't done that, I will tell them myself. As for you three." Her lips curled. "You're coming with me."


Averia and Diana sat on opposite ends of the living room couch. They were waiting for their parents to come back from the dining room with their punishment.

"You've got nothing?" Averia scoffed. "Seriously, that was the best you could do?"

"What was I supposed to say? Mother would have seen right through us, and you know it. The moment she got there, we were doomed." Diana sighed. "I still can't believe you started another brawl."

"Me? Oh no, you're not pinning this one on me. You head butted that guy. That's what started all of this."

"Because he grabbed me."

"I'm not saying he didn't deserve it, but facts are fact." Averia scowled. "You started it."

"Fine, maybe I did start this one." Diana leaned back on the couch and giggled. "It was kind of fun though, wasn't it?"

"Maybe, but we're in big trouble this time. I'm betting we'll be grounded for at least a month, so that means no going out at night, no hanging out after school – the works."

Diana made a disgusted sound and then gave Averia a teasing smile. "You were pretty cool back there, you know." She did her best impression of Averia. "Walk away." She chuckled. "Talk about being bad ass."

"That was kind of cool, I guess." A small smile tickled the edges of Averia's lips. "You weren't half bad with that chair either. Who taught you that?"

"Aunt Vanille." Diana smirked. "And I liked that bit where you kicked some guy's legs out from under him then kicked him again while he was still in the air. That was like something out of a video game."

Averia sniggered. That had been pretty cool. "What about you and your 'Super Flying Kick To The Back Technique… Version Two!' What was that all about?"

"He was pretty big, so I didn't think kicking him in the front would have worked." Diana shrugged. "And Version One involves a chainsaw, so I couldn't have done that either."


In the dining room, Fang and Lightning weren't discussing the girls' punishment so much as they were listening to them talk.

"She actually shouted the name of her attack in the middle of a fight?" Fang grinned. "Even you have to admit that's kind of cool, and I have to see that Version One."

Regardless of how curious Lightning was, and she was very curious as to what kind of flying kick in the back involved a chainsaw, she wasn't about let Fang know. "Cool? I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry." Lightning scowled. "And don't forget, they got into a brawl. They could have been hurt."

"But they weren't." Fang chuckled. "And don't pretend like you weren't in your fair share of brawls when you were younger. I've talked to Serah, and Amodar pulled your records for me. They've got a long, long way to go before they can match what you got up to." Her voice softened, and she put her arms around Lightning. "Look, you're completely right. They deserve to get punished, and whatever you come up with, I'll support you. Right now, I'm just glad they looked out for each other and that all of them are okay."

"That's true, I suppose." It was bad enough they'd started a fight at a nightclub – a nightclub that Diana's wasn't even supposed to be allowed into – but she would have been beyond furious if they'd left each other to fend for themselves. They were family, damn it, which meant they stuck together. Sighing, she relaxed a little into Fang's embrace. "But don't think I'm going to go easy on them. We're lucky that no one is pressing charges since the whole thing was such a confusing mess."

"So, what are you going to do to them?"

Lightning's smile was utterly ruthless. "They'll be spending the next month scrubbing toilets."

"That doesn't sound too bad. Our toilets are already close to spotless." Fang shrugged. Lightning tended to be a little bit obsessive about stuff like that.

"I never said they'd be scrubbing our toilets. The toilet block at the Guardian Corps training centre could use a good cleaning." Lightning's lips twitched. "They've always talked about joining, so they might as well get started early."

Fang laughed. "You are so evil, but that's why I love you." She tilted her head to one side. "Did you already talk with Serah about this or –"

A bloodcurdling shriek came from the house next door.

Lightning smiled thinly. "That sounded like Claire. Serah must have finished telling her." She pulled Fang toward the living room. "Come on, let's tell the girls. We can't have Claire suffering alone."


"On the upside, at least mother is only making us scrub the women's toilets." Diana leaned back and was about to wipe the sweat off her brow before she thought better of it. Her gloves were coated in a great deal of stuff she preferred not to think about.

"How can you be so cheerful about this?" Averia was hunched over, scrubbing the floor.

"I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying it could be worse."

"She has a point." Claire walked in carrying enough toilet paper for every stall in the toilet block. "It sucks not having much free time anymore, but I've kind of gotten used to it." She chuckled. "And at least your mother let us use proper toilet brushes to scrub the toilets."

"Oh?" There was a story behind that, Averia was sure of it.

Claire grinned. "When your mother caught my mom sneaking into a nightclub, she made her scrub toilets with a toothbrush."

"No way." Diana stared at Claire. "You're saying that our mother, the same woman who lets Aunt Serah get her way on pretty much everything, that same person made her scrub toilets with a toothbrush?"

"Yep. My dad told me all about it. It was one of the few times my mom ever picked a fight with your mother until he came along."

"I guess you're right then." Averia shuddered. Scrubbing toilets was bad enough, doing it with a toothbrush would have been horrible.

"And don't you feel like you're part of the Guardian Corps now?" Diana gestured at some of the other people scrubbing the toilet block with them. "Well?"

As usual, Diana had a point. Their Uncle Hope had caught a few of the newest recruits slacking off and had assigned them to help the girls with their unwelcome duty. The women were working alongside them in the women's toilet block while the men cleaned theirs. Right now, there were almost a dozen other unfortunates scrubbing, cleaning and generally being miserable.

Diana smirked. "Besides, one day, I'm going to run the whole Guardian Corps. When that happens, it'll be me ordering mother to scrub toilets."

"Is that so?" Lightning appeared so suddenly that Diana nearly jumped into the wall beside her in surprise. "You've got a long way to go before that ever happens. In the meantime, how would you feel about using a toothbrush to do all the cleaning?"

"I'll get back to work right away, ma'am!" Diana flashed a quick salute.

"Good, there's been too much talking and not enough cleaning." Lightning turned and headed off to terrorise the new recruits with Hope. "I want this floor clean enough to eat off by the time I get back. If it isn't, I can promise you that you will be eating off it."


Author's Notes

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The joke about an inappropriately deep fixation with her sister is one that I've made before about Lightning and Serah. Given how protective Averia is of Diana, I thought it would be nice to make it again. Having Averia completely freak her younger sister out is just a big, big plus. And, yes, I did make up Diana's pick up lines. And, no, I've never used them. Give me at least a little credit. However, feel free to use them if you think they'll work (I doubt they will).

The girls' punishment is definitely something that Lightning would come up with. It combines usefulness (the toilets do need to be cleaned regularly) with sheer, mind numbing horror (I doubt there are many teenagers who want to clean the toilet, never mind an entire block of toilets). It also lets her keep a very close eye on them.

So, there you have it, a chapter set in the future. If you would like another one, do let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with. For those of you who are curious, I decided to go with Averia's point of view for most of this because she hasn't really gotten as much "screen time" as Diana or Claire. Given my love of symmetry, any other chapters set in the future are likely to feature more sections written from Diana and Claire's points of view.

Note: Tidus, Yuna and Rikku are from Final Fantasy X. Both Yuna and Rikku have made earlier appearances in this story, Yuna as Claire and Averia's friend and Rikku as one of Diana's. Yuffie is from Final Fantasy VII and also made an earlier appearance as one of Diana's other friends (she has wonderful taste doesn't she?).

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