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I started this at some point last year, when I was babysitting the terrifying creature that comes in the form of a friend of the families 2 year old and 2 of her friends. Seriously, I mean, I can't even cope with people my own age, how am I meant to look after 3 kids?

But anyway, I had a few hours with zilch to do, as I'd already put them to bed, so I started this, got about half-way through, then promptly forgot about it. I found it last week when I was trying to impose some order on My Documents and decided to finish it.

Just remembered: DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything in the Percy Jackson universe, or the Supernatural one. Nada. This applies for all chapters in this story.

Ok, timeline. Supernatural, this starts in 'Dead in the Water.' This is set 3 years AFTER the last Percy Jackson book.

I have also made changes. The most obvious of these is that, at the end of The Last Olympian, when the Gods offer to make Percy a god and he declines? Well, I have killed Annabeth, so Percy had no reason to say no. Percy got upgraded. Hades kicked up a fuss because Percy and Thalia are both immortal (god and huntress) until they extended the offer to Nico as well. So all the children of the Big Three are immortal in one way or another.

Another thing, I wrote this before I read The Lost Hero, so there won't be any mentions of Jason, Leo or Piper in here.

Anything in Greek will have translations next to it, don't worry, so when it shows up later… Yeah. But, the Greek is from Google Translate, so I don't know how reliable it is…

Ok. On with the story...


Part 1/6

The sun was shining when Sophie Carlton got out of bed that morning. That was good – it meant she could go swimming. The lake was a very special part of Sophie's life, all 18 years of it. She loved the lake; the water was always clear and beautiful. Perfect for swimming.

She quickly showered, brushed her hair and changed into her blue tracksuit, the clothing of choice when it came to her exercising, then wandered downstairs to the kitchen.

Her father and brother were already up; her father reading the newspaper and her brother eating cereal, sitting on the counter.

"Morning Daddy." She leant down and kissed him on the cheek with a smile, before she went to retrieve a water bottle from the refrigerator.

"Morning sweetheart."

Her brother dragged his attention away from his cereal to give her a calculating look.

"All these workouts Soph—I don't know. Guys don't like buff girls." He said thoughtfully.

She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Fine," he huffed. "Most guys don't like buff girls." He amended. He knew she had a boyfriend who she had met when she was swimming. In fact, he had even met him, and done the traditional You-hurt-her-and-I'll-kill-you-with-a-shovel threatening. He even liked her boyfriend, and they were on relatively friendly terms.

She just grinned at him, comeback at the ready. "Yeah well, girls don't like guys who still live at home."

He rolled his eyes, downed the leftover milk in one, then hopped down from the counter.

"Ha ha ha." He laughed sarcastically.

She chuckled, then headed to the door to leave. Just as she opened the door, her father's voice floated after her.

"Be careful."

She looked back; he hadn't even looked up from his newspaper.

"I will." The door shut behind her, and she headed towards the lake.

Fifteen minutes later, she was at the small hut near the area of the lake she liked to swim in. She went in, shutting the door behind her, and changed into her swimming costume. As she left, she heard a voice from beside her.

"Hey Sophie."

She smiled and turned to the 19-year old next to her.

"Hey Percy." She said, in the same tone. This was the other reason Lake Manitoc was important to her. It was where she had met Percy Jackson for the first time.

"You swimming today?" He asked.

She gestured to the swimsuit. "Is it that obvious?"

Percy grinned. "I thought it was just for my benefit." He replied, giving her an appreciative once over. She laughed and gave a quick twirl.

"Like what you see?" She challenged.

He stepped forward, leering playfully. "You know I do."

She smiled and reached out, pulling him towards her. He leaned down and pressed his lips gently against hers.

"You know, Percy –" She said, pulling back to look at him. "I did come here for a reason."

He pulled back and looked at her, though they were still close.

"And I thought you'd come for the company." He grinned.

"Well, the company could be better…"

He raised an eyebrow and she laughed.

"So what is the reason you came here, if it wasn't to see me?" He asked, a mock hurt expression on his face.

"We're going swimming."


She narrowed her eyes at him. "Yes. We." She extracted herself from the embrace, looped her arm around his waist and turned them towards the lake.

"Why don't you go down now, and I'll be there in a minute once I am more suitably dressed." He commented. She looked around, remembering that he was still in his jeans and shirt.

"Sure. See you soon." She grinned, pecked him on the cheek then darted down to the waters-edge.

Sophie turned, looking out over the lake, quickly psyching herself for the moment of cold that would inevitably smother her when she jumped in. Then, she took a deep breath and dived perfectly into the clear lake. The sound of birds and the water lapping at the dock vanished into silence as the water filled her ears and muted everything.

She started swimming, but stopped and surfaced, confused at the distorted whispering that she could hear. She looked around to see if Percy was playing tricks on her, but he was walking down the path to the wooden boards that provide as her honorary diving board, looking at her in concern. She shrugged off the odd feeling that she was being watched and went back to her laps.

Percy watched as Sophie surfaced again, and took off running towards the lake. There was something in the water. Percy's 'spidey-sense', as Thalia called it, had alerted him that there was something in the water, something different. Knowing his luck, something bad. And it was moving towards his girlfriend, the person it had taken months to get close to. He had left Camp Half-Blood after the Battle for Olympus, determined to have as break from this sort of thing, at least for a bit.

Sure, the quests were fun, and sometimes he missed his friends, but he needed some time off. After the prophecy, the battle, loosing Annabeth – he stopped that thought in its tracks. As close as he and Annabeth had been, they had never been as close as he felt to Sophie. Not romantically, anyway. But Percy had wanted some time-out, before he returned for a lifetime of killing monsters with his family. And he had had it, almost.

But now some water-monster was going after his girlfriend, and his swimming shorts didn't have pockets for Riptide to return to, so he couldn't kill whatever it was. He sprinted down the wooden dock, skidding to a halt at the end.

"Sophie!" He yelled. She twisted around to see him. "Get out of the water!"

Sophie started swimming towards him and he's leaning out over the water, but it's too late. Percy can feel the thing moving through the water under her, getting closer.

"Come on, come on, come on…" Percy muttered, frantic. She's only meters away. But then it grabs her. All Percy sees are her eyes widening in panic, then she's gone, her panicked yell cut off by the water flooding her throat. Gone in a stream of bubbles. Gone. Oh Gods…

"No!" Percy yelled, crashing onto his knees as he looks over the edge of the dock for any sign of his girlfriend. "Sophie! Sophie!" He's on his knees, vision blurred by tears.

He doesn't think, he doesn't consider what he's doing, but then he's in the lake. In seconds he's floating in the spot Sophie was dragged under, but there's nothing there. No Sophie, no monster, not even any fish. Even the 'spidey-sense' had stopped. But he wouldn't stop, couldn't stop, looking for her. He sank to the dark depths of the lake, prepared to use his power over water to find her. Percy closed his eyes and let out a stream of energy that crackled through the lake searching for anything human-sized and alive. Nothing.

The pain returned as the adrenaline faded, and Percy pushed himself up, the stream of water rocketing him clear of the lake, landing hard on the wooden dock, but Percy bore the Achilles Curse, so there is no damage. He doesn't know how long he was there, kneeling by the lake, waiting and watching desperately for any sign of his girlfriend.

A small, distant part of his mind wondered if it was even possible for Greek Gods to go into shock, but it was largely ignored. It didn't really matter.

Percy stood up, and looked out over the lake, vainly hoping to see a head of blonde hair pop out and start laughing at him, because it had all been a joke and she had somehow found a way to jam his water power.

No such luck.

He gave the lake one last glance, silently vowing to return and find whatever creature it was. Then he'd call in a favor with Nico, and get him to send it to Tartarus, to Hell, to nothing short of damnation. It deserved it.

Percy turned and walked back up the path, slowly. He had no desire to go and see Will, Sophie's brother, to tell him and her father what had happened. What he had let happen.

But he couldn't go slowly enough, and suddenly the line of trees had stopped and he was looking at Sophie's house.

Going to the front door, Percy raised his hand to knock when he stopped. His hand was shaking violently. He concentrated on making his hand clench into a fist, then pounded on the door. Knocking and knocking, the rhythm was soon in time with the shudders going through him. After what seemed like an age, Will opened the door, his welcoming smile fading as he saw the sorry state Percy was in – pale, shaking and still only in his swimming shorts. Percy vaguely realized he was still wet, but it's too late now. Will had seen him wet, if he were to magically become dry, he'd realize something was up.

"Percy?" Came the shocked whisper. But he can't say anything, how could he say anything, when it's all his fault that Will doesn't have a sister anymore? Then he's being pulled into the house and pushed gently onto the sofa beside a shocked Mr. Carlton while Will disappears.

"Percy? What happened?" Mr. Carlton asked. Will returns, holding a towel and a duvet, and proceeds to cover him with them.

"What happened, Percy. I saw something pull her down, and I saw you go in after her. But what happened." It wasn't really a question; Will was demanding to know what had happened to his sister. But somehow the knowledge that Will was watching helps Percy focus. He doesn't need to tell Will that his sister is gone.

"We were swimming… well, she was swimming… I was walking down the path to the lake… but something – something grabbed her. She was swimming fine – but it pulled – pulled her down and…" Percy trailed off as Will and Mr. Carlton exchanged glances. "Can I go home?" He asked. He couldn't stay here. "I'll come back, but-"

"Sure, I'll give you a lift." Will said, standing up. Percy stood up, stumbled outside and fell into a seat in Wills car.

5 minutes later, he was dropped off outside his almost-new house, right next to the lake, courtesy of his father.

Will watched him into the house, then drove off while Percy shut the door. He drifted into his bedroom and sprawled on the bed, instantly asleep.

Nico di Angelo jumped suddenly, like he had just been stung by a wasp. There was a distant ringing in his ears. He froze – that only happened when someone close to him had died.

Panicked, Nico shut his eyes and concentrated, focusing on the spirit of the person before whoever it is has their soul judged. He needs to know who it is.

Grey vapor begins to appear in front of him, twisting and warping until it becomes the figure of a young, attractive girl. Who Nico doesn't know. Right. Who is that?

"Who are you?" He asked the spirit, who seemed surprised to be addressed.

"Sophie Carlton." She replied, then hesitated and looked around. "Am I… am I dead?" She asked, quietly.

"Yep." Nico nodded, then winced. Tact had never been his thing.

"Oh." She was quiet for a minute, then looked at him curiously. "Are you God then, or something?" She asked.

Nico snorted. "Kind of, but not that God. Definitely 'or something.' But how did you die?"

She frowned. "I never thought I'd get asked that. But… I was swimming. With my boyfriend. Then something pulled me under and…" Her voice caught in her throat. "Oh my God, I'm dead…" She whispered.

"So this boyfriend... who is he?" Nico pressed, and the girl pulled herself together a bit.

"Percy." She smiled softly. "Percy Jackson. The best thing that ever happened to me."

Ah. Percy. That explained it, slightly. Percy was the one living family member he was closest to, after all. What, so now when someone close to someone close to me dies I feel it? Great. Just awesome, Nico thought sarcastically.

"Ok. Thanks, Sophie." Now he could get rid of her. "It's time for you to-"

"You won't send me to Hell, will you?" She interrupted, looking panicked.

"No, I won't. Bye Sophie." He waved his hand and concentrated. The girl vanished, the grey smoke turning white, then a strong, shining yellow before they drifted through the ceiling. Nico sagged, suddenly tired. He turned to his room and lay on the bed. Tomorrow, I'm going to go see Percy, but now… He fell asleep, wondering how badly Percy could be taking loosing someone else.

Percy was woken by a pounding on his door, and jerked upright. The night's sleep had erased the shock from his system, and now he could think clearly he was confused. Surely Will wouldn't have come over? He got out of bed and fought off the head-rush that made him sway, then walked to the door and yanked it open.

His mouth fell open.


The teen turned to him. "Hey Percy."

"Why are you-?"

"I met your girlfriend." Nico explained, and Percy visibly flinched.

"Oh. Ah, come in then."

The gothic fifteen year old nodded, then wandered into the house. "Gee, you'd never guess who lived here…" He muttered, and Percy chuckled slightly. It was true. Everything was blue, and green, with some white. The whole place looked like it was under water.

"What can I say? Dad was in charge of the décor." Percy shrugged. "He also put up wards of some sort around here, so monsters are less likely to come after us." Then his smile faded. "So you… you talked to Sophie?"

Nico nodded.

"Well… what did she say? Was she alright?" Percy insisted. He received an eye-roll from his cousin. "What?"

Nico gave him a look. "She's dead, Percy. And you ask if she's alright." Nico's smile faded though, when he saw the effect his words were having on his cousin. He looked downright depressed. "Sorry."

"Nico, she was the best thing that ever happened to me." His cousin murmured, and Nico glanced up.
"Funny, she said the same about you." He muttered. "She seemed okay though… and I sent her to Elysium." (A/N – spelling?)

Percy beamed, and Nico found himself locked in a bone-breaking hug. "Thanks, Nico."

Nico, who had frozen at the unexpected physical contact, patted Percy awkwardly on the back until he let go.

Dean Winchester flicked through the newspaper looking for a hunt.

Any hunt.

Please God let there be a hunt.

He finds a short article on a girl, Sophie Carlton, who seems to have vanished in mysterious circumstances in a lake. Dean shrugged; it's worth checking out, anyway. His thoughts are disturbed by the waitress returning.

"Can I get you anything else?" She asked, leaning right into him. He looked up, pen in mouth, and grinned, fully intending to offer to get to know her just a little better that night, but then Sam wandered back over and sat down.

"Just the check, please."

Dean rolled his eyes. Way to ruin the mood, Sammy. But, to her credit, the blonde just said, "Ok," and walked off, though she does throw a smile over her shoulder at Dean.

Dean let his head drop in exasperation, then turned on his brother.

"You know, Sam, we are allowed to have fun once in a while." He looked appreciatively after the waitress, who was in very short shorts. "That's fun." At Sam's blank look, Dean abandoned the attempt and moved on to business. "Here, take a look at this." He threw the paper across the table so it landed in front of Sam. "I think I've got one. Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin. Last week Sophie Carlton, 18, walks into the lake, doesn't walk out. Authorities dragged the water—Nothing. Sophie Carlton is the third Lake Manitoc drowning this year. None of the other bodies were found either. They had a funeral two days ago."

Sam frowned. "A funeral?"

"It's weird, they buried an empty coffin. For closure or something…" Dean reached for the other paper.

"A closure?" Sam snorted softly. "What closure? People don't just disappear, Dean. Other people just stop looking for them." He finished harshly.

Dean looked up. "Something you want to say to me?" He questioned. This is getting old.

"The trail for dad." Sam sighed. "It's getting colder, every day-"

"Exactly, so what are we supposed to do?" Dean interrupted.

"I don't know!" Sam shook his head. "Something, anything-"
"You know what? I'm sick of this attitude. You don't think I wanna find dad as much as you do?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah, I know you do, it's just—" But Dean kept talking over him.

"I'm the one that's been with him every single day for the past two years, while you've been off to college going to pep rallies. We will find dad, but until then, we're gonna kill everything bad between here and there." He snapped. "Okay?"

Sam rolled his eyes, and Dean went to retort but was distracted by the waitress walking by again.

"Alright, Lake Manitoc." Sam confirmed, but Dean was still gazing after the blonde. "Hey!"

Dean's focus snapped back over. "Huh?"

"How far?"

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