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Part 6/6.

This is it, folks.

A bird chirped noisily, and Nico di Angelo bolted upright in the bed he'd previously been sleeping in, jumping to his feet. The head rush caused by his sudden trip into the land of the vertical made him falter slightly, but he soon regained his balance. He changed out of the pyjamas he'd borrowed from Percy, back into his usual black attire, then wandered through the house, following the sounds and smells of what was probably meant to be cooking.

Percy stood in the kitchen, glaring as he threw two bits of toast that resembled charred cardboard into the bin. He glanced at the toaster as if considering whether to go for a second attempt or not, then seemingly abandoned the idea and pulled out the cereal and a blue bowl.

Nico laughed softly, smile widening when Percy shot him a reproachful look.

"Not having much luck, then." Nico commented.

"What gave me away?" Percy asked, mock-surprise plastered on his face before he grinned and started on his cereal. Nico joined him with less enthusiasm. Cereal. It was all Persephone and Demeter seemed to feed him whenever he was at home.

"How did the conversation go last night after I went to bed?" He queried, slightly embarrassed that he'd had to leave the conversation early.

Although, technically, he was, like Percy, one of the gods now, he was still getting used to it – time passed differently in Olympus and the Underworld. He often forgot the extra power he had, didn't tap into it when he needed it, used to the boundaries he used to be limited to. The result of that was that he'd not use all the power he had, and exhaust himself. Percy occasionally did the same, but less often.

Percy pulled a face. "It… could have gone worse." He answered.

Nico quirked an eyebrow. "What did you tell them?"

"I told them we were demigods."

Nico nodded slowly. "And when are we going to go back to Andrea's? We still need to figure out what to do with the thing in the lake."

"As soon as you're done?"

Nico snorted, grinning, and threw out the cereal. Instead, he grabbed something questionable that was wrapped in brightly coloured plastic. Percy looked at it dubiously.

"I bet there's not even a gram of the original food left in that." He commented, and Nico grinned widely through a mouthful of the processed food. Percy made a disgusted face, but his amusement shone through.

Ten minutes later, Percy and Nico were walking through the bright green woods around the edge of the lake.

The water was calm, no sign of the creature, and they were about a hundred meters from the house when they froze.

"Is that the Sheriff?" Nico mouthed, frowning in confusion. Percy nodded the affirmative, and they both started moving again – this time, silently.

They could hear Dean talking;

"-tell me you buried Peter somewhere. Tell me you didn't just let him go in the lake."

Percy and Nico paused behind the tree line, out of sight. Percy's eyes narrowed at the gun that the Sheriff was pointing straight at the brothers, but it wavered at Dean's words. Andrea was standing on the path, watching in horrified disbelief.

"Dad?" she asked, "Is any of this true?" She didn't want to believe it."

"No." Jake said firmly. "Don't listen to them. They're liars and they're dangerous."

"They aren't liars." Percy stepped out of the trees, Nico at his side. The gun swung around to aim at them before the Sheriff realized who it was and lowered it.

"Percy? Nico?"

Andrea took a step forward. "Something tried to drown me." She said shakily, drawing her father's attention back around. "Chris died on that lake." Her voice grew steadily louder and louder, and her father looked away. "Dad, look at me!" She cried. "Tell me you – you didn't kill anyone."

The Sheriff blinked hard a few times, breathing hard, but looked away again and didn't say anything. Andrea stared at him.

"Oh my god." She muttered, eyes wide.

Jake took a breath. "Billy and I were at the lake." He said quietly. "Peter was the smallest one; we always bullied him. But this time..." he paused. "It got rough. We were holding his head under the water." He couldn't keep eye contact. "We didn't mean to, but we held him under too long and he drowned..." he forced out, then looked sadly at Sam and Dean. "We let the body go. And it sank." He finished brokenly. Dean nodded, him and Sam staring coldly as the Sheriff turned urgently to his daughter. She was standing still, face blank with shock.

"Oh, Andrea… We were kids." He said desperately. "We were so scared. It was a mistake, but Andrea, to say that I have anything to do with these drownings, with Chris..." he trailed off. "Because of some ghost? It's not rational."

Nico snorted. "Nothing about this is rational." He muttered. "You should meet our family." He gestured to himself and Percy. A smile flashed briefly across his cousin's face, but quickly died. Sam gave a soft snort. The Sheriff opened his mouth to comment, looking confused, but Dean cut across him.

"All right, listen to me, all of you. We need to get you away from this lake, as far as we can, right now." He told them steadily. Andrea nodded shakily, and she and her father turned back towards the house.

Percy and Nico stiffened, gasping, and spun around.

"It's here." Percy blurted quickly. Andrea turned her head, then cried out.

Lucas was near the lake, kneeling down at the water's edge.


Jake's bellow broke the spell, and a second later everyone was sprinting towards the lake. Nico and Percy were pulling ahead, to Dean's surprise before he remembered the 'demigod' part of their conversation the previous night.

But not quick enough.

Lucas was kneeling on the dock, reaching over, trying to retrieve one of his plastic army men. It was bobbing on the surface of the water, just out of reach.

"LUCAS!" Dean shouted, weaving through the trees.

"Lucas, honey, stay where you are!" Andrea cried.

Apparently he couldn't hear them.

Nico gasped, staggered and nearly fell over before he kept running. "LUCAS!"

He was gone, pulled over the side of the dock just as he and Percy reached the dock.

"Nico," Percy said quickly, "Keep them out of the water."

"But it's sunny!"

"You have to, Nico! It'll kill them!"

Then he spun around and leapt in after it.

A second later, Dean and Sam ran out of the woods, already stripping off jackets as they prepared to follow Percy into the water.

"No, wait!"

They didn't listen. Nico rolled his eyes, then concentrated; the shadows snaked out of the trees, solidified, and closed around their ankles, pinning them in place.

"What the hell are you doing?" Dean roared, struggling.

"You can't go in there, it'll just kill you too!" Nico shouted at him, eyes clenched shut as he maintained the shadows. Forget the boundaries, you're stronger now… His eyes snapped open. The solid darkness stayed where it was.

"What about Percy?" Sam asked angrily. Nico looked at him. Like his brother, Sam was trying to get free of the shadows, but there was nothing to pull away from his feet, nothing to rip free of. You can't pull a shadow off your leg.

Nico shook his head. "He told you we were demigods, right?" They nodded. "Percy's father is Poseidon." Sam stopped. "Trust me, it's not physically possible to drown Percy. You don't have that same luxury."

Andrea, who had frozen, watching the water, abruptly pulled off her sweatshirt.

"Andrea, stay there!" Sam ordered her.

"But Lucas – !"

"Percy'll get him. Stay away from the water." Nico told her.
The next 30 seconds passed like a lifetime as everyone watched the water. No sign of Percy or Lucas.

"Lucas, where are you?" She whimpered. Nico bit his lip. Come on, Percy…

"Peter!" A shout from the waterline attracted their attention. Sam, Dean, Nico and Andrea turned to see the sheriff, pulling his jacket off as he steps into the water.

"Jake, don't!" Nico shouted. The sheriff ignored him.

"Peter, if you can hear me…" He was waist deep in the water already. "Please Peter… I'm sorry…" He waded further in, and started swimming slowly deeper.

"Dad... daddy, no!"

Like Nico, Andrea was ignored, and Jake swum further out, pleading with the spirit. "I'm so sorry! Lucas... he's-he's just a little boy. Please..." he got louder, shouting over the lake, ignoring Sam, Nico and Dean as they shouted at him to get out of the water.

"Please take me!"

"Jake! No!" Dean shouted.

He was ignored again. "Just let it be over!"

Nico gasped then shuddered violently as the thing let out a burst of power, shadows dissipating and releasing the Winchesters, although this time they didn't try to jump into the lake.

At the same time, the Sheriff vanished under the water with a cry. Andrea screamed.

"Daddy! DADDY! No!"

He was gone, bubbles rising to the surface.

Nico let out a shaky breath as he walked to the edge of the dock – the spirit was gone. And not just moved away, Nico had felt it move on. It was, hopefully, on its way to his father. It'd join the line, and by the time it was judged, Nico would have ensured it a place somewhere awful.

There was an explosion of water, and Nico dropped out of the was as Percy shot out of the lake like a missile, landing hard and skidding a few feet down the dock. He was holding Lucas protectively on his front, so the boy didn't take the impact.

Both of them were completely dry, and Lucas' eyes were wide as he was pulled up to his hysterical mother as Andrea dropped down beside him and wrapped him in a bear hug.

Nico pulled his cousin to his feet and they stepped back.

"What happened?" Percy asked Nico. Nico tilted his head questioningly, and Percy clarified. "He was gone," he said quietly, gesturing at Lucas. "Then a few seconds ago he just popped into the lake."

Nico nodded, watching Lucas and Andrea. "It got what it wanted, so it let Lucas go."

Percy glanced back at the water. It was peaceful and still again.

At least now they knew it would stay that way.

"Why wouldn't it listen to you, though?" Percy asked thoughtfully. "It should have just moved on the first time you tried."

"I don't know." Nico frowned. "It wasn't like most of the ghosts I've met before. It wasn't… real." He shifted uncomfortably, eyes darting around, trying to find a better way to explain while Percy looked confused. "It didn't think, or anything. It had a purpose, a goal, and that was it. It… it existed to drown Jake and the Carltons. Once it had done that, game over. Nothing else for it, so it left." Percy nodded, beginning to understand. "And when I tried to make it move on… I tried to order it to. Of course that didn't work, because it didn't care who my father is. It just cared about drowning them." Nico scowled. "And I didn't get a chance to just shove it through the afterlife after that."


There was a pause, then Percy put a hand on Nico's shoulder and gave a push.

"Come on. Let's go."


Sam and Dean turned around from their conversation over the hood of the Impala – Percy and Nico were walking towards them.

"So… you guys going?" Percy asked, gesturing towards the open drivers door and the bags on the backseat.

"Yeah, we're heading out." Dean said.

Nico nodded. "Us too."

Sam looked up in surprise, "You're leaving?"

Percy hummed in agreement. "Yeah. It's been…" he paused, looking for the right word. "Odd, living in one place for so long." Nico snorted, and Percy cuffed him around the back of the head. "Actually, it's been driving me crazy. I'm gonna go back to the family."

"You're dad'll be pleased." Nico murmured to him. Percy shrugged.

"But we just came to…" He fidgeted. "You can't tell anyone, alright? About the gods being real. Not even other hunters."

"Or we'll hunt you down and wipe your memories." Nico threatened, although he looked disgusted by the idea.

"Either way." Percy said, elbowing his cousin. "Just, please, don't tell anyone."

The brothers exchanged glances, pulled faces, then nodded at Percy and Nico.

"Sure." Dean told them. "Secret's safe with us."

"Thanks." Percy said in relief. "If you want to talk to Andrea before you go, go via my old house."

"I gave it to Andrea and Lucas…" Percy explained, looking depressed. "Figured they don't need constant reminders of Jake and the Carltons." He said sadly, then forced a smile. "Right. Let's go, Nico." He glanced around – no-one there. They could shadow-travel.

"See ya." Nico sent them a mocking salute, then the shadows shifted, wrapping around them and disintegrating.

"Ick." Dean commented, pulling a face. "That looks like a crap way to travel." He grinned, patting the Impala. "It's got nothing on my baby."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Yeah, who'd want to teleport when they could drive a 40 year old car?" He wondered sarcastically.

Dean glared at him. "You're just jealous of us." He crowed, running a hand over the roof of the Impala, smirking.

Sam smacked him on the arm, looking amused. "Shut up, jerk."


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Recommendation: 'Nico diAngelo and the House on Grimmauld Place' by Eowebrinda. It's a HP/PJO crossover, 3 chapters up, so far so good. Read it if you like Nico fics :)

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