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*Yellow's POV*

"Blue, Can you help me think what the gift I must give to Red would be? I'm very confused." I sighed. As far as I looked up, everyone looked happy to find all goods to be given to their someones. And here I am, confused by myself just because thinking too hard on the gift. Why all those clothes look good? I'm sure Red would be look good on those clothes. ~

"I think you should give him a new jacket,"

"Eh? Why?" Blue is extremely sure. I looked up to see her face. Blue was smiling at the shirt she took. The shirt had a long sleeve and neck, available in dark blue. She stared it smoothly. I wonder who would receive that. Must be someone special… That thought made me smile a little.

"Do you ask me why?" Blue looked up at my face. I nodded seriously. She gave me a huge grin. Er, what?

"Red's jacket had withered. See, the battle he had yesterday made the rip on his jacket increase. If he wore it any longer, he would look poor," Blue chuckled at the thought of Red being poor. Without I realised, I had myself a little angry and what I thought was slipped out, "NO! Even if Red became a poor man, he still looked handsome!"

Blue surprised at my words and laughed more after she saw my face. Grrh, what happen with my face?

But, to think about the battle Red had yesterday, why I never think to give him a new jacket? It looks like Blue knows him very well than me. What are you thinking Yellow? Of course she is! She knows him first than you! Hiks… I'm not a proper girl for Red.

"What's wrong Yellow?"

"Eh? What?"

"Why are you so sad like that?"

Eh? Oh my God! I must be daydreaming without I realised! Am I seen so pitiful, that's why Blue looks at me that apprehensive?

I shook my head and wore my smile, "Nothing big Blue. I just surprised by the thought you had your attention on Red. It's just over my assesment!"

*Red's POV*


"Why are blushing Red?" Green stared me with his weird looked. But, I'm very sure he laughs inside to see me like this. T.T


"Weird." JLEB! Oh… My heart is like being stabbed of a thousand knifes.

How could I not to blush after overheard their conversation? Everytime they mention my name, my heart begin to throb by some pleasants thought. I'm not used to this kind of conversation. I shouldn't be eavesdropping in the first place. Stupid Red!

I couldn't help to think about what Yellow said earlier. She thinks I'm handsome… *BLUSH*

"Stop that blush or we'll be found out!" Green pinched both of my cheeks and started to pay his attention again on girl's conversation.

"Owh! It sure hurts Gre-" Green pinched me harder and hushed me. A voice's talking…

"Don't be jealous Yellow. I just see Red as a friend."

Hmmph. Is that so? Same here.

"And one more," Blue's voice came in confidence. "I'm Blue who knows everything. Hahaha…" Haha… That's so Blue. "Tch! What an obnoxious girl," said Green afterwards. This's so Green. I chuckled as I knew their behaviour. Whatever Blue said, Green would give his rough respons. Like a minutes ago, "Annoying woman," came out from his mouth.

"I wonder if you could tell me er,"


"Er, the person you'd likely to give, who is?"

There's silent. It looks like more persons are anxious to know. Once again, Blue laughed. It seems like she enjoys the moment when there's someone so curious about something.

"It's not Red. Don't worry…"

*BLUSH* Why she's mentioning my name again? Ugh. Today is not perfect for my heart. Hiks, Green pinchs me harder. I think my cheeks would get swollen.

"It-It's not what I think Blue. I know that shirt not for Red. I just- I just want to know if I may know." Yellow's stutter voice is sweet. Eh? What I've been thinking?


"It seems like that's belong to someone special."

That answer made both me and Green stare each other.

"Who do you think he is Green?" asked me while saw him raise his eyebrows and shoulders.

"Is that so?" Her voice sounded calm, "This is for silver."

"Wah… I should have known. You two so close."

*Green's POV*


Is he her someone special? You like younger boys eh? Or you like a man with a long hair? May be I should try to let my hair growed long. Heh! No wondered, it'll never happen!

What I've been thinking anyway? I shook my head and kept my ears on.

"Green?" Red's voice reached me. I glared him.

"So cold. Haha. But, can you release your hand from my cheeks first? It's so damn hurt!"

"… Fine." I released my hands from his cheeks. "You look great with your new cheeks." said me as I chuckled at his swollen cheeks. It so suited him.

"Shut up."

Yellow's voice reached me.

"That shirt is cool! But why don't you buy a black one?"

"Ewh, no! He has so much black shirt. It would be good to have a different color right?"

"You right. But, that is dark color. It's not much different than usual then?"

Hmmph. Well thinking Yellow. This stupid girl is blabbering too much.

"What do you think the color would be Green?" Red smiled to me. How could I answer it when I don't know the answer? I ignored him and kept listening.

"Hmmph! Who is the person refusing my allurement in the first place?"

*BLUSH* "Shut up Red!" I smacked his head. This guy…

"So, you think I must buy a bright one? Well, another time. How you? Do you have found the one you want to buy for Red?"

"Er, jacket?"

I glanced to Red who is blushing right now. Everything is about Red. I could be dying of bored feeling. I wonder whether I'll ever get any gift.

"Which one? I prefer a red one, or orange one."

"No… no. I must be the one who choose it, Right chuchu?" Eh? She brings her pikachu along with her? Sounds like Red.


"You right." Blue laughed. Why? Oh, Blue started talking again,"Your love must be delivered." Blue laughed again. Tch! What an annoying person. She always teases someone's love story. Where's the excitement feeling for teasing someone? I never get the idea.

"Oh my GOD!"

"What?" I turned my attention to Red, which is extremely shocked.

"Pika has gone!"


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