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"Is this a party or what?"

Red glanced over the room and found himself alone, along with Blue's pokemon, Pika, and Chuchu who was currently climbing the Christmas tree. No one single person there, except him. Has anyone gone home? He frowned.

"Pika, will you go home now?"


"H-huh? What are you trying to say? I guess I need Yellow to translate it." Red chuckled. He carried Pika in his hug and sat in the sofa. "Hey, let's go home. It is midnight already. Or, you want to join this ghost party, hmm?"

Pika jumped from his hug and ran to Chuchu again.

"Hey! Chuchu, you are here! Where's (er) Yellow?" asked Red sheepishly. However, that was a bad question for Chuchu. She looked around that room and it seemed realise just now that no one was there anymore. She ran to every corner of that room, still no one. Chuchu was about to cry and made Red felt guilty. He scratched his head and said,"So, she left you?"

Now, Chuchu expression changed from worried into shocked. "Pii? Pika pi pikachu!"

Pika's eyes widened, he rushed to her and patted her cheek. "Pika pika pii.."

Chuchu shook her head and ran again outside. Pika wanted to chase her but he seemed confused. He looked at his trainer instead with an angry face and lower tone, "Piikaa…"

"What? Are you angry now?" Pika jumped to his shoulder and hit his head.

"Aww! Stop it Pika. That's hurt!" However, Pika kept hit him and even, "GAAAH! Now, now, where's my fault?" shouted Red after Pika used thunderbolt towards him. Before Pika could answer, Chuchu emerged in front of the door with a sad face.

"Now, do you find Yellow?"

Chuchu shook her head. She looked very pale and she started to cry. Once again, Pika turned his head to Red and he was sure looking angry.

"My mistake huh? Damn." Red squatted in front of Chuchu and smiled, "Hey Chuchu, you could join us. I'll drop you in front of her house. How about it?"

Pika and Chuchu stared each other and it seemed like Red won the deal. Therefore, Red, with Chuchu and Pika followed him, walked towards the doors. Soon they bumped into two people who just coming. For those people, he said, "Hi! Where are you a while ago? Leaving the house like that! Is 'ghost christmas party' your purpose, huh?"

Red observed his friend's face but it seemed like they did not even hear the question.

That was when Red finally noticed something weird about his two friends. "Finally getting together huh?" asked him as he looked into their intertwined fingers.

Green's eyes widened and he started coughing. Blue laughed happyly and said,"Don't be shy Greeny. Hey Red, can you believe what he said a while ago?"

Red shook his head, no clue.

"He confessed to me!"

"Really?" Red turned his face to Green's, looked surprised. It seemed like Red had already forgotten about his anger and 'ghost party'.

"Hey pesky woman-"

"You should watch how jealous he is a while ago! And you know the best part? Green steals my first-"

Green rolled his eyes and cut off her line in hurry,"You really talk too much, you know." His face now was very extremely red.

"One of my wishes has fulfilled. Tee hee…"

"That's great Green! Finally you make it!" Red patted Green's shoulder but Green seemed so sentiment.

"I guess, my day will full of bad luck."

Red sweat dropped. Then why you confess to her?

"Er, do you see Yellow?"

Green blinked,"Didn't she search you before?" Looking Red's clueless face, Green sighed,"Since it's late, I guess she's already home."

"Ah! You right!"

"Jigglypuff, can you sing now?" Blue winked as Jigglypuff turned to her. Jigglypuff nodded.

"Huh? What are you doing Blue?" asked Red, confussed.

"Make a happy mood for Green and me~"

Green and Red gaped.

"Are you a trainer or not? Jigglypuff's sing could put us into sleep! Do you intent to make us sleep?" shouted Green.

Blue shook her head and said,"You don't know. That is because you never use jigglypuff. However, if you getting sleep, that is fine too. Tee hee…"

"Hell, no! I'm going home with you Red." Green tried to remove her fingers on his. Unfortunately, he could not. It seemed Blue had already tightened their intertwined fingers. She said, "You cannot go home Greeeen" Her voice was sure sounded creepy.

"Get off!"

Sensing a danger coming, Red stepped his foot to the floor outside carefully.

"Er, I guess, I go home now?" said Red carefully while tried to get out of that house.

"Yes, you may."

"No! I'm going too!"

Poor Green, Red chose to leave the house as soon as possible. Blue seemed creepy.


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Two boys panted. The blonde boy ran to his sceptile with beaming face. "That's great!" He hugged his beloved sceptile. Meanwhile, the red-haired boy looked cold, snorted. "I lost to a mere child like ya?" He approached his feraligator and patted his head. "You've done well. Don't worry." But Feraligator kept frowning.

The other one smiled and said, "Your attack was savage. My sceptile almost fainted. You failed just because-"

"I know Emerald. I failed to notice your last attack." Silver sighed, after patting Feraligator's back, he returned him to his pokeball.

The other boy called Emerald grinned. "Are you going home?"

Silver glance him and shrugged. "I guess so… I leave okay?" Emerald nodded.

So that's their farewell time. Silver took out his Murkrow and once again flew up.


"Phew. How scary! And, now… I'm lost." Red looked up to the sky and found he was engulfed by the forest. "Great!"

Red and two pikachus walked slower and slower. "Pika, use flash," ordered him.

Pika used Flash attack and the forest around them wes bright. He kept walking until he heard familiar voice. Yellow's sobbed.

Chuchu felt the same and ran ahead, tried to discover the voice.


"Hey Chuchu, don't be too fast. It is noon already and my eyes is very heavy~"

Chuchu waved her tail and jumped happily. "Pika Pika!"

"You found her? Great! I have some bussiness with her!" Red followed Chuchu and… he froze.


Silver smiled to have a great Christmas night but sad all at once, remembered he could not spend all this Christmas day with Blue. But he knew he couldn't do anything to ruin Blue's happiness. How could he curse Green for that? That's not his fault. Silver shook his head and sighed. He glanced over the tress and saw something interesting.

"Murkrow, go down a little." "Murkrow!"

Silver could see clearly who's down there now. Yellow. Silver frowned as he saw Yellow was running fast like she was getting hunted. What happen to her? He asked that question to his mind, frowned. Is she going home? But her behaviour is just weird. Is she being attacked? As his mind recall that thought, he followed her slowly from the air.

But soon Yellow stumbled, face to the ground. Silver felt pity for her, he asked Murkrow to go down to help her. Before he could call her name, Yellow sobbed. Silver tarried in the place he were now, paid attention on her in silent. He's getting confused. What must I do?

Yellow kept crying. She didn't wake from her fall yet. Aside from his cold looked, he worried her. Silver approached her slowly and squatted beside her, tried not to make a noise. He placed his right hand gently on her shoulder. Yellow showed no reaction.

"Hey, wake up."

This voice… "Leave me alone, Silver. I'm fine." answered Yellow, stuttered. Silver rolled his eyes. "Owh, wake up or you'll get sick!" Silver forced her to stand by pulled her shoulders till Yellow's sat in the ground, sobbing. Oh man! I hate crying person. It makes me weak to see… He cursed. Silver sighed, his eyes softened. "What's wrong?"

Yellow kept bowing her head while sobbed. He could see her tears fell to the ground, seemed sparkling in his eyes. Silver started to feel guilty. He glance her fist and found something similar like Red's gift inside. Chuckled, he asked. "Is it about Red?"

Yellow gaped and let a hiccup out. Chuckled again, he said. "Nothing to worry about."

"What d'ya mean?" Yellow frowned

"Blue said you like Red."

Hearing that, Yellow threw her sight to the trees. "I think he'll reject me." Her tears flowed again.

Silver surprised then concluded in his mind. That's why she's crying. "Why do you think like that?"

Yellow started bawling,"He doesn't love me! I'm not even a proper girl for Red. Chris… Crystal and Blue more compatible for him than me! HUWAAA~"

Seeing that, Silver gaped. He put his palms on his face and sighed. Oh man! After mere seconds past, his ears caught a rustle's sound behind the bushes and trees. He glanced over it and found a hat that Red usually wore in the midair. Suddenly Silver smirked like being hit by some evil thought. He hushed Yellow in hurry and then hugged her. "I'll help ya." whispered Silver.

Yellow stopped the bawling in shock, her eyes widened. Still hiccuping, she tried to push Silver away. "Wha-what are you doing?" But Silver didn't want to break his hug. For her struggle, he tightened his hug instead. He knew someone's watching this scene. He threw his sight to Yellow's ponytail and said,"You can have me. I love you." Those words broke the silent. Silver licked his lip. I think I've shouted loud enough, he thought.

Yellow startled and without she realised she stopped struggling. She could feel her heart's beating faster. This isn't right. What did he say? She thought, looked blank.

Silver freed her from the hug and pulled her up. "It's late, I'll walk you home."

Yellow looked at Silver's cold face, seemed unbelievable surprise. She murmured the 'yes' answer. After that, Silver grabbed her left hand and led her home gently. They left that place, left unknow person shocked behind.

When it far enough from that place, Silver let out a single sigh in relief. What a day! He thought. He turned his eyes to Yellow who's shockingly looked at him. Silver sweat dropped. "What is it?"

"No one ever treat me like this before." Yellow blushed, avoided his gaze.


"Sorry, like you've already known, I like Red." She bowed her head.

There's silent. Yellow started to feel guilty for his silent. She faced him and shouted,"I'm sorry!" she shut her eyes firmly, but Silver just laughed out of blue, made her looked up in confusion.

Three persons fell at my tricks! Oh man, this is great! He thought then apologized to her. "Don't worry. I just love you as a friend."


"And don't worry about this too." Silver freed her left palm and said,"I just help ya."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing." Silver kept accompany Yellow until finally they had reached her house. Yellow looked at him again and bowed. "Thank you." She still felt awkward.

"Don't mention it." Silver put his hands on her shoulders, made her heart beating again. "It's a waste if you cry now. There'll be a big show for ya. Prepare for it." Silver walked away, took out his murkrow and glance her again. "Well, later." He flew up, left speechless Yellow in shocked.


Several days before January 1st, Red came to Blue's house and asked for her help about Yellow and Silver.

"Hey, no way!" Blue raised her eyebrows.

"That is what I see~" Red stared at his food with no will to eat.

"If that's true, well I will congratulate him. He is my brother afterall."

"How about me?"

Blue raised her eyebrows once more. "Do you like her?"

Red shrugged. "Crystal think, I like her."

Blue sweatdropped. "and what do you think about it? This is about feeling. It is not something you can ask for. It is something you have to find out yourself. The answer is inside you. Don't use what someone say. If you think you don't like her, then you don't… if you like her, then you like her. That's all," Blue opened an evolution book and buried her face in it.

"Aaah, you don't help," said Red. He looked so confused.

"What should I do?"

"I don't know."

"If you don't know your problem, then how can I help you?"

Blue stood up and walked to the kitchen. Red somehow was stupefied. Yeah, she was right. He did not know his own problem. He just did not feel right but what exactly things that disturbed his mind?

What exactly? And why the picture of that night reappeared again?

Red shook his head again. "Blue, I need your help."

"What kind of help Red?" shouted Blue from the kitchen.

"Can you arrange a date for me and Yellow? I need to confirm something."

Blue's head appeared from the kitchen's door with two glasses on her hands. With glee, he hurried to Red's place and her cunning smile plastered in her face. "Confirm something? Oh, c'mon! I know you will say it! You must do it well! Let me invite all our friends to help you!"

And so all the dex holder, except Silver and Yellow, came to Blue's house and arrange a date for Red.


January 1st, Red came to Yellow's house. Yellow was to shock to understand that Red was asking her to date. She needed ten minutes to overcome her enthusiastic.

According to their plan, Red gave her a new year's present. He took her to game corner which was he failed and gave her a lot of laugh. He bought her a snack and played with their pokemon. And, to end this, was the time that Red needed to confirm something.

"What is it Red?" Yellow observed Red with a huge amount of curiosity, she felt happy. Her eyes seemed shining to Red. Red could feel at ease inside. No worries. He smiled.

"Yellow, I just saw you as a cute friend. I didn't feel anything like my heartbeat getting faster when I see you or something. That's why I thought I don't love you the way you do."

Yellow froze over at that place. Her happiness, her shining eyes, all was gone. Everything seemed so dark and creepy for her. She could feel her hands and feet became cold. Even the New Year's gift from Red didn't mean anything again. She felt like a fool. She believes she was rejected (again). Soon, tears formed in her cover eyes, wanting to flow but she held it. She could not let him know that she was crying.

All she wanted now is just to be alone, crying alone. She turned her back, tried to hide her face, and started to run away, but Red was faster. He held her wrist and said,"Wait, Yellow!" His face showed desperation.

"Let me go Red. I'm fine. Don't worry. Don't pity me." The tears started running down her soft cheeks. What's this gift meaning?, Yellow thought. I know he is really a nice person. I shouldn't be happy just because he gave me something. He's just too nice til I get over confident. Fool! After she thought that, her breathe became unstable.

"No, no! Listen to me Yellow! You've got it wrong!"

"I-I hear it clearly. I'm fine. Don't worry. I hope you'll find your true love soon. I'm glad to have," she stopped to take a breath then she said,"to have the answer. Th-thanks." She smiled, a sad smiled. She tried so hard just to keep her voice and her breathe stable in front of him. She pretended to be tough. As she wore her smile, her tears running down swifter silently and dropped to the ground.

Meanwhile, behind the trees and bushes, stood there the other kanto dex holders and johto dex holders. They all watched Yellow and Red. After they over heard that conversation, Blue and Gold cursed Red for behave too naive. As for Green, he sighed, took a pity for Yellow. No expression for Silver and pain looked for Crystal. "She admired you for the earlier in her life, you fool!" cursed Blue.

"No, no! Listen, Yellow!" But there's no answer. He released his hand from her wrist and put that hand on his forehead as it about to fall. His face looked so desperate. He had no clue of why this moment happened in disorder. Red looked at his pikachu and muttered,"Help me Pika!" But Pika just frowned, didn't know how to reacted. Soon he jumped to Yellow's left shoulder and wiped her tears. He said,"Pii… Pika pikachu!" (Wrong. Red will confess)

"I'm fine Pika." Yellow smiled a little though she didn't know what Pika said. Soon Pika looked pale. She got it wrong. Red looked at Pika hopeless, he shouted again. "I THOUGHT I don't love you!"

Yellow ran away, shut her eyes firmly. Why you have to say it twice? One is enough to make me understand! And it HURT me enough Red! She didn't want to hear anything. She just wanted to let her emotions flowed without him near her. Pika fell over and tried to catch her, let her read his mind but Red shouted.

"But I felt something weird when I saw you with Silver!"

As soon as Yellow heard it, she opened her eyes, looking surprise. Her run stopped. Her tears still flowed and without she realise, she's hiccuping. As for Silver whose name mentioned, he avoided all the stares the other gave him.

"I hate to see Silver hugged you yesterday. I-I don't know why and since when…" Red bowed his head,"and yet, what I feel when I'm around you is no heartbeat. It just like at ease…"

Yellow turned her head, curious about what does he mean again, and she saw Red watched her behind his bangs. There's a silent. It felt awkward to be watched like that, Yellow's blushing while hiccuping. After heard what Red said, she could feel her heart beating once again even faster. "What do you mean Red?"

Red smiled a little. "Even now I think your voice is sweet, why don't I recognise it before?"

"Red?" Yellow's face got red, she kept blushing more. What is this? Why is he trying to say? Will I get hurt again? She frowned.

"My feeling is unstable. But I think," Red hesitated, walked toward Yellow while concerning his feeling for her. Yet he just found peaceness, no pressure. He smiled. Even though I did not have that kind of heartbeat toward her, she always disturbed my mind, and as Crystal said, I cannot let her go… Red was in front of her, examining her face which is so cute for him. He wiped her tears and went on with,"I think I'll fall for you."

As soon as she heard that, her heartbeat's pounding uncontrollable. Her face was totally red. "Is that truu-ue? R-Really?" Yellow's voice sounded husky and she trembled. She threw her sight at another thing other than Red's face and eyes. She couldn't see him face to face or she'd explode. Please don't tell me all of these are just a dream! Please don't tell me if it just a dream… Red will fall for me… He said to me he will… She begged that in her mind while tried to stop the head from exploding by put her hands on her temples. While she tried to collect all of her consciousness, Red grabbed her hands and held it tight. Yellow could feel his warm hand and it made her almost fainted.

"Yellow, can you wait for me? I think it will take a while."

"You will fall for me…?"

"I think- hey! Are you crying again?"

"HUWAAA~" Yellow hugged Red tightly, hid her face and tears. Red's face became red when Yellow hugged him. He felt like his heart jumped out. He seemed petrified. But, his face later relaxed and he smiled. No more worries.


Behind the bushes, Crystal's crying in silent but the other could see it. They're all shocked!

"What happen, Crystal?" Blue's tone sounded surprising for Green. She sounded apprehensive.

"Oh please Chris! You're so sentimental these days." Gold glared at her, but walked to Crystal and wiped her tears smoothly. Crystal looked at him, frowned.

Green and Silver just stood side by side, watched the other in silent.

Silver looked up to the sky. When the happiness came to him?

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