There! Done! After reading so many wonderful fics starring The Labyrinth, some of which are crossovers too, I decided to try my hand at writing one myself! Give back and what-a-not… Here it is! I hope it was good enough to sway you guys, if not, just give me heads up and I'll do my best to make it better. ;)

Another thing is, I know that many people have so many opinions on the Labyrinth! I've read some of them, while I agree with some, I did my own research concerning a few things, like the Sidhe (Aos-si) and completely agree that our dear Jareth is one himself, even though I found no opening in this fic to express my full ideas about the subject! I swear this thing wrote itself! I only managed to put in what Luna "knew" or thought she "knew", because this is all in her POV, it wouldn't make much sense to be adding info that she was seemingly privy to… heh? Maybe if I try another fic, I'll make it more detailed on Jareth and Sarah, and not so much on a third Party (like Luna was).

I just thought that out of all HP characters I could have made this xover with, Luna's the most interesting by a large mile! Huhuhuhuh! She's not the easiest to work with, but she's full of possibilities and I think her potential is not at all fully explored by fanfictioners… (what with HP, RW, GW, HG, DM or even BZ, F&GW? – I do like them enough though)

OBS: Clearly I am my own beta, I'm not even that well as an alfa (more like Zeta) and oooh well (long suffering sigh) hope you readers weren't that terribly offended by my mistakes (why I say this now at the end? Better do it and ask forgiveness then don't do it and wonder how it would feel like!)

Luna's Out-worldly Adventure.




Seven and a half year after her mall adventure through a Domain Underground, Luna finally finished her book or Magnificous Mythical Monsters, where she thought she would detail all the incredible fae creatures she met. Of course she included Nargles and even managed to capture a Crumple Horned Snorlax in a picture of two.

"Congratulations Luna!" Ginevra Potter said hugging the small blond woman to her supple chest. It was the day of her MMM book's releasing, and Luna couldn't be more satisfied with the results of her long research. Ginny was pregnant with her third child, a girl, that she was planning to name after her husband's mother name, and herself…

Little Lily Luna Potter would have the best aunt and godmother Luna'd ever try to be. She'd put Hermione Weasley, the boys' godmother to shame!

Harry and Ginny other pair of sons, Albus and James… two cute little devils… One of four and one of two… Oh, how fond her memory of them was, Luna tightened the hug she had on Ginny, mindful of the plump belly.

"Hey!" Harry said next, stopping to lean on the signing table at the back of the bookstore where Luna was signing copies of her books to the buyers. "Good job, Luna" Harry complemented, sliding his copy of MMM toward her on the table, Luna accepted readily, and gave him her sign and a neat little appreciative note.

"I'm not sure where you got the idea that the Goblins have a king, though" Ginny commented lightly, in a small teasing tone. Luna only smiled secretly to her friend, showing her pearly teeth.

"I'm not sure myself" Luna confirmed. Harry laughed at the peeved face Luna made. "Lorcan loved the idea though, I had to forbid him from wishing away Lysander once…" The blond said with a fond dreamy smile on her face.

She forgot for a second that she was married to a wonderful male that goes by the name of Lysander Scamander… she met him on an excursion through Amazon… from Peru to the Brazilian beaches… in the middle of battling clan of Cannibals, dueling snakes bigger than Basilisks and overall searching for rare magical creatures and herbs that were reported to thrive around Rain forests, Luna fell in love.

Luna was happy when she learned she was pregnant with Lysander's child. For one, she now made sure her genes would have a continuation. Lorcan is a wonderful boy, with his father's light blond hair and Luna's out-worldly silvery eyes. Better yet was not proceed with the L-L theme for their names… The thought made a super-bright smile appear on her face. It felt good to break traditions, even if they started with her…

"Where is Lysander?" Ginny asked, furrowing her brows in confusion. Luna's smile widened.

"Whatever made you think that children listen to what we responsible adults say?" Harry face palmed while Ginny looked pained. "They disappeared an hour or two before you came… so I'm not sure they will be back until dinner…" Was muttered thoughtfully by Luna. "And I am still hoping to have my husband back" She hoped her males were alright too, and that Lorcan didn't torment Jareth too much.

Luna almost felt bad for sounding like Professor Dumbledore… almost…


"Give me back my daddy" Four years old Lorcan demanded of the goblin king. His pouty face and reddened cheeks doing little to warrant sympathy from the blond Fay.

"Brat… I am still wondering how it is possible for a child to wish the adult away…" Jareth mumbled moodily under his breath.

"Ooh, knock it off, Goblin King!" Came the cheery voice of a woman. Lorcan turned his head to stare at her curiously, his big, watery silver eyes making the pretty young lady's face smother with adoration. "Aren't you a cute little boy!" She exclaimed, bending to pick him up and poising him at a jutted hip. The goblin king's weird mismatched eyes hungrily following her actions, though, there was a sparkle of jealousy at the attention the boy was getting. Said boy was grinning smugly at the king, who refused to huff.

"Pwetty Lady" Lorcan said, making his eyes a tad bit wider and his cheeks more puffy… "Make him gwive my daddy back" he sniffed into the lady's neck, loving the scent he found there, but he thought his mommy's neck better. "I didn't mean to…to… wish him away" He wouldn't wail… only spoiled children like stupid carrot-top Albus wailed.

"You wished your daddy away?" Sarah face was emotionless… Jareth's carefully styled eyebrow rose at her direction. He would have been more furious have the situation not be so funny.

"Yeah… mommy said not to do it… so I did!" This was the cue for the cute smile all grownups melted under. Jareth's grin got so big, that both the woman and the child thought he should give the Grinch some maniacal grinning lessons.

"If you can't run the Labyrinth within thirteen hours, your father will be turned… into a goblin… and stay here forever" Jareth told the boy, who sniffed into Sarah's neck again.

"Why would you do what your mother said not to do it?" Sarah asked rather curiously. Jareth wanted to know too, but he was more subtle.

"All my fwends know not to do as a grownup says to do…" Was the cure answer. Sarah melted right there, while Jareth kept an eye on the boy. He was good, the king would give him that much.

"You are vaguely familiar, squirt…"

"Jareth! don't call him names!" Sarah sent a reproachful look toward Jareth, who smiled bashfully at her.

"Yes sweetheart"

"I want my daddy!"


"What is this?" Luna asked curiously. She was in her home, setting the table to the dinner she cooked for her son and herself, since her husband disappeared a few years ago and never got back home. A letter was resting on the table, near Lorcan's Hogwart's acceptance letter.

The paper was white with flourish words written on top of it in silver ink.

"To Luna Lovegood" She read out-loud, blinking. Her name changed when she got married, so it should have been Luna Scamander… she was over her identity crises… it was just a phase… Luna II would be forever and ever inside a glass jar by the window, glaring hatefully at everything and everyone… at least she was as good as any alarm system, as she screeched every time someone new entered the house unannounced.

Or announced… she liked to screech.

With a measured care, Luna opened the envelope, and then proceeded to read.

It warmed her heart to the core and left a goofy airy smile on her face.

You are hereby invited to the Matrimony Ceremony of – Sarah Williams and Jareth of the Fair Folk.

Good for them, Luna thought. Wondering how come "Fair Folk" had such a nice ring to it.


Luna and Lorcan attended the marriage, with Sarah and Jareth staring at Lorcan knowingly… before giving him a weird look and then smile slightly. Maybe they were under Newly-Wed Glitz, as Harry and Ginny were. Luna would have to remember to send them some Curry, a dish from the Muggle world… that would keep them on their toes.

It was a very private thing, with a few people here and there, Luna and Lorcan between the only humans between them. There was a middle-aged couple, the was classy and beautiful, with blond hair streaked with a few silver lines, while the man looked knowingly at the bride – The bride's family, Luna reckoned, fair enough that they would be at their daughter wedding day. Then, there was a boy a few years older than Lorcan, they were making faces at each-other, Luna glanced at them lovingly. The rest of the invitees were goblins and other creatures… It gave Luna some ideas for a second edition of her MMM book.

Was it just her or one of those goblins was horribly familiar? And how did it ended with Lysander's ring?

Things to think about… after she ate the cake… congratulated the bride and the groom… warned Lorcan not to eat that green stuff – too late for that… then start the draft for her second book… Hmmm. So many things to do and little time to do it…

She didn't notice how that little familiar looking goblin kept staring longingly at her… not how Lorcan would look uncomfortable at that goblin and call it "daddy"…

No one noticed Jareth's blue/brown eyes glinting with amusement.

Lysander the goblin just… pouted… then petted his growing furunculous… glad that he managed to grow one to fit the fashion standard that season… maybe it was time for a re-marriage… that fat she-goblin lady always gave him "the looks"… poor Luna, he thought… sad that he left her alone with that devilish child of theirs…

Lorcan smirked at Jareth… Sarah swatted her new husband before he smirked back. Making both blonde males pout.

Luna obliviously ate her cake… it was a fairly good cake too!


The end! o/