Chapter 5

They found themselves talking throughout most of the morning. He only hesitated when it came to things dealing with his childhood, and she whispered, "Only when you're ready, Bobby. You know I'd never...rush you."

He met her eyes. "You know,'re the only one. Everyone else wants to pry and," he paused for a long time, searching for the right words. "…fix me..." he finished in a whisper.

"You're not some toy that needs to be mended, Bobby. You've been through a lot. I'm not sure I'll ever completely understand it all, but I try." She held her palm to his cheek. "But on your time table, not mine."

"Thank you," he breathed as he pulled her closer, pressing his lips to her smooth palm. He kissed slowly up her wrist and arm. He kept his eyes on hers as he traveled higher. He was at the bend of her arm when he heard her intake of breath. He whispered, "Maybe we've done enough talking?"

She nodded in agreement. Their lips met then and parted. Her eyes closed as a moan slipped out of her throat. Her hand was in his hair, threading her fingers into his hair and tugging slightly.

When he pulled away, she was shaking. Please don't let him be changing his mind...

"How about the bed?" he breathed as he stood, taking her hands in his and pulling her to her feet. She led him down the hall, but when she reached her bedroom she turned to kiss him once more. Their height difference barely seemed to matter anymore.

He drank her in as little by little she revealed herself to him. Her skin was soft. His large hands were eager, but gentle. He didn't want to startle her with his need to touch her and get to know her. After all, they had time for him to memorize every freckle and scar.

He was just about to kiss her again when his fingertips brushed a scar against her hip. "What's this?"

Breathless, it took her a long moment to focus in on his words and where his fingertips were. "Oh...that..." She closed her eyes. " a John that refused to go quietly. Ten stitches..." Her mouth was on his again, sucking at his lower lip.

He watched her pull away and move onto the bed. She parted her legs just a little, giving him a peak. "Bobby..."

He finished undressing and covered her body with his own. His mouth was on hers and before he knew it, he was inside her. He held his breath as she tightened around him, adjusting to him. It had been far too long. He knew the minute he was inside her that he wouldn't last. He whispered, "I'm sorry..."

She rolled her hips and kissed him. "Shhh..." She knew that he was apologizing because he wasn't going to last, but she knew the minute that he started touching her that her first rush would be hard and fast and real.

He took her then, body and soul. After their mingled cries of pleasure died out and their breath returned to normal, they laid tangled in each other's arms. As she gently stroked his back, her radio clicked on, music intended to wake her for the coming day, serenaded the dozing lovers. After the last notes of the song played, Alex reached over to turn off the radio. Curling back into Bobby's side, she whispered, "I wanna make love last."

A/N: Thank you for taking this ride with me. I've really enjoyed this piece. I hope that you did, too.