My second fanfic so I'll try to improve; later on I'll do a lemon. So anyway here it is, I do not own any of the characters of prince of Persia they're the property of ubisoft.

Many people say that time is a number of things. To me it's more of a flow which

Cannot be reversed or stopped. This story about a prince, two lovely females, a Dark sorcerer and a mystical mineral. So how about we take this story to the beginning.

At the palace of Babylon the prince finished talking to Farah, about the story on the

sands of time, the island of time, and the two thrones. Farah was amazed at how this

wasn't the first time her and the prince met. Meanwhile somewhere in another dimension

the Empress of Time Kalineea encountered some strange entity. "You know where the map is kalineea you would be doing yourself to tell me where it is", it said. Never shall

I tell you where it is she said. The entity fired a lightning bolt at her which paralyzed her

entire body. Fine you won't tell me then I place an incantation on you returning to earth

unable to leave. He spoke the incantation which caused her to transport back to earth in the flesh and blood of her body she had to the return to the prince for help.