Listening to Honor Society's 'Where are you now?' and somehow I wrote this. Pure family love here. No Brook, sorry Brook I needed pairs and 9's an odd number. Set at any random moment after Franky came aboard.

Because some moments are just so perfect and you can't let them go without making sure.

The sun is high in the sky and the wind is blowing, rocking Thousand Sunny on the waves that accept the ship with graceful ease. There is not a cloud in the vast sky but the sun is warm on the face and the eight Straw Hat crew members are enjoying their peaceful day.

Usopp and Chopper

Usopp is carefully explaining his new invention, a stink bomb that explodes three times with one shot, to Chopper. Chopper is sitting beside him, eagerly hanging to every word, making the right exclamations at the right moments. The sniper pauses to catch his breath and sees the pure adoration glowing in the gentle eyes and his heart swells with pride. He looks up to the sky and thinks hard but can't remember and turns to Chopper.

"Did I ever tell you I love you?" Usopp asks seriously.

Chopper laughes as he throws himself in his best friend's arms.

Nami and Sanji

Nami is watching Chopper and Usopp, huddled together around Usopp's new invention and smiles. The smile widens when the furry reindeer suddenly tackles Usopp and hugs him.

"Nami-san? I prepared a special orange cocktail especially for you. It's from the oranges you've been so kind to bestow to me before and with the crushed ice, I'm sure it will be perfect for a warm day like this. Along are several choux pasteries with lemon cream filling. How do you like it?"

Sanji places the plate and drink before his beautiful Nami-san, within her reach but far enough not to bother her map which is spread along the table on the deck. Nami watches the careful and thoughtful kindness and turns to the blonde cook. He is patiently waiting for her to try, eager for her compliments and thanks and Nami looks at him with the bright blue sky above him and their black flag waving behind him and suddenly realizes her life has never been so perfect.

"Sanji," Nami demands. "Did I ever tell you I love you?"

"No," Sanji answers automatically, stumbling to comply to the command in the question. His eyes widen with horror when he realizes what he's said and he hastily tries to correct himself but Nami is faster.

"In that case," Nami smiles softly. "I love you."

Robin and Franky

Franky frowns and scratches his head as he tries to figure how to make a chain with the limited material he has. Sanji has been adamant and Nami has given her consent; they were to have a lock for the refrigerator. Again.

"Did I ever...?"

Franky looks up in surprise; Robin is watching her crew mates, Usopp and Chopper wrestling down at the deck, Nami and Sanji not far from the two, and Luffy and Zoro up by the bow. The blue eyes hold fond affection and Franky assures her.

"We know."

Luffy and Zoro

A poke and the first mate looks up from his sword and with a sunny smile Luffy asks.


Zoro pauses, grins and then admits.