I had not planned on writing another fic so soon, but this was in my head and it needed to be written down. It will only be relatively short – maybe just two or three chapters, will see how it pans out. It's not what I intended to write, but it has taken on a life of its own.

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*Lyrics of a song included in this chapter, are from "My Immortal" by Evanescance.


They were alone in the break room, making their morning coffees. Jen stood at the bench, stirring. Nick put the milk back in the fridge and came to stand next to her. He placed his hand on the small of her back, rubbing lightly, and gave her a small peck on the side of the head.

Duncan walked in, regarding them with a smile. "Hey guys, you wanna cut that out, you know. Waverly catches you and one of you is heading straight for traffic duty."

Nick and Jen had been together for a few months, following the whole Dane Majors saga. Everyone at work knew, and they were happy for them, but the bosses had given strict instructions that if things didn't remain professional at work, then one of them would have to go.

Usually Nick and Jen were nothing but completely professional, and they didn't fool around at work; but they had recently moved in together, Jen having moved in to Nick's home, and they were like newlyweds, hardly able to keep their hands off each other. Today's slip up was a slight digression, both of them knowing that they needed to maintain their distance.

They moved apart and headed with Duncan to the briefing room, laughing and chatting about their weekends. They sat at the table, waiting for the senior officers, and were soon joined by Allie and Rhys, who were already starting the day with an argument.

"God Rhys, you can be such a know-it-all at times" Allie whined. "Tell me again why you're in Homicide – oh yeah, that' s right. Your Aunty's the boss."

Rhys rolled his eyes and sat, ignoring Allie's comment. She seemed to have a go at him all the time lately, and he was tired of it. He understood that she had been hurt when he had ended their casual relationship, but she had really taken things too far. It had been almost a year, and he was surprised that when she spoke to him, her words were still full of vitriol and bitterness. He had no idea how to remedy the situation.

Sgt Matt Ryan, Snr Sgt Stanley Wolfe and Superintendent Terry Jarvis all entered the briefing room. Jarvis looked pumped up, Duncan thought he had seen that look in Jarvis previously, when Jarvis was in charge of Narcotics, and he didn't like it.

"People, listen up!" he called, clapping his hands together. "I'm sure you all heard about the case last week in Armed Rob, where the bank teller copped it in the head. Turned off life support last night, so this officially becomes a murder investigation. Bad news is, we're teaming up with the Armed Rob goons again. Good news is, we've got a couple of suspects and the KLOF on their vehicle came up trumps – been sighted at an inner city address. Frock up, girls and boys, we're goin' in."

Rhys sighed to himself. He wasn't particularly fond of raids, and had embarrassed himself horribly in the first raid he had been involved in with Homicide. The rest of the squad had never let him live it down.

"I'm running this one" Jarvis barked. "Freeman, Buchanan, you'll be with me, we're going in along with the Armed Rob boys. Mapplethorpe, Kingston, you'll take the back, in case these clowns try to do a runner. Levitt - you just keep your head down and try not to get taken hostage." He grinned widely. "You stay out the front, keep us covered from out there. Got it? Let's get moving people."

Nick lay back on the pillows, one arm stretched behind his head, the other arm around Jen, gently stroking her back. She lifted her head off his chest to kiss him softly on the lips. "So" he said, moving his hand to brush the hair out of her eyes. "Are you moving in with me or not?"

She looked up at him. "Are you asking me?"

He smiled. "You practically live here anyway. Why not make it official? It'd be nice to have more than your toothbrush here, you know."

She chuckled. "What? Are you really going to let me bring my stuff? We'd have to get rid of some of yours, you know..."

"Like what?"

"Well, that green leather recliner will have to go for a start..."

Nick laughed. "If that's all it takes to get you here, I'll throw it to the tip myself." He looked at her intently. "Seriously, Jen. You know how I feel about you. I love you. Why not take it to the next step and move in? I hate it when you're not here."

She traced her fingers down the side of his face and gave him a lingering kiss. "I love you too, Nick". She hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him with purpose.

Nick pulled his lips away from hers. "So – is it a done deal?"

Jen rolled off Nick onto her back, pulling him with her. She kissed him teasingly, her hands stroking his lower back, moving lower still. "Well, I think there' s still some negotiating to do..."

He groaned, burying his head in her neck. "Jennifer, you can have whatever you want.."

The address was for a small weatherboard house in Richmond. The yard was unkempt, the garden overgrown and uncared for. Jen and Allie were in their vests, guns drawn. They stood along the wall to the side of the house. Their instructions were to make their way quickly around the back of the house, once the others had gone in through the front door. With them, were three Armed Robbery guys.

"Right, let's go" Jarvis said quietly. The front door was bolstered down, Nick, Duncan, Jarvis and their Armed Robbery colleagues running in, guns drawn, shouts of "Police! Get down!"

Jen and Allie ran quickly to the back of the house. One of the suspects came bursting through the back door, however quickly dropped down onto the ground when confronted by Jen and her handgun. She was on top of him, pulling his hands behind his back and securing him with handcuffs, when the shooting began. She hit the ground, followed by Allie, although it soon became clear that it was from within the house. There were shouts and people screaming out. The scene was chaotic and it was hard to know what was going on.

For a second, Jen felt as though she couldn't breathe. She was shaking as she made her way into the back of the house, gun still drawn. As she came into what appeared to be a living area, she was confronted by a suspect on the floor, a gunshot wound to his chest. There appeared to be people everywhere. She saw Jarvis and he looked at her, his eyes betraying what he was trying so hard not to convey. Her bottom lip trembled and she lunged forward, bursting through the crowd of officers to find Nick slumped against the wall. Duncan was over him, his hands trying to cover a wound in his neck, but blood was spurting quickly.

"Noooo!" Even though she knew that it was her voice, it didn't seem real. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, and she hovered in an almost dreamlike state. She lay over Nick, quickly becoming covered in his blood. He looked up at her, and she watched disbelievingly as the light went out behind his eyes.

She felt arms grabbing at her, "Jen...Jen"

"I've tried so hard to

Tell myself that you're


But though you're still

With me

I've been alone all along"