Chapter 2: Telling

"So where are we going to stay until tomorrow?" Raze asked

"Lucky and Natsu I guess you'll be staying at Lucy's place for a while" Erza said "As for Raze and Yuki-"

"I don't want to be separated from my Raze!"

"I don't want to be separated from my YUki!"They said in usion

"My, my are you two together?" Mirajane asked who also took a seat beside them

"Really we can't hide anything from you Mira.." Raze sighed "Yes, we are together nothing's wrong about it right?" he added

Erza and Gray could be seen blushing in embarrassment from what they heard

"Gray's blushing in embarrassment!"Natsu teased Gray who was still red from embarrassment

"Neh Lucky want to go for a walk?"Ikami asked she stared at Lucky who was blushing

"Uh yeah sure I'll treat you ice creams is that good enough for you?"Lucky asked Ikami who was grinning with a faint blush on her face

"Sure anything would be fine!" Natsu took Lucky's hand and walked out of the guild hand in hand leaving a blushing frustrated Lucy and Natsu

"Ara, ara Lucky and Ikami are together kawaii!" Mirajane rolled her tongue then she noticed Lucy and Natsu who were blushing "Aren't they cute together?" she teasingly asked

"M-mira-san!" Lucy began to chase her around Natsu was having too deep thoughts about the other them


"This is my apartment, you two sleep on the bed" Lucy said as they went inside

"What about you Lucy where will you sleep?" Lucky asked as he sat on the bed

"I uh… still got something to do so you guys go ahead, and rest for tomorrow" Lucy quickly explained

"Let me guess you're writing on your novel am I correct?" Lucky asked and made Lucy stiffen

"Yes… so go to sleep like Natsu and don't even peek!" Lucy ordered

"Yes ma'am!" Lucky saluted and went to sleep

"Now to continue my novel" Lucy wrote until she suddenly fell asleep

-later on-

"Lucy where are you?" Natsu sneaked in her room again and looked around then he saw her at her desk sleeping "Luce you're so weird sleeping on your desk" Natsu tisked and carried her to the couch he laid her head down his lap and pulled the blankets on her, too busy to notice Lucky and the Ikami staring

"I can't believe Natsu is so dense" Ikami said as she laid back down to sleep

"And I can't believe you admitted you are dense" Lucky chuckled and both of them did not noticed Natsu asleep on whatever he's sleeping on…