It was raining.

Dark clouds hung in the darkening sky as steady droplets of condensed air fell to the bloodstained ground. Numerous bodies of fallen soldiers littered everywhere. It was obvious that a war had just ended.

Amidst it all was one lone British soldier against a group of Americans. The Brit was crumpled on his knees, his hand covering his face in attempt to hide his tears. The American only stood before him, emotionless.

"Dammit..! Why?" he choked in despair and pain. "Shit!"

It was raining heavily.

In this slowly decaying world

A path for my struggling self

I carve in your colorless smile

I pulled off the plug

I shouted until my voice was dry

The echo reverberates in the empty air

Although there was nothing left

After the chains were removed.. *

I lifted my hand towards my nightstand and groped about for my cell phone. I found it after several unsuccessful attempts and turned the bloody annoying thing off. I sat up groggily, letting out a huge yawn in the process.

I climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom, scratching the back of my neck and stifling yet another yawn. I glanced at the mirror above the sink on my way to the shower. My forever untameable blond hair looked even worse than it is during the day. I tched and headed into the shower.

In ten minutes I was done and standing before my clothes cupboard. I pulled out a random t-shirt and a pair of trousers before putting them on. When I was done, I shouldered my bag and went downstairs.

"..Would you want some breakfast, honey?" My mother asked as soon as both my feet landed on the wooden flooring. She must've heard my footsteps when I descended the stairs.

"No thank you.." I answered as I fetched my sneakers from the shoe rack. "I'm going out now."

"Have a nice day!" she called, not once looking away from the meal she was cooking for the rest of the family.

I closed the door behind me and went on my way. It's been three years since I moved to the United States of America, and I am still not used to it (in case you're wondering, I am British).

I was in the middle of my thoughts when I heard a familiar loud voice booming from behind me, calling my name.

"Arthur! Hey! Wait up!"

I rolled my eyes and sighed before turning around. Leave it to him to ruin my perfectly peaceful morning.

"Hello Alfred.." I greeted with a hint of my old accent. Alfred came over and gave me a friendly not-so-gentle pat on my exposed back, beaming like an idiot.

"Sheesh!" he pouted playfully. "Shouldn't you be already getting rid of that stupid accent by now?"

If the minds of normal humans mature as they grow older, Alfred is anything but normal. We met each other in England during kindergarten and let me tell you this; Alfred has been an idiot ever since. A loud, impulsive idiot if you ask me.

"..Yes." I replied before proceeding to resume my journey. "But that doesn't mean I can't use it when I feel like it. Now come on. We're going to be late."

"Aww crap" Alfred frantically checked his wristwatch. "Shit! You're right!" Without a warning, he took off ahead of me.

"O-oi!" I had to sprint to catch up with him. I wasn't that good with sports in the first place (that git is a freaking athlete) and let's just say, he runs like the wind when it comes to being late (or when the nearest burger store has a special sale).

I reached the school entrance gates breathless and panting. Great. I made a mental note never to mention it's late in Alfred's case.

"Hah!" Alfred sighed with obvious relief before grinning. I was surprised by the fact that his breathing wasn't even out of rhythm even by a bit. "I made it in time!"

I was too breathless to make a witty comeback.

"..Dude.." he blinked when he saw my condition. "Are you okay?"

"Do I.. look like I'm 'okay' you twat?" I snapped.

"You're really out of shape, Arthur," he laughed before picking me up from the ground. "But nevermind. The hero here shall carry you to class."

"Wha-What? Let go of me you bloody wanker!" I yelled, pounding his shoulders in attempt to make him release me. Despite being the younger one among us, Alfred was at least half a foot taller than me and he had a much broader frame.

Unfortunately, my efforts only made him ignore me more. As if I was invisible, he strolled into the hallways carrying me in his arms, went to the lockers, got both out needed items, and headed to class. All attention were drawn towards us the whole way and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm quite sure that my face was the color of at least ten shades of red.

"Morning guys!" the idiot shouted as he made his entrance in the classroom. Good Lord. How he made me wish I could just fade away and disappear right there.

"Veh~ Good morning Alfred! You too, Arthur!" Fecliciano Vargas, the younger of the pair of Italian brothers chirped cheerfully, his conversation with his sibling temporarily forgotten.

"My.. making a move at last, Alfie?" the Frenchboy, Francis Bonnefoy teased. In case you don't know, his has the reputation as the biggest pervert among us (he uses his background as an excuse for being sick in the head).

Alfred merely laughed it off before resuming his entrance into the classroom, not even bothering to put me down.

"Jones! Kirkland! Stop this nonsense at once or I'll make you both run around the school for five times!" Ludwig, our German class representative came up and yelled.

"Whoa! Calm down man!" Alfred set me on the floor and raised his hands in defeat. "Just doing my job as hero."

I gave him a death glare.

"What? Not you too!" he whined when he saw me. "Fine! Look, I'm sorry Arthur. I don't-"

I glared at him some more. But then, my concentration to shoot daggers at him with my glare was broken when a timid voice sounded from behind me.

"A-Ah.. good morning, Arthur-san.."

I turned around and raised an eyebrow. Standing there was none other than Honda Kiku, the only Japanese in the class. He was so shy that everyone mistook him for a girl at first sight – myself included.

"Good morning, Kiku.." I greeted back with a smile. "Still having a habit of using honorifics?" I added.

Kiku nodded, blushing slightly in embarrassment.

"Hey Kiku! Could you lend me your homework, aru?" Yet another Asian – a Chinese – asked. He was Wang Yao. From what I heard, he and Kiku were childhood friends.. like Alfred and myself.

"H-Hai!" Kiku stuttered, his mother tongue taking over. "Just wait a minute!" With a polite bow, he turned on his heels and headed to his seat where Yao awaited.

Minutes passed as more and more students rushed in, greeting each other, all at the last minute. The last person (who happened to be Ludwig's older brother Gilbert) came in just in split second before the teacher did.

"Okay you bastards! Take out your history textbooks!" The adult barked over the restless murmurings of students. "And I don't give a damn if you'll fall asleep anyway, just open it to page seventy-six and place it on your frickin desk!"

The whole class (save several of us) groaned. Right.. I forgot to mention; but other than the fact that we're the only multiracial class in the whole school (though we have no trouble communicating with each other), we're also the dumbest and slowest that ever existed. Even so, we pretty much have our own speciality in studies. Kiku and Yao, for example, are the 'Gods' (or at least to us) in Maths. I specialize in English (obviously). The Vargas brothers in arts. Alfred and a few others in P.E... you get the picture. Together we're geniuses. Separated we're slower than a three legged tortoise.

It was when the teacher opened his mouth to start the lesson; I heard a sound that was unusual to anyone's ears except ours, and maybe the teachers. It was the sound of more than thirty heads plopping on arms rested on desks in unison as if it was timed. Truly, it was amazing how a teacher can put almost the whole class to sleep without having to even speak a word.

Hours came and passed in a flash as we slept on through the next few subjects. Finally, the long awaited recess bell rang. Stretching our muscles which were stiff from hours of bending over and stifling yawns, we pushed our books aside and headed to the cafeteria.


He lunged forward for an attack. He managed to block it with the price of losing his musket.

The Brit aimed his own weapon at the American. His hands shook – though, they were barely noticeable. His finger curled around the trigger.

"Idiot..." he muttered, his voice slowly breaking. "How could I shoot you?"

It was raining.

So I'm going to go see you right now, that's what I've decided
I want to have you listen to this song, that I have in my pocket

Quietly, I turned up the volume, to make sure that it was there

Oh good-bye days, right now I've got the feeling that things are going to change;

so long to everything up until yesterday
An uncool kindness is at my side
..With you *

I shot upright from the position I was sleeping in. I realized it was just my cellphone and breathed a sigh of relief. That thing scares me shitless almost every morning – though the song I set wasn't the crazy rock genre or anything. Shut up. I can't be woken up suddenly like that okay?

Anyway, I reached for the device and turned it off. I groped around the surface of my night stand some more for my glasses (just so you know, I'm practically blind without them).

I found the item and gladly slid them on. Ah. Much better. Throwing off the covers, I went to the bathroom for a quick morning shower, grabbing my toothbrush from the sink on the way (don't worry. I don't use it to scrub myself if that's what you're thinking. I just prefer to brush and bathe at the same time. Try it. It saves time and water).

After a good few minutes of struggling to get my t-shit on, I grabbed my precious bomber jacket and headed downstairs, picking up my bag by the door. I ran my fingers through my still wet hair as I descended the stairs.

"Mornin' mum!" I greeted as I stopped at the entrance of the kitchen. My mother had dirty blond hair – which, I inherited from – and dark violet eyes that had that certain sparkle in them. Her hair was held back with a scarf that morning to avoid getting in her way. She turned around from her cooking and flashed me her billion dollar smile. To me, that might as well be the best thing to see first thing in the morning.

"Good morning, Al!" she said, a spatula still in hand. "Breakfast's ready. We're having your favourite pancakes today."

"Seriously?" I ran into the kitchen and saw a plate of freshly made pancakes placed on the table, waiting to be eaten. "Thanks mum! You rock!" I said as I took my seat, hardly able to keep my salivary glands in control.

My mum sat across the table and interlaced her fingers as she watched me inhale pancake after pancake. Despite her smile, I could see faint black circles forming around her eyes – a result of stress and exhaustion.

I inwardly blamed my dad.

My parents are divorced. My dad took the younger brother that I can hardly remember and my mum took me. My mother had to take up all kinds of odd jobs to pay for our expenses and for me to attend school. It took her some time, but she finally collected enough money to rent this small house just for the two of us. She does her best to make our lives better, and I'm determined to repay her someday. Someday...

"Ah! I'll do the dishes!" Mum grabbed my hands when I began to squeeze some dishwashing liquid from its bottle. "You'll be late if you wash them."

"Huh?" I blinked before starting to protest. "But mum-"

"You won't want to get your butt whooped, do you?" she cut me off by stating matter-of-factly. She then stood on her tiptoes to place a kiss on my forehead. "Now get going. Be careful on your way."

I was reluctant at first, but I knew my mum. She would insist on doing it despite my protests.

"Fine.." I bent down to kiss her cheek. "I'm going out now."

"Have a nice day!"

"You too.."

And I closed the door.

I stood on the porch and breathed in some fresh morning air. Getting a good dose of energy, I went on my way.

The wind blew breezily as I walked, rippling through my hair. I was in the middle of enjoying the breeze when I noticed a familiar sandy blond guy – who, looked like he didn't bother to comb after waking up – several metres in front of me.

"Hey Arthur!" I called out, quickening my pace towards him. "Wait up!"

Before I go on, let me explain. Arthur Kirkland's my childhood friend. We went to preschool together when I lived in Britain for a few years right after my parents' divorce. When I was nine, my mum brought me here, to the U.S where she found a decent job. Arthur and I were separated for some time before his family too, decided to move to America. Heck, the only reason I actually remember him was because I accidentally found his profile in Facebook.

It took him a while to turn around and respond, so I figured he probably rolled his eyes before actually deciding to answer.

"..Hello Alfred.." he greeted back, his British accent hinting in his voice. I smiled as I went over and gave him a pat on the part of his back where his bag wasn't slung over.

"Sheesh!" I pouted. You have no idea how much I hated that accent (long story. Couldn't pronounce right. Got laughed at. Not an image suited for a hero). "Shouldn't you be already getting rid of that stupid accent by now?" I asked.

"Yes." He replied and turned on his heels. "But that doesn't mean I can't use it when I feel like it. Now come on. We're going to be late.

"Aww crap!" I frantically checked my watch. Seven thirty. Only twenty minutes more. About a mile or two more to go. Holy. Jesus.

"Shit! You're right!" I cursed. Panicking real bad, I bolted ahead, leaving the surprised Brit behind.

"O-Oi!" I heard him yell before he too, started to run. I didn't slow down to let him catch up. I sprinted straight towards the direction that led to the school. I won't to be late. I seriously will not be late.

Arthur caught up soon after I reached the gates, panting and looking as if he was going to faint any second. I checked my watch again. Seven forty-three. Phew.

"Hah!"I sighed in relief. "I made it in time!"

Arthur kept panting. Was it just me, or was he turning paler?

"Dude.." I blinked to make sure my eyes were working fine. "Are you okay?"

His emerald eyes flashed annoyance when he snapped back. "Do I.. look like I'm 'okay' you twat?"

"You're really out of shape Arthur.." I laughed as I made up my mind to do it. I picked him up and carried him in my arms. He might be the older one, but I'm way bigger and taller than him. "But nevermind," I grinned before adding. "The hero here will carry you to class."

"Wh-What?" he stammered, color slowly staining his face. "Let go of me you bloody wanker!" and her started pounding my shoulders with his fists. It might not look like it cause' I was determined not to show, but that hurt.

I ignored him all the same and walked into the main building that separated the middle school and high school divisions. I had to admit it was strange. Arthur was unusually light for a normal fifteen-year old.

"Morning guys!" I shouted when I entered class, with Arthur still in my arms. You might not believe it, but hardly half the students were there. And there's only about five minutes left before lessons start.

"Veh~ Good morning Alfred!" Feliciano, the younger of the pair of Italian brothers greeted cheerfully. "You too, Arthur!"

"My.. making a move at last, Alfie?" Francis, the French dude teased smugly.

I laughed it off. The guy's way of thinking is just a little too dirty (uses his origin for an excuse. Says people in France believe that sex is good or something).

"Jones! Kirkland!" Ludwig, our German rep nagged, standing up from his seat. "Stop this nonsense at once or I'll make you both run around the school for five times!" Rumours have it, he was raised in an army before his family moved here. But seriously. Do we look like a freaking military school to you?

"Whoa! Calm down man!" I put Arthur down and raised my hands in defeat, flashing a silly smile (Ludwig really will make you do what he said when he said it). "Just doing my job as a hero."

All of the sudden, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Expecting the worst, I slowly averted my gaze towards Arthur. If looks could kill, I would've dropped dead right there. I could practically see the dark aura he was emitting.

"What? Not you too!" I whined. Great. The whole world's against an act of a hero. "Fine. Look, I'm sorry Arthur. I don't-"

I don't what? I stopped short. I ran out of excuses.

My sorry butt was saved when Kiku, a Japanese boy come close to greet Arthur. I've never loved a Japanese until then.

Without giving it second thoughts, I took the chance to slip away while they engaged in a conversation. I took my seat at the back of the class and leaned back, heaving a sigh. This was gonna be one hell of another long day...

"Good morning Al!" a voice sounded from above me. I looked up to see a boy with blond hair and brilliant purple eyes smiling down at me. Like myself, he had an extra curl of hair sticking out (except his was.. well...curlier).

"Mornin' Mattie!" I said, returning the smile. Remember when I mentioned I was separated from my younger brother when I was a kid? Matthew Williams is my lost brother. My twin, to be exact. My younger twin. The second part of me.

Matthew was in Canada before he came here about a year ago. People used to tease us by calling us twins from our resemblance. Who would've thought it was a hundred percent true? (I found out by digging out our old stuff from where Mum kept them) But even so, I've never seen my dad since. Never planned to. Heck. .That bastard just ain't worth it. Not only did he separate us brothers, he left the heavy burden of raising a child alone without any money to my mum.

Oh, wondering why we have different last names? My mum kept her maiden name; Lilian Jones. I used my mum's last name. Matt, on the other hand, used my dad's.

Anyway, we chatted for a while before the last student and teacher made their entrance (the last was Ludwig's brother Gilbert. Don't even ask me why they bother coming at different times).

"Okay you bastards! Take out your history textbooks!" The teacher shouted over the noise we were making. "And I don't give a damn if you'll fall asleep anyway, just open it to page seventy-six and place it on your frickin desk!"

I joined the chorus of groans as soon as he finished his sentence. One thing, we are so far the stupidest class that ever existed in the school – though, we do have subjects we each excel on. Our principal is a big fan of Japan, that's why this place is based on the Japanese way of schooling. Unlike other normal schools in America, we go through every subject as a class.

As much as I hate to admit it to you guys, I couldn't help but fall asleep along with the rest of the class. Trust me; a minute longer awake in there could cost you your sanity.

The minute my eyes closed, I was brought to the same dream I'd been having for the past week; a war between Americans and Brits, the Revolutionary War. And worst of all, I couldn't understand it. Those fighting were human. Yet, they call each other using the names of their respective countries. What on earth..

"..fred.." I heard a voice calling out of the sudden.

"Wha...? Five more minutes mum..." I grumbled sleepily.

"Alfred! Wake up. It's recess." My shoulder was shook violently before I finally woke up with a frustrated groan. Only when I opened my eyes did I realize that it was Mattie trying to wake me. I also realized that the rest of the classroom was empty and we were the only ones left. And the sides of my mouth was wet.

"Well someone had a nice nap." My brother remarked sarcastically.

"Yeah... as a matter of fact, I did.." I answered, straightening my aching back.

He rolled his eyes. "I can't believe you could actually afford to miss that lesson."

Mattie's one of the smarter ones in class (he passes more than one subject. Don't laugh. That's considered geniusness in our standard). Compared to us, he stays awake in school longer by hours.

"Anyway, let's go to the cafeteria. I don't know about you, but I'm starving." He added, smiling wistfully.

"You got it bro," I stood up, grinning for one last time before heading out into the hallways with my brother.

*1st song: Just be Friends - Luka Megurine

*2nd song: Goodbye days - Yui

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